Season 2, Episode 8 - Nathaniel Discovers Iris Secret | FULL EPISODE | LoliRock

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The Princesses find Brenda as prisoner of the evil Twins and confront them. The Princesses engage in a magical battle and appear to be losing, when suddenly Nathaniel appears and helps them out. Iris is stunned, and realizes it’s finally time to tell him the whole truth. Fortunately, he is very understanding of her “double life,” and even gets why she’s so busy all the time. Unfortunately, the Twins use the fully restored medallion of Izira to launch a black crystal attack that freezes everyone but Iris in a permanent crystallized state! Unable to magically reverse the Twins’ spell, Iris uses Izira’s medallion to magically making time reverse! Before she knows it, she’s back on one of her interrupted dates with Nathaniel. He’s safe, but doesn’t know her secret anymore… and Iris thinks it’s best if he doesn’t know about it at all. She admits to him that she’s very busy, and confesses that if she tries to do everything, she won’t do anything well… and she has important things that must be done well. The Princesses help Brenda find her real mother, and win an Oracle gem for their work.Let us know if you enjoyed this video by giving it a big thumbs up and what video you want to see next! Follow us on Twitter!Want more of LoliRock? Then subscribe so you don't miss a single video- or spell!

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