Italian Men Talk Approach & Italian Stereotypes

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"If she says no, I just find another one"I teamed up with an Italian Youtuber Lucrezia to make a video on some Italian pick-ups.We comprised the funniest moments and funniest men here. Stay tuned for YKYD AN ITALIAN MAN WHEN...Lucrezia's channel: ...Business/personal emails: [email protected]

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19890 16
I wanna live in Italy 🇮🇹 damn I would die just to see so much beauty lol
Alessia Borri
noi italiani parliamo inglese come se fosse la nostra prima lingua AHAHAHAHA
Alessia Esposito
Yeeee finally a video about my country
Alison Jay
Pizza guy is awesome. He's hot, he like pizza, he's funny. Perfect there we go \nPerfetto
Amine el
Italians are a hybrid version of moorish north African and germanic europian features that gives you this beautiful look features from both beard thik eye browse a lil bit brown skin etc they seem to me as some syriens seriously some white syrians
Amy Ruiz
The pizza guy was adorable
Ananda D'Aquino
I feel so confortable with these guys speaking this way. Actually, I always feel confortable close to italian people. They are so funny and kind.
Angie Gonzalez
I love italians and that accent. Mamma mia, i'm in love. Que hombres tan guapos \u003c3
Ankine Apardian
props to the guy that writes letters
Anna Te
Comunque mamma mia i più cafoni sono andate a trovare 😂
Anto YT
Girls..... I'm Italian lol
Antonio Maldonado
Do a video like this but on italian women.
Aysia Santana
the Mediterranean produces some of the most heavenly looking people I've ever seen
Black Rose
Why are Italian men so handsome?
Briana Schino
HAHAH those boys are very cocky!
Chris Greece
Una fazza Una raca!!! 👌
The guy who writes letters is gorgeous omg!
Crystal K
Awww the guy that writes letters! That's so sweet
Cáca Milis sa Seomra Spraoi
No pizza, is impossible! Absolutely true! :D
Daisy Taylor Jones
They cheat and lying don't trust them I went out with a guy called GINO TERMINIELLO what a lying rat
Daniel Bengurion
I was checking out their scruff! ;) I love a well groomed Italian man with a nice beard!
Daniel P
100% Italian checking in. Born in the United States though.. but all my roots are form Italy :)
Daver G
Funny. \nMy cousins and their friends have been to Italy,and I have known quite a few women who took a trip to Italy..and they all complained about the constant \
AAAAWWW the guy that still writes letters melts my heart
The most of Italians are clearly descensientes of Arabs and Africans. They do not resemble the Europeans.
Frances Van Siclen
Italian men are so adorable- they are manly and have so much character in their faces- actually Italian women are beautiful, also - all old souls !
Gemini m8 :-)
Guy in the red sweatshirt was the cutest imo (; \u003c3
Gianfranco W
2:21 what is ronda rousey doing in Italy?!
Giggle Muh
that guy in the red sweater was really sweet * ^ *
Giuseppe Nuno
Thank you for making a video for Italians!
Grecia Baíza
I love Italian men, they're gorgeous!
Habiba Da Silva
They're all so beautiful aha no wonder all those terrible chat up lines work! Great video
Jade ._.
Italian men are so hot and thier accents are so sexy like damnnnnnn mamma miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Jdjajsmms Msmzmsnsn
but but.. what about \
Kara Leach
American guys will never compare to Italian men! I would be in big trouble if i ever went to Italy. Too many handsome men 😍
Kerry Zeppelin
The guy that wrote letters is awesome, more guys should do that
Khanh Ho
Italian women, when they come to the States, feel ugly. Nobody is complimenting them all the time. They feel that Americans are cold. This, according to several Italian exchange student friends at university.
Kiara Verona
I ma italian And ...... They are amazin But They have no head no responsability... maybe one on 1000 like guy that Wrighting letters... I am single And i'm sad....bacause i dond want To be a trofeo And tomorrow goodbye......
Kookie Jeon
#2:25 omg the guy with the sunglasses on top of his head. his so hot
Omg some of those men though 😍
Layan Bubbly
wow, one of those Italians was so handsome. nice pick Marina
Italian men are gorgeous😍😍😍
Learn Italian with Lucrezia
It's been so fun filming with you!! 😁🎉
Lilith Belladonna
I love Italian men 😍😍😍
Local Booga
so many thirtsy girls in this thread...
