7 Hidden Disses You Missed In MGK "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

7 Hidden Disses You Missed In MGK "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)MGK is known for his rapping skills and ability to continuously produce high quality and originial music. MGK is also know for idolizing Eminem, he has in the past mentioned him in interviews and said that he looked up to him as a person/rapper. Fast forward to today, Eminem and MGK are beefing over something that happened 6 years ago involving Eminem's daughter. With the release of Eminem's new album, he dissed MGK, Tyler The Creator, and many more artist. MGK decided to respond back to Eminem with the song "Rap Devil" which he completely ripped on Eminem. Make sure to watch the full video and leave a like. Don't forget to enter the iPhone X giveaway!SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already! ►►

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MGK replied quickly because he has no life. Eminem didn’t respond until years, probably because he forgot MGK existed.
Alex H
Eminem's is better
Alexander Sjöström
0:02 MGK looks like a rat there bro😂😂
Andrew Rodriguez
Eminem no.1 faa mgk
Mgk is just praying eminem will make him more famous. He's been chasing after this beef. So dont make it sound like he's the bigger man or right in this situation in any way.
Aqil Muhammad
Eminem is such a great artist and father always gonna be on eminems side never machine gun kelly hes the 'rap devil' but eminem is the RAP GOD!! (:
Barry McCawkiner
Literally never heard of MGK until now, but almost everybody has heard of Eminem. MGK looks like he's trying too hard.
Bass LikTHeFish52
What you missed about the time frame is that Em didn’t diss him on a track until MGK subliminally dissed Em on his feature with Tech9. It was the straw that broke the camels back
Bella Torres
Rap devil
Bronson Naihe
This is very misleading
Bruce Wayne
Rap devil
The fued started when mgk dissed eminem in tech nines album😂😂
Casey Eldridge
sorry but revival still sold over 200k albums and that's eminem's worst album but\n\nmgks best album sold a lil bit over 50k \n\n\njust saying
Chingmak uc Chang
Clique-CVEVO The Dictator
The whole track is a diss track AND with simple rhymes, nothing we missed
Connor Bailey
The narrator is an idiot lol. Like you really think there are no Eminem fans out there..? I guarantee he has more fans than MGK by at least a factor of 10... The man is a legend. Also, he destroys anyone who disses him... so if you're taking MGKs side, prepare to be let down.
What was hidden?lol
Waste of time. This narrator is just repeating the rap devil lyrics!!!! Thumbs down!!!
DJ Puma
I'm still waiting on the 7 hidden disses we missed🤔
MGK dissed him last year on Tech N9ne song... that’s why he came at him.
Daniel Son
MGK has been working on Rap Devil since he got kicked off Shade 45😂😂 Why do you think he celebrated so hard when Eminem finally acknowledged him and gave him a couple verses? Because he could finally release his song he’s been working on for 6 years lol Eminem didn’t give two shits about him but he was trying to get his attention with his Freestyle on hot97 and his subliminal diss on Tech n9ne’s song.
Davy Hammen
I like how KT acted as if Eminem supporters are damn near gone, yet when Killshot dropped it had the highest youtube debut for any hip hop song to date smashing the number 2 by 3 times
Dee M
Deveunt Hopkins
RAP Devil
Ed T
I'm only here because of Killshot...
MGK still#1
Fabe Pioro
Common! It is totally \
Learn your facts
Griffin YT
Eminem is way better and all those haters of Eminem just because he stopped slim shady honestly I don't like slim shady and Eminem should win because he has revived over his new album
Rap devil was scripted 6 months ago
Jay Balbuena
Whoever made this video didn't do their research. Eminem didn't just decide to reply 6 years later. Mgk dissed him in a recent song that Tech n9ne released
Jimmy Jones
A sheer and utter waste of time.
John Doe
Rap Devil
None of this was hidden...
Johnny Chau
7 you may have missed if you listened with the earbuds plugged into your toaster
Jordan Brooks
Mgk isn't the only person em dissed dkm.. wasn't even the worst diss. Mgk was just the only one actually butthurt
I lost a few IQ points watching this
Kas J
Ooh btw weird beard was a reference to Ems song Business.
Kaysauto52 repair
Dude you said hidden diss I think everyone knows what you said. Change the title to things everyone knows about EMs and MGKs beef.
