Top 11 Scary Events Caught on Tape - Shocking Unbelievable Real Videos around the World

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Top 11 Scary Events Caught on Tape - Shocking & Unbelievable Real Videos around the WorldWe live in relative safety from day to day, but as these videos show, traumatic events can happen any day, any time. But the majority of these videos happened to people who mistakenly let their guard down while doing routine things that they've done a million times before. While using video cameras individuals capture some truly chilling footage which is sometimes hard to explain or just downright scary. So here are Top 11 Scary Events Caught on Tape - Shocking & Unbelievable Real Videos around the WorldIf you like my video please like share and commentsubscribe to my channel Top10 Videosworld

Top 11 Scary Events Caught on Tape - Shocking & Unbelievable Real Videos around the World top10 videosworld weird ... weird things caught on security cameras

Ayesha Randhawa
Bernard Subijano
The first footage is from the Philippines
Bhix Nidea
The first is from philippines
Chan Ventocilla
First video is from d philippines
Gake and Fay
Danial Hussini
Danny Hughes
Get_2_The D
The red balloon was pennywise looking around
Great Iron Fist
Hero Best
Amazing nice video
Oh look, there’s a really strange thing over there. Quick, hand me that one megapixel camera with the scratched lens!
Jewel 123
2:20 could be witches and sorcerers out in the forest doing evil rituals. They have magic that allows them to float around in the air.
Johnny Smoke
9:10 The robot voice says taken a screenshit, LOL.
Judith Gatus-Guasch
The Ghost chair is from the Philippines...
LizaMackienzie YT
The first one is in the Philippines I saw that on the news
Matt Pannell
The first clip was obviously fishing 🎣 wire. 😀
Nagella Jean-Baptiste
The one in the forest. It's just ordinary people walking it's nothing to see here lol.\nI found his voice more weird as much as the pictures.\nHe sounds like a robot that's out dated lol.
Nathaniel Oronce
Number one is on Philippines
Paul Angelo
South America?? It's from the the Philippines bro
Robert Robertson
I did that one time too...climbed up a steep slippery Rock like that and thought God if I fall in that water and can't swim?! Oh no!!
Scheren Schnitt
All the ghosts are faked or staged.
Considering most of these can be easily recreated intentionally, maybe that could mean something...? Lol
Sidrah R
The ball of floating light must have been elctricity (from lightning)i dont remember many details about it but u should look it up its really cool!
Simbisai Foto
Stoned Batman
Apparently, the Philippines is in South America.
Tamil Culture in Canada
Good photoshop why all the videos are blurred
The Silver Devil
Your Photoshop Kung Fu is strong.
Thomas L.S.
What a load of crap !
Val Ryx Cabelto Senarillos
The First One is in the Philippines,
Warfreak Ramos
The first video is not in somewhere in America this happened in my country in the phillipines
angeline caponpon
Wtf south America 😂😂😂😂😂😂
col appleton
Fake, fake and fake !!!
edmond bizhopz
the fake one is from the Philippines
john pierre
What about that strange pig with 6 legs?\nThat looked pretty real to me.
jonah jumaquio
No.11 was happened in the Philippines.
sherwin manuel
1st video was taken in Sampaloc Manila Philippines
tihitina Terefe
In the name of Jesus christ no more Ghosts sprites
vincent schulz
Ghosts pushing chairs.... Amateurs. If I was a ghost, I'd haunt smartphones since that's where people's attention are gathered