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Mine should be \n\
I would of said “I stepped on a lego”
10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos
Where's Paul's gravestone...?
Alice Night
I'm actually disappointed that none of them said \
All Kpop Is Life
I would scare people if they read mine. It would say \n\n\n\n\n\
Allison Lovejoy
“That’s all folks” was the voice for porky pig form looney tunes it what was said at the end of every episode. He was I true talent and no one else has been able to recreate porky pig, he truly was a man of 1000 voices Mel Blanc
Alyssa LPS
my gravestone will say i love food xD
2:12 Mel Blanc (AKA The man of 1000 voices) was the guy who voiced several Looney tunes characters including Porky Pig, the one that comes out of the drum, stutters and then says \
Amber Hite
Coworker: can you cover my shift?\nFirst of all: I don’t even wanna cover my own shift
Amy Martinez
Did anyone notice that Micah was only 16 when he died? So sad
AngelKitten Lola
I think my gravestone is going to say “hey is there a buffet in heaven cause I’m starving to death well at least there’s free WiFi... wait there’s not dang it I should have switched to spirit”😂😂😂😂
Aniya b
Omg lord have mercy on me 🙏😂
Bailey Grizzell
when people ask you where you got the recipe you tell them you got it from a dead person
Caley Hess Vlogs
I made her cookies... they were good😂😂
Mine will be “ SCREW YOU TIMMY “
When he was showing his mini graveyard a private number called me
Ciel Phantomhive
2018 anyone?? October?? \nI've watched this so many times.. It's fucking hilarious!!\n-yes I know I'm a anime character, I'm well aware of that.
Country Crossstitcher
‘Can i get your recipe?’ \n‘Over my dead body’ \n\nHence it’s on the tombstone
D. .B
When are we getting one that goes\n**hacker voice*\
My tombstone is gonna say \
Daysha Nickelberry
My tombstone \
DoggyKittyPlayz 101
Doodle Dino
2:10 that’s bug’s bunny’s voice actor. At the end of looney toones, he’s day “That all Folks!” And the show would circle around his head and then the screen would go black. Just so ya know! 💜
Emmalee Burrito
This video reminds me, I'm pretty sure that my basement is haunted. There are these two little TVs in the bathroom down there, and they're connected to the one in the movie room. Me and my sister were searching for my brother in the bathroom, because he might be hiding in there, and then they turned on. The switch to turn them on was right next to the door, and me and my sister weren't close enough to it in order to use it. But it they were on, and the one in the movie room wasn't.
Faith Menye
Femke D
Parent: I don’t like your attitude!\nMe: First of all, I got it from you
Fiona Emmenegger
omg de guy at 3:43 died with 16
Fortnite Gaming
There should be one that says \
Galaxy 101
Grace Dasilva
I think my tombstone would say \
Hailssurfer12 King
My lots lots of great grandma is Rebecca nurse from the selem witch trials I got family tree to prove it my mum Kate nurse
Hamza Muhumed
“Damn it’s Dark Down Here”from Paul’
On my tombstone : Y E E T
Home Camera
Here lies the body of Jonathan Blake stepped on the gas instead of the brake.
IZZYS Random Videos
7:31 did anyone hear that or was it just me
Imani Gause
“Bette Davis died??? Wait a minute!!!!Oh yeah Bette Davis did die I’m thinking of Betty White.” Wtf 😂😂😂😂
Isabel Head
Gonna be honest when I die I want it to say 'your next' on my grave stone just to creep people out
Isabelle Dawson
Mine would say, \n\
Izzy Explores
6:56 omg I walked around my whole house thinking someone was in my house b/c I dont have an apple phone then I decided to rewind and it was just in the video *facepalm*
I’m a Giraffe
Mine would say “what just happened”
Jafer Fair
8:23 William Shakespeare tomb it’s means who ever steal his corpse will be cursed
Jake Crook
I figured this video was going to be sad because of the death, but then I listened to the first few
Jaxton Atkinson
Mine would probably say “where’s the respawn button?”
Jessica D
Guyana --\u003e \
Just Being Weird Lol
My tombstone: Reloading... windows.exe has stopped.
