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www.SkyViewTrading.comIs the stock market predictable? Many would argue YES... But the Efficient Market Hypothesis says that it's impossible to “beat” the market because all current and relevant information is already factored into the stock price. Most traders defensively argue against this theory because if it were true, then that means they can’t outperform the overall market… So why even try?It is up to you to decide for yourself...We, on the other hand, are advocates of this theory that the markets are incredibly efficient. But we see it as a GOOD thing because we know that as long as we are trading liquid assets, the pricing is always very fair. In this video, we show you a demonstration of Market Efficiency, and we also explain what this means to our trading. Adam ThomasSky View Tradingis the market riggedstock market predictablehow to predict the stock markethow to pick stocksefficient market hypothesisefficient market theorymarket efficiencyhow to trade optionsoptions tradingstock trading

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Ambis Magee
Man - you guys do some good videos. Have you quit youtube or just taking a break?
An An
Great video! Interesting to see comments below almost treating this video as a personal insult to them!
Bipin Singh
Hi... awaiting for your new vedio on volatility n time decay in options..\n\nThanks
how are naked options affected by HFT activity?\nI did a paper trade on NVDA and I saw it hit past my mark of 112 all the way down to 107, but on the weekly chart it shows the lowest price only hit 112.60\nSo what I'm asking is how would my naked 112 put have been affected by the few seconds/milliseconds that the price was at 107?
Chancey Rene
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Chris Gionas
A lot of thought provoking points were made here, but i found the example of shorting the 2008 collapse a very strange one. You basically argued that: at anytime some people will be bullish some will be bearish, you didn't mention that these select few were bearish...were bearish for a very specific reasons...\n\nI dont know if you've seen the big short, but the first charactor who gets the idea to short (Michael Burry) did so with logic and reasoning. He literally dissected mortgage bonds and inspected thousands of loans inside of them, and soon realized...these are crap, and once the new rates kick in during 2007 these CDO's will be garbage. That's not \
@Sky View Trading I\
DCT Wealth
Great video -- much appreciated !
Dassd Schsdu
David Glover
Well, the people who predicted the '08 crash did so based on the mortgage backed securities that caused it. Not based on the \
Great Video!!!
Eoin Green
The opening theme \
Felipe S
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Ferdous Adnan
What Tool/Software is used to make this video??
You said you make profits by trading options, the question is: can you beat the market by doing that? If you just buy an S&P500 fund you will also make a profit in the long run.
Hemant Pandey
Buying and selling is emotional decision. Emotions are not efficient and hence the hypothesis of EMH is a paper tiger. We all know that jewellery is not worth the cost + making charges but emotions made us believe that.
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This guy has noooo clue what his talking about
Jack Middleton
Cap potential with high probability of gains... Why not just buy bonds then?
James S
Did no one see the big short?
Jeff Martinez
As usual great work Adam.
Jose Garcia
thanks for being REAL and STRAIGHT up with sick of these dudes that claim to be the best in the markets and to sign and buy their product.......that is why I warn people not to believe every youtube video and not be so gullible.............when they can learn for FREE...FREE....FREE if they just do the research... homework and learn as much as you can.......especially those who confuse OPTIONS TRADEINDING with BINARY OPTIONS...........I warn people to stay away from all overseas BINARY OPTIONS you will lose your money.........
Joseph Hemingway
The market is predictable but not 100%\n\nBut you can research and see what happens\n\nIts not just chance\n\nLike warren buffet always beat market and so did other people did using his strategy\n\n\nSynthetic stock is short plus long\n\nNothing is ever mispriced it is only bades on prople emotions take adv. Of this\n\nOptions?
Katzer Ewald
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Kenneth DiChiara
Hi, I just subscribed to your channel. I’m new to this and trying to learn as much as possible. Just wanted to ask what program do you use in the video to view options??
Would you like to answer my question? How does information system affect market efficiency? kind regards
Mac Millan Lawyn
Never saw so much follishness reunited
Mahetab khan
waiting for another excellent video, so much knowledge in just lil slides wonderful indeed
Mamunur Rashid
Utter 'nonsense' video. A waste of time!!!
Marvi Rafael Montecillo
i'm new to trading but this sounds very much like what nassim taleb describes in his book \
Mat Allen
Your video is on under the wrong title this was not the stock market for beginners also you spoke in circles to mislead and confuse people
Mike McGlock
Biased video to sell and promote your courses.
