Alan Titchmarsh Interviews Andrea Bocelli and his wife manager Veronica Berti - 25th Jan 2013

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Alan Titchmarsh Andrea Bocelli Passione Veronica Berti italian tenor

Read Andrea Bocelli's book , my dad was dying, at this time, grabbed the dual cd/dvd Live in Tuscany, fell in love with the song Melodrama.... did not know until after my dad died, the words in english i had found inside cd , the most powerful love song ever sung, told my son , i hoped to hear Andrea Bocelli perform , (in Italy) , got a suprise ticket and my son took me to see Andrea in concert in Chicago USA, Andrea seemed very relaxed. My God you have the most beautiful voice in the universe. \n\nfan in Kalamazoo Michigan USA
Amazing Supergirl
HAHAHA!?!? “A musical career.” A musical career? I musical career! More like a once in a lifetime,seemingly unattainable, perfect and pure GIFT FROM THE GODS!
Andre Newcomb
I wish he could do an opera of his own choosing . . . and maybe with Barbra Streisand.  And keep him away from 'celebrity' and humanity until after the final curtain.  Just him, the score, the interpretation, and the warmth of the limelight.  None of the noise of the radio and contemporary life to contaminate his ear before the curtain rises.  Just him and an opera of his choosing.
Angela Castellucci
god bless you andrea and your beautiful family
Ann Moore
Oh! Darn it! He's married! Rat's! 😣🤗😘
Annette Curran
I love your music so much Andrea! I’m glad you have such a sweet wife and children!
April Boyd
He is so sophisticated, so well groomed and his hair cute is perfect.  Sweet wife, sweet life......Andrea Borelli is so talented.  I love his Norma
Bill Eileen Hughes
Congratulations to this very special couple and may they have many years together
Bleue Violette
Why does Andrea's current wife say she has three children, when in fact the two older are not hers at all! Andrea Bocelli is my favorite singer of all time, yet I can't help but feel bad for the first wife that he cheated on and has probably left living in a shack somewhere. She was with him when he was nothing!
Ador nespus de mult muzica ta Andrea Bocelli , ai o voce superbă , o voce fenomenală , te salut cu draga inima din România Arad 🙋👀👌👌👌👌✌✌✌💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🎤🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎹🎧
Carima Dejam
suis trop jalouse, pourquoi elle pas si bien finalement. Bientôt il pourra dire qui est la plus belle, nananère
Caro Leota
he has beautiful voice and beautiful wife. I like listening to his songs. God bless U and your family.
Carolyn Dobis
I am so grateful to have experienced the beautiful duet of Andrea and Matteo singing Fall on Me not only is the music beyond description but the love shown from Father to son gives me hope for the world
Chris B.
great singer! Love his voice!!
Christina Joy
I love the lighting in this video; so beautiful. So happy to know more about this couple. A great interview as always Alan. I like your style.
Christopher Hargreaves
Why is Bocelli wearing sunglasses? The whole world knows he's blind, and he does concerts without wearing any. There's no shame in being blind.
Christopher Poulton
I heard his mum was told there was something wrong with him and to terminate him thank god she didnt because his voice is a gift from god for sure
Cindy Rizzato
*_My heart overflows when I hear his voice, oh my goodness!_*
Corazon Galan
Love both Andrea and Alan.
Debbie Bruns
Love u Andrea!!
Dex Garcia
Man i gotta find me an italian girl
Diana Gjino
Wonderful wife . God bless you Andrea Bocelli . All word like you . Thank you .
Dr. Choobie
Wow, I've never heard him speak English.
I never knew he was so relaxed and funny in person. I really enjoyed this interview.
Garth Richardson
I love his singing. My Wife died of cancer and we played his song \
Gary Lee
Their English is better than my Italian
Gianmarco Bollaro
you have the best voice of the world Bocelli
I'm genuinly impressed by Mr. Tichmarsh . I realise that , in order to satisfy the majority , he has to ask the most dull and inane questions but he somehow manages to do it in a manner to make them interesting . I think he is such a good , kind and decent man and it shows . Maestro Bocelli and his lovely wife are utterly charming and to those who maybe interested , Bocelli has led a fascinating life . He has many different interests , a man of multi fold learning and talent.
Howie Long
What a pleasure for me to view this video, thank you so much for this experience! I just love this family and Andrea's dedication to his craft.
Hunter Warnick
one of the most amazing men alive
Ines Batista
Andrea is better and better as time passes by
Jake Barringham
More like 90+ million
Jean Ward
I'm so in love with this Talented Gentelman. His voice is the greatest!
Jessi Brunson
He speaks, English,beautifully 💗
Joanne Jerrier
His voice only gets better
Joy Joy
I love you so much Andrea.. wish you more health to continue to make me happy with your wonderful voice 😙
Jusufur Rakhman
Andrea bocelli is like ezio auditore da firenze, like if u agree!!!
Keith Annables
Fantactic interview Alan wonderful to see them both, what two wonderful people and a fantactic singer?
