Guy Who Put A GoPro On His Dog Is Chilled To The Bone When He Looks At The Footage

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►Watch the video here: https: // Who Put A GoPro On His Dog Is Chilled To The Bone When He Looks At The FootageMany dog lovers think it’s a shame that our furry friends are cooped up indoors all day, only to be confined to a leash when we take them for walks. Don’t they ever have opportunities to do as they please?Most people like the idea of having a pup who is well-trained enough to be “off leash” at the right opportunities, but even if the dog is trained, things can still go wrong. This is what Tommy Berglund discovered when he strapped a GoPro to his dog, Klara.What started off as a calm morning in the woods quickly went south when the dog stumbled upon some serious trouble—and filmed it all from her own perspective…►Source Image: Svensk Jakt / YouTube ► Story Source :► By : Tom Carlson►Audio by Scott Leffler:►For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]

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Where was the dogs owner? I use my dog for hunting game but never let him get to far from me he’s always within ear shot purely for this exact reason don’t want some predator like a wolf or cougar attacking my dog
Adrian Chan-Wyles
Sentimentalism anti-wolf propaganda. Hunting dog walks through a forest where wolves lives - and encounters wolves.
Alberto Rodriguez
Bet the owner of that poor dog wishes he came prepared.
Albin Edlund
the dog wore a protective vest that had small spikes on it to scare away any predator that would attack. that`s how the dog survived the attack and if the wolves were actually trying to kill the dog. it would be dead...
Alphonso Skate
The dog has steel armor on to protect from wolf attacks in which she did
Amanda Tenshi
Way to spin the original video. It’s not for the faint of heart, but the dog approaches the wolf first, which lowers and wags its tail submissively. Then the dog pursues it. When there are 2 wolves, 1 holds back while the other SEEMS (I could be wrong) to attempt to nip the get the dog to leave. THEN the dog draws blood at least twice before the second wolf gets involved. At that point it devolves into a vicious fight which continues for several minutes before the dog wins. Hardly a wolf just savagley and mindlessly attacking a Poor innocent dog that was just minding its business. Also, I really hold the owner responsible as that video is over ten minutes long with no sign of a human. I was suspicious that you suddenly stopped showing the GoPro video and only showed still pictures, which I also noticed were of the wolf darting to the side to avoid an attack with a clearly nervos expresion on its face. Thumbs way down.
Andas 76
Angela Fleming
I'm beginning to question the intent of the author of the video. Why was it necessary to place the go pro on his dog unless he expected trouble for the furball? Did he not hear the yelps and growls of the animals as they were approaching his dog. If I allowed my dog to run without the leash in the woods, I would be close by especially after hearing the sound of angry animals. Something is wrong with this storyline.
Annk Izzo
Is she ok
Bernadette Johnson
Drag it out why don't you, rubbish
Brothers In Arms
Why do wolves always like to start shit lol
Bruce Miller
Why can't we just watch the video? I don't understand why you are just showing us stills & narrating
Yawn, did I miss anything? How long did it take to finally get around to what happened?
Cbr Plays
Uhh 🙄 I *muted mouth* up
Chance Hale
I watch the video and there where not fighting they where play cause none of them where growling and if wolves do fight they don't take breaks like they where doing they where just playing around
Cody Golden
Please don’t make wolves out to be monsters we’ve already made them near extinct if you go into a forest you might find animals let’s just say that a dog running into a forest doesn’t realize there’s wild versions of it’s self that have to fight to eat and survive
D Ray
That's it, never another \
It's a woof not a wolf but a woof
Davrod Watto
So where is the video then??\nThought would have been good to show it after saying it's at the end!!!\nWhy was Clara in immense pain??\nDidn't say she was attacked ?
Deana Rupe
Clara was protected by the Stand your ground law.\n She wasn't going to let anything happen to her or her owner.
Why the hell are we looking at still images when this all came from a video, just put the flipping video on and let it play, click bait punk move!
Destine King
In the original video if you can find it, its not in English, she was indeed on the ground for a long amount of time
Glenn Dunn
Looks like they where just playing. Don't know what the narrator was talking about
Horror Head
Yea id much rather see a bunch of stills than the actual video 🤨
Horsecrazy 101
Wow...... my dog would wimp out lo XD he is pretty small anyways
Huntington Beach Sasquatch
@4:26 ...\
It annoys me
This deserves 10,000 votes down. There is no video at the end, as this manipulative narrator promises.
J Grant
The video said that the dog's owner was close behind. I assume that he must have heard all of this. Was he armed? I'm afraid that I would have rushed to the scene in defense of my dog and hopefully put down at least one of those wolves. The sound of fighting animals is chilling.
Jamie Cloud
You always take forever to get to the point in your videos; they are too verbose. Cut to the chase sooner. And speaking of videos, don't say one is going to appear...and then not include it.
