Priyanka Chopra - Exotic ft. Pitbull

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A Abbasi
Real beauty with a beautiful heart, big hug from Pakistan
Aakarsh M
Who came for priyanka and pitbull \nHit like.. And comment for beautiful song🔥🔥🔥\n2018 anyone...
Abhishek Pal
Priyanka is responsible for global warming
Adelyn Derya
She looks so beautiful in this video! I have no idea where all the hate is coming from about her nationality or supposed plastic surgeries. Ya'll act like almost every celebrity (no matter what country) hasn't had at least SOMETHING done. And btw, she looks gorgeous back in 2001. Don't hate. And coming from an AMERICAN, PitBull LITERALLY sounds the same in ALMOST every damn song. It's about time he included a beauty like her \u003c3 please just stop.
Adi Arena
Watched this song 5 years ago. But this time again for nick jonas
Aishwarya Net
Anyone Watching in 2018? ❤️
Akari Emiko
I don't get it\nThis song is pretty good\n\nWhy is there so much hate?
Akhila Ahmed
Anyone in 2018?\n 😘😘😘😘
Akshay Grover
“Pardeshi babu ne is desi dil ko man Lia h” this line fits on her real life. \nNow she has a pardeshi babu in her life .\nCongratulations
Albanian 4tirana
Ali Ubaid
your song is nice
Amina Jalubu
Watched this because of pitball only. God someone tell priyanka it does not suite her.
Ammad Gul
Who is here after Priyanka & Nick's engagement...???😚❤❤❤❤❤
Ana HaLa Hazhim
Angie Singh
Nick Joans and priyanka chopra is the cutes. couple .💕.... statement as couple goals ... congrats my all time fav star hit like if nick and priyanka should make a music video togather 👍✋
Aqsa Sheikh
Who is here to read Nick jonas and priyanka chopra's engagement comments ?
Any non- Indian who doesn't understand hindi but is still here for her?
Bhargavi K
*The lyrics are now relevant with NICK JONAS* 😂
Capt.Ir.H.Kosasih Ceo
Christal Chin Hing
Who else came from Quantico on Netflix? \n\n\nIdk if that’s how you spell it (correct me if I spelt it wrong)
Why u stopped ur music carrer ?? Your songs are awesome..please restart your music carrer with continue your acting career...
Debjit Jana
our priyanka is in desi form
Deep K
She is actres , singer ,miss world ,she can dance \nWhat else she can't do??
Destro Official
mr.worldwide's delivery❤
Dharmendra Kumar
Deshi girl x pardeshi boy = Priyanka alien nick Chopra
Dimpi k.
Desi girl u r so one compete you (prinic)
Dr.Rahul Devthia
Priyanka Ko pahle hi pta tha ki koi perdeshi Babu hi pasand aayega#nick jonas 😂😂😂😂😂
E.T.C Youtuber
My favourite song
Elena Osorio
I love love love this song. How come I'm hearing until now and not when it came out. This is a hit.
Faij Faij
your so sexy priyanka mam your looking so beautiful I am your biggest fan I love you priyanka mam
JeonSrs Sneha
Pardeshi Babu : NICK JONAS😍\nDesi Girl : PRIYANKA CHOPRA😚
Jewels Sokala
She’s freaking the best I swear
Joshua Pingley
This girl is about to BLOW UP here in the U.S. I cannot wait.
Kamal Xahid
from Bangladesh
Kandeh Yerro
You are a superstar, give the world a show. All you do is so wonderful and so perfect that you sign like a diamond in the sky really I like you so much really sweet music my dear friend
Kathy Bates
I didn’t know she did music lol
Katrina thebarbie
Pardeshi babu : Nick jonas 💖\nDesi girl : Priyanka chopra💖
Kavitha Naik Maly
Wow! Priyanka is looking so fit and beautifull. She is in best shape possible! Nice song too!
Khirou Othmane
is hotter than Kim Kardashian
Kunal Karda
Ab iss song k hindi lyrics ka matlab smj aaya hai😂😂😂😂
Laduram Saini
Very beautiful video video song
Lakshmi Tejasvi
She is stunning as always. So hot. The only woman whom SRK really admired other than his wife Gauri.
Lauren Plant
So Nick Jonas likes Beauty Queens huh 😏💓👑
MBH official
Anyone listing in 2018 ? Like me
Manik Forhad
Nice Song
Maria Deleon
She's so pretty!!! What's her nationality?
Md. Azhar
I love u mam.....and ur job is so great......nice song and really so beautiful u r.....!!!!
