10 Things You Did Not Know What They Are

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I thought the hole in the top of a pen cap was there so that it wouldn't create a vacuum seal on the pen making it hard to take off
Abdulbasit Rashid
What about buttons on to your shirt collars some shirts have them I've always wanted to find out what they are for.
Alex Golembeski
I use the small pocket in my jeans all the time to carry my lighter, my pocket knife/box cutter, my multi-tool, pencils, drill bits, screw-gun tips, or sharpies. It's actually incredibly useful and I wish both pockets had them.
Allovereverything Bro
I'm a rock that's been living under a rock
Alvin Mcmanus
Anna Bubbles
The title is grammatically wrong, it should be,\
This channel is only for decoration
The little loop in back of some shirts was originally called a locker loop and it indeed used to hang shirts in lockers . Contrary to the video, it causes far less wrinkling than hanging by the color on locker hooks.
Boss Hog
Over 33 million people lied to again, we are all doomed, thanks social media.
Buddysimo Simonetta
They were called fairy loops.
What a rubbish video
Wow what horrible grammar in the title
Chris Olsen
#7 small pocket in big pocket. Used for pocket watch back in time. Today, I use little pocket to carry my pocket knives when I’m on a job sight or just out and about. Never know when you are going to need to cut something like rope or fishing line. Or even if someone tries mugging you. ( last part is a joke, NEVER stab someone you will end up in jail )
Chris Rees
The extra pocket is there when you run out of bullets..
Dale Sendrejas
u always says\
The tiny pocket doesn't even work well with pocket watches.
Dede Vaughn
I can't imagine people don't know that small pocket isn't a pocket watch pocket! I've known that my entire life! Some of his facts are stupid like the hole in pen cap and spaghetti spoon!
Dusky Ashe
I didn't even know what I didn't know until I saw this video
Elizabeth Medrano
I put my money in the tiny pocket so it doesn't fall out since the tiny pocket is tightly attached to the jeans
Facts And Information
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Fam 3AT
What if i *did* know bout these?
Fookat TV
Good information.\nTeam \nFookat Tv.
Nice title lol
Giovani Cygnus
Thanks! This saved my life.
The loop on a shirt is actually for suspenders to keep them from slipping off the shoulders
The subscribe button is there for decoration.
I will eat your children, James
The title makes no sense and is hard to read...
ImaGod ImaGod
The small pocket on Jean's is used for many other purposes since its invention
James Factora
I use that tiny pocket inside the big pocket for coins😁😀
Jeff Walker
The primary purpose for the hole in a pen lid is to prevent air pressure forcing ink down the channel of the ink tube when the lid is placed on the pen. Without the hole, when the lid is put on, there would be no where for the air in the lid to go, so it would put pressure on the ball in the point of the pen and force the ink down the tube, creating an air lock and preventing ink flow the next time the pen is used. \n\nI can't imagine shirt manufacturers adding a loop to a shirt for the purpose of college students to indicate their relationship status. This is an adapted use.
Jesse Valdez
Jeans small pocket is perfect for coins or a lighter..
Joseph Rose
Nice grammer dude
Juanita Dudley
How would a shirt loop help tie a tie???
Little poket is good for keys
Karma Daniels
That tiny pocket is for holding a knife so it dose iterfer with any thing else in you pockets
KartikeyaNaidu 23
Where is the Indian squad ?
For some reason I thought this would be a lot more interesting
Lieutenant Nomad
3:43 I didn't expect to see Scarlett Johansson in this video so I cummed pretty fast!
Lizzie Sangi
The pocket on the jeans is for change, a key, a ring or anything small enuf to fit inside it - many pocket watches today are too large to fit in the standard size change pocket.\n The loop on the back of a man tailored shirt was for a tie to go thru, when shirt and tie were off. The tie will slip off a hanger, or door knob but stays put thru the back loop.
Lorem Ipsum
The small pocket from jeans is for condom
Matthew Thomason
I'm going to be the one that brings pocket watches back
Miley onDisney
#9 is wrong. The hole in the pen cap is to let air escape when it's being placed on the pen. Otherwise, the air pressure inside it would prevent the cap from going on all the way or push it off later. The hole is also on aerosol can caps.
Nr 8\nThe hole is for air. Without it, the air in the cap would push back the ink by pressure and the pan would become useless.
Mr. Q - iLoveQatar.net
That loop is for people who wear Y suspenders. They slip through.
Mumma_mandy L
The little pocket is for coins.
Nancy Jewel McDonie Fan
I found this strange.... \nI always use the little pocket in my jeans as my holder for my coins/pennies does it look like weird?
