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The Princesses find Brenda as prisoner of the evil Twins and confront them. The Princesses engage in a magical battle and appear to be losing, when suddenly Nathaniel appears and helps them out. Iris is stunned, and realizes it’s finally time to tell him the whole truth. Fortunately, he is very understanding of her “double life,” and even gets why she’s so busy all the time. Unfortunately, the Twins use the fully restored medallion of Izira to launch a black crystal attack that freezes everyone but Iris in a permanent crystallized state! Unable to magically reverse the Twins’ spell, Iris uses Izira’s medallion to magically making time reverse! Before she knows it, she’s back on one of her interrupted dates with Nathaniel. He’s safe, but doesn’t know her secret anymore… and Iris thinks it’s best if he doesn’t know about it at all. She admits to him that she’s very busy, and confesses that if she tries to do everything, she won’t do anything well… and she has important things that must be done well. The Princesses help Brenda find her real mother, and win an Oracle gem for their work.Let us know if you enjoyed this video by giving it a big thumbs up and what video you want to see next! Follow us on Twitter!Want more of LoliRock? Then subscribe so you don't miss a single video- or spell!

Auriana Episode 8 | Full Episode | L... Evil Iris LoliRock Season 2 Talia cartoon concert kids magic magical music pop princess sing song spell

A Pretty Odd Freak
This was in my recommended for some reason. The first thing I notice is that those two twins remind me of Mason and Mabel Gleeful xD
Adele Poliard
Agent 4
6:39-6:42\n(Internally screaming when Gramorr's not going to hurt you)
Akira101 Chan
Anakin Skywalker
i feel like Nathaniel is a pervert for following the girls and then watching then transform
Andronic Anca
Angela Yap
Anita Huerfanita
my most besty is you. for making this movie. 😮😀😇 you'r my favorite person ever😉😄😃
Apple Diaz
nataniel ruined the part when the girls were fighting i wish iris got mad
I kinda wished that Nathaniel still knew that Iris was a princess
Blue Roses
Even though Miraculous is my fave. Lolirock is more. I hope they make more Lolirock seasons.
Brainstream Media Sports
My one problem with this episode is that I think it should have been Talia who saves the day at the end. First of all it's her sister's Medallion which would have gone to her next. Second of all the medallion is from talia's Kingdom and taliyan is all the secrets to it. So shouldn't Talia be the one to activate The Medallion and use it at the end directors and producers willing to work on their character development and diversity of the subject because it's talia's sisters medallion for goodness sakes. I hope no one gets to but her by this comment but what I'm saying is kind of true. Not even kind of it is true I feel like the show though there's just a few problems I have with it
Burning girl Burn
I love this ep it's AMAZING
Cherrypop 7892
but Nathaniel goes to all the lolirock concerts and they lolirock always uses magic so he should know that they have magical powers. (idk)
Woah look at glowing Irissss
I like this episode
Critty's Melody
Thank you soooo much for uploading the episode :)!!\nIs it possible to upload the others too please please please please
Crystal Taylor
You again start screaming 8:43
Daida Garcia
Talia's voice sounds like rainbow dash
Daniel Marschner
Is it just me, or is it weird that the evil twins have never attacked the girls when their transforming into princesses cause we all know what the evil twins are NOT seeing the same transformation.
Dark_NightShade - Cassandra
at 8 42 tho XD
David Bawilianthang
that's so sad I want happy ending but it's funny when she said we win you lost the end.
Dizzy Do's
guys this is like star vs the forces of evil And pokèmon mashed together
Dolls Rule Forever Studios
Nathaniel's reaction. Oh my god. Lmao.
Dream of Pixel Girl
واو مره يجنن 💜🌹💜🌹💜🌹💜🌹💜🌹💜🌹💜🌹💜
l love lolirack
Elenor Carol
when is season 3 gonna come??????
Francesco Horn
Iris is a savage
Talia is rainbowdash and auriana is rarity.
Gaming Cookie chan
Mepsitco want to join the lolirock
Gwendolyn Franklin
I love loirock😘😘😘😘😘😘😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😻😻😻😻
Harsh Loomba
I love lolirock episodes\n😃😃😃😍😍😍
Ibrahima Sory Simakan
Iris Gamboa
OMFG my name is Iris to 😱😱😍😝
Itz Luna and London
One of them sounds like Rarity
Nathaniel your disterbing the fight ok the Important is To save the World Than your stupid date ok
Javeria noor
me i love iris
Kabak Çekirdeği
Some barbie +some winx+ some sailor moon=LOLIROCK
Praxina: Obviously it doesn't like you... -.-\n\nMephisto: What's not to like about me?! I'm devious, handsome, smart!\n\nMe: *Face palm* MEPHISTO!! -.-
KawaiiWatermelon PinkVelvet
I have a feeling that there rich because like I'm feeling rich 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Kelly Hogan
I think it's romantic that Nathaniel got mad when Iris got pushed to the ground, and he pushed the twins. XD
Kleiner-Jay The Mass Gangsta
this channel must be verified!
