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This video is so funny hahaha This is what happens when you serve this type of Italian food to an Italian. Watch the video to see the Italian reaction to some of the most popular Italian dishes served in Italian-American Restaurants. Italians are very proud of their food and food is one of the most important things in Italian culture. Italian cuisine is well respected all over the globe and it's been ranked in the top 3 cuisines in the world for many many years. Italian cuisine vary from city to city and from region to region and every dish has a story and tradition. Eating Italian food should be a memorable experience. There are so many different recipes in Italy and Italians who live in Italy haven't tried all of them yet. Next time you order a chicken pasta or alfredo pasta think twice. Don't waste your money for popular food but instead learn more about Italian culture and it's food. For Italians Food is more important then the bible. -------------------------------------------------------------------------📺SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL (IT’S FREEEEEE ;-)

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The laughing in between was a bit creepy!!!!
I couldn’t stop laughing at this video. It’s same problem in Canada, they have a USA version of international foods. \nI was suprised they knew these foods were so damaging to the health, especially that it can cut years of your life. \nThe food is just too...greasy and heavy, it hurts the stomach after a few bites. \n\n2:19-2:23 YUCK lol, perfect reaction.
Questo video è dedicato ad alcuni americani. Non tutti:\nVoi la dovete smettere di criticare dicendo: che anche la nostra cucina italiana è buona quanto alla vostra perché avete torto. La cucina che non nasce in Italia non è cucina italiana. Potete mangiare gli humberger surgelati che “vi fanno benissimo”\nMa il cibo italiano vero non è surgelato. Ripeto questo video è dedicato per gli americani che scassano le palle agli italiani nei commenti. Venite in Italia a sentire il vero cibo italiano. Anzi il cibo italiano dovrebbe essere scritto in maiuscolo perché sono i piatti migliori al mondo. E hanno la loro storia non gli hamburger che avranno 10-20 anni massimo. Comunque la dovete smettere di mettere degli stereotipi sugli italiani alla cazzo di cane. Italiani: pizza, spaghetti,Roma. E 2 cose in più massimo. Ma studiate l’arte e l’amore italiano che ve ne affascinate subito. Imparate l’arte italiana e dopo potrete dare anche voi il buon esempio...
Albert krank
well i get your point. but please be fair at least and give them real cooked american/italian dishes xD
If you make a video with the worst that you could find it's not a surprise if the people have those reactions.\nyou deserve just a dislike.\nSE fai un video con il peggio che puoi trovare è più che comprensibile che questa sia la reazione.
Thank you for using real Italians eating Italian American food for this video. Other videos I have found use italian-americans and you don't really get the real perspective.
Alex Musso
Mangiare bene, mangiare sano, e mangiare italiano
Anders Kristensen
Huge amounts of snobberi in this game as well. I know someone that has an italian restaurent, an older guy, and hes from Sicily. Hes extremely bitter about about how their food is \
Angelina Simon
I hate FAKE Italian food, it is so sad that some people open the so called \
Il cibo italiano è il migliore
Any bonehead that knows anything about real Italian food, knows that the quantity of cheese, esp. cheesy sauces, etc., is of a higher quality and LOWER quantity, or depending on the dish, almost non-existent dep. on the specific food, in Italian cuisine. The tomato sauce/tomatoes are fresh/high quality/very flavorful. The olives are there, the meat is there and is high quality, the pasta is high quality, the herbs are there/generally fresh, esp. oregano, basil, etc., there can be shrimp, pine nuts, eggplant, artichoke, other seafood, a fair amount of garlic dep. on the dish, onion, salads to balance out the meal, and a bit of fresh fruit, grapes, oranges, figs, etc.\n\nSo, it truly is pathetic to me that some Italian-Americans think Italian food is a bread/pasta/butter/cheese/meat/cream fest... I'm not Italian, and real Italian food is quite easy for me to comprehend... But I imagine it takes a bit more time/prep/attention to detail/balance of flavors, etc., than simply dumping a bunch of cheese and cream on tomato sauce, meat and pasta, etc.
Why the hell is there the same clip of him laughing every 30 seconds?
Bravo Luca
All of that food looked like frozen food that was warmed up in a microwave. You served them the worst possible food to get the worst reaction. We in America know how to prepare tasty Italian food that does not look like the food you gave those people. And let me add that even though Italian food can be very delicious it sometimes is not the healthiest. Pasta for one is full of carbs. White and red sauces are full of sugar and carbs also. Cheeses and bread are not healthy at all. Desserts are a big NO. The vegetables that are cooked are about the only healthy food for a person. I am a diabetic and cannot eat much of the Italian food. We’ve been to Italy many times and have tried some of the food there and it was not all good. Italian food cooked in America or Italy is not part of my diet. And I might add,pizza and pasta are not truly Italian. They came from other countries.Please stop characterizing Americans this way. And stop laughing at us. That is unprofessional and rude. I would not subscribe to this channel because of that.