Nathan Staples
He doesn't mention, and so probably doesn't know that the hole in the pasta spoon is to measure a fistful of DRY pasta \
Omar Damian
Only guitarists know what the little pocket is actually for ;)
Pat Benny
When I was in grade school in the mid 60's, the loop on the back of the shirt was called a fairy loop. The loop isn't sewed, so it could be pulled out with a good tug. If you still had the loop on your shirt, that meant that no one had the guts to take it from you. ie you were a bad ass.
Patrick Hanna
How is a loop on the back of your shirt between your shoulder blades going to help you to fasten your tie?
Patronising title. How do you know what your viewers do and don’t know....? I actually knew number 2.
Red Apple
1:27 sooo.. youre telling me if everyone on the plane put their thumb against the glass to block the hole, they'd all die?
Riley Summer
So I've learned that things that I don't know the use for, usually have bullshit uses that I can't even use properly.
Rob Bravo
the little pocket is for your penny
Rosisa00 Ponia01
But i already knew half of these...
Ryan Perez
Guitar pick, pocket knife, change....that little pocket has many uses. I love that little pocket.
Samuel T
Written title not the same as the spoken version.\nWe called the loop on the back of the shirt a \
Sceptic The airplane
That cool
Scott Aheadjoy
Wrong the loop on back of shirt was created to hang on hook. The hole in the pen cap is to let air out while recapping the pen. The pasta spoon hole whaaat?
Shawn Z
well..... i always thought that small pocket is for condom...
Shorty Rumble Beatz
Did you know? this comment is a comment #facts
Street S W A T
so if i wanted to crash a plane all i have to do is put my finger over that little hole?
Super Simple Arts and Crafts
Wow... 29 M people just wasted 5 min of their lives for watching this video. Everyone knows this stuff.
Syed Jassim Ali
For #7: Well I use that small pocket for holding coins... I don't have a pocket watch but yes coins it holds best... So, there's still use of that small pocket... Don't get rid of it...
#6 is entirely incorrect.. If I may, the space is there to drain liquids through - which is why many spoons and ladels come with slits or multiple lines.\n\nThe conept of it measuring servings is an old folk tale and the usage does not even stand up to scrutiny, since many of the holes are varied and of different sizes.\n\nSorry, just had to correct at least that one egregious incorrection...\n\n(I worked in a few restaurants growing up, including one high-end one)
The little pocket in your jeans is to hold your coke baggy... Obviously.
Tracey Marie
upset I saw this video.
Oh wow man, like I think it is like uhhh this thing called ferrite . Isn't that like a Pro-Noun or something?
Winterville Slim
I never leave comments, but the world needs to know that this video is stupid.
The hole in the spaghetti spoon is actually not for a portion. Its just the most simply way to make water drain. Some spoons have several small holes, or slits for this purpose. And the holes are of different sizes with different spoons.\n\nThe Loop on the back of a shirt is also really just to hang it up, the school story is complete and utter bullshit.\nIts used because in lockers you usually can't use clothes hangers, it was made popular during the 1960s. And its even called \
the small pocket was for the California gold rush to keep gold
Most people believe that this video will be filled with lots of interesting and unusual facts. This is not true.
allen cedar
If only I could use the pink part of the eraser to erase this video. Damn!
andy pandy
Apparently people think that most of these items were for decoration
brianna lora
Guys the narrator is on drugs some of this is inaccurate xD
Schade das es nicht auf deutsch erklärt wird.
Thank you! I learned that most people are clueless idiots that think everything is there for decoration.
The small pocket on my jeans holds my weed.
Most people believe this video is just for decoration.
government unfit for purpose
The little pocket is for bags of drugs.\nOr a photo of your cat.\nI have both.
gspot mop
so terrorists just have to block that little hole of their aircraft window.
john w
Number 9 made no sense.
90% of the guys here thought A pic of their ex's was going to pop up
The little pocket is for guitar picks man
rae L.
the little pocket is for a sack of dope?
Yep the loop is for hanging. And if it's not wrinkled when you hang it, it wont wrinkle hanging in a locker. and I'm not sure that's what the hole in the plane window is for....not seeing how the physics of that works. I've heard it's simply for moisture
Thank You For I Did Not Know What Things Are Do Use For For But Now After Watching Your Film I Know What Things Are Do Use For.
What?? The extra pocket in Jeans used to carry coins... And its refer as coin pocket also in so many branded trousers you have this tiny pocket
And 11 ...why does Scarlett Johansson appear at 3:43 in and right at the end of his video ? lmfao !
Small pocket on jeans are for plectrums :)
that kid josh.
wow I can't believe Tom Hanks does narrations on Youtube now.
the fuck you mean?
Huh that's why people on planes have head phones
It seems like whoever put this video together did not do any real research, and then they compounded the errors by being illogical on top of it. At least half of their 'real reasons' are not the real reasons.
The loop is called a \
🎭 AudioXVNVX 🎭
@3:45 omg scarlett...i lost focus for a minute lol