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Abydain Cryscyan
I was expecting......a baby crying cuz the mum thought that he was him....
AdamVlogs الخطيب مصطفى. 26
They are soooooo freakin cute
Alisa Lauzon
What's their inside jokes about?? All these little laughers..!! 😍😊😅🤣
Ayesha Khan
Who loves twins baby???
Azeem Khan
cutiiiiiiiiiiìieeèeeeè piiiiieeee\nbabiiiiieeees
at 3:29 parents take note
Blonde Magee
I love twins
Busisiwe Bujela
Beautiful babies n soooooo adorable😻😘😍😜
Bảo Ngọc
vui quá....
Awwww, the little girl who got locked in the dog cage by her twin sister just broke my 💔
Carlos Chagas
Carole Ransom
I thought that most of these clips were absolutely charming and there seems to be such a close bond between twins that I wish I had been one. However, the clip with the child in the oven was NOT good. They should be have been specifically instructed never to play around with an oven. It could have been just switched on so not very warm yet, and in the case of a gas oven, this would have been disastrous if there was a flame in the oven, or with an electric oven, an electric bar getting hotter and hotter.. Similarly, kids shouldn't be encouraged to trap each other in household appliances - washing machines, tumble driers etc. Just tell the kids 'NO! OUT OF BOUNDS!', not stand there videoing it. Use a lock, if necessary. They might do it when you're not watching them one day.
Charnell Manuel
I just love it when they laugh 😂😂❤❤
David Lucey
03:30 OK, that is not OK at all. The kid could get confused and put her sister in a real oven. It’s sort of like never tell your kid that medicine is candy. Sorry to be a party pooper gang, but these are things everyone has to think about. I’m an old lawyer and a married to a nurse so everything seems like an accident waiting to happen.
Dd Dedrick
Twins are so amazing to me & of course these little twins are all adorable, however, letting your babies & toddlers, or any child, play with potentially, very dangerous, kitchen appliances, or teaching them that a flight of stairs is a play thing, and laughing with them as they repeatedly, or at all, hit/slap- their sibling's head-no matter how gently, at first, they do it, are clearly not very smart lessons or parenting choices, IMO, for OBVIOUS reasons....👯
Dianne Morgan
I have twins and they are all like this. There is something very special about two people that are together since conception. My boys are 24 now and its amazing the beautiful bond the share whether they are together or apart. In their time of crisis well they are both together. Twins are beautiful at every age. Just love them always they are a precious gift from God.
Edina Fátima
Lindos gordinha
Energy Bros
1:18 \
They’re not cute...\n\n\n\n\nThey’re ADORABLE!!!!!! ❤️❤️
Eternal Serenity
How are they even cute?!!\n\n\n\n\nTHEY ARE FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!! ❤️
Fateme Panahi
جووون چ نازن 😙
Fazbear Security
My twin brother passed away before we were born.. These videos break my heart in a way words could never fully explain.. \nAt the same time, I can't help but watch. Like I need to, in a way.. \n\nAmazing video as always. God bless ♥
FluffyUnicorn FluffyAwesome
Aww these baby's it was funny when the boy kissed the passifire
Frank Rizo
It is so off-putting to be told that some video is \
Funny Everyday
Sometimes adult and their babies do not cummunicate very much, they have to play by themself
Fãm Do Henrique Iglesias melo
Piiaaahhh Que Coisa gostosaaaaaahhh\nE Meu Sonho Ser Mãe Não vejo A horas a!😁😂😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😍😍😍😄😍😍
Gourav kumar
I want know the hiccup connection between the twins 4:55
1:22 are you sure that is a baby
HPKC prouductions
0:54 \nYou wanna know how I got these SCARRRS?
Holly Webster
0:08 that’s not safe to be letter ur kid to be playing with an oven wow good job parents
I am Yours
Legend is that dad is still bringing out the babies out of the bathroom till this day
4:13 this is me doing formality and giving fake laughs.
I’m a vampire for Halloween! Unicorn
Aww cute xD
Kathryn Worden
I am a farturnal twin
Katia Katty
I love baby's I'm sure that i will be the best mom in the world 😍😍😂
Katrina Ann Angelica Escalante Cummings
So adorably sweet safe travels God bless always ^|;'\u003e Kat
Kia Brown
Aw too cute 😍😂😂😂😂😂
Kish Jel Dosedaram
Cutie pie
Krel A
6:03 Try hard pushups
Kyleigh Reann
They are so cute and adorable ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lalita Chauhan
Sooooo cute... loved all the clips... specially the way these babies laugh... their laughter is so soothing...😘😘😘😘
I love the way that girl in 9:16 was laughing at her sister's misery. XD
Lilian Howard
thease babies are adorable
Manualidades para ti
Jaja me fascinan!
Marcia Santos Santos
Me Me
Awww. The baby biting his brother's toe instead of his own is the cutest thing ever
Michelle Anderson
if i want to make my ex food i do it and did it my ex is yelling at me but i dont do it i say i need to go poo poo place she go to her home i come back i say shes gone im like nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooo why did i have to go poo poo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mommy Garcia
The babies are soooo freakin adorable !!!!!!!
Mrs. Fine
All kids are angels. Please, be good to them 💞
Nandini S
Nesreen Sabry
Nikhil Grave
8:37 supernatural powers caught on camera📸
Olivia Bell
8:29 dragged her by her weave
Pranamya Thamankar
Twins, you were born with a best friend.
Princess Allura
I love being born a twin
Proclamarea adevărului
4:40 Good night!
Rikki Loose
these babies are cute but the sprouse twins are the cutest
Ritchelita Ragojos
I really hope and pray that someday,I will be bless for twins..If God's willing😇🙇🙇🙇
Rosita Frutos
Ya que ca de vrai dans la vie mais ca passe trop vite helas
Seeni Vasan
So cute and miss my childhood
Shamil Roshan
😊😊😊😂😂😂😂 so funny
Shivani Lingmplli
Sooo cute baby's
Srivalli Chivukula
Am 6th month pregnant now...with twines...
Syed Arshad
I wish to have twins and who else wants to b have twins ???
Tante Lilis
Snoring twins.
Tejaswi Nayak
Neither I have a twin nor any funny childhood video😢😢😢
The Children's Ebook Club
Wow! This Channel Just Hit 1 million subscribers!😁🎉
Tran Nam
They look so cute!!!
Twins Cecil
UtooPiX elle
C'est trop mignon ces schtroumps ! Je regarde qqs minutes et j'ai la banane pour la jounée😙😚😙😚😙😚
My twin brother took his life at age 19
Vani XD
4:11\nWhat they were talking:\n\nBaby 1: \
Veronica Blonde kitchen
Victor Cardenas
You're so cute in the whole world and there is so adorable so so adorable 😍💟💟
Vinith .N
I subscribe your channel
Zina Zwina
ههههههه يالله بزااف شابين نحب التوأم
7:45 Thumbnail
human being
Baby's laughr are so pure so carefree .. just can't define them .. they give smiles to every
I swear I LOVE babies lol
juan tomas
Why would anyone give thumbs down ??
kawaii jujulover
madison willey
Such cute hiccups
mejor para los niños
*I'm watching your video!!!*
meli ha
so cute baby
moe d
Why those boys on the toilet so long they sleepy..I don’t know about that one.
This why I have always said that it was easier raising twins than just one. They always have someone to be with. My twins just turned 40
nywere Majak
Twins Twins Twins ❤️
sharon conyers
they so adorable
vincent leopoldo
the twins are so very very cute
وو ةا