very funny italian video

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funny girl orderinig a pepsi

italy pepsi

Cane Rognoso
Italian? Italian-Americans are not really Italians, they are Americans like are Irish Americans and all immigrates in the US.\nAnd as you can see in this video there are only greasy obese persons, like the common people you can find in the US!\n
Great video.\r\n
Jack Mooney
i love it omg
Jamal Thaheem
What's ITALIAN about this video? I don't understand how it is an Italian video? Just the final 'GRAZIE' doesn't make it an all Italian thing!
Jane The Sheep
show some love!
Justin Siegfried Olmos
haha, hi-larry-ass. :P
This ad is not Italian, it's American.
Mitch Mitch C.
da fuq?..... she possessed
man this is so funny
katydid mccarthy
One of the funniest commercials ever. Being Italian I can especially appreciate it!