Italian Present Tense 4 Irregular Verbs -ERE Essere Avere

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Learn how to conjugate the Italian irregular verbs essere and avere in the present tense.

auxiliary verbs avere essere irregular verbs italian italiano

Ann DiRissio
perfect explanation; especiallyt like the exercise.  my skills are really tested.  I'm getting better.  Thanks
Brenda J
You have an amazingly calm voice and that helps a lot.
Chabe Asiangirl
Easy to learn and understand.. Very helpful..
Jean Godber
very clear and helpful
Marco Newton
Well done,,,,and easy to understand, as usual....thanks
Mohammad Minaiyan
molti utile . grazie mille
Singh Bhibder
Very useful and helpful for me
Thomas Jennings
I am glad I found your essere and avere present tense video.  I look forward to visiting the 99probelmi site.
H is used to \ndifferentiate the conjugations \