52 Luxury Car, Watch re Mispronouncing - German, French, Italian...

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How well do you know your favorite brands? Are you pronouncing them accordingly?

Brand Names You're Mispronouncing Gazette Gentleman's brand names how to pronounce how to pronounce German car names how to pronounce It... luxury brands

6meter kuk
Just cause those french baguetts can't write what they're saying
AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive
I would never have assumed that you come from Germany.\n\nGreetings from Münster, NRW. 😁
Adam F
Nice french pronunciation.
Alan Snider
As others have commented.... It's interesting that US commercials for Bayer pronounce it like \
Alex Cas
You told every italian brand wrong, moschino is the one you mispronounced more.\n\nYou have to stay on double r and let them hear, you say ferari, instead of feRRari.\nThan you said mos-chino, instead of moskino ch=k.
Alex Peter
Are you from Germany ? I've never heard a non-german person pronounce \
Alexander Neuberger
Endlich erklärt hier jemand den Amerikanern wie man deutsche Marken ausspricht 😆
Allen Day
Death to the French language!
Andrew Gruffudd
Hook at the bottom of the c? You mean a cidilla, surely... Or an anchor - but that's a hook at the bottom of the sea - that's your proper nautical term, don'tcha know.
Antonio Paulo
Awesome!!!! Love it. Thanks.
Arabėlla Kvelbërj
9:10 there goes the meme of the 3 e’s.
The American commercials for Mercedes are likely the reason why it is mispronounced. The narrator's voice has a slight British accent thus altering the pronunciation. The same applies to other luxury brands mentioned in public events, TV shows and movies... the moment it is mispronounced, it is repeated. Great video!
I was not miss pronouncing any of these cause I hadn't even heard of most of them
Bence Vass
He looks like an 50 years old G-Eazy
Benjamin P. Ellis
1:11 \
As a native English speaker who majored in Spanish, and who was forced to take a year of French in college, I have never understood why the French waste time so much time spelling words with letters that they’re not going to pronounce. If you’re not going to pronounce the “D” at the end then don’t waste your time writing it!
Callie Masters
All very true except for the \
Calvin Limuel
Some of these are just nit-picky. Most of the time you just have to know of what language are the origins of the names, thus dictate the pronunciation rules. Some people are going to have an even harder time to get some of these accurately because of differences in phonology/phonological inventory. Like Americans would struggle to roll the Rs or even the guttural R. But some Europeans may also pronounce English names and words wrong too. Somehow that doesn't get much attention. \n\nAlso legitimately different accents. A Québécois may pronounce some of the French names differently, especially the nasal syllables, and a Swiss may pronounce the German names differently, like the R or CH.\n\nAnd Moschino is /mos•'ki:•no/, like \
Camote Cute
Ahahaha.. I probably need to watch this 100x just to get the French and German brands right.. there's an advantage for being colonized by the Spanish, fortunately. LoL
Well... not knowing the correct pronunciation of the luxury brands you buy is a nice problem to have I must say... :)
Daniel Lee
Apparently rappers never watched this video.
Great video. However, since you're really particular about the Rs here: Breitling is Swiss and not German. In the region where it's from, the R is rolled - the German R you re using here is therefore incorrect. \n\nBtw really expected Jaeger-LeCoultre to be part of this list ;)
Ernest Fox
Not everyone is a linguist, but we can try to enunciate names and words foreign to ones first tongue . It's considered flattering to respect a language that much, but as westerners...
Fabio Bernardi
Actually Moschino is pronounced: Moskino in Italian 👍🏼🇮🇹 great vid btw
Federico Tondolo
NOT moss-chino, it's moss-kino. In Italian the ch makes a hard 'k' sound.
Francesco Gagliardi
Your italian sucks and by the way it’s pronounced MOSKEENO
Fredrik Dunge
Nice one, funny enough all of these are generally pronounced like this in Swedish, the only one I think most people (me included) get wrong is the Lamborghini. Funny enough the correct way is more similar to how the word would be pronounced if it was in Swedish I guess we've just gotten brainwashed by american movies.
Gentleman's Gazette
What are the brand names you hear others pronounce incorrectly?
The important question is not whether you pronounce it right, but whether you have the cash to buy the item.
Hey Randii!
Cartier is pronounced as CARDI B ehe 👅👅👅
Him Bike
Htotha Hizzie
Great to know how to pronounce names of items I will never buy.
I have lived in Japan off and on for about twenty years now. Whenever I hear them say an American name brand \
Jas L Land
P-R-E-T-E-N-T-I-O-U-S pronounced pretentious or pree ten shus! 😄
Otherwise known as “brands I can’t afford”
Jimmy Cuffietta
The \
Joan Mackie
And it never hurts to know the proper pronunciation of \
\u003e Luxury items\n\u003e Stella Artois\n\n\n\nPick one
Americans dont even try to pronounce foreign words correct.
Kate Harrington
No dude, “ch” in Italian is like “k” in English. Mos KI no. Not Mos CHI no.
Kimberly T
'Peasant' lol how snobbish. Frankly if you are defining yourself by purchasing these labels, and fretting about how you pronounce them, you have a pretty sad materialistic life.
Marc Inglese
I really enjoyed your accent. I sadly have a broad Australian accent.
Mark Pointer
Gianfranco Ferre should be feRrE^ going up on the E.
Maurizio Camagna
I'm Italian, it's unbelievable how badly you're pronouncing all the Italian brands/names. This makes me trust you very little for other languages too even if I know that they are mostly correct even if a bit \
