The Time Zack Morris Broke Into A House To Record A Slumber Party

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Remember the ‘Saved by the Bell’ when Zack Morris broke into a house to record a slumber party? Zack Morris is trash.Subscribe now:

Episode 4 Fatal Distraction K... S01E04 Saved By The Bell Season 1 Zack Morris Zack Morris Is Trash comedy funny funny or die funnyordie lol sketch

PLEASE \ndon't forget about the\nmade for tv \nSAVED BY THE BELL movies\n\nWEDDING IN LAS VEGAS\nHAWAII VACATION\nand I think there's a few more
Andy Sorensen
“Third most racist costume...”\n\nThe Native American “report” is obviously #1, so what’s second?
I've been waiting for this to be an episode
Batman Blood
I'd let Kelly kill me. I feel like the narrator gets more and more pissed at every episode lol
Billy Weed
I was always more of a Jessie man, but i'll admit, even when she's murderous, Kelly is still cute AF. Zack doesn't deserve her. Or Rhonda. Or any love from other humans, in general.
Brian Willson
Sir, you missed the normal part time character ending line \
Brittany B
Brok Homz
Kelly is the epitome of a 90s cutie.
Chad Kennedy
Harry Houdiner.. lmfao!!!!👌
Breaking into a house to record a slumber party. Yeah, that is not creepy at all. When is Zach Morris going to appear on the TV show \
Chick andCoop
I get so mad for Slater the most because he was obviously the better choice in scenarios like this. Zack was clearly on his way to creating a school shooter. Then again, Slater was just as bad knowing Jessie was in love with him but he wanted Kelly and Jessie was second choice.. Throw the whole Bayside away 😂😂
Chris Roper
Creepy af.
Christopher Szakacsi
Harry Houdiner. Cleaver.
Cletus Kasady
Forget Kelly this time, Rhonda was DTF.
Darkb4light 06
Girls are humans and capable of doing human things, including violence. I love you! Lol
Donald Chesser
I can't believe how much I enjoy these.
Ive lost count at the amount of times zack has tried to kill screech.
G L Gillen
It's funny how, when the show was on the air, Screech was always the irritating comic relief weirdo, but when you focus on just the Zack stories Screech looks more like an unwilling pawn and bullying victim. You kind of feel sorry for him.
These Trump in High School videos are hilarious.
Gabriele Riva
is it me, or Rhonda actually seems very attractive?
Gary Turbo
Crimes Zack made:\n\nCriminal tresspassing (a felony you can get killed over)\nAttempted murder (a felony)\nNot sure whats the official name of the recording (a possible felony)
Gigi The Waitress
I. Friggin. Live for these videos.
And we never see Rhonda again...
Guy Incognito
I've seen less inept criminals in a Coen Brothers movie.
Healthy and Loving Life
I'm right you're wrong
Zach could be a Supreme Court judge!
J Po
Pre murder hand action 😂😂
James W
Well I love this episode because Zack got out Zacked.
Jason Drake
harry houdiner
Jennifer Jones
Dashiell, you are becoming more frustrated with this blonde sociopath as the series continues. But we love you for making the sacrifice!
Did Rhonda ever show up again? Or did she... oh no.
Jerry Snoor Jr
I absolutely never miss one of these. I can't even keep a straight face while I watch it. So amazing. I grew up watching these, and I think that's what makes this all the more hilarious. I wish he could do more of them.
Jessie Rogers
Who's watching in an alternate timeline? \n\n\n\n\n\nMe. Please help.
John Richards
Funny thing is even after Zack got Kelly into a car crash, dumped for the school nurse who wasn’t interested, broke into a house to spy on her and her friends and used a video yearbook of her a dating video so he could get money for a car, she still chose him over Slater. And ended up marrying him.
Ken Hoffman
Its actually kinda disturbing that I was a fan of Zach when I watched SBTB as a kid
This video series makes me hate Zack Morris more with every episode. Mainly because, as a character, he *NEVER* grew out of his antics. Maybe during the college years, but mostly he was a constant, irredeemable douche.
Kirwin Stewart
I can't wait to see the one where Zack kidnaps and impersonates a Russian foreign student in order to win a bet on Screech's Chess tournament championship match.
LL Armstrong
Rhonda should've dated Screech
Lizeth Padilla
Anybody else wondering how he ended up with Kelly after treating her like trash?
Lone Wolf NWJ
My favorite series Zack Morris is trash
Major Dick
New show. Steve Urkel is Woke.
Mandy C.
I wanted to be like Kelly K so bad as a kid. she was sweet, gorgeous and sometimes she got revenge this good. she still married this garbage boy but that's the fault of the writers, lol.
Marquee Sound
Damn man, you put some extra stank on this week's Zack Morris Is Trash.
Mike Symons
Please never stop making these. And when Saved By The Bell ends, we'll find you a new series. Or you could just do Very Special Episodes until we all die
Mr Gray
Kelly Kapowski is traaash... for making her friends waste time instead of confronting Zack directly
U know what.. All jokes aside.. Zack morris is actually trash… 🤔