Nelson David
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At 3:37 the author of this video falls victim to the gamblers fallacy. In short, the odds of a coin landing heads or tails is always 50%, regardless of the previous result. This applies to all chance based algorithms.
Patriot Priest
I really enjoy the efficient way in which you explain something and make it understandable even though I cannot grasp the subject fully. Can’t wait to learn more.
Pocket change
Great video, thanks!
Prince Agu
how did yo make these video animations?
R0man 009
Rahul Rajput
wow man...\njust found ur channel...\nu r superb..\n\nThanks a ton...\nfrom India.
Rainman J
I love the videos first of all I I wanted to bring up a question. keith miller and john marshall are both hedge fund options traders they trade only out of the money options with 2 months or better time decay..and when implied and historical volitility are cheap what do you think about that strategy? everyone has their own strategy right?
Richard Howell
Seven minutes of my life have been wasted. People who buy the dip make money. This has been true since 1929 - the ultimate dip that I wish my great-grandpappy would have bought. Those who aren't into buying the dip, figure out other ways to turn a profit. It's as easy as that. But to suggest that we're all turning profit because of \
Sean Mastro
He makes his money by Selling the Puts or Calls to the people that do not understand that Market Efficiencies Exist.
Serena Hussain
i have homework question: Very risky stocks on average yield higher returns than relatively safe stocks. Is this a violation of market efficiency?\nhow can i go about answering this?
Shaun Masi
Just found you. Subscribed!
Squeek Music
Forget to include \
Steve Patterson
You forgot one very important fact. In order for all the information to move price to the \
I have to say, as someone about to graduate with a degree in finance and someone who manages his own portfolio you just about nailed it. \n\nThe only thing I would add is that markets are not always efficient. One reason is because there is a herd effect in the market which causes short term misprizing. Another reason has to do with timing although markets are notoriously quick to correct. \n\nI'm looking to learn more about options so I'll check out your other videos. \n\nAgain, great job! Thanks!
If it's always efficient though, then why would there even be crashes like the great recession in 2008, or the dotcom bubble? If it's efficient, wouldn't all of that be priced in and the markets never wildly rise or fall at all? How does EMH handle blindside events like that?? Loving the content by the way. I intend to watch every video you've got up on this channel lol.
Troy Trentham
Respectfully disagree. The fact that certain investors or traders (Warren Buffet, Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio) have beaten the markets over very long careers shows that markets are not perfectly efficient. It is possible, although extraordinarily hard, to beat the market over ones lifetime and the fact that people do suggests markets are not perfectly efficient.
Yes markets are efficient. But 90% investors are fools, resulting some shares to rise more than they need to(cause of over-buying by those 90%) and some shares fall more than they need to (cause of over-selling by those 90%), That's why to outperform market you just need to buy cheap shares and sell expensive ones.
Vuong Tran
great video! whats the outtro song btw?
Yogeeswar Pal
Yo! your videos are great and very helpful, I remember you mentioning about predicting Volatility, is it Index VIX or individual stock you are talking about? and how to do it, knidly make a video about it if possible
Total BS...EMH is a joke. Market crashes would never happen if what you're saying is true.
abdul ghaffar
I have Question : would trading like this basically be like gambling ???
No counter-arguments? You make EMH sound like a religion. You forget who is using the market: people, which means that there is plenty of behavioral action going on.
buckminster fullerene
Do you have anything to say about crypto currencies any insight
Your presentation Ignores a lot of data that goes against the assumptions of the EMH. Even a brief study of the markets and human nature, will lead one to quickly see how people, their reactions and common errors affect how market behave. The field of behavioral finance can explain far better these market behaviors which mostly go against the assumptions of the EMH. If you believe the EMH, that's ok for you and your trading style. One should trade in a style that fits their beliefs. But describing the EMH as if it is a fact, and implying that no other styles of trading will work, nor have an 'edge', is either arrogant or ignorant. There is a very long list of very successful traders with audited results (aka Market Wizards), each using a wide variety of trading styles, that have found how to make their style work very consistently. Its ok if you have found your style based upon your beliefs...but that does not mean that other beliefs or styles are not just as successful, if not much more successful.
What program do you use as the presentation?
laurens geluk
How do you make these video's? What program do you use?
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