Hugh Laurie: the British slang vs the American

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The fantastically talented Hugh Laurie paid a house call to Ellen, and they played an exciting game of American slang versus English slang -- and the game was bloody brilliant!

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I live in Michigan and I never heard 1 word Ellen said. Bu-dunk-a-dunk just sounds made up.
76 juno
Any American wanting to sound classy just needs to get themselves an English accent.
A5h13yK93-FTW PS4
shawty was also the stoner in scary movie
Agamdeep Singh
All the dislikes are from Cuddy
Haha I knew listening to copious amounts of rap music would come in useful one day.
Alexander APS
I think Brit Eng and Amer Eng - two different languages
Alqu001 !
I'm english and believe me nobody uses that slang
Alyssa Gray
the dislikes are amber’s ghost
Ana-Maria Erașcu
i would be chuffed to bits by your ba-donka-donk ahahahah
Andrea LS
Wow, the nationalism in these comments is ... bizarre. We just use different words, not that strange when you consider how language works and changes - slang doubly so.
Didn't she pronounce Shawty wrongly?
Aurora Sullivan
I've never heard someone use flossing for something like that.
Avor Volker
Becca Peppermintz
I can't even breathe I am laughing so hard....those two together are HILARIOUS \u003c333
Big Man Ryan
I can never listen to House the same ever again lol. I fucking love Hugh Laurie
Bill Browne
Brilliant by Ellen. I'm a Yank, and I remember rooming with two British guys in Europe back in '87. We were young English-teaching exchange teachers in Austria. We did this exact thing time and again. They called me \
Boruto's dad
Am I high?
Brandon Burrup
Might help if she picked one word that a white person would say lol.
Brian Lloyd
the way he keeps pronouncing ch as sh is really annoying me. not the best person to play this game with.
Brittany Nicole
Why is Ellen saying shutty lol
Charlie B.
I am an American and I have never heard any of those so called American slag words. What part of the country uses them. They sure don't around my neck of the woods.
I'm american and I've never anyone heard say \
Christian Campbell
He stars in House, here in the states. Is he called Flat in the UK?
Clement Ng
I'm Canadian and I had no idea what either one said. Nor did my Australian cousin
Dan Dan
Lol even an American like Ellen can't even pronounce Shawty Right. Yo don't Pronounce Shawty as Shorty, tho they both mean the same thing. Shorty is from East coast while Shawty is from the south. They're both pronounced how they look. \
Dapper Muis
I'm neither British or American. I understood and got the British slang. The American....? Well they must have dug those up somewhere, every American I know or came across never used such words. Are they not words used more by inner city youths than mainstream America? Cause that sounds like a whole other language on it's own.
Di The Creator
As an American, I didn't know any of the \
I'm an American and a student of the language, and I've never heard any of the three words used by Ellen in my entire 49 years on the planet.
He speaks American better than me and I'm American.
Dylan Gower
When that shawty flossed and chinwagged, her ba-donk-a-donk chuffed me to bits!
Gabriel S.
Those were all black american slang, not common slang
I didn't know any of those! Haahaa
Gonzalo Benedetti
I so much like hugh's real accent rather than his house's accent
Happy soul
I decided Ellen with the piano girls was gonna be my last video...four hours ago...
Hieu Nguyen
Hugh's reactions are just epic :D
Ellen's so street wise with her advanced knowledge of gang slang and pronunciation. Thug life Shawty
Jennie Cha
lol. \
Jessica Lauren
When you close your eyes while watching this video you can totally hear doctor cockroach and dory talking to each other right now
Jon Von Basslake
It's strange to hear Hugh speak with his normal british accent after years of watching House. For some reason when watching Jeeves and Wooster it doesn't bother me, but for some reason here it ever so slightly nags at the back of my mind... I don't know if my subconscious sees young and old Hugh as different persons (i think there's a theory that your brain treats past-you, present-you and future-you as different persons entirely... Not sure why)
Juanita Leal
I just love Hugh Laurie
Kate Bell
Hugh Laurie is beautiful 😍
Katherine McKiverigan
How do people not know he is English?
Katherine Pierce
Posh men don't use slang, duh.
Kwality Kontrol
Neither of them can say the slang.\n\nShin Wag\nShuffed to bits\nShoddy
I spent the all of the first 3 seasons of House thinking Dr Cuddy's name was 'Cutty.' Because Americans can't pronounce their D's and T's separately
Livvy Rose
Lucy V
does anyone over here actually say chin wag???
