Top 10 Funniest Car Commercial Compilation

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Abdul 'The Doc' Chaudhry
My next car will be a Fiat 500 Abarth
Adarsh K Nair
chevey super
Ainsley Harriott
3:26 seek and destroy
Alhamd khan
Frog commercial was not good
Anjum Farhan Leon
Isn't the civic commercial dude is the guy that runs a channel named vehicle virgins
Anthony Davis
The one with the little kid imagining driving is hilarious.
3:39 haha
Bango Tube
Thanks friend for watching my channel, I also active the notification ball for your every new VIDEO
Lol the civic commercial XD
Christopher O'Grady
Oh look, the Audi is parked across 3 parking spaces, how realistic!
Costin Pitulice
The Civic ad is copied from Fiat!
Dastan Roy
R.I.P frog 😂😂😂😂
Deepak Samal
The model in fiat abarth advert
Dini shire Ahmed Shire
The last one killed me.
Dodge Ram
Fiat boners...
Donomite 510
2:15- my all time favorite.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dragon RA - Open
Hahaha Fiat the best
E Brooklyn
the frogs commercial is REALLY SICK some things you wish you can un see it.            the creator of Falcon I have a question for you .  \
Earth Is A Donut
Frogs have it hard man
Eric Taylor
I'm *FIVE!* What a cool kid.
the best gift ever.........was the best scenc
FUBAR 4295
A car that runs on viagra... NICE
Falando PatricaMarie
Fiat knows how not to put spaghetti in their ads and still work....
Francis Grabetz
The Subaru one made me laugh. \
Fu Sensei
sounds like Gal Gadot at the end of the Fiat500 ad
George Isaak
when you don't speak Italian but you are already in love with the sight :) I am sure he didn't even felt the slap LOL
Gerry Bernardo
TYTA PHIL\n\nBusiness Leaders\n''''shout-out'''\n\nWalang nagawang profit man o \n buti man o \nganda\n To the bank. and /or sister company toyota
5:10 drop the gun or I shoot the car. XD
Civic one was d best
Haitham H
the last one. loooool
7:13 that commercial use to be annoying
That frog one was MESSED UP..... 😣
James King
Catrinel Menghia. You're welcome.
Jamshad Ahmad
7:55 Ooooh, oooh, GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh
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Crap made it 2 the weird side of YT
Эта итальянская реклама фиата. Эта сцена, эта девушка- это очень круто!!!)))\n\nItalian commercial of fiat ! I am in love ! so cool)
Jerome Guy
Jetty Prudhvi
Chevy advertisement is funniest ever
Johanna Kidd
Frogs licking glands? Oh my.....
Joshua Knude
Keep Smiling
6:58 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
LGN 04
that camaro commercial make me cry
Laurențiu Panait
Yea yea, it's just a 4 cylinder...
Malobi's vids
The civic one is copyright someone had already done that befpre
Matthew Dayz
Honda spot is a copy of Fiat spot.....
Matti Suutarinen
these cars need a fleshlight so these crqazy car lovers can ...............................
Merle Morrison
that Abarth commercial was the best...,
Michael Teter
The Chevy commercial, just like its cars, was super lame.
the last one tho
N Raphael
What the hell...??? the honda ad is stolen!!! that's was a Fiat Palio ad i had seen much before...!!!
kid was awesome\n,..
NR Biotech Industries Sdn Bhd
That is weird
Next Level 99
This civic ad is duplicate of Fiat Palio dont touch my cat
No mad
0:43 how can you not?\n05:20 how can you not??
RC Menzinger Agrar&Bau
Could somebody explain the AUDI commercial?.....
I live in Australian outback
Drop the gun or I shoot the R8
Funny how they say Germans have no humor but the the German ads are quit funny while the American one is straight up anoing.
Rick T
Civics are good except for their wimpy beep beep horn...
Riddles Brain Master
Killer compilation
Ryan Lenz
Drop the gun or I shoot the car 😝😝😁😁😁😂😂
See the PURPLE color PATTERN , most people don't know it represents freemasonry , usually associated with blue
Sanjay Rathore
Oh my god so funny 😂😂
Sara Jimbo
Rip Ralphy 😭😭😭
Sarah Elsayed
the frog one is disgusting
Saswata Paladhi
the commercial of that Honda Civic is copied from that of Fiat Palio
Those are terrible! Those that are not lame are chauvinistic and/or putting an importance on a car it should not get.
Shreyansh Rai
Honda ad was amazing
Sirius MicroManiac
I guess you're in the US, but there was a short series of funny adverts in the UK for the Toyota 'Yaris' all with the theme of their owners behaving selfishly / badly in order to protect their cars, with the end line 'New Toyota Yaris... you could love it too much'. There's also a classic VW ad which shows a couple driving through back country in a VW and being annoyed by a mysterious squeaking noise from somewhere inside the car, Eventually they pull over into a little garage and a mechanic identifies the source of the souind... worth seeking out. Finally, also in the UK, there were a series of adverts for Skoda which was a previously poorly regarded marque and had by then been taken over by VW. The ads actually traded on Skoda's prior poor reputation for laughs.
That civic commercial is a ripoff of a fiat commercial.
Where's Big Bill Hell's?
What's a meter 😂😂😂😂
Thelema GT
Get Mahk in here
poor he's alone...
Wafer Waffle
that boner pill was gonna make that guys D metal OOF
Yarsef Ram-help.
The frog one though.... Poor ralph...
Yee 2222
Did did that collage graduate just steal a Camaro when he clearly saw his fridge as the gift
Zhou Ye
the civic cemmericial just showed every body how slow they drive
what have my life become..
azeez kv
Appo Pinne Pinne u2i1i1iiio
The Subaru legacy would be a clunker by the time kid grows up
david chizi
follow Jesus!
that 1980's Van was really nice
fuckin' weeb
The BMW texting the mother-in-law was there was great (wish the entire ad was posted) but hands down, the Fiat Abarth ad with the sexy Italian woman was the best.
harsh dhamu
3:44 damn😂😂
kid tsunami
3:22 seek and destroy
kirby kirby
poor frogs! you idiot!! im just recovering from seeing that gory seal video that was also on a compilation that was supposed to be funny! i hate animal abusers!
kpop life
2:18 loool 3:43
maximilian wihlborg
5:00 . A real Police Officer would have killed that man holding the gun by now...
noura noonoo
That Ralph thing is so disgusting
Yo the Civic commercial is exactly the same as the 1990s Fiat Palio commercial... what the hell?! Honda should have come up with its own commercial rather than copying Fiat's brilliant idea
praveen sharma
random person scrolling the comments
drop the gun or I shoot the car 😂😂😂😂😂😂
sean collins
Fiat 500 adverts were the best !
wilka nande
Aaaw that kid is adorable