Carla LB
Hahahahah “ si a veren e roman c’è vattenn “ mitico hahahah gli americani non sanno ne mangiare ne vivere. Fanno schifo e devono solo farsi i cazzi loro e mangiarsi le loro merde con il bacon e formaggio giallo che mettono su tutto 💩
Note: Spaghetti and Meatballs was later exported from the U.S. to Italy, much like General Tsao's Chicken has recently been introduced to hip restaurants in China and Taiwan. Typically Italian cuisines do not feature pasta served with meats, which are traditionally separate courses in a 4-course meal.
Colleen Beavers
Who the hell takes a bite of a slice of pizza and then puts the slice back in the pizza?\nIs this just a video to depict rude Italians who lack table manners?\nAlso, that mac and cheese isn't even fully cooked.
David Thalmann
typical clickbait stuff. serving the worst family dollar and walmart microwave products to food lovers. but the older guy is a typical italian guy that hates everything that is not cooked by mama or nonna. as simple as that. you can find amazing food everywhere in italy, but also lots of below-average restaurants. like everywhere in the world. \n\nbut this here is like serving microwave kebaps to turkish guys or canned gyros to greeks. everybody would hate it.
Lol at all the butthurt Americans disliking this video 😂
Denise Hedberg66
That food looked bad to an American! I wouldn't eat it either!
E DiAngeles
One thing that is true about Italian American food -- the generation from 1940-1990, even the old timers, improvised shortcuts that took a lot of the complexity and flavor out of the food, probably because they didn't understand what was really going on when they learned from their parents, but also because ingredients had to be substituted. Then the current generation had to try to put back what was lost. \n\nBy the way, it's hard to judge spaghetti and meatballs. Even among Italians, every family has their own trademark way of making meatballs. Some use high fat beef and lots of bread (to soak the grease) and it tastes delicious but isn't healthy at all. On the other hand, some use a bit of spices and a lean beef with hardly much bread at all, and it isn't so tasty and comes out a little tougher (unless you are literally simmering it for hours in sauce) but it's healthy. Whichever one you grew up with, that's going to be the one you call \
Elizabeth Saint
Been to Italy tasted their pizza, I couldn't eat it. Love my American Olive Garden all the way. I love home made Hungarian food...but ingredients available in America with the same recipes do not taste the same. European immigrants bring their ingredients in their luggage to be able to cook the right way.
Emil Kocijan
I never understood why would you put meatballs in spaghetti. It's
How on earth is frozen pizza or mac n cheese \
Ez MichiGamerITA40
A facc' e du porc' a pizza margheríta viva l'italia
Fabiana Troise
make a video where you can taste Neapolitan pizza for Americans
Rules in Italian food:\n1) Never mix pasta with chicken;\n2) Meatballs ARE NOT to be mixed with spaghetti\n3) Bolognese is to be served with pappardelle or fettuccine, NEVER with spaghetti.
Cazzo ma in america ogni cazzo di piatto italiano farà schifo come la merda per il semplice motivo che non è italiano.\nIn italia non ce stanno piatti che si chiamano alfredo o carbonare con il bacon sono solo strategie di vendita. Quindi fanculo la merda americana e alfredo
Francesco Battaglia
'Se mia mamma vedrebbe'
Freyja Njordsdottir
American food is the best example of what globalisation actually does to real food.
Gatto Nero
With all due respect, this would be a much better video without intercutting clips of the auteur laughing at his own work.\nThe tasters say it all, and very eloquently.
Gea Ciaccio
chi l'avrebbe mai detto che gli Americani se la sarebbero presa così tanto ..
Ginny Bugarin
As an American, I found this absolutely hilarious 😂 my favorite food back in the states was Italian, but no matter how delicious I thought it was, nothing compares to ACTUAL Italian food. I've lived in Italy for 2 years now and know first hand that there is no comparison. LOVE Italy and it's amazing cuisine 😋
I am american Italian and my momma made good Italian food. this stuff looks like the frozen food you buy at the market. 🙊
Gran maestro Yoda
Ma perché I dislike
Gunguy 83
These look like TV dinners
Harry Mills
sono metà americano e metà italiano (calabrese). Nonostante il mio gusto alimentare sia molto influenzato dalla mia metà americana, prevale su di me quella italiana, e credo che gli americani non dovrebbero chiamare “italiano” un piatto se non è nemmeno nato in Italia. \n(se ci sono errori scusatemi, non parlo italiano bene da un sacco di tempo)
Henry Greaves
For a food based channel everything you served looked absolutely vile. Clumpy cheese sauce, frozen pizza, undercooked pasta, no wonder they didn't like it.
