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MY INSTAGRAM @NOMADBARBERSuper relaxing ASMR shave, massage and shampoo from Auntie, a lady barber from Taipei in Taiwan!For more ASMR video's check out For Indian head massages, Turkish head massages, Turkish Shaves, ASMR Video's and general barber massages and shaves please watch the rest of my video's.

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She really good
A Ross
Hey man been watching your videos for a couple of years now, love it keep up the good work
Adam Jack
Yo the tatted asian dude in the back is hella fresh
Ah Sin
Ander Somaloma
Yesss. Ear shaving is sometimes needed and occasionally should be derogatory ;)
Andrew Lore
The shampooing was really relaxing :)
Andy James
She's a keeper..! :-)
Annalee Bliss
She xan sure work that straight razor like a pro
Anon E. Mous
That was a very impressive shave. I've never seen someone use a straight razor inside an ear before.\nBut I can't imagine it feels too good having your hair massaged by someone wearing rubber gloves.
Arthur Ceci
She looks like Edna, from the Pixar's movie The Incredibles
Hey do you ever sit there while getting a shave and think nah there's no way this barber is better than me and secretly judge technique n that because you're a barber ya self
British Bob
Nice. Like the double hot towels
Auntie’s barber shop
Best massage ever !!!
Carlos Oliveira
that ear shave is so pleasant to watch
Choco Chan
I love it, she is a natural, really skilled with the razor. I've noticed in Asia they tend to shave the forehead and even nose/earlobes prior the actual shave.. Nice nice. The background music spot on as well :P
This is so good. Thanks man
My man in the background with the old school Charles Barkley jersey on.
Wow she is crazy good. So precise and quick with that razor while also not being harsh on the skin. I would totally be a customer of hers. The attention to all the nooks and crannies was amazing, I know I need that.
She has got to be the most competent/confident person that I've seen handle a straight razor.
G Murph
She’s a pro 👌🏻
Graham Kirkby
Mad tingles!!!!!
Howard Dorsey Griffith
Precision razor work at its best.
Humza Khan
Don't f with anyone who knows how to use a blade like that 😂
13:00 looks like the same massage technique used by the guy in the “strange massage” video
Excellent work all around. But dude, you wore a Doc Guthrie's shirt to Aunties?
John Ball
Never seen ears and eye browse being shaved. Thats interesting, but i would not like that.
Johnny Day
I know it Great to meet and network with Barbers around the world look like a great experience love her skill
Jordan O'Brien
Gives me tingles all over watching this. Need to visit
fantastico... una maravilla esta señora.. me encantaria probar
Kadek Putra
wow.... double hot towel.
13:11 mo bamba
Incredible video really i will watch it a couple of more times today before going to sleep
Lineker Santos
Fast banda girl Very Nice!!!! Good Job ;)
Majestic Dreams
It is too embarrassing. U dont know what she says but she still keeps talking to u haha
Marcos Pontes
Tratamento vip
Second best in da house
Martin O.Malley
Without a doubt the best woman barber on YouTube. I would sell my spleen to be able to sit in her chair.
She's amazing! So much rhythm
Mellow ASMR
Safe to say she didn't miss a hair...
Michael Bull
Very impressive skills when she shaves your ears. I’m sure my skin would have been ruined with so much dry shaving, but looks like a great job on you.
Mikey T
Would you consider ever doing a video about alopecia?
I looked at the thumbnail of this video and thought you aged 50 years hahaha
Such precision. I was trying to watch to see if she nicked him, but i kept dozing off.
Mad razor skills, especially on/around ears.
PJ Neslo
Wow this woman can swing that straight like a lasso... You have to respect a woman like that . ha ha
Paul Morrissey
Boss Vlog lad
Penny Lovat
Did anyone else notice the old time music in the background? love it
Pro MN
She forgot to shave the nose
I missed this videos alot
Rob Marion P.
is that Keith Ape?
Is this 60fps or is she really that fast?!
Salehovic S
more vids like this one
Scuba Steve
Note to self: If I ever get to this barber shop, don't pick skinny Asian Charles Barkley.
Steven Mani
13:14 that lady in the back was laughing at you lol
T _Benzene
She is so slick with that straight razor
Tammy Gunn
Awesome video as always!
Theshowdown 93
But why would she shave his forehead and ears though 🤔
Tim Odza
Is that Charles Barkley Jersey lol
Bow down. You are in the presence of a bona fide master
Tony k.
Very thorough and a first class service.... bravo!
Her skills with the razor straight🔥🔥🔥
Vivian Martz Mendez
Asi será mi barbería 😉😀😍
Auntie definitely has a ultra light, precise and deft touch! She gives Noriko at Farzad's Barbershop in Vancouver, BC a run for her money as being an equal Master of the craft.
Yo Daddy
I need ta stop going ta Supercuts!!
Your video is not relaxing
andrew carruthers
Definitely top 5 shave video on YouTube maybe even top 3
antony and my son luke.
Somebody's been getting inked up.. you ever in my neck of the woods Mr nomad .sacred art chorlton Manchester is award winning. This much I know mate.. great video this one..
Россея тут
The best blade work since the Turkish barber from one of your early videos.   I really like  the double and triple checking of her work.   Very thorough.  Thanks for another great vid, Miguel.
The lady was really good she knows her stuff. But she scared me a little with that razor.
She’s the quintessential master barber
donavon Blair
Where is this place? I’m booking my next vacation there. Just for this place
Wow, that woman did stuff with a blade I've never seen before!!!\n\nKeep up the great work Miguel! I really enjoy the talented and diversified barbers you share with us. Thanks!
goku ultrainstinct
I usually refrain from commenting anywhere, but I really liked this👌👌. Been a fan of nomadbarber since 2011. 👍
jerry mckinzie
Jesus Christ! She was like a ninja with that damn razor! And then she hits ol boy with the triple double towel wrap, arm slap, knuckle crack combo!
jj thor
That's the first time I ever saw a person get their ears shaved with a straight razor , impressive !
She's so adorable
john swensen
She is wicked with that razor
lil ray
Shes a natural
Her towel cleaning bill must be enormous.... 😳
Amazing video! Thanks for sharing!
mustapha supas
I have a question: why do some barbers use the hot towel after applying the shaving cream? Isn't that just a waste of shaving cream?
Lady is an absolute legend. period.
r man
Chill atmosphere, Taiwan seems cool 😎
raffa smoka il bellu
Wiz khalifa
rob opp
Massage seemed to rushed & in a hurry
simone holsey
Did you see his skin did you see them eyebrows though she’s been doing it so long she a natural I will most definitely let her do my hair
I wear a mask so I don't breath in pollution.... But hell yeah, put more ink in my skin... WTF !
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