Laura Salvatore
Great voice
Linda Boisvert
Is Andrea still married?
Linda Shasteen
Andrea you are one of the greatest singers out there. Love to hear you sing.
Lindsay Sidwell
My wonderful man, Andrea and his woman, so beautiful and a magical love affair that brings my emotion to the very top. One day Veronica will ask me to coffee and I will see\nmy heroes of love and music together.
Louise Rowe
I’d be worried to.leave him alone too. Let’s keep him singing😘
Mandy Hughes
Love Andrea
Margaret L'Estrange
Andrea without you Amira Willighagen would never be discovered you should she is amazing thanks 🙏
Mark Mark
A Leicester fan.
Marlon Cervantes
La típica morra que nada mas lo quiere por el dinero y espera a que muera para que le herede los millones, mujeres interesadas.
Masnia Mohamed
love his songs
Max Lee
I sincerely hope that Andrea take good care of himself and preserve his angelic voice as long as possible.
Moto madness
just have to say love the suit
Ms K Jones
Is he blind?
Muhammad Zeeshan Iqbal
It's a lovely conversation of Bocceli's on Alan's Show.
Nancy Mathis Wartella
She's OK. A little masculine around the jaw area. Me thinks he needs me ❤ 😏
Nicholas Wilkinson
Did not know he even spoke English!
Nnena Uchendu
I love his wife. Andrea is blessed. Beautiful gifted Italian man...beautiful wife and children and family.
Nora González
Pam BB
How can you not fall in love with these wonderful people?
Patrice Marie
Patricia Martinez
Raider Rodriguez
Who is British?
Ralfi BJ
Bravisimo, he's been a GOD given talent to share his blessing with the world..!
Robert Brennan
When I am down and out all I need to do is listen to his music and I feel better!
Robin C
Andrea is an incredible man and his voice is like heaven….love him!
Rose DeLuia
Love your beautiful angelic voice. 👏👏👏👏👏 God has blessed you with. You have a very beautiful wife, and children. Even though you cannot see, your music has touched millions of fans lives. God truly blessed you greatly, speaking six languages, and able to play five instruments. You are truly a blessing from God. 💙 Love all your music. God Bless You, Andrea. 🙏 May you be enriched, with many rewards, from God. 🥀💛💚💙❤💜🧡💖🥀
Saif Al Nehmi
God bless you Andrea Bocelli , may god spread happiness on your soul , just like you spread happiness on ours. 
He is with the whore who he later married after divorcing his wife.
Scarface Montana
Veronic is a classic lady. God bless you
Sherrie Gentry
i have LOVEd Andrea for over 10 yrs..when i was planning our 1st trip to Italy in will be a sad day for my when he is no longer singing..
Sony William
I assume the sunglasses are to help his eyes manage with the bright studio lights.and His wife...she is hot!
Of course she's afraid to leave him alone for even a moment because she knows she'll never be on a solid foundation. She's afraid of losing him to another woman the same way she got him in the first place, by stealing him right out from under his first wife's nose.
Tania Angel
Great couple . God bless .
Tashan Yaaran Da 2 music
The Maggs
Just beautiful together!
Theodore Bavuso
Andrea, you speak from the heart and come across warm and humble. I wish others would see your interview and learn from i . Bravo
Tom Bryan
I'd love to be like him, such a wonderful personality aside his magical music
Vilma Souza
Beautiful couple...
Waina Oluma
Musica en familia les dejo esta entrevista a andrea Bocelli  and wife and manager Verónica Berti
like Italians no one
William Francis
love his music also when  i hear him in the backround playing it reminds me of when i was a young boy at home mum dad just good vibes that will remain with me till i die his music is amazing. respect !
blackngold cuttlefish
Andrea's English was actually better ;P but it's nice he supports his wife
He was born with poor eyesight, but he became blind at the age of twelve following a football accident.
He has an amazing voice and a beautiful family! 
crissi issy
It's weird when people apologize for their English. It's one of the most difficult languages to learn. He sounds freaking amazing!
daniela micallef
Very happy to see he is so appreciated by fans, a most fitting relationship.
He smiles at her at the end but can't see her beautiful smile sad
He isnt that old !!
What a beautiful man! His voice is amazing.
juniper evans
Gosh! he sounds like banderas...
Why is he wearing an earpiece?
lora Schultz
He is a great singer and I love him
His suit is awesome, he looks the boss..
patricia bennett
A lovely interview. Amazing how both are so delightful and amiable. A most wonderful talented couple with lovely voices. I like Veronica singing also their English is well spoken. Andrea sings so beautiful I am totally addicted. Thank you so much. xxx.
Nice suit Mr Bocelli
rodney carvalho
I love him and adore his wife for being his eyes and everything else for him.
ronald guida
such a nice guy and his wife.............but the an idiot.................
thompson rb
venera d'anna
Andrea sei il più grande! voce meravigliosa!
Κωνσταντίνος Καραγάτσος
Amazing person and singer! His wife is also great and she supports him very much! Blessed couple!