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The King has a secret nobody should know. What can it be?Illustration : Emanuele ScanzianiMusic : Ladislav Brozman & Riccardo CarlottaAnimation: BookBoxFREE Apps for iPads & iPhones:

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Andy Yuan
Book Box 👍🏻😀
Aubrey Dimaculangan
Why the king did this?🙎🙎🙎
Balcon Frances
Nice story, thank you¡¡
Cesar Mendes
Bonjour, Bookboxinc!\nTrès bien.\nJ'aime lire des petits histoires comme ça. \nC'est merveilleuse votre vidéo.\nMerci et à bientôt.
Dana Mardock
Is there some way to take off the English subtitles?  This would be an important option.
Emilia Siberras
Trés trés bien. Le historie et perfait
Evil Morty
I don't like French 😪😫😴👹
Hello SUN
Thank you very much. Just found this useful French learning video. The best thing is it has French subtitles. Can't wait to give you a thumb up. Pls upload more videos .Thank you. Merci beacoup
Hilda Maughan
sorry, slow reader. too fast.
Lally Benjamin
Nice video
Myhan Nguyen
i've learned French for a week so i hardly understand the content of story, it's pity for me. i wish i could master French soon to catch up all the stories.
Puranjay Sharma
Rey Carlos
That was an awesome story! I understood like 35 per cent of what was said but I got the stort straight, loved it guys. Merci beaocoup!
Theres Also A Esperanto Version Of This
Sreajan Agrawal
Il est bien
Srijanee Adhikari
This story was very helpful, thank you.
SyLssiA OpALe
musique\nson débile de gamins\nroi soleil 😀 \nEt\noreilles d âne ou de bœuf\nc est le gros pavé biblique\nl âne transportait 😀 \nle bœuf chauffait le cou du fils \nle leur «prophète» 😀
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good job.
In my opinion the music is a little bit too loud. Nevertheless very helpful stories.
Victoria ly
I take French classes and I love French thank you for these awesome 😎 story bookboxinc!
Wesley Johnson
Bonsoir Bookboxinc! J'adore beaucoup le historie. C'est tres bon. Merci pour une magnifique travail. À bientôt!
My French abilities are quite low so it seems that the king had a son Shia, le beouf? Trees and poor people cant keep secrets
Hi,\n\nThank you. Do go through our other stories we have stories in over 30 languages on our youtube channel. Tell us if you have favourite :)
caroline swan
Very nicely done... i follow your stories, have done a few in class with my students who are studying French with me.. Only suggestion i have is to lower the music quite a bit, or have it come in at intervals between the talking. They found it hard to follow/hear because of the music - i use it as audio only for the first time to encourage them with comprehension
chung clara
It is a very good way to learn french :) it is difficult for me haha
des belle contes français
Tres bien 😍😍😍😍
Hi thank you for ur hard work. Can you translate in korea too?
saichon tipkayan
ceci m'aide baucoup . merci\n
samicshaa t.s.
can I get this story in written form
vartika singhal
beaucoup belle story
Why is this story not available in the Bookbox French app for Android?
Ítalo Miranda
Perhaps I could translate to brasilian portuguese
و الحق يقال
give me the links for english version. really awsome!!!
I love that it has BOTH French AND English subtitles! (CC button!) Thank you so much for that! Officially subscribed. This is perfection and this is the best French learning resource ever!