Mine:\nHello Darkness My Old Friend 😂😂😂💀👻😇
Kay Styles
2:11 that’s the dude who voiced a bunch of cartoon characters, including the pig from Looney Toons that always says “That’s all folks!”.
Kierra Townsend
Why you got an android?\nFirst of all why you got the newest iPhone but sleeping on a blow up mattress
Lara Silva
mine will be \
Leilani Aiaraisa
Mine would say \n“Everybody who cheated on me thats still alive- better go get a bible and a priest :)”
Liana7 star
My tomb stone would say Liana-Died by stubbing her toe
LifeCould- B -Beautiful
I want my tombstone to say ““Just die” they said. “It would be fun” they said”
Lissette Fuentes
Well today i learned that if u wanna get recipes just go to some tombstones videos
Mel Blanc the man of a thousand voices. He was the voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and all the Merry Melodies/Looney Tunes until he passed
Madalyn Simpson
3:45 Micah was born on 4, 20
Majestic Cupcake
Mallorie Mooney
When I die, I want my grave to say \n\n“Respawning in\n3... \n2...\n1...\n Connection Error.”
Marisa Shahid
The way he pronounced my country “Guyana” 😂😂😂😂
Michaela Dodson
On my tombstone I want it to say \
That \
Monique Star
Dee Dee's should've said \
Mine will be \n\n\n\n\n\n\
Mine would be... roses are red violets are blue told you I was chokin so I'm up here with a bunch of jerks
My Tombstone is Going to say:\n\nRespawning In\n3\n2\n1.......\nConnection Error
PKMN master cass
Mine will say, \
Potato Kids
My grave is gonna say\n\n\n‘ I loved, I lived. I got to see bobs anytime I wanted! ‘\n\n\nMy love was my dog
Potatoes are life!! :P
Mine world say....\
Prithvi Govindaiah
Raven Clark
right after he said \
Reem Nahshal
Mine would be” hospital bill was to high”
Riley C.
2:26 The ouija Board grave,is the Original creator of the board. He asked for it to be put on his grave...
Susan should be graveful she had cats
Sean O'Reily
I will not have a tombstone. I will have a Viking funeral. My middle finger will be cremated separately so that my children and grandchildren can take it off the mantelpiece and say \
Send Helppls
Mine would say \nMood
Shane Shaw
“That’s all folks” was Mel Blanc. The voice of bugs bunny, porky pig...and numerous other looney toon characters!
Skippy Willow
My gravestone will be “how to you pee down here”
I want my tombstone to say \
Someone Playz
The cemetery has been popular recently........ Because people are dying to get in
Tasheena Brown
My gravestone will say : Shit, Did I leave the stove on?
The Slime Channel
Ok so I used “ Mom’s Christmas Cookies” and tbh the recipe makes amazing cookies I am actually eating one rn
Mine would be \
Try to get to 5,000 subscribers No video challenge
Where is my grave stone
Unionpacifc 1943fan
6:28 dog barks
XyrerrisII Alfazon
@2:09 Melvin Jerome \
citrus universe
2:45 no seriously why is it so dark in here!?
fandom gamer
I want my gravestone shape to be a laptop and,i want mine to say \
ice nerd
The 'I told you I was sick' one is spike milligan
ii_AceOfSpades RBLX
My grave stone will be... I TOLD YOU SO
Mel Blanc - The Man of 1000 voices\nLeslie Nielson - Let 'er Rip\nThe two gravestones that, for some reason, had their names greyed out. That should explain the statements.
levi and dupy
Do more of these
life hiwi
I think the last one is symbolizing how students say “here” when a teacher calls out their names to take attendance but this guy says “in” because he’s inside his grave
now we need a video of alonzo cooking those recipes!!
rose thorns
My headstone is gonna say, \
the blue Egyptian
Hahahahhah! !!! My favorite one is (dammmm! !!it's too damm dark down here ))hahahah! !! Please please do a part two! !hahahahahahhahahahahah! !! Soo much love from Egypt
χρυσα αραμπατζη
Mine will be \
вlυяq O
My one will say :\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n5 for minutes mom