Mimi Lajolie
The brand Moschino is pronouced (Moskino) and Baume et Mercier is not Boom but Baume ( BOM) not (BOOM) Thanks for the great video👍❤
Mr 5
OK, but how about Fred and Funk by Tesco?
N ! C K
I'm from Austria and my mother tongue is German. It's very funny when American people try to pronocued German brand names😂
Nazik Adam
I feel like words should fit the pholonogy of the borrowing language, in the borrowing language. Rather than bringing tons of new sounds.
Nicola Stecca
As an italian, i don't pronunce \
Nikita Amani
You are awesome!!!!!
Nora T
You said MOSCHINO wrong. The right way is: mos-key-no with K, not CH
OWT Luxusné plavby
HI, thanks for the video. However, I believe that you get the MOSCHINO incorrect - in Italian language you pronounce CHI = \
Omar S.
You were right... You sounded like a prick saying some of those names...
Orion Star
Your pants are too short
Ratchapon Kantapan
Thank you for this video
Reed Hubbard
While I don't take issue with any of your proper pronunciations, several of the brands you mention use the \
Just waste 16mins of my life trying to learn to pronounce brands I'll never be able to buy stuff from
Rose Heather
i forgot my language...after this..
Hätte niemals gedacht das du aus Deutschland kommst😅 wirklich sehr gutes englisch👍🏼
S. Alicia Jordan
I think even the most pretentious English speaker will find other English speakers pretentious for attempting to pronounce Bayer Aspirin the German way.\n\nAs a general rule, I would pronounce the brand name the way it's pronounced in advertisements put out by that company. It seems like a good way to walk the fine line between seeming too pretentious or overly plebeian.\n\nAlso, I learned Italian pronunciation such that \
Sam Arbiter
If you are going to set yourself up as an expert on pronunciation you should learn how to pronounce 'pronunciation'. It's pro-NUN-ciation, not pro-NOUN-ciation. A common mistake made by non-native English speakers.
Sasidhar Reddy
My English teacher said,\
Schiwenschi Lederjacke Ahhhhhhhhhh
Simon Sozzi
1:09 Tip #1 Saying Cartier with a French accent you don't have says \
Sinoy Unnikrishnan
I am German coming from Stuttgart from where Porsche comes from. We say it just like you but with a stronger R. Like you said it in Breitling.
Suyash Awasthi
Why would I want that suit? That's hideous.
'Worcestershire Sauce'
Teddy Baldassarre
Fantastic video idea. Very helpful. I was sounding like a peasant apparently 😂
The Slender Wrist
As a French native speaker, I can tell you: very goooooood my friend! Really close to the real deal! I'll actually record a \
Alle Produktnamen klingen für mich akzentfrei ausgesprochen. Hervorragend!
As an educated European... I found out that I pronounce all of them correctly.
Timothy Greer
8:54 the 5-second gloss over in world history
Tunisian Man
I laughed through this entire video! Unless you speak these other languages, like I do French, it's absolutely affected and bourgeoisie to go around pronouncing these perfectly correct brands to others who may not understand you. If you are the Euro-trash who buys \
You are mispronouncing \
Xu Zu
This is as petty as someone named Siobhan getting annoyed when people from any non Gaelic language mispronounce it. 99.9% of people will mispronounce this name if they read it.
Yung Süßgott
interesting video. nice channel.
alexandra gatej
He actually mispronounced Alfa Romeo and Moschino!!!!
bios theoretikos
An even better suggestion for prospective gentlemen would be to acquire, if not fluency, at least a decent command of French and maybe Spanish or Italian as well. Then the brand names will be a piece of cake as a side effect.
brenda lafever
Enjoyed this video, very interesting 😊
The real question is \
cliff houser
Great video!! Thank you!!
“I would like to buy a hamburger”\n(Inspector Jacques Clouseau, 2006)
enzo messina
49. Moschino is pronounced moskino, not moss-chino! Thanks for reminding me that I always pronounce Porsche incorrectly...
gabor szasz
Moschino is pronounced Moskino, as if there was a K. I guess also all the other Italians know 🤦🏻\u200d♂️ Just saying...and also the pronunciation of Ermenegildo Zegna was quite poor!! Other than that, well done with the Italian words. Cheers
giulia dv
You've got wrong Moschino... !!! It seems you haven't that much respect for Italians brads since you classify them under the others category .....
All good.. but Moschino is absolutely wrong!
james martin
Timex - Tie-Mex.\nNissan - Knee- Saan \nWal-Mart- Wall-mart\nLevis - Lee-Vie\nHope this helps 99% if the people watching this
Surprised you didn't mention Christian Louboutin
mutia rizki
German’s pronoun almost the same with Indonesia language 😂 thanks! Helpful video.
nontdico nulla
Miu Miu is Italian and not French. Cames from MIUccia Prada, from Milan.
ravi gupta
Tongue twisting exercise.....
...Of more value would be to hear a compelling case for anyone to buy any of these brands over more practical and affordable alternatives.
Much of this is about accent and nobody gets to dictate accent. Many French, German, Russian, etc., people pronounce english words with their distinct accent and nobdy cares; people often like it. So why can't english speaking people pronounce french words with their own domestic accent?
steve gale
You do not pronounce 'Balenciaga' with a French accent. Just because it is owned now by the French does not mean one screws up the Spanish pronunciation.
How do you pronounce: \
tooSpeed music & travels
Almost all of your Italian pronounce is sadly wrog.\nYou speak very well French, but you should spend more time in Italy to learn something more.
Apart from the Mos(K)ino thing, in Italian when a letter is doubled there's a reason and you should pronounce it longer.