Khaled BinZia
Laloni Corpuz
How is no one else seeing that MGK using a shovel as a prop referencing Shady's 2002 White America \
Lauren H
Lauren Rice
Be different if MGK actually wrote the rap himself 🤣
Lil Casting Couch
This is the legit first channel I'm actually blocking
Lochana Kulatunga
Rap devil
Lokesh Motwani
May i know who is machine gun?i dont even heard his name
10min of my life i can't get back
Maurice Robinson
Mer And Marina
this muppet is just a wannabe- MGK who dafuk r u? lol looks like a puff
Methodical MK
Please never make another YouTube video I lost too many damn braincells
Micah Smith
Rap devil
Minnie Hambrick
I guess u didn't watch the sway x eminem interview
Muhammed Sohail
Rap Devil was good but KillShot, \
MGK looks like Vanilla Ice with bigger ears. lol
God this was the most terrible breakdown of this song Ive seen. I'm never watching one of your breakdowns again. Other than the \
Nate Grey
I like the fact you tried to sound like you were impartial even trying to say you understood that you don’t talk about a mans daughter that way. However it was evident where you stood from the beginning when you said “everyone can agree Eminem is past his prime” based on the definition of the word prime if that were true his album wouldn’t be a hit and you wouldn’t be talking about him. So No I’m sorry we don’t all agree.\nAlso I think we interpret “let’s talk about it” very differently \nA suggestion if you truly want to come across as impartial report all the facts rather than leaving out the ones that justify why Eminem released his diss track now making look like he holds a grudge for years.
Nicole Jessica
Nope. Mgk dissed him on the Tech n9ne track released this year... Hailey's just fuel to the fire. Mgk wanted this for publicity. He got what he wanted and now he was drinking vodka on a morning show today..
Opie Winston
Two dudes Writting hate poems to each other. Talk about romantic.
4:50 it’s SHADE45. It even says that on the wall in the picture.. come on
Pariah The Primordial
You have a lot of things wrong . You are only telling one side of the story
Paula Lerma
Sorry but four .are a bust ....tilts head\nDid you reach before agree\nJust saying
Paulina Pazzz
#5 the chorus \
Portland _JC
I subscribed
Puvanand Mottian
You forget that mgk Re-ignited this when he dissed eminem in a song by tech9 which he was ft in...
Rafael Decanio
facts are all wrong from the begining
none of these were missed.
Realest One
In my eyes and my ears Eminem will always be number one
Renegade Zero
Roxann Paima
MGK had a shoevel to dig his own grave
Sarah DiCarluccio
Waiting on those 7 disses we missed....
Shelby Yeoman
In my opinion Mgk didn't win🙅🙅...I think Em won
Shy DaMan
saying 'lets talk about it' doesnt mean MGK wants to talk to him about it... it basically means lets speak on this stuff....
Skirtin BED
This news gotta get mgks weiner out they mouth and realize mgks track is only good because of the beat and it only had 2 good disses in there
Slim Miller
Rap Devil
Stephanie Alice
Hidden?? How. Where. Pretty sure that they've been there for everyone to hear and see the entire time...
Steve Alderete
THUGG Marinez
A little bit of actual research would show that MGK subliminally dissed Eminem on \
MGK dissed Eminem on a track with Tech n9ne in March of 2018. That's why Eminem went after MGK get your facts right.
Tony Perez
Rap Devil
Rap devil
I literally didn't miss any of this stuff. Actually some of what was said in this video wasn't even correct.
Zach Landon
Lol mgk didn't respond quickly, rap devil was available on sound cloud 8 months ago, he already wrote it because he had heard a rumor that eminem was coming with an album that had a diss on it... facts, oh and the fact that mgk continued the beef on a feature with tech n9ne, so looks like you need some reading material
Zen Matrix
Mfk, grazed me, billy goat
0:21 the moment in history when the weird part of youtube got a foothold in normal youtube. 😊
ahmet yildirim
rap devil
allexer gaming
Rap devil
This video sucked
The fact that he doesn't even know Eminems birthday is in October
doug quenroe
Bro em responded because MGK has been taking shots at him on freestyles, songs and tweets. He has been trolling him for the last 6 years and is lying about looking up to eminem because you dont say that about your idols teenage daughter. Kelly is just trying to save face and stay relevant, get your facts straight cause some people might actually believe MGK is in the right because of this vodeo...
jake Warrington
New boxing mach em vs mgk
Rap Devil
He didn’t respond because of the tweet. All he did then was ban him from shade 45. He responded because MGK took shots at him in a song with TechN9NE
rogelio villagomez
so when do we get the 7 hidden disses?
This is full of sh!t. The so-called diss about Em's last four albums didn't do well was so incorrect. Go 3 albums back (Recovery), that album went Diamond status worldwide. So how was that diss accurate?