Meme Iselfaneye
I'm American and have never heard flossing in that context.
Michele Condini
Shawty, i'm chuffed to bits by your ba-donka-donk.
Mikal Salaam
I really hope he adopted ba-donka-donk into his conversational vocabulary, and now uses it liberally. :-)
Natalie Harrison
Nav Bravic
I'm an American under 30. Got them ALL wrong. No serious person uses those words....
Neb - Roqket
i havent heard about flossin' since the 90s lol
Nellie Piddle
It's true. He did say Shin and Shuffed. And that woman is a very poor presenter. Totally unfunny.
Im American... I got all of them right except flossing. What era did that even come from!? xD\nI'm surprised, but I guess I shouldnt be since I've had many British friends...
Nicola Hughes
It might help if she actually said 'Shawty' rather than 'Shoddy'...
Otsile Modiselle
I could have sworn I've heard Greg House use ba-donka-donk before.
Paul T Sjordal
What region uses \
Peter Deer
I'm American and the only one I didn't know was \
Ray the jelly snake
I don't understand how us, Americans can criticize our UK counterparts when we are notorious for toothless hillbillies...and for the record, some of my countrymen who do have all their teeth have some that's more crooked than a politician.
Americans please watch Blackadder and Fry&Laurie (You'll see the real Laurie there), thanks from Europe :)
Literally the only one I got out of ALL of those was badonk-a-donk. Oh well xD
Damn, that was Hugh-Larie-us.
Simmer Q
Yes yes I'm an annoying noob idiot but I had no idea he was British lol. I legit just started watch house a few days ago and his american accent is amazing, probably the best I've ever heard. This guy has some serious acting chops!
SingenStatt Atmen
this was horrible
Skylar Castillan
Wait Hugh Laurie is British?!?! Whelp, my whole life has been a lie
I'm American, and this was my score:\n\nFlossing; wrong\nChin-wag; wrong\nBadonkadonk; right\nChuffed to bits; right\nShawty; wrong\n\nApparently I'm just bad at slang.
Spyro Sparx
Lol at the video info... Hugh Laurie paid a \
British accent? That would sound crazy as it would be a blend of Scottish, Welsh and English in one voice. Hugh Laurie is English so he has an English accent not British.\n\n*Adjusts tie* I think that should settle it.
Apparently all american slang comes from early 2000's rap lyrics.
I watch House and I didn't know he was British until like last month -.-
Tom Fox
Why did no one pick up on Hugh's \
Tristan Delhaye
Vainius St
'Thick Brittish accent' wow, has she actually never heard any proper Brittish accents?
This video has nothing to do with accents.
Why do I have six subscribers
lol funny how all the \
Zavior Mo'ne
I love slang, it is what makes a place truly unique. Even if you speak the same language, live in the same country, (and in extreme cases) same state and still have different slang.
She could have at least told him that \
I'll call BS on \
being indifference
who daf uk watch this in 2017?
In America we call him Hugh 18-wheeler
Shawty is a young kid or a woman? OK!
goal pop
Oo look at her ba donka donk
british slang doesnt exist..  unless you want to say scouse slang, geordie slang, cockney slang, brummie slang, yorkshire, slang, or other places like the midlands or southern areas like somerset, or welsh slang, different types of scottish or irish slang, there are soo many differen accents and slang words, if you are from the south you wont know half of the northern slang, and vice versa.\n\nwhy do all americans think we sound like this guy... go to northern england and all you americans speak \
howard c
There's no such thing as british slang.every part of the u.k has its own unique accent and slang
iLLiya Nasir
I just love British accent with lots of passion!
In 37 years, having lived in the United States, France, Singapore and Australia, I have never, not once, heard anyone, anywhere refer to showing off as \
Flossing??? That's American slang for showing off? I NEVER heard this ...\n Shawty?? A young kid or woman?? What language are we speaking here? I didn't get any of those (well, I knew badonkadonk). I'm ... flummoxed.
Badonkadonk and shawty was all I knew. Why only black slang though? There is a lot of funny American slang from every culture.
anyone who's a fan of Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington would've known \
'A young kid or woman'. Kind of disturbing considering the lyrics to that song.
That's hardly fair. Shawty is just a weird pronounciation of Shorty.
It always throws me for a loop to hear  ' Dr House'  talking with a British accent. lol \n  That was funny.   ALSO funny is the movie ad before this video!!  This movie looks hilarious and I can't wait to see it!  Love the characters.  :)
The video should be titled \
Never heard any of these slangs used. Except \