ITALIAN WORDS youve been getting wrong...

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Learn how to pronounce Italian words correctly and get some phonetics rules along the way. Many of these common words are used (and mispronounced) by millions of people every single day...and I'm campaigning to put a stop to it ;-)SUBSCRIBE for more ♥ .....................................................................................Filmed with: Canon EOS 70DEdited with: iMovie 10Thanks for watching Marco in a BOX!

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- pistacchia
Tranquilli, l’italiano è così difficile che neanche noi italiani sappiamo parlarlo, a volte.
Vous êtes simplement fantastique et très sympathique. Je suis mort de rire! Un gros câlin du Trentino. Alfonso Italy 🇮🇹
Abhi Foodie
Nice video
Amelia Vassalli
Parli molto bene l'italiano...congratulazioni
Andreas Kirmaier
Most of these are just them saying the words without an accent and then claiming it’s a new word when they say it in their *extra special* voice
Angel Adu
tagliatelle 😂😂😂😂
Anita Revenko
In Russia Andrea is also a male name.
Anna Cotignola
if you are italian this video is soo funny. and... ti senti un pro
Annie Rocks
Spanish has 5 vowels and we do pronounced as it is written and we roll our RS too.
Annina Peinkrapfen
I am italian and this video is very funny
Antonella Manners
This is so true! I'm Italian and my husband is English. He calls Panettone Panettoni etc... But I suppose it's part of the charm of having a foreign accent! 😁💖
Arianna Danesi
vogliamo parlare di \
AstralWolf ᐛ
Il bello è che sotto i video americani che come titolo hanno anche solo la parola italia, ci sono più commenti in italiano che commenti in inglese
Aurora Rao
Mi sento una pro😂😍
B-Side girl
Oh Lordy!! you lost me at pistachio, too sexy! Who knew! Stop it you two!
Belle P
The “d” sound in words with a “tt” in American English happens all the time. It’s partially laziness. But also ease in speaking. The d sound is easier to say than the t sound.
Blanca Rodríguez Martínez
When you are Spanish and you know how to pronounce most of them...
Ma hai una pronuncia perfetta! Quello alla destra sembra italiano
As an american, to be fair, we aren't taught these things and hear everything from everyone else. That's why we pronounce these words this way.
Bunny God
Guy on the left got hotter when he started talking.
Cane vampiro KomaKi Capa Dliw
Ma sti tizzi parlano meglio di me ma cosa?!?? 😂😂😂😂😂 (W IL COCCO) cmq grandeeee che hai detto bolognese 😂😂😂
Charly L
Pizza 🍕 e poi spaghetti 🍝 e lasagna
Cherie d'Europe
After watching this video I've learned that..... Italy really has nice looking guys! :)
Christina Haizu
I learned an Italian sentence on YouTube a few years ago and I never forgot it. “Bonjourno sonó cristina. Piacere di conoserti
Claudia Filippini
Io che spreco il mio pomeriggio guardando video sulla pronuncia in italiano anche se sono italiana.\nYap, presente.
Daniel Gaden
Doesn't really mater does it. If I'm in Italy speaking Italian then I'll use the \
Darkman 2 The Revenge
Sono italiano
Denise Bran
Derek Allyn
It's not that we pronounce the 'TT' as a 'D', it's just that we don't enunciate them as strongly. Think of it as an accentual difference instead of a mispronunciation. \n\nThe rest are true though... ;)
Eliclafa Faccix
Che bello sentire la gente che non sa le nostre parole!
Enormous Wings
so that's the raeson why Italian seems like angry when they are speaking to others...
Sto morendo HAHAHAHAHA
Eugenia Perini
alto a Bologna amore della mia vita rega viva la patriaaaa!!!!!!!!
Eustachio Pozzuoli
Ma assomoglia tantissimo a Mac Miller😱😱😱😱è identico😘😘😘😘😱😱😱
Eóin MacLean
I’m not Italian...but I love learning new languages. I took Italian for two years in high school, and my one regret is that I didn’t start sooner. \nI CRINGE whenever I hear Italian words butchered, including names. I make it a point to pronounce them correctly. Of course, the best experience is when you can order your meal in Italian at a real Italian restaurant and be understood. It’s a shame that such establishments are rare here in the US, but they do exist, and it gives you an immersive, real-life experience using the language in conversation.
Faktor F
So basically just be gay
Feli Silva
In Spanish you also pronunce exactly what's written
Funky Chicken
Ciao mi chiamo Sophie, ho Dodici anni, mi piace matematica perche io sono un po buona \n\nI am learning Italian sorry if it’s wrong \n\nMi dispiace
Game Player ITA
the pizza, ITALIAN PIZZA is the best food in the world
Gemma Joikhun
I learning Italian and it so hard 😆 but I am trying my best \n*Non capisco perché trovo difficile pronunciare la parola italiana*
Great video and you guys make an adorable pair.
I have studied Italian in college for three semesters and I try to keep up if I can. When I see people mispronounce Italian words (especially the Jersey Italians in my home state) I am like “PORCA MISERIA, SEI UN STRONZO!” Lol!
Huong Thi Nghiem
That was funny :-)
4:09 \
J3lly Joker
ma pk gesticolate tutti
I got here by trying to find the correct pronunciation of gnocchi. Y'all are very entertaining. I do have one question. I can't roll my Rs. Is there any hope for me speaking Italian? :)
James Picklehead
I can't stand when people pronounce the letter e at the end of a word like a drawn out aayyy sound. Latte comes out like LAH-taayyy. It's more like an \
Jan Brian Brion
Imparo Italiano a scuola e penso che la pronuncia non é difficile per me, perché sono Austriaca.
