Most Clever And Sexiest Message On T-Shirt

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Most Clever And Sexiest Message On T-Shirt.

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With some of those young ladies the sexist message ain't on the shirt it's IN the dam shirt
AG Wreck
LMAO @ 5:13 The protesting womans sign \
Alexa Mullican
Anthony Murillo
i would never sleep with a democrat. no socialism or communism here
Benjamin Dover JR
thumbs down for last one
Bethany St Andrew
Betting not one person has ever had a tshirt that says\
Big Rhonda
what's to be jealous of...your yeast infection?
Black Eagle
I only sleep with democrats? She only likes donkey richard?
Brian Saucier
Too bad there is an ad in the middle of the video most of the way through.
Bruce No ya
That last one was a lesbian...
Buddy Sherart1
I have a t-shirt that says \
Cody Wilmeth
Too bad about the last lesbian.... I don't think there is a democrat with a set of balls.
G ( O ) ( O ) GLE is my fave :-)
Dane Salanoa
Hey vegetarians my food poops on ur food😂😂😂😂😂 @2:56
David Edwards
I have a shirt with the message \
my ex had a tee that said \
1:46 i feel at peace at the world
Graeme Baird
used to get wee thai chicks wearing tshirts with \
Gyjuan Lucad
Great shirts
Histoire & Photographie
do you know ?\n I'm (H)ere\n Cho (O)se\n (T)wo others wishes
i guess the last one doesnt has much sex .....lolzzz
I guess the one with the Only sleep with Democrats , doesn't like to sleep with men
Israel Campo
*Wtf is in the brain of people who think this is clever or sexy. Wearing this is the best way to tell everyone your parents didn't gave you enoph attention how is it that people in the coments actully like this?*
Jerri Croft
I only sleep with democrats, haha ( I was thinking of groups that make up the dem party)
Joan Hammond
The funniest one I've seen was on a \
Joe Drager
I only sleep with Democrats. Gotta be a lesbian.
Joe and a Half
That last one... \
Joshua Pierre
2:48 we all know it's the only reason you clicked on this.
Kevin Lee
6:12 So, she sleeps with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer? Yeah, gross.
King Ghost
But democrats have little pee pees and low T.....The women have under arm hair and bad breath.
Kingy B
6:14 She only sleep with losers !
Kurt Watson
6:14. Why does she only sleep with people who don't have a job?
Lilla my
Most of it was photoshop. But its still funny.
Lina Moulin
Effectively pocket support courage occupy worth owner similar.
Lionel Mokry
Look at this last girl. Super sweet but isn't she the model from Nickelbacks 1st video \
Marc Hauser
:41 Somehow I don't think her boyfriend is ever coming back.
Look up the word clever. Apparently you don't understand what it means.
Michael Murphy
I just became a Democrat! At least for four hours.
Mike Bush
I agree. The last one made the whole thing a fail. LOL
Monk of MGTOW
If these are the most clever, I don't want to see the most stupid.
4:55 sorry but if you have to go to that extreme the relationship is already doomed
Neil D.
The last shirt was a perfect ending to the lamest collection of T-shirts ever.
I love the twins shirt
Olivia Rietveld
3 : 30 \
Paige :D
Paige Mastoloni
Painkiller Jones
Since this was filmed, I banged the \
Papa Stafford
I love the got milk shirt . perfect size and shape.
Parul shetty
Plumberman Jones
Very Good, especially the \
R. A.
the last one \
had me till last one
Rabid Capricorn2469
Be a responsible American, spay or neuter a democrat.
Rebecca Domer
I want milk
Reepacheirp firewalker
Why do women wear t-shirts with words across their tit's then get annoyed if someones trying to read their shirt?
Richard St. John
You were doing fine until that last one.
Rob C.
I'll take a 1/2 gallon of 5:40 , please.
Robert B
lame.... except for the finders keepers moon landing one....
Robin Thomas
with that lost look on her face she doesn't know any better
Is Irony the Opposite of Wrinkly?
2;48 she's a babe
Sabrina Hards
A lot were icky and creepy. Not what I was expecting. 🤢
Saffron's World
Some of you will not get this, but when I was at Disney World a few years ago I saw a young fellow wearing a yellow T-shirt. The caption on the front read: \
Samuel Singleton
Mine says \
Scott Chapman
I wish they were brains to. Then I could love her for her brains!!!!!
The last girl must still be a virgin since Democraps are impotent.
Steve McIlroy
the best one Ive seen on a T shirt read, \
The Broken Hearted Queen
Toma Puto
where's the Mexican guy wearing a pimk shirt that says daddy's princes cause he can't read english?😅
Try Thinking For a change
So many photo-shopped ( or something similar)
Tyler Crabb
Only Democrats huh? She must be a virgin.
Vinny Valante
Jeez, people at the trailer park must be loving this one :D
saw one in a mall that said \
5:39 min you’re welcome!
edward helms
just got my new t-shirt. \
fung whyou
That last one is to old for Democrats she's way over 16
gary cooper
6:00 she can recycle me and recycle me and recycle me anytime over and over and over again
gta editor
i come here for the beautifull guitar music
5:12 is the best ha ha.
Does the girl at 3:40 know that she's a lesbian , or has she not had \
kevdone w
ok just this once im a democrat later that night ............................ just kidding im republickin
king ratty
kscott loke
i stopped watching....the trend with the blurry side borders is getting annoying
4:10 won't even be indicted.
holy shit this was really funny\n\nThumbs up!
I could be a Democrat for about 10 seconds.
that ranga chick
20% of nothing is nothing so you aren't hotter than me XD
the Iron wolverine
the last one makes sence because I think we know what her side job is
The last one has never been with a real man! Sad
wannabe to wasabe
I bought a T shirt from a breast cancer awareness group that had \
5:30 seems legit
xc5647321 xc5647321
00:39-- more like kiss me to make him jealous because I am out here being an attention seeker.
zinos zinos
i have 2 of those t shirts ..FBI and coma...but i like all funny t shirts ... if you know any side that sell please tell me..those 2 t shirts i bought them from Thailand flea markets..too far away for me now
Über Babe
Ангел Пасков
damn nice COMA at 5:18 where can i get one from :D