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12:27 =\u003e \
Abby Cody
The husky one was so funny 😂 😂😂😂
Ally Bee
Me !!! 9:09 This dog and I have more in common then I do with most human's
An Truong
Anyone who dislikes must really hate dogs 🐶
Angus Cosgriff
“You didn’t get your Perm-it
The girl at 17:25 is awesome, angry little dog because why not?
Batman Goo
18:09 \nOwner: If your happy and you know it clap your hands\nDog: *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP*
Belinda Stander
Dogs are aways concerned when their humans take a fall. Dags are our best friends. 💙 👍
Ben gesseret
14:33 no cage for me silly. 18:22 who let the cat out.
Blake Herandez
ikr some of this is abuse like the girl running with the leash .. whipcream nope... it wasnt really so funny half was dogs getting hurt or abused
Buddy Piper
crazy critters! everyday in my life. i am lucky.
2:15 you have to be stupid so you do not put someone down in case of fallin
Ch Zem
I love animals
Charles Dahmital
@ 5:53\nThe floor is lava!!!
You rip up that toilet paper, Snuggles. Show'em how you really feel about that name! 😂😂😂
Chefer 11
This video is to funny bro 😂🤣😂🤣
Chuck Taylor
These back talking kids will grow up to be triggered Snowflakes. Sad to see so called parents cower to their kids.
CooL FuNs
ha ha ha...😂😂😂\nvery funny...😍😍😍
Dat cool doh
And i still want a dog.....
Debbie Green
Diana Love
Kids are mean to animals so when an animal kicks them or bites them its the parents fault
Donger .M
Good Job bear, now your in jail time and the cat gets freedom
99.99% of the comments: Animal \
Eric Dustin
these comments are so dumb the pets are not being abused
Game Guild
I feel like the word abuse is kinda doing backflips in it's grave right now...
Grace Cookie
that one dog plays a mean game of janga
Harley Jules
Some of this stuff is just plain mean.
I Think Licking The Glass Is The Most Responceable Way To Get Outside
James Bowen
Some people need to learn to take videos in landscape mode only.
Jaron stenphens
Not funny
0:44\n\nhe just hasnt been right since Target's Canadian expansion failed
Jaydee Cruz
3:15 what startled him lol
John Smith
5:38 I am a simple man. Animals sneezing, video stopped and disliked. 👎
Joker BABY!
00:49 do anyone know what breed is tht dog?
Justice USA
Some of the videos are showing abuse plsssss common people
Kara Henry
9:40 me everyday
Kaszás Csilla
9:15 - dog days of summer???
Katey M
Cannot watch videos where people think funny animals hurt or distressed
Kawaii Dawn
4:54 Kid: Super *TRIGGER* *MODE* *ACTIVATED*
Kiss Kiss - Daily Video
*I have two dogs both are lovely* 💖💖💖💖
Kreative Cat79
I think some owners are stupid
Lelz Guy21
1:59 that poor cat
Lexiaa Forever
Just how did the dishwasher break 😂😂😂😂
LonelyRainbow WolfUnicorn
You are letting ur dog tear up ur toilet paper.......thats dumb...but whatever IK PPL ARE GOING TO GET OFFENDED but ur dog could suffocate and ur video taping them........
Lori Mrasek
Totally enjoyed watching, except for the owner when she called her dog and it was all icy and the dog slid into the house that's bs, just wondering if she ever heard of salt?
Maclean Schultz
@ 4:55 geez, that kid is too into hot wheels. I feel bad for zoey. They should put the kid on time out
Marcy Curl
That’s sooooooooo mean 17:26
MasterGameBeast Xbox One
2:10OMG had me for so long!😂😂😂😂😂
Megan Nova
17:29 how could hey?! That is animal cruelty! You could obviously tell that the dog didn’t like it! Poor thing! No dog deserves to be thrown around! He/she really needs a new home with owners that will actually respect it. I hare people that are cruel to animals like that
Mepmeh101 _roblox
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Mohamed Osman
If people think this is abuse, they don't know what the world is like. That or they get a kick out of being self righteous. Probably the latter
Moikka Moi
2:15 That poor puppy😭😭😭
Mrrreell S2
Wish people would remember that when animals get their heads stuck in any kind of bag or container IT'S HARD FOR THEM TO BREATHE. Try an experiment - put the same kind of bag or container on your head - walk around - don't use your hands - have bystanders laugh at you while your struggling to breathe.
Mystica Ceballos
1:01\nSomething touch his legs\n😂😂😂
Mystical Creature
NC redbird
MUST... KILL... THE... WHEEL!! 🐶🐶\nPoor pup with his head stuck just looks so ashamed and humiliated. Swear he's looking like he's saying yeah go ahead and laugh you jerk. Also funny how the animals fall over or off things and look around to see if anyone seen it. 😂😂 animals have such funny personalities
Nea Onnela
3:01 Alaskan malamute or siperian husky?
Nicholas Foss
Stopped watching way too many advertisements 😡
Nolan Gibbs
Rip summer if 2018 you will be missed... school sucks
2:40 \nMe (watches video): I should go try.\n\n(1 Hour later) Ends up like 2:17
Phil Porter
Anybody who names their dog Snuggles deserves everything they get.
Potato Tree
Omg one girl was choking their pet!
Puddi Panda
9:27 Those eyes :o
Puppy Lover
1:12 that looks like my puppy
Raven359 Nightcore Anime
8:37 this looks like an hairy kid XD
Dogs, God's perfect companion.
Robert Petersson
7:52 she doesn’t even deserve to have a dog, she’s literally choking the dog
Sans Undertale
I have two dogs to
Service-dog Training
Some of these aren't funny At all. The dogs are getting abused or possibly hurt. I have a state certified rescue and I've seen a lot of abuse. I currently have 5 dogs in my home and they all play and get along. And none Have any chance of being hurt. They are happy and healthy. And we have an acre fenced in yard and they love it. I also have a service dog for my medical needs. His photo is my icon picture. He's the cutest ever.
Shidia Martinez
Boy: hey hey hey hey Zoey drop that\n Dog: runs away
Simba Potter
1:52 me when someone asks if they can have some of my food
thats the first time i seen a little dog take food from a cat and didnt get his head smacked a bunch of times from the kitty LOL brave little guy
Simon Petkov
Puse at 8:38.\nYou can't tell me the dog didn't look like a kid in a costume.😐
Slices of SIB
9:51 that is a Thic leg.
Sprite Roo
Stormole YT
Life must be ruff for dogs.
Theo Kienhuis
Trev . L
I have two dogs
Truth Seeker
Some of these POS people that laugh at their dogs getting hurt; like the puppy falling down the stairs...You don't deserve them.
Ultra TV
I don't like dogs all that much I like cats better. no i am not an idiot for thinking that so no mean replies.
Viktor Amdi
Omg that so funny \
These films make the animals seems so much smarter then the owners, never seen such rediculus owners,, I think i would call animal abuse for help. The owner need to think twice before sending in these videos.. makes them look really dumb..ever listen to what they are saying. ??
YaSsi Ine
soo much funny
Yunjae Lover
People are too sensitive these days
acababie MSP
0:44 omg that’s Bullseye the Target dog 🐕 🎯
9:07 nothing to see here...just a weasel dog doing their thing.
9:13 Doggo.exe has stopped responding.
Not cool throwing dog back and forth!
good bois 13/10
12:20 who locks their dogs in crates inside?
m m
this dog plays JENGA BETTER THAN YOU!!
o tejas o
dog at 0:15 - who moved the couch !?
some body
Hey guys, no worries. None of the animals are being abused. So don't worry.