Humanforfreedom 95
americans have no culture apart from shopping and war. they are little more than controlled clones who should stay away from other peoples cultures because they subvert and destroy anything they go near
Humildemente Agradecida
So sad that today's generation are letting authentic ethnic cooking slip away. I'm Puerto Rican born in NYC but I cook the way my grandmother and great-grandmother did and try to pass it down to my reluctant daughter and granddaughter. They're too modern! Lol
Ilaria Alessandra Alosa
La cucina italiana e’ arte e amore!♥️🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Ilya Termini
E pensare che ramsay serve questa carbonara nei suoi ristoranti. Manca all appello la parmigiana di pollo.\nMa questa non e cucina italiana sbagliata, questa è un altra cucina a sè. E la cucinz degli immigrati italiani che hanno trovato la carne a poco prezzo negli states , e quindi l hanno messa dappertutto. \nSeppoi statunitensi, britannici, e russi pensano che sia cucina italiana affari loro. \nCi sarebbe anche un altro modo per smetterla con questo equivoco. Non servire questi piatti in italia! Invece addirittura a Roma trovi queste schifezze nei menu, per arruffianarsi i turisti. \nIo invece in russia sono entrato in un ristorante italiano, ho chiesto il menu, letto e mi sono alzato dicendo alla maitre di non aver trovato cucina italiana. Gli americani tra l altro sono stufi del nostro fondamentalismo in cucina. Ma noi non lo siamo, quante volte ci siamo arrangiati in cucina variando alcund ricette. \nMa a me basta che in tv( compreso buddy valastro)o su youtube , non si dica \
JIMBO benny
oddio fantastico video!😂😂 il vecchietto e simpaticissimo!😀 solo con l'odore sapeva se non era buono!😂😂😂 però dai la carbona non si tocca!😠😂
Jesse Pinkman
This is the best video I have seen in a long time. Italians are very proud about their culture and traditions. Hard to dislike them.
John Harris
zips dont know there dumb
Io non vorrei di' niente, ma gli americani fanno certe smerdaglie con il cibo
Justin Reyez
im not Italian but even I think most of that food was open to criticism. However, I always think it's ridiculous in these videos when they act like it's, common its not that bad just eat it.
Lady M
This is exactly how us Mexicans feel about Taco Bell and Fake Mexican Cooking. The Flavor is gone and is nothing how is done in Mexico
Basta rovinarci il cibo
Lance Manyon
BS.. You cant compare Pizza Hut style pizza to real Italian food... Go to a good NY,NJ. Italian pizza parlor and you will get a much differant review.
Leanne Terroni
That pizza looked like a frozen pizza and I've never thought of Mac and cheese as Italian.
Luca Formus
che pronuncia di merda, reazioni finte, risate messe a caso
This video is insulting.\n\nMy grandparents were born in central Italy in a little town called Valleluce. The recipes were passed down and are still made the same way nonna made them years ago.\n\nGrandma brought her recipes with her. The exact same recipes she used in Italy. Of course, the ingredients may differ a little simply because we may have different soil and growing conditions. They adapted to this. \n\nI have no way of knowing where the food was prepared for the Italian tasters in this video. \n\nThere are many many places in America that makes really good Italian American food. Of course, this is not authentic Italian food. We are in America!\n\nThis video is baloney.
Margert Thomas
After seeing this I don't like italians , what a bunch of \
Matty Bruno Lucas Escobar Salas
Honestly my nonni loved it but they felt it was more filling & sweet not as rich and healthy
Non commento neanche perché non riuscirei nemmeno a descrivere cosa potrei dire
Mr. Tibbs
Ehh Italians are too prideful to admit that anything other than their own cooking is good enough
Nabil El Maniaa
What meal he give to people was looking like that was a meal prepared by a kid or even it's 3 dollar meal at the wallmart carbage you can't compare shitty stuff and say it's American every where there is someone ruining food
Noemi Mombelli
Concordo con la signora
Paul Rivera
They should have showed us what real italian food looks like.
Pietro Smusi
i went to america. i ate only burgers because the american version of the italian food was like shit. i went to australia too. same thing.
Pineapple On Pizza
I really thought you were a nice guy, I guess I was very wrong. This video is just terrible. It was clearly made just to mock others, there's no educational value at all, it's only about stroking your own ego. Your attitude in the video was terrible, but somehow it's even worse in the comment section. Insulting, biased, degrading, shallow and narrow-minded. Unprofessionalism at its best. I'm no longer subscribed.
