WEIRD Things Everyone Ignores About The Royal Family

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You’ve mentioned these rules so much times in your other videos that I know them by heart.
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'Harry' is actually short for 'Henry'
A New Love Official
Why are people giving that much importance to the royal family, they are just humans anyway. They are also capable of doing mistakes, like what most of us do, so better keep your expectations low and don't be too judgmental.
what about jimmy savile and his child molesting friends nah thats ok lets talk about nails ignorant world
AlchemistNZ Soapmaker
Her Majesty drove the Saudi King around her estate on purpose. Her Majesty doesn't say anything political, ever, but in this case I beleieve she was making a point, and good for her. It must be so very difficult to never say anything about the state of the world outside her own living room. Remaining silent must be every difficult indeed, I know I couldn't. She doesn't even vote, as the government is formed in her name. I'd hate to be born royal, the whole world watching you constantly, nit picking everything you do. Being born with a full time job, that you must attend to 27/7 until the day you die. Awful, I feel sorry for them.
Alisha Piekarski
$8 is not a cheap bottle of nail polish.
Aliyah Bonds
So to live a long life eat a lot of cake and drink four cocktails through out the day. Awesome, It's going to be a good life.
Amy Clements
What a bunch of spoiled, over indulged Quirks!!
An Atheist
Who ever said or agreed that these people should be royals?
Anita Visram
4 valets and his shoe laces ironed. Not dressing or undressing himself. Prince Charles!!! You got to be kidding!
Ann P Tully
It’s not just the royals that swap Harry for Henry the whole of UK does!
Anna Pohl
It is actually a normal thing to give someone the nickname harry if their name is really Henry.
Babara Montague
The Royal Wedding brings me only regret and sadness. What about the 100 or more people who died in a South American plane crash on Saturday? What about the poor, needy, homeless and ailing people? What do you think about the Queen gifting Harry and M a stately home? Doesn't one single member of this royal family feel one jot of sorrow for the less well off? No shame that the wedding would have cost millions when so many people in the world are starving? I could continue at length but I believe many of you will have already understood my message.
I have the same nail polish from essie. * feels slightly royal *
Bernie Maguire
Their name is saxa coburg gotha their all German desent get your facts right.
Black Swan
At least they dont so far as the French royal family who shut up the twin brother of the king IN AN IRON MASK so he wouldnt be a threat?\nBut I believe the Royal Family Mafia (servants/ staff) are as bad as the Roman Catholic Church Mafia\nAND THEY DROVE DIANA CRAZY
Boofyre OG
She totally rubbed women driving in the Saudi prince's face!
Brenda Barber
The queen may be above the law on earth at this time, but there is coming a time when all her sins will be shouted from the roof tops and all will know the truth. The King of Kings is soon to return so repent while you can.
The Queen sounds like my kind of gal, 4 cocktails a day & carry your own cake, divine
Carlena P
Harry is traditionally a nickname of Henry in the UK, its not unusual at all.
Caroline Hegarty
Good on. Elizabeth by her action driving the king of Saudi Arabia around she sent him a message on women's rights god bless you your. Majesty
Cheryl Johnson
I find it really strange that the queen is lawless and does whatever she wants and the English enable her.
Chris Smeers
George and his sister are so cute♥♥
Court Tao
Did anybody notice that they had the wrong logo it’s the premium not the talko
Dana Casey
They forgot to mention that none of them have eyelids - including the ones marrying in! Now, that's a weird thing that everyone ignores!
Dani Dani
i think i like the queen even more now
David Smith
Meghan is not lovely..she's actually terrible..she left her husband when she met Harry from what I heard
Diana Ward
I'm with the queen about chocolate cake at least.
Diane M Kuchins
the royal family hangs out in the closet???? ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dindo Nuffin
Shows how little you know about royal protocol the Royal Family members DO NOT pack their own suitcase where did you get that nonsense from everything they need to prepare is done by their valet's or maids-in-waiting, press secretaries etc *thumbs down wasting my time with unresearched nonsense*
Dogs and books Are Life
LOL “waiting in the closet until it’s time to come out” got me laughing.
Or the fact that there still a monarch in 2018
Donna O
I'm slightly concerned about her driving when she has at least 4 cocktails a day! Though I suppose if she isn't prosecutable, she can't get done for drink driving!
Elaina Gibbs
Does it annoy anyone else when Americans judge the royal family? Like stop go judge your orange president. The queen has nothing to do with you, go away.
Ella Veysel
Smh when the Queen's Corgis get more affection and pampering than you do in your house
Ellie Bellie
Umm this isn’t true their last name IS ACTUALLY Windsor
Emily Mendes
Meghan looks like a Rachel damn
EndySub Mage
When she said the qeen shocked him I herd shot him in I had to rewind
I don't have problem for someone being filthy rich, but being immune to prosecution seems unfair to others. U just seeing an old lady but what about if it was a young king who can commit a crime? Who will keep him/her in check? I believe all people are equal and no ONE should be above law
Frank Burns
I know Charles comes across as a bit eccentric but I doubt he insists on having his show laces ironed...
Sounds stressful
Gordon Dean
Wow, a video as vacuous as the topic. Moronic half-assed script that sheds little real light on this pack of inbred parasites.[[]=
I want The Queen to be my grandma like ... she look so nice
Jennifer Silvester
Ironing shoelaces that's a bit OTT I'd say
Jin Hit Entertainment
she's a savage queen tho not gonna lie
Queen Elizabeth was totally trolling the King of Saudi Arabia by forcing him to allow himself to be driven around by her. For that reason alone I think I really like her...
