Billy Joel - Captain Jack (from Live at Shea Stadium)

In 2008, Billy Joel commemorated the closing of the New York Mets stadium, Shea Stadium, with a legendary two-night concert of his top tracks as well as amazing guest performances. Watch here as Billy and his band perform 'Captain Jack' off the 1973 album Piano Man.Lyrics:So you go to the village in your tie-dye jeansAnd you stare at the junkies and the closet queensIt's like some pornographic magazineAnd you smileCaptain Jack will get you high tonightAnd take you to your special islandCaptain Jack will get you by tonightJust a little push and you'll be smilin'Billy Joel's official YouTube channel features music videos, live performances, interviews, TV appearances and more. Best known for his first hit song, 'Piano Man', in 1973, Billy has written and recorded thirty-three Top 40 hits in the United States. He is a six-time Grammy Award winner, a 23-time Grammy nominee and one of the world's best-selling artists of all time, having sold over 150 million records worldwide. Billy Joel is the sixth-best-selling recording artist and the third-best-selling solo artist in the United States.

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Was fortunate enough to see him 20 yrs ago in concert with Elton John.
Andrew Zarian
Amazing. Im going to see him at the garden in Feb. I cant wait!
Andy H
Billy Joel you haven't lost your touch one bit your voice is as strong as it was when you were younger, you brought me and my dad when he was alive together your songs was our way of bonding
Anthony G
im going to see him in april at the garden 
Just a little push........and you'll be smiling! Yeah! Then you keep pushing until there's absolute no more pain. Heavy. One of my favorite gems of the one and only Billy Joel.
Baron Von Lichtenstein
He should get some sweat block. It will stop sweating for 7 days.  Otherwise, great song. But Turnstyles will always be my favorite. It's vastly underrated lie Goats Head Soup.
Barry Waters
I grew up on his music. piano man my favorite album. now all songs by heart.
Breeze Motors
A true artist ..! 100 years from now this will still be great!!
Brett Koeshall
It's great to hear Captain Jack live concert.
Brian Murphy
Off Cold Spring Harbor, his first album, not Piano Man
Brian Rad
His best song
Easily in the top 20 greatest artists of all time.
Cameron Lee Simpson
This Guy Inspired Me To Compose Concert Genres That Are Amazing In Time
Carly Chaslong
Saw him @ the garden last night. He is epic.🙌
Clifton Jamison
Is that Liberty Devito on the skins?
Cyril O'Reilly
The best version of Captain Jack ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan Braun
0:20 yeah motherf*****r
David Lamont
I love how all the young people in the audience is singing along to his hits from 1973. Like it is required listening in NY schools.
David Melanson
Billy is brilliant!!!!!
David Smith
CAPTAIN JACK was a heroin dealer in Oyster Bay,  Long Island.  The song IS about drugs!
DeeDee Appenfeldt
Masturbate 👍
Dodi Sofiandi
it`s best for captain Jack.
Ed Wu
Edwin Rodriguez
Billy you look bad, take better care
What an absolute cheese-fest! This is not what I want to see or hear from Billy. I'd rather they were stuck in the 70s, not the 80s!!
Funkky Monkey
The closer I listen, the more I relise how disturbing the chords in the refrain are.
I always loved the bass line.
Gregor McIntosh
It can't be just me that gets a chill every time the chorus for this song begins
Heinke Stoltenberg
High intensive  performance - like always.
lol \
James Bremer
Jason Yates
Got a brother in law looks just like him, can’t sing or play piano tho , but he was a war veteran hay ho sum have love talents
Jeanne P.
Thank you Bill for making checking out a reality that was not just me...
Jeff Radzun
Damn, that's a lot of sweat.
Joel Barry
We're fortunate to have lived in this musical era. Being Billy's approx age I've enjoyed his whole career. His sax man Mark Rivera is also a blast. What a personality and man can he play.
Joshua Brooks
I wonder how many people got smoked out to this song back in the day?
Juan Trip
what an incredible ((( sound ))) !!