Liana Whitton
I'm sorry but I'm new to this series and the red hair girl's voice is played by the voice of \
Lily Ortiz Perez
Lolirocks..... Loli..... anime......... why.... ;-;.... XD
Little Htoo
7:24\nNathaniel\n\n\nNathaniel Knows All\n\n\nEdit: No one is going to like my comment so I'll like my own comment😣
Maggy Yang
this show is so fricking amazing!!!!!!!!! I'm wasting too much time on these three girls, the oldd man, and the twins♥ kill me now
Maria Villagomez
i hated the fact that iris erased his memory and so now he will never know😑😐🤐
May Bañal
nice episode \nlike if you agree
Melody Heart swirl
Is it just me because I can not stop watching this episode
Melon Studio
Lol That was so sweet ;p
I found about this show yesterday, and I've already watched all of the videos!
Minecraft and Anime Lover aka Kym Galendez 08
oh Yeah #overpowerediris
Miss GrayWolf
it's like Iris is Star Butterfly and Nathaniel is Marco!😆
Praxina:Oviosly it does not like you\n\nMe:yeah *Rolls eyes*\n\nMaphisto:SHUT UP ELECTRIC \n\nMe:wait what!?!\n\nPraxina:CRAP\n\nMaphisto:PONIES\n\nPraxina:Kill me \n\nMe:ok bye bye
Music lover
I hate how the show is only focused on nathaniel and Iris. What about the others! And also it seems like she prefers Nathaniel over her friends. I would prefer my friends over some boy. And also they are so stubborn together. Iris cries too much, she cries for nothing. I prefered when they weren't a couple 💏. if you agree. Pls no hate. \n
Neko_meow 03
Is this... technically anime or not? I'm confused. Also, this really reminds me of Precure.
Nene.Nohea Lani
This sorta reminds me of Star and Marco grown up
Niang Khek
Iris is Julia and natheniol is like romyo i dont think my spelling is good
Paloma Armas
Yesssss yesssss season 2 I love lolirock
Pencil & Paper
Winx Club + Miraculous Ladybug(?) + Star Vs The Forces Of Evil = This.
Rainbowbella 678
Laughing so much
Randall Hedgehog
best episode ever!
Robloxian Matters
Usually NATHANIEL left Iris's bag on the floor\nMe:NATHANIEL!! You will pay for dis!!
Rosalia Orozco
i sebscribd
RosalieQuartz Wolf03
SAMH 154
Tbh, I actually never really care about Nathaniel and his relationship with Iris
SHUT TheFuckUp
I'm I the only one who thinks that iris and Nathaniel has a similar to star and Marco?
Salma Awad
Am I the only one who was dancing to the opening theme song?
Make more episodes on Netflix I finished them all please and its so exciting the last episode
Sara Luves Pups
YES IRIS BLAST THEM INTO- wait don't then greemore will make new and powerful twins...
Saudi Ben
Mephisto: we don't need you old man\n\nMe: omg 😂😂😂😂
Aw that was a good episode.  The time travel thing was cool. Iris was serious here.
Siwon Go
Iris would be beautiful and glamarous if they remove her blackheads...Cause I think it is more suitable for her
This episode reminds of my friend heather at my school who was also trying to find out her birth mother to. Without evil twins and basically anything else related to magic. 💗💕
Takadara a
4:30 Just watch.....
The kid gamer
Why is this episode called princess Brenda if she isn't even a princess
Twilight Lets Play
if Nathaniel was a prince here is what he would do\nNathaniel:Nathaniel,prince of ephedia\nXD XD
Unicorn cat44
lol hahaha and that is sooooo cute
I love Iris' Full Power form...when she used the medallion against Praxina and Mephisto....She's like Sailor Moon...😍
Unown -F
Wow, so HD! I love this!
Vernestine Bynum
Xradiant starX
Why are the episodes not available in UAE?
Zarish Fatima
please upload ep 1-7
Zhina Amousi
omg :'( nathaniel and arils love it omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n:D \u003c33333
a e s t h e t i c l o v e
Imagine what the twins are like when iris, talia, and auriana are transforming \n\nMy imagination:\n*oh hurry up*
arsen aintablian
Trop bien Lolirock
eonzach ramos
why are there so many dislike 🤔
one of my favorite episodes. i just love when Iris uses her Shanila. (:
i wish izira was in this ep to save everyone since if u use her medallion the wrong way it can distroy the univers with only half of its power
jinan jinan
اجمل كارتون اعشقه انا افهم انكلش لاكن اذا ترجمته عربي افضل حتئ تكون الحلقات بتساوي افضل
luis Benavidez
Talia kind of sounds like rainbow dash,and Aurianna kind of sounds like rarity
is this an anime or cartoon, looks like an anime but not quite sure
You know what? When I was little, I used to watch cartoons like these when I was small and I liked it. I just go with the concept. But now that I grown up re-watching these cartoons I ask myself; \