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///M [R]S
I’m I the only who would rather be a dog, think about it. No school, no work, gets to go on long walks, always gets cuddles, no responsibility and the best thing you can get really fat and people will still call you cute. 😂
Alan Ivackovic
Tell Chelsea to stop getting spray tans
Andrea Fizette
I can't find the new super cooper sunday ☹
Angela Mercy
I feel like u guys hate Koda.... Like no joke :(
Anishta Gaya
Please don't throw coda's hair in the lake... !
Anna&abby Show
The only thing I have with this is that seems like they like cooper more than coda
Aroha Marsters
Trevor: complimenting cooper on how cute he is.\nKoda: ‘sitting in the background like.’ I’m sitting right here.\n😂😂😂😂
Arthur this isn’t Weed
The biggest box had come to my house was a refrigerator box...me and my dog used it as a spaceship...I was 15...
Athena Ascending
Isn’t the fur bad for the fish??
Benjamin Huynh
Taras Kul / crazy Russian hacker already reviewed this
Bhaddie Annie
Blue B
golden retriever owners, i want to get a puppy, but my mom doesn't want to because she says they smell?\ndo golden retrievers produce bad odors? if so what do you do about it?
Brian Giacobbi
Who else thought the bath was built into the concrete??😂
Brook Nguyen
You should do a proposal prank on Chelsea(like if agree)
When Koda started looking like a cow, when Chelsea said \
Carinne Solange
Cooper has a sweet & beautiful smile since his puppy years ☺️
Charisse Janell
Cold Sarcasm
Cooper is my spirit animal🐶❤️😍
Where did you get this
Diya Hazra
I love watching SCS.....they are sooo awesome!!
Ebony Rivers
Beautiful dogs!! They need the DeFurminator shampoo set to help with the shedding. I use it for my golden.
Emma Berry
At 4:49 look at that picture on the wall Ew
Fantastic Assassin 58
In the beginning when cooper had the camera in his face he was probably thinking\
Hannah Harrison
0:53 anyone notice the um....... Painting? Yeah ummmmm..... I dont know how I feel about that.
Hannah Tahri
One like = one more hope for 2 episodes a week!
Helix Jump Queen
That booty is to thick 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Hope For Animals
Koda's nice fur is whiter than my walls and he is a cute walking cloud\n\nEdit: Koda's fur is brighter than my future\nEdit 2: thx for so many likes & comments.
Horseling S
Play sardines with friends while ignoring Cooper and Koda and see how they react!
Hypo Gaming
Cooper is so cute
I'm a Gamer girl
12:36 cooper is waiting
I_LOVE_DOGS /LpsLittlePie1360
19:57 Koda looks SOO cute 😱😍
Ilaadrien Evenstarr
You could make another dog with all that Hair lol
Inner Instincts
I just wanna *boop* that nose
Isela G
You have the coolest house I swear
Jazlyn Roy
How do you make a 22 minute video on your dogs new bath tub???
Jenna Kompare
Imagine if Gotham met them😌❤️❤️😉
John Bartlett
I think my favorite 🐕 is cooper because he likes to swim and he’s active and cute and i just think he has a good 💜 but Koda he’s just so cute and his for is so bright it’s brighter than my future and the 🌎
Katherine Zhang
16:00 who also thought Cooper jumped in?
Kenzie 2558
I have a Great Pyrenees to and she hates water to like I was having her a bath and It took like an hour and then I fell in the bath with her but I thank it’s a Pyrenees thang that they just don’t like water
Kitt3n Gaming
“That booty too thick”\n\n\n\n\nMe:YOU TALKING TO ME!?
Kobe Motley
This is my first time watching y'all and I have to say you just got a subscriber to ALL of your channels looking forward to the next one
Lady Vargas
He looks comfortable lol
Lightning McQueen LoverFan9795
If you love Koda, give me a like. :)
Lily Autumn
You guys need to get a great Pyrenees golden retriever mix
Lily Howe
$449.99? I would definitely spend it for my dog. Especially since it looks like so much fun
Loco Abyss
One large puppy
Lu :3
Thats not a puppy
Lysette Morgan
hello. 😍 you Guy's.