4:05, the frustration is at an all-time high and I am here for it.
Nadia N
“A rude blonde chicken” lol
The time Zach Morris gets a sexual harmssent claim
I love these comments are we really taking a tv sitcom and applying it to real world, yo I got another for yall to do The Seinfeld cast is Trash.
I have a theory and it goes like this. The guy who makes this \
Nola Chick
Patrick Thomas
😱😱😱 how did you guys beat me first!!!😂
I love how he says zack morris is trash at the end. He gets more and more irritated with each passing episode 😂😂
Was Rhonda ever seen again? I’m thinking she fell into a deep depression after she learned Zack only chose her based on an invented slumber party lie.\nOr maybe she moved to another school.\nBut, really ... why was she never seen again?
Purplecat56 Anderson
I'm starting to think the narrator really hates him.
Regina Fallangie
Oh Zack, don’t u know Rhonda was a sure thing? Of course Kelly is a goddess, but Rhonda woulda sucked like a Hoover & banged u like an old screen door.
How the hell does this guy still have friends?
Rodolfo Castro
What ever happened to Rhonda, we never saw or heard from her ever again
Ryan Smith
It’s the little things man “Then catches his breath to say ‘she’s nasty’” 😂 very funny
Sarah Cook
Not to mention Rhonda was never seen again cause either Kelly really is a murdering psycho or she probably [email protected]$%ng killed herself.
Shades of Dawn
Idk which couple I like more: Slater and Jesse or Slater and Kelly.
Shaun King
I thought Zack was the coolest guy in the world when I was like 5...I hate him more and more every week now lol
Rhonda isn't even that bad looking. I don't understand what makes her \
The Analytical Menace
Zach Morris is like those trash bins covered in Gucci logos
Tiffany Hall
Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahahaahahahahahhahahhahahaahhaahahahahahahhahaahahhahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahhahahahahahaahahahahhhahahahahahahhah SO FUNNY I LOVE THAT SHOW......💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Tuu Sweet
The Zack Morris saga continues.. Tune in next week for how trash Zack Morris really is 😂😂
Victor Romero
PLEASE make a series of videos named \
Wes Pauls
The title was all I needed. I'm calling the police.
I love these
Again, why are they still friends with him? It's not like it's a law.
Question do the writers know they made Zack Morris trash or are they trash and oblivious to what they wrote?
Rhonda is actually pretty hot...
head hunter1915
Pre Murder Handy. Its official. This is the greatest thing EVER!!!!
hugh hemmerich
Move to college years after you do all the regular one because if you don’t make these I’ll die
The time zack tricke kelly into marrying him and ruining her life
The evolution of your annoyance throughout this series is iconic 😂
kenneth hwang
Isn't recording someone without their consent and proof that they're undertaking criminal activities a crime? That and breaking & entering?
If only I had the free time to partake in a game of romantic espionage when I was in high school. I was too busy suffering from ulcers in my AP Chemistry class.
At the end you sounded like you were doing closing arguments in front of a jury and asking them to send Zach away for life.
nick maurer
It's like Watergate for kids
The narrator is getting more and more intense each episode. Like he really hates Zach.
oh no no no
Yaass I'm early!
The way he pronounces \
rafael mercado
Zach runs away like a rude blond chicken.
Rhonda probably kills herself for ever wanting to be around a douche bag like Zack because we NEVER HEAR FROM HER AGAIN.
Rhonda aka the Amazon blonde isn't even that bad looking. I'll smash
2:33 : Best part is that they KNEW Zack would break into Belding's office, so they had the foresight to plant a fake document into her private file, LOL\n3:15 : Nevermind. The narrator is on it. :)
Once again the greatest series on YouTube knocks it out of the park. \nIt's funny how today we can look at the actions of Mr Zachary Morris and can quite clearly see the consistent sociopathy and criminality in his behavior but at the time it was hard to see it as him being a mischievous bad boy. Is it a sign of the times that a character like Zack just wouldn't fly in a teen series today?
They skipped a weeks worth of school to teach Zack a lesson.
Remember when being recorded was considered creepy and wrong? Yeah, I miss that.
In 10th grade I was supposed to bring an heirloom into class and talk about it. I didn't really have one, so 2 min before I get called up I borrow my friend's watch. For those next 10 minutes it became my grandfather's watch. I talked about how much it meant to me and how he gave it to me right before his passing to the utter sadness of the entire room, including my teacher. After I got back to my table I slid it back to him to everyone's utter shock that I could look so emotional about something not real. I credit Zack Morris for that stunt which got me an A. He is defintely trash though. Lol. I might be too.