Why do so many people play this riff wrong?

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In this video I am showing why many people play this riff wrong.Thanks to the peeps of the YouTube clips I was showing, it's not meant to bash, but to learn other viewers why this happens to so many guitar players! And of course to teach you how to avoid this stuff from happening :)FOLLOW ME:Instagram:

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Why ?\nBecause AT LEAST 90% of all people who claim to play a musical instrument are actually shit, having been taught by the typical symptoms of capitalism: Teachers who don't care, as long as the pay is right, they even teach imbeciles, telling them \
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Andrew Lewis
Great job explaining this! This can happen to even a seasoned musician if they just happen to hear something a certain way initially. Another example of this in my own experience is 'Teachers Pet\
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One thing you might add is picking pattern. When you play Bluegrass, you always down pick on the beat and up pick the \
Very well explained!
Ben Metal
If a Kings of Leon song is giving you that much trouble, just give it up.
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You've got a cat. You must be right.\n\nJust kidding, I work in a rehearsal studio and lots of people get this one wrong. \nEver noticed 'Smoke On The Water'? Lots of people play full chords, in E, and hit it with a pick - but it's in G, plucked with the fingers, and powerchords...\n\nI've made all those mistakes I hear myself as well - and Istill make plenty more I suppose :-)
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Brian Warner
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Broody kay
Right at the start I thought his beard and his accent say:\
Charles Hoernemann
Very well explained! This happened to me with the intro of the Beatles \
Charlotte Abbott
Paul Davids why not start learning the riff on the 1st beat of bar 1? Then, after you feel the correct rhythm/accents you can toss in the pickup bar (anacrusis) with little to no difficulty. Learning the pickup before the first bar is like learning to run before learning to walk. My jazz teacher makes me practice riffs on downbeats before \
Ciel0 Beats
Cooper Carter
Throw \
Dan Edgar
Ha! There was always something strange when i played this live!\nI flukishly played this correctly but always felt like i was out
Dan Jolliffe
Foo Fighters - Times Like These. The time signature change in the hook to 7/4. Seen so many bands mess it up. Another video idea for you
David Lean
I think of the riff as if it was a ska type rhythm and it makes sense then.
David Mohr
Timing man without it you are screwed :-)
This music belongs in kindergarten... not for a band when men are playing instruments... as adults... kings of leon, wtf... \nwohnst du in einem rosa Haus? Sitzt du zum Urinieren? bitter...
4:27 lol. I'm the only one who noticed that he showed us the middle finger?
Flight Channel
:D If it took Caleb AS long to explain it to the guys in the rehearsal room?\n\n....two weeks later in the studio, upon the recording..\n\nNathan: \
Francisco Caldeira Marques
I don´t even play the guitar, why am I watching this at 3am on a monday
Gene Hall
Anyone who doesn't have a great understanding of music, is going to be like WTF. Huh!
Haikal Fauzi
Can anybody tell me what jacket hes wearing?
Ian Hughes
many thanks :)
Icinesis Wayons
I've been trying to learn the riff from sweet child of mine for years, everyone that's tried to show me played it in a lower scale down the neck, thank you for this enlightenment. I learned stairway to heaven early as a matter of fact it was my first song. I sat by my phono player for 3 weeks at the age of 13 backing up, slowing down to finger speed until I got every note precisely.
Jackson Payne
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Jake Pole
the anacrusis is actually a dotted quaver followed by a semiquaver
Janusz Czech
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Jazz Guitar Scrapbook
I'm a guitarist. If it's not on the beat I don't understand it.
Jeff Maxwell
This is a great instruction on pickup sections. It's always been a difficult thing to explain to students and listeners alike. Thanks for making this easy to understand and communicate to others!
John Heidt
Kurt Cobain would have liked that song more at 2:16 than his way
Jordan Wight
I never really thought much about the syncopation in the guitar part before, but I guess that’s what makes this song more interesting. Ive always like the bass part as well.
Juanito G
Everyone gets teen spirit intro wrong too!\nThey play first lot of muted notes as steady 4x 1/8th but on v first measure theres a different rhythm that i can never quite get!\nFuture vid?
Kane Alson
I start counting the one about an hour before I start playing the song and then I come in around the 6,216th beat. Hey but that's just me.
I am happy to see young people into music. I enjoy your videos so very much and that you see this stuff is important. Paul David or oh may I just call you Dave? It is warming and friendly. You can call me Kev because Kevinpaul is a mix up by a drunks nun. Halloween night and it was my first birthday so I cut her son slake. I play professionally and most of the people don't know where they are and I am sure the young lady that just pulled her top off doesn't care how my Latin is or if she did a vomit in the correct trash can. You and I might know a glaring error but to concert goer it is not the hill they want to die on. Great video Dave.
The problem when the band comes in is usually the drummer being off. I've worked with a couple who got this song right and it was always glorious! Other times it's up to the rest of us to shift the riff and match to what the drummer is laying down. I agree that if you don't do that then that's never going to sound good.
“Ana cruises” hello new band name.