Polvere di Riso
buahahahah oddì ma che c'era in quella\
Rachel Elizabeth Pallatin
My ancestors were poor and left Italy during hard times. With this mass exodus, we created new Italian cuisine with local ingredients and hardships in the United States, Argentina and other places. It is not fake, it is the result of fusion cuisine for generations.\n\nAlso, my entire family makes better food than is in this video.
Raging Gamer
It's because the Italian food is the best in the world and if you'recomparing it to American food I'm pretty sure there not gonna like it
Rhynda Watson
That must be Mac and cheese from the box, all of the food looked processed from packages, all Americans don't eat slop like that, I don't blame them for not eating it either
Romina Brasacchio
vaffanculo, come to Italy and try the real deal
Roni _
Gumpa a me capisci, un consiglio non mettere la tua risata, perché stanca 👍
S.j. sparber
You should have also given them the American Italian restaurant check!\
Sarah the fox
Don't remake our food please
Sharon Dwyer
For the people complaining that the host did not serve them good food should sit back down! Once you have tried traditional Italian food NOT Americanized than you will never go back to fake Italian food such as loaded pizza, alfredo, etc. The traditional Italian food is simple and delicious & healthy because it isn't packed with cheese
This looks like a commercial for \
Stacey Zastudil
For Italians Food is more important then the bible. yes!!!
Super Mururoa
O5:30 \
I spent 4 weeks in Marsala Sicily and i ate the best pizza and Italian, Sicilian food ever. Here in Canada, nothing is even close to it. If i want to eat Italian food in Canada as good as it was in Sicily, I have to buy Italian products either from Fortinos or Longos food stores and cook my own sauces.
TOMMY19 307
Ma che cazzo era quella pizza! Cé la crosta piu bassa del resto! Quanto condimento c era?!
The Grinch
The Random Tube
giving the lowest quality food prepared horribly and asking for their opinion?
While I understand your point, the food you served to them looked absolutely awful, as if it had just been heated in a microwave, so I'm not surprised that it tasted dreadful.
People of the world, if you plan to migrate to America bring with you your food culture and cook everything from scratch. Don't eat ready made food here.
Vincenzos Plate
to be fair...Mac & Cheese isn't an Italian dish. it's very much American comfort food.
commentauto . it
Solo in Italia si mangia italiano non c'è niente da fare! Tutti gli stranieri non capiscono che dietro ogni piatto c'è dedizione e \
I love how open minded these people all are... Sorry, but if this is all the respect you have for Italian-Americans, Mangia bene...
giuly fiore
Possiamo farci battere in calcio dai commessi dell'ikea ma almeno quando si tratta di cibo siamo insuperabili😂😂😂
gold aria
Italians are pretty picky about pasta and pizza but the stuff you served didn’t even look good
the cringe is too real \ni mean you take close minded people, serve them some frozen food… obviously the reaction is going to be bad \nadd the forced laugh montage every 30 seconds… unbearable
no shit they hate it. its frozen pizzas and some .99 cent microwave mac n cheese. lol
jordan hicks
So you served them the worst examples of what you could find? I CALL BULLSHIT ON THIS TEST. Do it again but actually serve them quality examples.
marco S
no veramente quella che chiamate 'pasta alfredo' non è la vera. Che è una semplicissima burro e parmigiano, per la quale era famoso il ristorante del suddetto signor alfredo, a Roma. Peraltro nessuna invenzione, visto che è un piatto romano classico, e noto circa dal 1400. Magari non col parmigiano, ma con altri formaggi.\nPoi se permettete due parole in romano, a chi caz.. j'è venuto in mente de mettece er pollo....\nQuanto agli spaghetti con le polpette, gli americani pensano siano italiani, perchè clemenza ne insegna la ricetta a michael in 'il padrino'. Nessun italiano fa gli spaghetti con le polpette (di quelle dimensioni). Al più nella cucina napoletana si usano micro-polpettine, in alcuni timballi.\nE ps. un conto sono gli italo americani. Un conto gli italiani.
my name is my name
they later shot the food and wrapped in a persian rug and dumped in one of the many ancient mines
I'd like to see Italians cook American food, like ribs, burgers, corn dogs, fry's, prime rib and see \nwhat Americans think when it's served to them. Arrogant tasters in this set.
Italian food has become too Americanized. I never grew up eating Alfredo cream sauces, my family we know better disgracia!
Ciao, Vincenzo, bel video. Visto che l'Europa ci vuole affossare, meno male che c'è ancora qualcuno che valorizza la cucina italiana. 👏 Pino
This was hilarious 😂😂 but It’s clear that they’ve all been told the purpose of the taste test, were offered exceptionally awful versions of these meals and are being dramatic in their reviews lol
Shittest American-Italian food I've ever seen. For entertainment purposes, I suppose it gets the reaction you're looking for.
that's usually the reaction when you serve a walmart pizza to anyone..