U should make a cute koda Monday!! Like if u agree!!!
ManiKanta M
that look at 5:03 on white one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
TmarTn. Im getting a golden retriever in 2 months. And want to suprise my new dog with that!
Meyer Eskin
Like if Trev should propose to Chelsea with a dog themed wedding
Molly McIntyre
Why would you just let the hair go in the water?... Why not just throw it away instead of releasing them like that into the environment?
Monique Broeders
I love koda And cooper😍
Nika Unicorness
9:00 at app talking bad about yr dog he's already sad look at him lol
bro u should collaborate with crazy Russian hacker //he has 3 dogs 2 huskies and 1 malamute .....and he has already reviewed these kind of product !!
Oshies World
How cool is that! Jealous I don't have one. Koda and Coop looking just as happy as can be about it!
Patty Bradford
We adore Cooper Koda Trevor and her
Pikachu Lover
' That booth is to thick ' IM DEAD XDDD
You should do a whole video just of stuff for Coda Like if u agree
Rainbowkittycat25 AJ
I kinda feel bad for koda bc he liek never gets any attention and almost never gets any love .-. \n\n\n\nEdit: thank you so much for so many likes I usually never get this many ☺️
Reptilian_kid _
SUPER KUPER SUNDAY... u sound like u love kuper but are like eh😕😕 about Kodak I feel a lil bad for coda u should include him more and stuff
Rhome Pollock
Koda the cloud :D
Rocky Kanaka
So cute! I just gave my foster Golden Retriever puppy his first bath. He needs a home. Let me know what you think of his videos!
Sam Pearce
the fact the your golden has the restraint to not jump into that water is amazing! my husband has to go into the lake to force our lab out haha!
Sea Pig
Awww... thought I was clicking on a cool dog video. Just got some flexing douchebag instead.
Shennon Jainsley
Did you notice at 0:04,the dog actually raised one eye brow
Sirkku Kaija
Oh cooper loves it😗💕
Sofia Aymara Barrios
LOVE coooper:-)
Sophia Lariz
What breed is Dakota
Stevie Jones
My aunt has the BIG white dog it's huge yours is much calmer though mine is crazy itcwas raised with a great Dane so what you expect
Super Diesel Weekly
The one thing I look forward to all week
Tallergic Jackson
Kodas fur looks like cotton candy 👀
Tandra Braman-Hendershot
11:17 oh hi cooper lol
The Artsy Artist
let’s play roulette!\nlike this comment and see what your like number is\nstarting with 1-4 \ngood things are to come from you \n5-7 \npeople want to be you\n8-9 \nyou scroll through the comments and that makes ya cool!
I just put my dog in the bath and use the shower head
Whiskers 1007
Do more bath episodes with the bath you use
Wild Honey Beanie Boo
There’s Koda fur balls everywhere So cute
Wolf Gamer
If you leave coop outside at the night he probably sleeps in the pool jacucci
10:57 dog knows what is the best place ;)
black-hathacker !!!
How's that custom
I see a lot of \
grace & feng liu
Aw Koda and Cooper are so cute! Koda was such a good boy\n\n\n\n\nOr mabye cowww???????????????? I know, I'm smart :)
ink and lust sans
I wish I hade a house like your 😭😭 its so cool
jack chiarenza
Do you more videos with the pet spa like every time you wash your dogs please
12.30 that’s what she said
krishna singh
i just want to live there😢
lizette _slimes
Why is there no day out of the week for the white one
lordjenn A
Koda has a face that's like \
marcie morris
You should get a 3rd dog
mark d
Thought u has Huskies!
mr reality
Is't it awkward that you are a online stalker? Just saying.
o tejas o
You can use the dog hair to make up some fishing lures . . . . .\n: )
piper laridaen
something tells me you like cooper way more than dakota,you just treat cooper better and thats not fair
rasheed Tv
Do a boating episode please 🤗
shanasia Harper
why do you always treat Cooper like he special and don't treat Kota like nothing you always say that Cooper are you ready for your gift or something Cooper this is yours buddy you never say to Kota
sneha Pradeep
Koda look good than cooper and why Cooper is always treated good thn koda !!!!\nI feel bad for koda \nHis fur is amazingly awesome