Jessica Ellao
I can totally relate with his reactions when there are mispronounced words. 🤣
Jim Azarelo
So you mean Capocollo isn’t pronounced gabagool? Ricotta isn’t Riggut? Prosciutto isn’t proshoot? Lol
Josh Stabler
I know we do mispronounce the \
The spirit of this video is great... but you're forgetting one thing. When words venture into other languages, they're no longer bound by the rules of that mother language. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the \
Justin Thomas
Lol this reminds me of the time i was lectured on how to pronounce \
Kat 1987
if you are speaking in english, those english pronunciations are correct . those italian words dont have english equivalent thus those borrowed from italian language dont mean that u have to say it in italian accent
quando guardi uno di questi video...e ti senti un pro
Luca Pescatore
(I'm italian)....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
those gnocchi over there! ahahahahahahahaahhah
8:11 you didn't roll the rrrr Marco
Spanish is the same, you pronounce everything as written MOST of the time. Even the H is not always silent. And there are few different vowel sounds.
Sorry but, the way Americans speak is the American way and it's not going to change so you just wasted a whole bunch of your time. And I'm American born Sicilian and I am not impressed. We speak English and we put our accents and emphasis the way we do, not changing so if it pisses you off...too bad. You guys are just way too dramatic on your English version of Italian words. In the end, it doesn't matter so long as you understand me and I you. In essence...get over yourselves.
Martina Parisi
Ti sei dimenticato anche del famosissimo “Giuseppi”! In Australia puoi trovare anche una linea di pizze surgelate che si chiamano “Papa Giuseppi’s pizza”!
Michæl Dallera
Ogni volta che sento il luogo comune che \
Monica Soto
in spanish you also pronounce how is written 😊 \nio sto imparando l'italiano e io posso leggere in italiano ma non ho imparato molto verbi .. \nI have been studying italian for 8 weeks, and I'm going to continue 😍
Mr. Game
Io sono italiano
Naturally Modd
Oh my Goodness\n why You all so fine ??\nCutie's\nIm subscribing to your channel .\nAm so proud to live in Italy ,even tho some Italian's are so annoying at school and at work\nBut i still love them 😃
Nichole Grace
Hi Marco, I'm learning Italian and Bruschetta is one that so many people get wrong, I always correct them. It drives me crazy. But I can't roll my tongue :( so this will affect how I speak in Italian won't it? It bothers me that I can't do it!!
Nina Bella
Siete bellissimi!!!!
Why are italian men so Sexy Dammit!
this was really gr8 and helpfull plz do more of these and plz don one especially which wuld help us read italian WITH OR WITHOUT understanding but JUST TO GET THE PRONOUNCIATION RIGHT.......thanks really
Ok ok c’è qualche italiano?🇮🇹
Professional Wild Child
Hahaha, love this video! You guys are so cute 💞
Rebeca Militaru
It's very simple if you are Romanian 🇷🇴
Retired Early 53
You guys left out GABAGOOL !!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite Italian Cold Cut !!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam Sung
You make learning so fun 😀
Sara Lampret
I think is americans/English people feel the same frustration hearing speaking Italians or Spanish people speaking english😀 the pronationation between these two languages is just so different..\nMe being a Slovene girl I struggle with English pronationation as well.. Meanwhile Italian and Spanish is easy..
Help. How to pronounce osteria
Scorpion Anims
Sono italiano seee/Im italian Yeaaa
Ho trovato questo video per caso e mi avete fatto morire dal ridere 😂
Slovak Queen
Im not even italian, Im slovak and I get somewhat irritated when americans misspronounce these words... I get specially irritated when they turn \
Sofia luna kawaii
Io dovrei guardare video sulla pronuncia inglese e guardo quella italiana e a un certo punto esce sto vide dal titolo ho capito solo Italia e sto morendo devo pure finirlo di guardalo MUOIO 😂😂😂
The Kawaii Simmer
I am italian\nViva l' italia!!!!!!!
Tina Shannacappo
Do you know SEI UNA STRONZA means
Xx_DoNiX_xX 06
anthony lin
Went to an Italian restaurant\nWent up to order\nTried to pronounce names of dishes the correct way\npeople looked at me like I was retarded\nRan the hell out the door
aun hussain
E tu godsend
You'll never get Americans to pronounce double T (or even many single Ts) any way other than with a D sound. When someone does audibly pronounce the T sound everyone else thinks he's being pretentious.
most people where i live (in california) pronounce gnocchi as en-yo-key
chia game08
Forza Italia!!!!!
Ok, I'm a proud Italian-American who also speaks Portuguese and Spanish... While my Italian is far from perfect, I have to say that all of those most common words I actually pronounce correctly! (Yeay, me!) because my Grandma was worse than freaking Mussolini when it came to pronunciation -- Too bad she was so tyrannical about it because I grew up with an automatic repulsion for Italian because it was such a source of reprimands and mockery... Years later, I wish I would've learned it from the sweet and charismatic nonna that most people picture Italian grandmothers to be -- Oh, well! Such is life!
jackie juarez
joe john
It's a shame the italians never conquered other lands and slaughtered the indigenous peoples to spread their language like the spanish, french, and english did. It's a fantastic language that not many countries speak.
kiki 22
mimo sandro
Who else love gelato 🍨
“Everything you pronounce a word wrong, an Italian fairy dies” 😂
per min
Stop raping english, they no way can roll R. Well what to say, even some people with native language where you need to roll R cant do this, e.g. me as Russian
please don't
E niente questi video fanno bene all'autostima. SPAGHETTI
star illuminati*
Cos'è sto video?