Mark Marlatt
I play all riffs wrong. Who friggin cares? That's the beauty of music, it's about interpretation. It's the foundation of the art. I learn the essence of any riff and then I play it the way that is feels natural to me. Every musician worth their salts will tell you that this is the approach they take when they perform the music of others. I have played everything from \
Matt Allen
4:28 ... I return your salute sir with tone knobs on! 😁
Miguel Ottoni
Not quite my tempo
Never heard this band/song in my life
Lucky man.  You earned a double sub.  I was just having a convo with my wife, and showing her how to actually internalize the riff and melody correctly, and you can literally jump in on the bass or the high very intuitively.  It takes all of the magic or mystery away from it.  It really comes down internalizing the melody correctly, rather than dissecting the time into \
Moe Timski
Nice. Intelligently technical. Don't even like the tune but now I'm gonna learn it!
I'm a 28 yo bass player and have been out of playing in a band for way too long. But its important for any musician to understand, once you don't fiddle around at home alone anymore that it is key to listen to what you play. An example: Having my youth at the end of the 90s and beginning of the 2ks I obviously also experienced the music there. Since I started listening to Bands like My Chemical Romance or 30 Seconds to Mars I also played their Songs. That means I played \
Nathan Kennedy
I think I'm playing songs wrong even on the air guitar 🤔
Ole Nuijten
hallo paul, eff laten weten dat er ook nog nederlanders je filmpjes kijken... :)
Paul Davids
Oh and by the way, I've been there too. I totally played Master of Puppets wrong back in the days until I really listened to the song again! Any songs you discovered you've been playing wrong the entire time?
So to be precise it is not the guitarist who plays it wrong, it is the job of the band to enter on the write note. ;)
What happens to his hand at 4:27??
Richard Cassel
|1+2+3+4+|REST-0-16-0-14 Is how I play it and imho I think sounds groovier and is easier to drum to, but it is in fact as you say on the 4.
Robert Michaels
Yup, this is too smart for me
Rodny G
Your question is really, \
Dude, you're playing it wrong yourself too. Besides that you're skipping the slide from B (14) to E (12), you're picking extra B (9) on 6th string instead of E (0) by the end of 4th bar. Caleb even plays the riff that way in the video you showed. Oh, the irony. \nRegarding anacrusis, you can record the tab perfectly without it. The mistake all those beginner musicians make is that the rest of the band kicks in too early. It's a good example of people learning songs by blindly following the instructions that tabs provide rather than learning and improving by ear.
Schincarionka 10
Can you please make this title more vague?
SchriveCore 27
THIS! This reminds me of that joke Fred Armisen made in \
Brother, I'm not going to lie, I'm lost as to the particular mistake being made. The only difference I could hear was the tempo was different for a few of them. I'm an autodidact guitarist, I say that with the loosest definition of the word, and play mostly by feel. I lack the skills to play other people's music most of the time so I write my own. Sometimes I add notes where another instrument was playing during a bar as well, so that could be my issue.
Sidney Nascimento
only for me that the title is in Portuguese?
Simon Hoban
Ha, I used to start this song on keyboards since our guitar player would come in with the subsequent chords. It gave me hell counting it in cold but we got it right. And once the drumming starts it kind of gets lost in the general melee of the song/people dancing etc.
Great Video! I am not the most prolific guitar player, but i have a good ear and very attentive to this kind of stuff. You know there are times you hear bands doing a song and you say hmmmm... It kind of sounds like it and wonder why it really doesn't. I generally use youtube to get a roundabout IDEA of how song should be played, but I listen to the tune intently and try to figure it out for myself. Guys like Paul Davids.. you can tell know there stuff. It's funny I first learned that riff on YOUTUBE on another channel and played it a bit with the original song and said hmmmm that's wrong...lol. Good Job Paul Davids!
Snehasis Goswami
Its like Architecture of Aggression of Megadeth.
SuckIt Up
It's the difference between a skilled musician or sound engineer and pretty much everyone else. While professionals agonize over the tiniest (and dare I say insignificant) details, much of the nuance of a piece is lost on the average listener. Not only would they lack the skill to notice the \
Tathagat Gaurav
4:28.... When you see it XD
The Campfire
As a musician, I've heard so many covers of this song, and was never really sure why they sounded funny. This is a great video
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Am I the only one that noticed that he blurred out his own accidental middle finger? 4:28
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This is why everyone should learn the basics of drumming. It helps you learn rhythm and to understand problems like this one in a different way.
Tommy Nico
You also played it wrong.