Milee Akter
who's listening this song in April 2017 😂
Minerva 10031
Anyone here after Priyanka & Nick's engagement?! 😂🤣
Mnsa 3002
Anyone questioning their sexuality because of Priyanka
Naulo Sanchar
Anyone watching in 2050 ?
Nenne RH
I'm almost starting to think pitbulls first name is \
Nishant Kumar Jha
irony is foreigners liking this song and Indians hating it....Awesome song and voice no matter what.
Orhan Son
Kareena kapoor must be jealous watching this video 😂😂
Parul Kaushik
Pc is more tallented another Bollywood actroress 19's to till now she stablish own career on top Bollywood n Hollywood
Nick must be feeling himself LUCKY 😂 \n🔥
Pinki Manna
desi girl # priyanka # superb hot & beautiful,
Preet Diaries
Anyone here in ♡2018♡
Pushpendra Pareek
I am feeling so exotic after watching it
Rahul gill
anyone watching September 2018
Raj Pratap Singh
This song was the easteregg for the Priyanka and Nick relationship 😁😁
Raul Oinam
She is feeling so Jonas!!! currently
Rayna Kay
I've seen her movie called Fashion on Netflix and, because of how awesome of an actress she is, I should've known she'd be a singer too!!! I'm so rooting for her success, and I know I'm not the only one.\nP.S. - If you haven't watched it, you totally should!
Richard Glazebrook
love it 2018
Rihana Rahou
Nick Jonas + Priyanka Chopra =❤💍❤
Rohoni Singh
She is talented brains and beauty
🔴Anyone after Priyanka and Nick engagement😊
Saq DeGreat
why so much hate ?\nthis is song is too good \ngud job priyanka and pitbull \nrespect from bangladesh\nproud to be desi ! ☺
Sayanita Banerjee
Pardesi babu (Nick jonas) iss Desi dil(Priyanka Chopra) ko man liya hein❤
Shawn _92
she's hotter than kim Kardashian
Shreya Valunj
Soo hot Priyanka 😍🔥🔥🔥
Simran Jha
I'm feeling like Masala\nI'm hotter than my tawa!\n\n 😂😂
Somi Keshari
So hot as always 😂 nice song 😂
Time To Laugh
anyone in 2020??
Vaibhav Joshi
Anyone watching this in 2019 ?
Vaishnavi yadav
She predicted her future ❤❤❤❤
Vicky santos
She is really beautiful.
Zahed Sherzad
Anyone in 2018????
chilly girl
Peecee gonna sing this for NICK!
debasis gana
My favourite song
hanad Channel
Just who view 2018_2019
himani choudhary
Mtlb 2013 me hi hi bta diya tha babu pardesi hoga 👍👍🤓🤓
itss cecile
Priyanka Chopra is so perfect . I love it . I'm such a fan 😍😍
niko fabian
Watching this in 2018 because her engagement with Nick
omor bikash
respect Priyanka alot for the fact that she has strived her way up there. From being a Miss World to being a top rated actress in Bollywood, from singing Internationally and now shining bright in Hollywood, this dynamic lady has done it all! Not everyone is capable of it. She's definitely the most successful actress from India!
pari neel
Nick jonas right 😍😘😇🙂😚👱👦💑
pravata Jena
I thought Priyanka dance with Dog ....but No 😨😨😨😨😨
raazia saima
Am I The Only Person Who Thinks That The *FEAT* Is Kinda Similar To One In The Jennifer Lopez's *On The Floor*???
radhesh tech
Priyanka Chopra I love you sexy girl
sabar nrimo
from indonesia 21 okt 2018 😍😍😍 priyanka
skylar valdes
This deserves more views
uma chowdhary
That's the reason Nick Jonas fallen for Desi Girl. Love you Priyanka
victor zamudio sr.
Леов Погосян
ՏɑՏՏվ ƓoժժҽՏՏ
Priyanka Chopra is kinda perfect lady who can justice any looks! Either as an indian 'desi girl', or as western 'quantico' girl, as historical marathi woman 'Kashibai' or a manly boxer 'Mary Kom'!!!!! She time & again proves that she can pull off any kinda character or looks. Her personality is quite attractive as well as her talency is appreciable. She is drop dead gorgeous and damn sexyyy..... So, I think she's a perfect woman in the world. Coz, she has achieved a lots of achievements in her life, the journey began from an 'ordinary brown girl' to the 'glorious & famous superstar' is not a cup of tea!!!! She is a self-made woman who has a lots of things to be inspired from! She is the Miss. World and will always be the Miss of the world!!! ❤ you Piggy Chopps😉😉😉
علوي مقدسي