Asking RANDOM People to Freestyle on My BEATS!! (Part 2)

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Please let me know if you guys want to see more of this, I really enjoy making these videos.All beats used in this video can be found here : Leave some video ideas in the comments!

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Name beats 4:28
4:31 that dude looks like crazy eyes from Orange is the New Black 😂
Aakko Petersen
5:00 dude came with the bars 👀👀👀🔥
Adnan A
A lot of these guys are fire. I feel like a scrub.
i hope you were in my country
Badraqa Ali
*3 Guys That Need to get signed ASAP*\n4:57 9:20 1:45
Blaz3 Z3r0
Why all people is black? Xd Im not racist is only my question. XD
Bonny Gang
Freestyle 🔥
Briola Nugent
*_What's the song name at_* 9:20? Because I can't find it on your list
CIIPRUS Batijetski /
Where can I listen to your beats
Cameron Doyle
I can only assume everyone in america has a cheeky 4 bars in their back pocket for this reason alone?
9:30 this dude sounds like Jaden Smith lol
Chaotic YT
My man at 8:17 was staring at me like he had a crush on me
Creative Crayonz69
Wow I finally found good content on YouTube!
my dude at 5:00 on FIREEEEEE
DaBossWolf Gaming
I like that dude at 5:00
Daniel Soto
5:11 he was fire rip he could have been popular
David Johnson
Music is the language that translates to everyone from anywhere
Deltah Beats
1:48🔥🔥😂he came in fye
Dewanye Ward
No white people with it 😂
Diego Camacho
4:00 name song??
Dldar Shamsany
4:15 favor
Donald Trump
Fake news
Dylan Nelson
Dope ads video
Flairgone Ruby
9:20 dude stole lyrics from Earl Sweatshirt. That was too good to be a freestyle
Trap sweater dude hopped on that beat faster then my ex on another dude
Gabriel Suarez
I ain’t Indian but Bollywood
Gabriele Marini
Anyone knows where can I find that guy's sweatshirt? 5:20
Ge Destet
Asking !!BLACK!! People to Freestyle on the street 😂😂
Gee Oroton
In conclusion: black people got BARZ
Geekz n Beatz
Seriously, some of these dudes needs to be signed today man WTF
White people don't understand the culture.\nAs a white person in a white neighborhood, I know.\nThe only rap white people listen to is Eminem or Black Eyed Peas
dat beat 4:00 🔥
Ian Naibei
Am proud to be black we've got bars anytime anywhere wakanda forever #kenya 254
6:30. He is mint someone get him signed
Isabell Gasca
Why were they all good bro and so chill about it like yeah fine then they killed that shit 😭❤️ mad respect ✊🏽❤️
Isaiah too Lit
People in the street are better then these signed rappers 💯
J A N X X.
1:23 fool.
Jack Ekhilevsky
Y’all got lol uzi 4:08
Joey Tracy
Dude who walked off was fire. Huge statement.
Karol Wagner
5:50 chomethazine
4:25 sounds like a Key and Peele’s episode
Beat at 4:35?
Kyle Beats
The dude at 4:57 been preparing for this moment his whole life
Black people these days are BEAST at rapping!👌🏾💯💰
Man at 9:20 really tried to pass an Earl verse as his own
Golden boy been waiting for this his whole life lmao
Le Règlement
Maybe the best video I've seen this year
LeBron James
The guy at 4:57 snapped so hard
Leonaldo 10
This seems fake damnnn!
LilFresh 04
Lucky Meme ll
I think he is the rapper in a song called walk
Lukas Kennedy
The guy with the pick in his hair was so good. He took the phrase, “Going ham,” to the next level!!
comethazines long lost brother 4:57
Mister X
Yo 4:24 is lit
Mohammed Boye
Its crazy how some dudes just walk up to them hop on the beat without thinking
Dude at 9:10 look like if kedrick lmar had a twin brother
Motivação Para Todos
everyone in LA raps? kkkkk
One Random guy.
People got talent .
PVP addicted
I love how the 2 guys are always so hyped lol
5:20 why he look like a walmart Comethazine😂😂😂
Pani 12349winner
4:57 got to be a rapper
Piotr Guli
Hello guys.\nI From Poland (Europe :p) \nwho can explain to me one thing?\n\nI think \
Bruh with the blonde hair was fire
Reeves Buecker
4:30 is Tyler the creator
Romantic Garbage
That dude with the “trap” logo on his sweater should be the typa rappers we should have nowadays
4:05 we gotcha him - young morgan freeman
9:26 thats earl sweatshirts Hat Trick
Sean Needham
4,57 that dude needs to be signed
Servida Music
Man at 4:57 was waiting for you. Went in all prepared
4:57 - 6:13\n\nHe bodied that beat. 🔥
So Gently We Go
4:54 if i were a record producer I would have signed him on the spot.
Sunny Smith
That blonde tho!!! @ 5:45 is fiyah!!!🔥🔥🔥
Swahir Shah
People on the streets are better than Lil's and 69 lol\n\n\n\n\n\n\nBye..
Toxic DreamZZ
This man at 5:00 popped off outta no where , cuh was waitin his whole life for that moment fr .
Notice how 98% of the people he asks are black idk if it just me or is that a little racist.
Voltta one
A thot is a thot lol
6:30 I love his style, just the way he was acting before the music starts
Yung L Baby
Everyone can say me this beat please? 3:00
blood blood
homie in the trap sweater tho
drewskie 1996
Let's get rid of lil pump and replace lil pump with 4:57.....just my opinion hahahah
1:48 next flow god
kindra thompson
kirti bhardwaj
But I'm indian and not in bollywood
leonardo 777
1:48 talent
shahin shakur
4:57 comethazine before the molly killed his brain cells
sus gunner
4:57 sox feet, he turned hus freestyle into a rap
4:25 what’s the name of this beat
본토는 달라 역시👍👍👍👍👍