Justin Cantor
I love Billy F'ing Joel  great love billy and bruce wish I was going to see him june 21st @ MSG tickets too expensive Captain Jack will get you high tonight
Kenny Kotch
Chuck Burgi as always shinning like glass.
Kirsten Gray
I still get goosebumps from being able to see Shea. M-E-T-S!! Miss ya Shea. \u003c3
Why is he sweating so much?
Lisa Borsella
Thank You! Long Islands own! Im from Long Island NY captain Jack
I really want him to come back to the UK ,even if its just for a festival .\n\nI have never seen him live ;(
Martin Allen
I love this song.........but what is it about?\n\nIt rules though.\n\nMadison Garden May 2017.....I will be there.\nCan't wait.
Martina Neueroth
my fav B. Joel tune :-)
very cool!!!!
when my dad died ..this song became reality. all so often billy tells of life in a way no other could ever do! amazing man!
Melissa Mc
Listening to billy joel songs before my piano exam his songs helps me relax \u003c3 amazing
Miguel Rodriguez
It's in my bucket list; To see Billy Joel in concert just once and hear him sing this masterpiece.
Mike Proulx
Yeah you put jon doe down below get your mind right with captain jack.
Patrick Flanagan
Sheriff Billy?
Rick Scheibner
Just saw him two nights ago in Portland, Oregon. What a treat! Unfortunately, they didn't do this song, but they covered a lot of ground in that three hours.
Ringo Thomas
ey Danny......captain jack.........feed your head........
Rosaura Rosa
My God,  how much talent creativity in one single  person, great singer, great compostior, great musician and I'm sure a great human being also.
Scott C
I was at the second show on 7/18/08. The greatest live show I have ever seen in my life. It may not ever be matched or surpassed.. EVER.
Scott G
i know the boy for almost 50 yrs inside and out from the days of my house.
Stefan Plum
His voice is as good as ever; he reaches the high notes! Wow!
Sylvia isgod
Your sister's gone out, she's on a date; and you just sit at home, and choke your chicken.
I miss his old band
Ted Garren
Last night in a hole in the wall, Captain Morgan and coke to warm up...Jack Daniels Rocks and I'm on Cruz Control
The Gold Call Show
Look at Billy sweat! It was so unbelievably hot that night.
Tina Elevation
Best song he ever did.
William Suvatey
Now THAT is music.
This is my all time favorite song of his, no annoying saxophone screeching in my ears just strings and percussion.
alan kirk
What a great song, performed well by an excellent group of performers. I really enjoyed watching this!!
His voice just gets better with age.
bullitt foruu
a great song about a sad situation
claire keesey
christ what a melody. the man knows how to put together the notes.
People really want their neighbors to know they know the words.
david mcgrew
seen \nBill last year in memphis....great, awesome, perfection.
electric motley studio
captain mic will get you high tonite
I want to go back.
floyds pp
when he says \
Even after all of these years, this song still makes me feel things...
j. eric smith
This guy is the real deal. Downeaster Alexa.\nA real man.\nThe sweat is real here. Wrong chords as he laughs at it.\n\nBut he stands and delivers.\nGod Bless America.
the people up front all have connections or they wouldn't be there. to the people in the mezzanine the guys on stage look like matchstick men and the acoustics up there are terrible too. these stadium shows are whack, the worst.
jeff heyne
Does any one out there think \
john doe
everybody in the crowd smiles when he says masterbate
I think this is the best song he ever did.
Greatness !!
marc joseph
best heroin song :)
mark rush
sweating harder than michael jackson at a boy scout pool party....
mauro esteban rodriguez zubieta
the best song of mr joel the best best. and he has a lot of songs and goods songs . captain jack a drug dealer . what a song !
Wow. Sweat is pouring down Captain Jack's face like a waterfall.
I hope He's doing well these days, his songs are a gift to the world.
Billy is amazing!
you done good billy
serena jachetta
kind of a said sound don't you think?
shauna mackay
i'love it
Happy 69th Birthday Billy 5/9/18
They just found your father in the swimming pool, and you don't guess youll be going back to school