10 Weird Things Caught on Security Cameras

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10 Incredibly Shocking Moments Caught On Security Cameras I recommend:10 Weird Things Caught on Security Cameras (1)

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This “narration” is cringeworthy.
2:22 Even the sign is stupid to walk on wet surface
Adam St.Martin
June 3, 2018-- at 9:30... THE MIRROR: That was really a ghost from poltergeist (not from the movie Poltergeist 1,2,3, and the newest release) it is an actually Poltergeist.. Have you ever wonder when you look in the mirror not only your reflection then you drop an items and you bend down and pick it up and then ghost will be standing there and then you come back to the mirror and you see yourself in the mirror like nothing happen... It happens all the time.... You just don't realize it... it is good to have a security camera.. not only watching you...the camera is catching some weird shits... you should thank cameras for catching poltergeist and paranormal activities going on...
Alex Suarez
I love it so much
Amber Webb
The wet floor sign slipped and fell about killed me 😂
Angel Hernandez
The second video is fake af lmao.
Atom Knight
😂run like hell 4:35 🤣🤣🤣lol
Ava The quava
Roses are red\nViolets are blue \nI came for the thumbnail \nYou did to
This \
🤣that ghost was all like “yeah! That ought to scare them” doesn’t realize the floor is wet and slips and falls into the sign
Blacksheep X
I came here becoz of the thumbnail!!!
This guy's annoying, just show the clips
Call your memes Airsoft
3:12 blessing wabu he is a body builder and a viner he did it as a joke
Channel Hue
It's not \
Cheeky Pepi
The commentator is hilarious 😂😂
Christopher Canale
Wow awesome amazing muscleman beautiful body
Christopher Phillips
In what world does this announcer live in where he thinks a barbershop is a tattoo parlor? And he called them dropouts,lol.
Creative Top 10 Mystery
Nice video.
Crested Gecko
No 9 is fake BC it was a school project for the filming club
David Strutz
I actually live in Washington, the \
Den M
WoW the buff black dude looks like the guy from house party that are always trying to beat up kid and play
Dragzilla 66
Steroids lol.
F&R Managers
Buddhists monks are the CURSE for humanity
Galaxy Stars
Number 2 is fake, theres already proof by a youtuber tht i thought he wasnt gonna have a good point but he did
George Bronson
Gustav Øspina
clickbait.... deceiving c*nt
H4zz13_Foxy ツ
commentary is so funny hahaha
2:43 we’ll ghosts can’t use a lot of force like mabby a 100 pound locker (EDITED)even for a 10 year old it is hard to move that
Holly Turner
The ghost one in the school was fake, the students moved around the lockers and hid behind them and attached strings to everything that moved (ive seen the set up for it)
I Agree
Why are you adding all those silly \
I Love Aeroplanes
What will happen after You Read More? tap to know\n\n\n\nread more
Ian Skrivarnik
well hello there to you too kind sir
James Casado
Dog toy Hahahahahahahah that was a snake
JeannieJeannie K
That Domino's guy had to have some sort of ulterior motive! When you work in fast food & pizza you generally get one of these 3 things during or after your shift, generally it's your call.... A free lunch which consists of 3 or 4 items to choose from on the menu selected by upper management, a free meal @ the end of your shift, or a very lofty discount on the item ie. $14.99 Pepperoni Pizza W/ employee discount= $5.00. I know this because I got my first job when I was 15 @ McDonald's & then proceeded to work @ pretty much every fastfood joint until I graduated H. S. BURGER KING, CARL'S JR./ HARDY'S, JACK IN THE BOX, MS. SILVA'S PIZZA (MA&PA JOINT) & at every one of these places those were my options..... Sometimes we were even allowed to make 1 or 2 whole Large pizza's to take home because they were being made with dough and ingredients that were still good but by health guidlines needed to be thrown away that night! So our staff would use as much of it as possible making pizza's to take home so it didn't seem so bad to throw out perfectly good food as....., by the time we were all done not a whole lot was going to waste...! Each employee took home 2 Large Pizzas! And a few times we made a whole large pizza for this homeless guy that was always around. We would bring him the pizza & give him $10.00 After all who wants awesome Pizza with no Beer 😁😁😁
Jeff MickeyD13
Idiot gets hit in the head by his partner in crime. Classic. Lol
Jeffery Acquah
3:17 that dude is a bodybuilder that eats powder all the time but i dont know hes name
Jithesh Warrier
IT LOOKS REAL BUT........................?I THINK IT IS REAL.
Kanzy PlaysRoblox
Who puts camera in a bathroom or a changing room 🤦🏻\u200d♀️
Klem Kaddlehopper
Buddhist are violent pagan worshipping morons. Buddha was not a god nor did he claim to be one. People who follow him are lost warped lowlifes.
