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Are you prepared for a full hour of the cutest kids and animals ever? See how long you can make it through this comp and let us know in the comments!We love to bring you the best videos on the internet! Everything from Funny Videos, Fails, Fail Videos, Funny Baby Videos, TNTL Challenge, Si Te Ries Pierdes, Win Fail Fun, Funny Dogs, Makeup Tutorials and MORE! Check out the ULTIMATE PLAYLIST here►

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Aileen Beyer
Not funny to scare a kid with animals. They could get hurt or be traumatised for life.
Aimee Hui
4&&&vffbdth5 1#d1
Alex Rodriguez
This is the very way to know if your child will be a psychopath as these will tend to harm pets.
Ana Ferguson
So many are cute but please do not let your dog lick your baby's mouth. Especially after they clean their behind.
Andrea Dienes
Milyen idióta szülők vannak... Szegény gyerekek.
52:10 the best...
Babies & Pet TV
lovely dog
Babydoll Taisho
was ich hier sehe isn Haufen Tierquälerei. Und das wird auch noch als niedlich abgetan und gefilmt.. Ich könnt kotzen.. die Armen Tiere....
Chithira Murali
Chris Rock
Letting a dog lick your kids in the mouth, put the dogs foot in their mouth that’s a bit much 🤮
Clown Whisper
I would never let my child around goats. I used to raise goats and you do not want to get your finger bit by a goal they Crush everything that goes into their mouth. Their jaws are incredibly strong and when they bite down they have to complete the bike cuz of the way their jaw is made
Dogs Community
So cute and funny
Eduardo Hdz
Edwin Astoquilca
Stupid gringos, poor babies...
Erin Johnson
APALLING ..and Downright stupidity ...scary ...totally irrespondible.
Franco Bartolabac
hahhahhhahhaha nyehehehehehehehe blalalaallalalala
Funny Ass Humor
Goofy Girl
Thank you!
Gunj Chowwiwat
5:49 Cat doesn't love you! hahaha. lol\nThese people are horrible!
Helen Lauer
29:40 the child actually SAYS \
I.D.Y Gammer
I love cat😍😍
Ines Sosa
Amo a los perros pero no puedo ver como permiten que le laman la boca así a los bebés
Jen O'Flaherty
Alot of lessons to be learned from this video and many like it. Some fun, some not so much,. But hey. No harm done right. Xx
Jennifer Sinclair
After awhile this becomes less & less cute/funny because of all the clearly bad parents.
Jennifer Yang
I hope all these babies survived.
Jimmy Aguilar
At 44:44 all that baby is thinking about is trying not to die
Joseph Sandman
If you have little kids, and you don't buy a golden retriever...Idk what's wrong with you.
Joy Colson
Ok, how a person can sit by and watch as a baby gets scratched in the face by a cat is beyond me! How do they not consider that a child could go possibly lose their vision by being scratched in the eye by the super sharp claws of a cat! I agree with all the other comments...people are unbelievably ignorant and unconscious to put it kindly.
Joy San
0:37 \
Joyce MacDowell
I have read that a dogs mouth is extremely sanitary.
Juci Shockwave
Dogs are just drawn to kids like magnet. O_O They must love that baby smell too.
Juney Shu
These Goldens are incredible! Maybe I could get one for old age...
Kandy King
Are you people really surprised that there are sadists in the world? Or are you just questioning why they're the ones that make all the youtube compilations
Kay Foulds
Unfortunately no parents were harmed during the making of these videos.most shouldn't have animals or children!what sickens me is when they allow their children to taunt or hurt their animals and if the animal hurt them it would be euthanized!!
What some people will allow to take place, just for a photo op, leaves me wondering about their emotional maturity.
Kipp an Karen Gilbertson
I CAN'T WATCH PAST 30MIN. BUT MOST TERRIFYING THERE'S 2. CHILD'S HEAD HORSE'S MOUTH, That Horse could have Totally CRUSHED that baby's SKULL, An The Giraffe could have KILLED THE SMALL ONE. Now MOST DISTURBING There's 2 also they're both of DOG'S BITING A CHILD'S FACE \
Lauren Davies
It breaks my heart to see a bunch of chickens after a of my students got her eye injured so badly by a chicken's beak when she was a toddler that she had to get a glass eye put in!
Leesa Foreman
Not so funny for the animals being pulled
Lelz Guy21
I’m really excited to have a cat because I like cats \nCat: MEOW!
