Whippets meet a newborn baby

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Beth Hollins
Beautiful dogs. Baby cuter!!!!!😁
Connie Martin
Man, they're not scent hounds, are they?! But once they figure it out, they're all in!
Dennis Grießner
whats this? is it a smol human puppey? we love it, we love it!
Elle Melle
love from Norway🇧🇻
Emma Burgess Dean
Love your introduction of the baby to the whippets!!! Beautiful!
Ethan Davis
please cut their nails
Evolution : Machine to Man
I love tails wagging fast
Fit Kat
My profile is my whippet and whippets are so sweet!
Flor Busso
Gloria Newton
They were sniffing so hard to smell her and licking the air to give 😘 kisses 💗💘
Graham Lindsay
Holly Lawless
Your baby is adorable!
i dream to have that dog... whippet nice and cute dog
Jason A.
What a cute baby : )
Jessica Lee Manton
They are such a fantastic size! I have an Italian greyhound and think my next I will be a whippet
Kelly P.
Beautiful baby, and beautiful dogs, also!
💓 thank you for allowing us to share in this amazing moment
Mandeep Singh
Your baby is so cute
Marlene Gonzalez
The brindle whippet is soo interest and amused .Sweet
Minerva Li
Amazing family and good luck with everything!
Moaning Minnie
Why are the whippets tied together. ????
The brown one needs feeding up, it's ribs should not be showing.
One Man and His Whippet Dave Bertholini
They are lovely dogs check out Louie on my channel 👍😀🐾
Robert Taylor
you have whippets in Japan? I have whippets. I am from Lancashire where they originally come from. I am very pleased that japanise people appreciate whippets.
Running Down a Dream
Maybe the whippet ate yo baby
Seth Winters
They weren't interested at first, but when they saw the baby moving, they got very interested. Nice dogs and and a very cute baby.
Susan Schlachter
Really wonderful video thank you for sharing. The dogs obviously are delighted to welcome the new member of the pack!
Susie Q
Wil Scheers
bubba luv
the pied one's face is almost the same as my one's he's a noob
ch saab Saab Gondil
fluff pigg
beautiful, such a lucky baby to be growing up with 2 whippets :-)
That little precious baby girl you have is gorgeous.
Very social dog