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Ayla Meier
The second one HAS to be Kermit’s twin😱
Brian Waln
Italian Greyhounds are the best dogs to have. GREAT family dogs, and also great for older people living alone.
Cermets find other sqermits \nCermitaining!
Good Gregory
So many an cements!
Helena Cioffi
Mia Verboom
Theez an cermits ar vary cute
No MoreVideos
Rainbow Puppet
aw its so cute!! 😍🐶
Stale Frenk
0:20 He looks at his owner with flattened ears, not the baby, showing that he understands the link between the owner and child. He probably has flattened ears towards the baby as well but the chosen licking angle makes it hard to see x) That he understands parent-child relationships might be obvious for many dog-owners but it's cool to actually see said psychological event
Waaw !! Really funny hahahah
foxy thepirate981
That's awesome