Louise Widdrington
Painting its nails, Really ! If anybody these kids got scratched or bitten the animals would be the evil ones, the kid holding onto the chicken was disgusting, some people should not have animals
Ly Kri
I am torn between a dog and a cat. I don't want both. But I want one or the other. A dog I could take out to do his stuff. Does anyone know how to potty train a cat? Years ago I learned that someone did that. I'd like a cat, but do not want to deal with a litter box. one or the other for my 90 yo Dad to bring life into his world I'd love to find a pet that wold be \
Lysette Morgan
Malgorzata GROCHALA
Some should be banned from having kids and animals in mix !
Malik Jones
This is just so nice.
Mario Morales
Dogs are lovable, Cats are mean as hell
Mark Arnott
1 HOUR i like to see 1 hour of 🐈cats all missing a jump & stuff alike & attacks haa 5 secs clips all in 1 huge video some 10 secs if good zzz's
Max Katt
What we already know has been confirmed, people are morons.
Max Maximus
conclusion \ncats and roosters are very mean
Melisse Clark
WHY do parents let dogs lick their butts AND kids' mouths?? Do they have short term memory loss?
Midnight , Daughter of Artemis ,
1:42 😍😍😍
Mo Ni que
Very cute and very gross all at the same time
Monde Ndlovu
Babies laugh heals my soul
Ms Marta
So awesome love love love it
Mya Lane
At 1:59 it is so funny
Natasha Natasha
я в шоке, когда собачки облизывают личики маленьким деткам!!!!!! нельзя!!!!!!
Nora Chance
Cute overload!
PJC 315
19:30-!!!!! Are you serious?? Baiting a dog with a BABY??????
Palem Rathnam
Patricia Kramer
i agree with Rose...take care of the animal people
Patrizia Ambrosi
Soooooooo cuuuuuuuteeeeeee... ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Pepsi Puppy
11:26 they blew the horn. Gondor calls for aid
Perfect Gaming
44:43-44:54 Savage! That was too much, little girl was horrified that the horse was a monster and yall just left her behind.
Plants VS Yordle
Nice 6:10 the hens has found it's leader.
Raine' Treasures Byers
Why do the majority of people find it humorous if their children get hurt, but scream when an animal does?! priorities much?!?
Rayna Martinez
How cute gotta love it
Rose Bilski
title should be \
Shao Dong
Rock a baby-no-chicken!🤣
Sibyl Graham
I love most of these (at the start), but good Lord. What's funny about a child getting hurt? I have to wonder about people who just stand there, allow a child to get hurt, and then laugh. And then you put that video on YouTube for others to laugh at. Gad. Are you sadistic, or what? That one little girl got bit by that little squirrel. That's serious stuff. What's more? The further along I watched, the more I think the person who put this video together is a sadist who likes to watch children get hurt. You pepper your video with some cute and funny alongside short, disgusting little sadistic blips where children literally get hurt. Oh, and that guy running ahead of that poor little girl who he'd obviously made totally terrified of that horse following them from behind should have been beaten to a pulp for terrifying her like that and then leaving her behind. I'll never watch one of your disgusting videos again.
Sophie Zeng
all of the good and parently pets r golden retreivers
Stephen Lawrence
Oh! To be like a child😇
Tiki Ryn
5:58 I had to replay that one 20 times 🤣🤣🤣
Triveni Talawar
Vickie Lall
alpha beta
30:42 \
billy lilly
18:14 That's not at all adorable . Poor kid could easily have gotten bitten
camilla paredes
The kid at 27:04 was sooo fast
charlie boy
just horrible
fer ube
donkey and lessbrain people
graça peruna
não gosto quando os animais labem a boca do bb é outra raça de animal é muito nogento
henry walter
5:15 my god.. I mean a cheeky lick on the face when you are lying down on the couch as your dog walks by is sweet, but yes, that kissing session at 5:15 was too much!!
jaime a cardona t
minuto 20.17 los perros selanben el pene y dejan quele lamba laboca al bebe
katherine taylor
So cute and funny
live free
if you saw the plastic surgery my brother had because someone put him in the floor with a dog...yeah you wouldnt do it at all...God Bless
ALL these parents love their dogs more than their babies. I can't believe they are parents, they are more animal like than human. NO pride to be human. Boy are you all confused, is that what you learn in schools today, humane society bug bit you?
midnights hart 666
40:14 looked like one of my dogs checkers last comment
moses kitty
That is far from funny or amusing. That is animal abuse. No way to teach your child how to respect animals. You should not own an animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rohit survase
sarath Kumar
WOW WONDERFUL so cute it is
wies fieten
Some of this video's could have ended much worse, these children are getting pushed, dragged and in some video's bitten by birds or a goat or whatever and these parents are standing there laughing their asses off...oh yeah...wait... because it's so hilarious when your child is in pain or distress....???? OMG what kinda parents are they????? you should protect your child and don't bring them in dangerous situations for a stupid video you don't even get payed for.....
Илья Шигин
Poor animals