Jdm Perry
It looked like more of a sexual attack in the actual video lol
Jeff Doucette
What is a woof? I mean I've heard of a dog, and a wolf...but not a woof
Jeremy Andre
I feel cheated. Where's the video
Jim Blalock
if the wolfs wanted to eat poor clara they would have.... at least 2 against 1 ... poor clara wouldn't have had a chance.... save the dramatics... it was simply clara coming upon to distant relatives in the woods... saying hi, and going their separate ways.
i saw the video. it really had me scared for the dog. And the wolves were being aggressive. during the video ''SPOILER\
Kaiser Frost
Lucky dog. Packs of wolves kill and EAT hunting dogs all the time! That's why you should always have at least two dogs. They stand a slightly better chance that way.
Kathy Williams
I found the link further down in the comments. It's horrible. I was hoping to see the owner come to her rescue. He didn't. The video ends and you don't know if she survived or not. The sounds made my heart hurt and and my stomach ache. She fought with all her heart and the sounds she made were not fierce, they were desperate. Why did they even put this video on here. I know I'm an old softy but I didn't like this at all. I'll go cry for her now.
Kentucky Wildcat
I have a feeling that the dog got too close to the wolves den. And if there are pups, the wolves were protecting the babies. Most likely the lone wolf that Clara met was the sister of the reigning alpha female and pup sitting. She sensed the dog, and in true wolf fashion, decided to look and size up the trespasser. When Clara did nothing, the wolf left but still kept an eye out. As the dog moved further into the vicinity, the wolf got wind of the dog again. This time, closer to the den. That's when she attacked. And I don't think it was right out aggressive. It was more of a \
Kevin LoGiudice
Fuk yer “video” man.
Kiki Motherlarry
“The woof”
You really throw a lot of heavy adjectives around. Stop personifying the dog and stop slandering the wolves. Your narration is ridiculously biased.
Lu Borges
the dog didn't die thank god
Lyndsey Fox
She's so brave!!!!!❤️❤️❤️😃😃😃
Matt A.
That was so irritating. Shut up and just play the video. Well, damn. The video was never played
Melissa Allen
The Dude that is \
Michele Jesse
WOLFS ARE *NOT* AS BAD AS YOU THINK! Sure they can be dangerous, but they won't attack for NO REASON!
Mitch Meier
Mohican Star
Dogoo met its long lost cousin!
Monica Rinaldi
It looks like a wild dog not a wolf. I seen wolf in Colorado much bigger more long fur and longer legs.
Thought there was an L in wolf.
My Love
Conclusion to this video\n\nAt the end of the movie, she just lies down and flirts, she seems to have given up. \n\
Natalie Fraser
Did Kara tell you that she wasnt she felt she was being followed
Nay Nay
Ok for everyone to Say\
Official Dallas
What video that follows there's no video
Pablo Carlo
We're the video guy, you said watch the video I don't see no video
Pat66 Herbert66
So... where's the footage of the wolf attack??
Soooo we can’t watch it happen?
Pure Genius
You mfs
I think you forgot something at the end of the video....
Rage Lanesown
*what an interesting sausage*
Ray Lopez
Where is the video to follow?! You NEVER put the links in! You need to stop these misleading videos!
Renelle Hurst
Norwegian elkhound
Rob G
Thanks for not showing the video. Misleading.
It would've been so much easier on yourself if you just showed us instead of narrating it like those tapes and books all of us read in middle school.
Sander Bauwens
Scotch_ OnRocks
What is this bs, wolves live in the wild, hunt in packs and are way more physically capable than most dogs, if wolves wanted to kill her out there, she'd be dead, he was just trying to chill w a bae
Scott McMan
Wolves are very smart and work together. It's obvious they knew the dog was coming and sent a scout out to draw her into a trap. You can see the scout is actually kind of playful at first trying to draw the dog further and further, keeping her occupied, so as not to notice the other wolves coming in around her.\nHowever, she's not stupid and seemingly uses their own bag of tricks on them, as at one point it's as if she lets the wolves drag her, exerting energy while she lays and rests, before standing up and fighting again.\nI have seen a lot of stuff on wolves, but I'd still love to have an expert analyze this encounter. To me, they saw her as a rival, not prey. Maybe they just wanted her to submit and when she finally seemed to do so, they left. Or maybe she was just so injured, she could no longer stand.\nMy friend was kicked out of his house at 15 and lived in a cabin in the woods. He had a Shepard mix. One day he walked from the cabin to a stream about 150 yds away for water and ran into a pack of feral dogs. He ran for the cabin, dogs chasing behind. Just as one had latched onto his foot, his dog broke the chain holding it near the cabin and came running, slamming into the lead dog, knocking it over. My friend ran into the cabin and watched thru the window as his dog fought with the pack. One dog, the biggest, just sat nearby watching. Once the others had tired my friends dog enough, this big dog (likely the alpha) lunged in and bit my friend's dog in the head, then stood over him growling. Then he walked away and barked once, causing the others to follow. That was it. I guess he was satisfied that he'd shown he was boss. The next day, I was up on that mountain hunting and this pack followed me for hours, always staying far enough away that I could only see glimpses of them. This was one of two packs running deer in the area. One pack was hunted down and all the dogs were shot. The other was hunted and half of them were also shot, which caused the rest to leave the area.\nIf you see a scruffy dog in the woods, be very cautious. It may be part of a large feral pack.