Jörg Wartenberg
Weird things to claim about the Royal Family! What are your (surely \
They're immune from prosecution. Laws don't apply to them. 😒 \nSeems across the pond the Obama's, Clinton's, Trump's etcetera have adopted this perk even though they're not royalty, they're only TEMPORARY residents in the White House. \n\nAnd there are other American politicians (especially on the left) who think they shouldn't be prosecuted for any infraction either 😫
I honestly don't think that much of the Royal family likely because I live in an era where we are not ruled by a monarchy. They're not the boss of me. They've pretty much become you're usual celebrity you see in a stupid propaganda magazine. But I'd like to learn a bit more about the Queen. I bet she's got a ton of stories to tell about her life from waaay back.
Katelynn Cole
Hey did you know it's not that strange that your nickname is similar to your actual name?? Or that people prefer to go by their middle name.
Kim McC
You need to look at Queen Liz - amazing life and an amazing woman. Just amazing humour and love respect for her family. She has relaxed 'rules' yet kept their family dignity, heritage and memories for the future.
Lama Alissa
I am from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 and now the woman can drive yay 😃
Liberty GiveMe
I don't GIVE A FLYIN FIG about the so-called 'Royal Family'!!!! When I saw Prince George on the cover, that's the only reason I 'TUNED IN'!!!! There's something CREEPY about the kid, but I just CANNOT PLACE IT!!!!
Lucy Eason
You may love all about tbe Royal family. It bores me.
Lukas Folletto
I didn't know Frank Garret was from the royal family. Fug Ew
Margret Sims
I can understand the thing with nail polish; if it were bright your eyes would focus there instead of on the Royal ~~~~or, for that matter, the Royal's outfit.
Mari Anna
Monarchy the most useless and outdated institution, I'm glad I don't live in a country with monarchy
Maria Schoenecker
I wish a different word was used other than \
Mint Choc Chip is bae
I really dunno why every other country (especially the USA) is so obsessed with the British royal family like Ik they don’t have their own but it’s nothing to do with them lol
What do people really love about a family that doesn't have to work and are the cause of separation of classes?,,and people starve and die while they sit on gold thrones
Nancy Benefiel
Harry has long been a nickname for Henry. It goes back before Henry VIII.
Nath my problem
no body is royal
Nihal Ar
Is the queen's poop called royal poop?
One MercilessMing
What a pity these vlogs don't actually do any research. In 1984, Prince Harry's name was announced, along with this: \
Piggy Princess
I love the cake and Queen Elizabeth! She’s just too smart!
Probably a Nokia Brick
Wtf I hate the royal family. We don’t ‘all love the Royal Family’.
Americans always say Bucking-Ham, it's Buckin-um.
I gotta start taking a piece of cake out with me every time I leave the house too, I think the Queen's onto something there!
Roshan Sawariya
So the Queen can actually kill someone and there will be no legal consequences?
Ryana _c
I wanna be best friends with the Queen
So she's an evil savage lizard/baby eater/whore/boozer etc etc...but she's got you lot here spending your time taking potshots at her and generally talking nonsense. What's up, bored with slagging off Trump for a while? \nBe positive, the rewards are much better than being a pointless gossip.
Seeyou Sense-Of-Sight
what??? there is not one little atom to like anything about this puppets of evilness for me
Sharrie F.
I heard the Queen scared the crap out of King Abdula, she drove around the palace grounds in her Jeep fast, I like her sense of humor😂
Everyone ignores these \
Stellar Steph
I wish I was one of her corgis.
Steven Nault
I've got a thought about the Royal family that I think is weird, why are they still around...
Straight talking
I hate the attitude of those who use the term 'don't you know who am?' But I'd make an exception in the Queens case if she was asked to provide her licence or passport.
Tara king
hideous bunch
Terri Mansfield
I have respect and admiration for anyone who brings cake with them when they travel!!!
Most people know Harry’s official name is Prince Henry. As far as him acquiring “Harry as a nickname in childhood that just stuck”, that’s also untrue. When Charles & Diana through Buckingham Palace announced their second son’s name, they said his name was “Prince Henry Charles Albert David, but he is to be known as Prince Harry”. He has been known as Harry from the very beginning, from the moment they announced his name.
The Wild Within
I would hate to be a royal, just imagine how boring your life would be!
William P
There is far more weird things going on in this family i can assure you.
Xanthe Chalk
Tbh most of them are understandable
Yahya Shah
The Talko hates the Royals, admit it! 😂
Am I the only one who got upset when it said how she eats her bananas and how she named her dog Susan?
c Pt
Harry is a COMPLETELY common nickname for Henry.... not unusual or “weird” whatsoever. smh I couldn’t listen to the rest after this point.
she is literally a wholesome grandma
claire higgins
How cool is the queen, making a stand for woman by driving a prince from a country which didn’t let woman drive, work or own their own lives. it may sound small but woman’s lives are so restricted there and now Saudi Arabia is taking small steps to become more open, the Queen does amazing work and I just love her showing him how it’s done. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could still strip the engine down and rebuild it too!
emily cheetham
Iron shoelaces. Now that sounds like he is going a bit too far.
Harry is short for Henry in all English speaking countries. Has nothing todo with royalty.
jack ponting
The royal family has a last name it's winsor
mary matthew
I love the Queen!
Can I be honest? I don't think most of this is shocking
The Marie Antoinette quote about \
Queen throws shade by driving King of SA I knew I liked her
spinning debbie
So. She drink and drives
susan winn
Harry is a diminutive, not a nickname. If he was called “Red” that would be a nickname
the queen is a drunk! and they wanted to know what type of toilet paper the Obamas preferred? pardon the pun but what a bunch of crap!
whoever writes the voice over has a really weird idea about what is weird. QUEEN EATS BANANA? mind officially blown!!!!