Married life

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This video is about our married life, we tried to show you, in a funny way, a little bit of what we live daily with each other.It is amazing to be married but it has it's weird moments where have only one question in your head...."WHY??" We hope you will enjoy it we had loads of fun making it and if you have any funny stories please tell us.Thank you guys for your support, you are helping us grow a lot, each one of your likes and comments count for us.Thanks for watching, don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP if you've enjoyed watching this video and SUBSCRIBE.Get connected: Facebook: Instagram: Itallishcoralriccardo

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ommioddio sentire il tuo nome con un forte accento inglese è improponibile ahaha😂😂vabbe siete grandi continuate così 👊
Alice Z
Bellissimo video, ragazzi! Complimenti! Non sono ancora sposata, ma scoprirò qualcosa simile tra pochi mesi😂
Too funny :) I do the same thing with the blanket when it's hot!
Cristal Solis
😂 Yeah pretty much everything Coral was annoyed at is the same for me!!
Daniela Impellizzeri
vi adoro 😂
Bellissimo video! Siete simpaticissimi, oltre che belli insieme! Complimenti a te Riccardo, parli benissimo l'inglese!
FransenOrvilleWorld (#PinoyCH)
married life is awesome! lol
Giovanni Di Blasio
Vi sto seguendo da pochi giorni e già ho visto tutti i vostri video...siete troppo simpatici e carini...continuate così!!!! un abbraccio...bellaaaaaa 😂😂😂
Irene e il Brownconiglio
concordo esattamente con tutto...maledetta tavoletta del water!!!! xD ahahahah Facciamo che tu impari a chiuderla e Coral impara a dire il tuo nome in maniera decente!!! 😂😂😂😂 ahaha
Joseph Nardone
You guys are really a great couple. You were made for each other. Glad that you found each other.
Karen Militello
You two are so cute!!
Kristina Friggieri
Super glad I came across your channel ❤️ I love Italy and the uk so this is perfect 👌🏼😛
Lindy G.W & Curtis Carrington
So real. These couples scene can get us very very irritable and really vex, when they play out at home. Still I like the way u two, make it seem so comical. lol..
Luca DeFra
guardate Barnaby?
Pane di stella 😍
Ai Pan di Stelle non si può restistere! :)
Paolo Poggio
oddio quanto sono vere queste cose 😅😅 il caldo infernale nel letto 😫😫😫
Pink Rose
Ciao! \nIt was so funny to see room temperature and cuddling part!\n It is also same in japan.........(o^.^o)/\nThank you the video!
The toilet seat😂. And shoes being left everywhere😂 When will boys learn to be more tidy? I guess we'll never know... But I have to admit, I am more like Coral in this video. Always the one who is having cold, and I don't want to be cuddled when I am doing something.
Tom Cowley
Aha che è fantastico! Sono bene, perché parlo entrambi! Love the video guys! 😊
Zaynal Sikder
nice couple!!!
alma sandoval
When you guys will have a baby ??... it'll be nice to see a baby yours. I am pretty sure your baby will be so so beautiful.
ave mus
vi scopro solo ora, fantastici ahahahah
My wife eat to slow 😂 cool video guys 👍🏻
per favore potete mettere i sottotitoli italiani in ogni video??
mirko valle
non ce la faccio a sentire il tuo nome con l'accento inglese