I stumbled upon this video, I have never heard this song in my entire life (hey, I'm 39, I live under a rock, etc.), I'm just a drummer, but I 'Liked' this video before I finished watching it because this is the kind of stuff that YouTube needs much more of. Thank you for doing this, Paul! I thoroughly enjoyed this entire video.\n\nIn defense of anyone who makes this mistake with *any* song, it is all in how you are hearing and interpreting the rhythm. I have been playing and making music on my drums for about 25 years (since the summer of '93), and I still make this mistake with songs on occasion. It just happens. I don't know how to describe *why* it happens though. Again, I think it's just all in how you are hearing and interpreting the rhythm. Even though I have 25 years of experience playing and making music as a drummer, I didn't hear what was wrong until you explained it. And, just as you demonstrated, it's still easy to hear the rhythm incorrectly.\n\nI have a recent example. I am helping out a local cover band. They do a couple of songs that they start off with *guitar only* in a reggae-style: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, and The Tide is High by Blondie. Now, when they do their guitar-only intro, they are playing the correct notes, but it is very easy to hear and feel their beat incorrectly. That is, instead of hearing the guitar strumming as being on the up beats (which would be the correct way to hear and interpret it), I sometimes hear them only on the downbeats because of the way they're playing it. So, I have to force myself to say \
Veeral Manek Drums
I mean technically it's probably the drummer that's wrong...
Wayne Kerr
Kind of like Mighty Mighty Bosstones The Impression That I Get....hard song to play with a band...very easy to get out of time
Paul Davids I don't think you are quite right. Regardless of where the band starts, the guitar player changes the riff when vocals start it's full measure in E. If you play with the entire intro spot on, when the vocals start, you will find that half way through the bar in E you'll be behind, because he removes the open passing E after the first measure ( only on the E ). I have tried to play the same riff through the entire song and you'll find your off beat after the singing. Remove the open E, 2nd, 3rd measure on the 4th(Its around :31 in the song it's obvious) return the E for the chord change to C#, you will stay in sync.
Xavier Smith
They're right. You're wrong.
Zack Bobby
As a Trumpet and Guitar player, the whole pick up bar thing is very obvious and common in my music. Trumpets are usually the melody, thus meaning we tend to have the more complex and moving rhythms. Pick up bars and pick up notes and different people playing in different time signatures and rhythms not lining up with measure counts describes like basically every single song I played in high school. I think this video brings to light a massive divide in the guitar world between those people that actually appreciate and understand music on a very fundamental level, and the guitar is just the instrument they frequently choose to express their emotions through their understanding of the musical language, and the \
Here's a guitar mystery for you to solve. Why has nobody since the studio recording of Master of Puppets played the section 3:52 to 4:47 correctly?
He censored his accidental middle finger I'm dying 😂
grant edwards
you are such a good teacher. There is a drum \
I know exactly what you mean. Back when I was still playing in bands, my schizo-lead player, Tim, and I wrote this song. It was a pretty good riff and the vocals started about where you'd expect them. But it was long night of rehearsing and beer, etc., and started playing the bluesy rhythm again. This time, he accidentally started the vocals just off a bit and in the wrong place which really gave the song a whole new surprisingly original feeling. Too bad we didn't have the tape going. The next day, we could never get it right again. It went back to being about what you'd expect.
i really like this guy. he seems like the kind of teacher to be patient and understanding even with a complete beginner
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The cat was freakin me out man………..had to stop watching……….
First thing that comes to mind for me is not a guitar riff but the drum intro to Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll. Seems like everybody plays that flipped around some way or other, to varying degrees of success. It's obvious what's happening if you are aware of the Little Richard tune he is emulating, but I had never heard of it and I am old as hell. And I think I kinda like the \
Good video, but I can't understand why so many get this wrong. If you can count to 4, you get it right without even thinking.
quarter_moon and_a_guitar
Did you ever consider that Kings of Leon may be playing it wrong and everyone else is right?
rheaume rube
HEY good stuff,, I was told years ago that i was playing my guitar all wrong , played in many band had loads of fun being good at being bad ,, even toured for 15 years ,some people even told me I was a good player { no ego here honest I'm no star ) far from it . I love the blues ect. still practice most day an hour or two but always get a kick from watching ''experts'' tell me how bad I'm playing ,,no problem I have learned on my own , my hero Is ROY BUCHANAN you may even have heard of him ,,,, even my girlfriend tells people I can sound like him ( wish i could really ) I try,, but hey I'll just keep practicing being bad and let you experts do your stuff ,,not being mean , and not too crazy about today's ummmmm music anyway !
5:41 No no no, you should play it with the neck pickup!!!!
sad hvacman
We’ve all done something similar. I once got in an argument with a guitar player that said I was starting a song in the wrong chord following its 8 bar intro, that I had played for years. When I finally shut up and listened to him and then played it again, I realized, damn he’s right. I sounded stupid playing it like that for years. Couldnt believe I had never heard what I was doing wrong.
sasse Brasse
i play it right...its a easy riff
ste ven
Learning music is harder than an alien language....wish I could understand and play a guitar
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My question is why on Earth would anyone want to play that garbage?
This was a song I never bothered with but every time I seen the local bands cover it , it done my head in at the beginning and I couldnt quite nail down what they were doing wrong because I never bothered with the song myself. So I gave it a shot the other night and after a few strums at it started the 1st note on 4 because I actually felt the song . But I was still unsure why it sounded so weird to me the way all the local bands do this riff at the beginning. Came across this video and NOW I KNOW. Im very much self taught with a lot of bad habits and missing a lot of things due to never taking lessons but have a good ear and feel for a song. Thanks for that info :)
vicky IVB
So. Lionel messi had a youtube channel?
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