Lazy Lizard
Linda Parlet
I think the last one is fake!
Irish people are not Leprechauns you racist
M Vuletic
this is all recycled videos get something new plz
Mad9977 Productions
i think the 2 buddhists in the shop were just dressed up thieves lol
Maria Lee
God bless the men who saved the little boy karma to the lady who fell and he had to rescue her buda was watching he sees all shame on the pizza guy he must have been hungry
Mark G
The only thing that is weird is the voice. Yuck.
Maroc2630 Fortnite
3:18 that is a famous body builder and instgramer.
wooooooooooooooooow.... hooooly craap. this little girl had some angels around her O.o.\nAlhamdulillah
Nunya Bidness
3:54 How can a person not watch that and realize there is a God or \
Parag Shine
I would not let pizza delivery boy be sacked.
PinHead Larry
As a video editor i can easily recreate the last video
PLOT TWIST: 2nd brick thrower goes to jail for attempted robbery AND for murdering his accomplice.
thumbnail click bait @ least you can be reported for it NOW
Just a public service announcement: Buddist monks will never beg or try to sell you charms. Those that do are fakes, shoo them away.
Quack Booty
ROBLOX XtoBite Roberto samayoa
Hi am new to your video
RUCI Cakau
Hi guys.... 2:05....look at the corner of the locker on your right... Can u see a black thing?????? \nThat is scary
Real Bizarre
Hi friends.Thanks for watching!
Rum Runner
@2:45\nway too opportunistic. everything happens ON CAMERA. And .... who is the sorry schmuck that leaves a wet floor sign on the floor well after closing hours? Don't ya think the floor isn't wet anymore by closing time?\n\nLots can be done with a blurry camera footage and fishing string.\n\n\n\n\nbut I still see someone has the balls to capitalize on it and turn it into something more than what it really is. ;)\n\ngreat job
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Sarah Riedel
My BF's dog literally set my friend's stove on fire and burned the kitchen down haha lol.
3:30 is blessing avodibu it's a joke, and no idea where you got the mirror part from
Shiva Prasad Nayak
What a clickbait!!!!
That second clip - the one in the school - was proved to be fake
Stryder Tesshu
Those so called Buddhist monks weren't monks. Their hair was too long for one thing. They were just thieves using the robes as a ruse for their theft.
Target Sunshine
She brakes her leg , he still steals the packages?!!!!
The Magic Twister
I'm confused... Why would you pick up a snake?
The luck Of One
The second one was proved to be fake by bills channel
Thomas Ricci
3:12 are you stupid or what?
I luv UR vids
Valent Alexputra
Number 9 Is Fake
Vanshika Garg
First one was so funny 😭😭😭😭
That mirror one is video editing, same with bloody marry
White Sheep
XIVMarauderVIX Thou Shalt Be Badass
I go into the toilets and wipe my ass because sometimes it gets really sweaty lol
XXXTensionheadache 1988
#1 Dat was QUICK karma 😂😂
The lady with the snake, that would be me only I would have fell in the pool trying to get away.
. . . don't walk in front of an idiot throwing a brick. 😱😜
ajit moharana
where is MR. RANDI now - that fellow said that he will give 1 billion - to the person - who can so him this supernatural events & now he can see and time to send the money to REAL BIZZARE (school video activity)
alfred mails
Iv read on that parcel theft video before and she did break her leg
amosc , glonl.kraay .
this guys voice belongs in the movies of hotel transylvania .
Domin hoss pizza!!
buddhsit monks stealing iphone ... buddhist monks slaughtering rohyngia ... all in a day's work!
farai tomu
1:20 congratulations you have played yourself
frank magadan
The little girl's guardian angel was looking over her in the tattoo shop that's for sure.
gardyen gaming
All fake
goku god above all gods
Clickbait so it's thumbs down
Dude STFU ur voice...no good narrator
justin x
Feel bad for that pizza guy
I loik de weee youwe spowk som englash..
That dog knew it was a snake and came to tell the owner but it was too late at this time. Owner picked it up. And dog said let's get out of here. Haha
shubham shahi
That's the budhism monk do...😀😂\n Im so blessed to be jesus i have ... 😍😍😍😍\n The way of truth and life ..
stephanie velasco
omg the last one is creepy
terry 127
Hi guys
If they put cameras in restroom and even changing rooms then they might as well put hidden cameras in people's houses and even showers because it's all f*d up.
I think they were not monks , but thiefs dressed as monks
بطيخ Animation
Well we have to attmet we do weird things when we are alone