Xxxtentacion || FINAL Performance Ski Mask [ LIVE ] 5.13.18 (Moonlight - Look At Me - Sad!)

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RIP XX wasn't scheduled to perform. This was a short set right before Post at Rolling Loud

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-Đ a n t ē-
Who's concert are the most lit?\nTravis or X?
2 Crazy Man FAN
Legends Never Die (but in 24 august is die you mrecord this video in last date???)
Thank you for this bro
Abby and More
God had a pencil\nX had a highlighter \nGod drew the world\nX made it brighter
Alan Mendoza Flores
Was the tat on his eye called bad leaked as a song
I love it at @4:48 when X turns round the look of astonishment on his face and he's like 'What the...' \nSuch a legends. LLJ
Alexis Alexander
The girl at 5:45 tho😂
I wanted to meet him ☹️😭
Bad Storm just wanted to say hi..
i miss this legend every day
Damn X got hops
Bogdan Gameing
6:00 Ski Wild
Brennen Dionis
Wow. Why did this happen to you.. come back bro.
8:15 Song ?
Caio Soares
at the end they play BAD but its a different version than the one we find on youtube. Wonder if this song is already finished up but his mom is holding up its release ...
Canal Alpha Jz
headphones dead
Cardibslays Xoxxx
I’m sad):
People only start to appreciate you when your dead - xxxtentacion
Cash Thomas
Watching this actually made me cry. Dead ass
Chris Cabanatan
I was at this last performance shit was literally unreal I felt like it was all fake
Dead Dreams
I’m working on a time machine guys don’t worry I’ll teleport to this concert and tell him everything will be ok
Des ჻ 。
these comments are so cringe
Dob Son
5:44 look at this girl XDD
*gnarly bastard*
Garrett Doane
i miss this man so much
Garrs0n 6
2:40 when X shadow went across ski....iconic
The quality of the video was bad but because of the bad audio it made me feel like I was there 😭
GxO Uzumaki
R.i.p legend I remembered when i heard u first song palm trees a long time ago
Hi People
All the dislikes are haters
Hizzy Huncho
He owns e stage like his backyard, I miss this boy so xxx
IRallyCows _
When you try to kill a spider but keep missing 1:42 🖤🖤🖤\n\n\n\n(Edit): Thank you for all the likes 🕊
Ice Kube Qwerty
Its not weird how rap concerts are more of party than a performance. But man x was fuckin lit. He had that crowd moving like it was 1993 in Seattle
James Gaine
RIP X...I hope they do a special tribute at Rolling Loud in 2019. He definitely deserves it and I am an old hip hop head but this guy had very special talent for sure. I believe he could have become more than a rapper.
Jobanpreet Singh
Why did he have to go 😔
Jodido Herni
4:15 That moment every artist would wish... Just play the music and hear all the crowd singing your fucking song you did with your entire soul. RIP X. #LLJ
Jonathan Flores
One of the things that I loved about x was that he knew how to keep the crowd lit and had very good stage performance
Jose Hernandez
Wow at 2:39 almost looks like he is coming down from above thru the cloud watching over ski .amazing footage 🙌
Am I the only one who still misses this man
damn.looks fire af. wish we had crazy concerts like this in turkey too...
Brilliant look at all of them people that loved you that explain all of your haters that was drinking da kool-Aid are juice watch ever them gummy bears wanted baby ......but you was God’s blessing too your mother with them gifts inside of you thanks for Sharing them with us and 💜moonlight is my favorite one and the reason why will stay with me personally 💜♎️💜🕊😇🙏 Rest In Peace baby
Krishna Coltrane
2:38 that shot of x is dope
Kyng Shayyy
Leon Simsek
Last show in whole rain, best performance ever and the crowd was straight fire 🔥🔥🔥\n\nLLJ🕊
Lil body pillow
He was a different breed...
Logan Gaines
His last concert was on my birthday😭😭😭
I love ski and x, but it ain’t much of a concert if they just sit around hyping the crowd while their music plays in the background instead of actually singing/rapping it
Everytime I hear look at me I always feel some time of energy flowing through me🔥🔥🔥
Matas Rimkus
2pac , Avicii , XXXTentacion Who's Next?
Midnight Star
If i was that girl i would have passed out
Those pants are iconic now
N2K Killa
🙏 i still can't believe he's gone...
Nick Hamrock
Ear bud users have left the chat
Really? Dislikers 😪
NinjaProGamer121 0
Omg this is prob one of his loudest concerts
Thank you for this video 🤓❤
Legends never die🤙🏽💕
ski is great but damn, no match for X
I hope one day i wake up and realize that it was all a dream, and he's not dead. \u003c/3
Lit asf 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 RIP X
Rest in peace Xxxtentacion
#membersonly #revengetour \n#ripxxxtentacion
Revenge Clan
Soo niiicee. The sound in the end 😂
Rolando Vasquez
I really think we need to start a petition for him to get some kind of big award...we can’t let this legend not have an award. I want people in 10 years + to understand he was a legend just like big e and Tupac
Sandra Collins
Rip xxxtentacion 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹 all your fans love u❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sarah Silvano
X icon 😧🔥
Shuvo Khan
*Rip Xxxtentacion*
Sin Waves
It looks like a blood ceremony with all the red.
Sunrise Ent.
id like to hear take a step back one last time...
I always wanted to see him perform live :(
6:11 The best
T Gibbs
Thank you. You don’t understand how much this means to me
TPkidd Gaming
Thank you so much
2:38 x in the smoke \u003c3
Teylar_ Smith
“Who ever sings this shit the loudest goes home with me..”
The Cassius Morris Show
I was at this show. I had never given X a chance until I saw him live. I became a huge fan after traveling from Canada and seeing this show... Then he suddenly died. R.I.P. Jahseh
Thicc N Salty
Im happy ski was wit him
*Started with Ski, went down with Ski 💔*
My heart rate sky rockets when I see X perform n try to hold back tears
Tyler Johnson
Unique V
5:43 but did y’all see the way the guy pulled the fan at the bottom left ☹️
It still hurts watching this..
Look at me. (Only bass, not vocals)
_official_ Shorty_
I always wanted to go to his concerts...
Little did we know he’d be gone just a month later...
chicken nugget
lol lookatme broke the speakers :)
dooby davis
That chick didn’t even rage with this legend on stage. Instead, Snapchat..
een of andere sukkel
Copied and Pasted: \nIf Anyone still reading comments on this, I have a favor for y\
Imagaine everyone here didn’t know this was his last performance
if only he new he would die a month and 5 days later. 😭😭😭😭
Someone should have kicked that thot outta stage
jerry young
Can’t stop watch him🤦\u200d♂️😭😭😭😭
lol lol
Why would u dislike this
6:39 my ears haha
5 months already..😢
savio sabri
X had the most best lit concerts ever
tutu stfu
Who else was too young to go to his concerts, and also their parents wouldn't let them go :( I was 12 when he came out in 2k15🖤
vh games
Não expira em inglês
X is alive in my heart 😢❤💔