Seropnio 808
What \
Skye Black
Or just.. stop talking and let the video play
Congrats on not linking the video. \nSpeaks volumes on your motivations. This is one of the first and certainly the last video of yours I’ll be watching.\nGood luck!👍🏻
Summer Smith
Delete this video
That dog died in this video and I hope to God the owner gets prison time
TJ Nulph
This 🎶😂
TheRunningWolf Animations
Ok, so im seeing comments say \
Tlingit1990 L.
Where’s the actual video with no commentary
Treasure Island
*I checked out another link & the dog ended up bruised & bloodied but healed fine..She was out hunting with her owner & the two wolves ran into klara the 4 yr old swedish elkhound dog. The protective go-pro steel vest wrap around & other gear protected her from serious lethal bite marks. This happened almost 2 years ago but the dog healed nicely. My personal opinion I think the owner shouldn't have been so far back. Lesson learned perhaps..peace* ✌
Tyger Franklin
I don't blame the bear kenai
Vidi Van Buren
A dog and a woof? Did you say, \
Wendy Lea
It would of been nice to see the ending or a link in the description to the actual video. This just ends up being an annoying video with no ending.
Will Torres
Why not show the video?? Instead of reading it to us like a children’s story
Klara is one brave dog!
Wolf Daddy Leyton Jay Cougar
You have no idea what you are talking about. Not one image showed aggression! wolves are very rarely aggressive. I have seen more wolf behavior than most dogs and humans. The ear and body posture on the wolf is not an aggressive posture at all! People need to stop demonizing natures dog!! I call total BS!
Wyatt Rownd
A wuff
Zoe Applebee
Ok....the only reason that wolf attacked that dog was the dog showed aggression first. Of course the wolf is gunna attack the dog if the dog shows it agression on ITS territory. Heck those first few images that are shown are of SUBMISSION not aggression. Stop portraying wolves to be these monsters. In actuality they are FAR more docile than dogs due to the fact they are genuinely very shy creatures! The poor wolf was trying to protect it's territory and saw the dog as something interiguing and new, thus it didn't attack at first and ran off to observe. As soon as the dog showed agression the wolf took it as a threat to it's territory and started to fight over it's home. This is NATURAL behavior in wolves! Not because it had some vendetta against the dog! It sickens me that you claim to know facts, when truly good sir you know nothing. \n The odds of being attacked by a bear are more common than you being attacked by a wolf. Hell how often have you heard of a wolf attack happening to someone this year? Rarely ever. Now think about how many times you hear about people getting attacked by dogs. Wolves are not meant to be pets, nor treated as monsters. They are their own being and deserve the same amount of respect we give other human beings. Neither animal in this video was in the the only one in the wrong is the foolish, stupid, uneducated human narrating the video.
boy girl and a dad
So one of my professors is a wolf expert, spent most of his time living on Isle Royale studying them, so I'd like to pass on what I know. Just the way a wolf's skull is designed is massively stronger than that of a dog. If you look at the strongest bite of a dog, which is the Rottweiler, it has a bite strength of right around 330 pounds. A wolf has a bite strength of about 1200 pounds of bite strength. This is an incredibly strong bite and is evident in some moose wolf kills where even the largest of the moose bones are totally consumed.\nBottomline is that if the wolf wanted to kill that dog it would have just happened easy as pie. \n\nMy theory on why it didn't happen is perhaps the wolf was looking to mate with the dog. The reason that I'm saying this is because the dog wasn't killed and wolf's often breed outside their species. The Eastern Wolf is nothing more than a coyote/wolf hybrid, smaller and more aggressive.
Note to self:  avoid \
Next time let the damn video play, and STFU!!
deborah christensen
Glad the dog is ok God Bless her.
diddle ledee
Where the hell was the owner was he just watching???👎
dyaki Aqui
Where's the video then??
Your observation and assessment of the original video is totally wrong. That one Wolf is totally harassing chasing and biting Kara the whole time who was on the run and trying to defend herself - obviously afraid for her life. Then the second one joins in and participated in this game. That dog never stood a chance and was never on the top end of this scuffle. You’re also very boring. Blocking you from showing up on my feed anymore.
this is normal behavior for think this is something? Try going out on the front porch in the morning and finding out that coyotes killed and partially ate your dog the night you survey the pieces carelessly strewn around the front...\n...then you start to wonder about the chickens...\n\n(damn, hungry now) ;\u003e)
Wtf He said wait till you see the video and there was no video
The \
Clara's like: \
wilim rice
*cute fluffy wolf*\nThis was a terifing pic very monster a n g r y wolf scary