M I N A 1993
Italian guy : would you like to eat pizza with me?\nMe : marry me now
Marco Formisano
the average italian's english really sucks, my god, we are really messed up
Maria C
Marie Rodriguez
I need an Italian man nowwwww
Marta Di Sabatino
I'm italian and i don't really think those guys were good looking, i would say maybe \
Melina M
Love italian! The most closer to Latin America, they are like the only one in all Europe who give love to women being nice!
Mer veille
No Pizza is impossible :'DDD I would date him :'D Pizza all day ev'r day :'D
Mia Lovely
The guy that actually hand writes letters would win my heart in a second! Most people don't do that anymore. But I still do, and apparently so does he. so... ;-)
Mimi M.
how are italian men \
My physics professor is Italian and he is gorgeous. I love Italian American men also 😍
Moroccan Girl
They all got a beautiful accent
1:40, 2:25, 2:40, 3:08 this video has just too many good moments! :D I love it. If I could give it 20 thumbs up, I would!
Nicolas Nicolas
Viva Italia !! Greetings from France.
Wattpad made me fall in love with Italian guys 😍😂
Pro Nickyyy
I’m Italian, I love being Italian
It is really weird how Italian Italians are so much different in every way than Italian Americans.
Ronnie B
I think Italian men are quite charming in many aspects. But let me say the waiters in Florence are absolutely handsome !!
Imagine going to your desk and seeing a guy wrote you a letter what he admires about you I'd cry that's so romantic 😭
both italian men and women are beautiful and sexy!
Sakeeb Kamal
Italian men are good looking to be honest!
Sami Rae
Start of vid: \
Sara Ferrandina
Sara Petizzi
The only thing you can get from this video is that italians guys have no idea how to speak english.
Sarah Hasan
The one who writes letters oh my god so cute 💕
Impression I've got from getting to know them (and I've met quite a lot of them) is that they act the way they act because they're mostly driven by the stereotype that follows them. Not trying to work on themselves to improve themselves-\n(\
Sexy Bunny
italian men 😍
Simons Gordon
Not bad video Marina! Italian men have a different way to get women over there! Beblssima! Congratulationzione!
This video made me laugh SO MUCH specially because I was in Rome 2 weeks before you did. So fun!!!!! (Lipe)
Sunggyu Is My Type
I think their humor, is the most charming, it comes naturally to them without being vulgar or rude.
Sunshine Yildiz
I probably will marry an italian in future lol
The Vegan Anarchist
Italian men are hot and charming.
Valentina Melethiel
Mamma mia Raga come siamo messi male con l’inglese in Italia! 🤦🏻\u200d♀️😂
Veronica Zuccarello
I prefer...speak..spontaneità!LOL
Yana Zettel
oh my God, the guy who said \
aka ringo
A guy who still write a letter, if he is dating me i'm sure i'll be fall for him so hard 😍😍
Wow Italian guys are gorgeous
christina's view
I m greek and they look greek! srsly I wouldn t have guessed they are Italians... una facha una racha
Italians are so hot
jambo jambogb
Italian guys have amazing lovely cocks ❤️
laura carre
Damn Italian men are hot
0:54 guy in left was fine. And 1:40 he is adorable aw he writes letter?
“You are beautiful like the Colosseum at night” jajajajajaja \n“does it work?” “Yes”\n“Does it work on Italian girls?” “😂no”
nick bio
italians look like greeks,proof that greeks are not fking sons of turks
Make a video about dating an arab woman ( Arab does not equal muslim - arabs can be from any religion )
o Daq
I wanna marry italian man
Rome doesn't represent the whole of Italy, there are plenty of differences to the south of the city like Napoli and to the north like Firenze.
So I guess ALL Italian men have beards. Well there's always one \u003e\u003e 2:37
sarah p
Gosh I'm not into Italians (as I'm Italian myself) but the guy in the blue shirt (last one talking) is beautiful 😱
shana mohanty
i love italian men \u003c3 ... love from india \u003c3
I would be in a constant swoon if I came to Italy! The Italian people\nare some of the most gorgeous on the planet! And this video proves it!\nNow, could you please send Raoul Bova or Luca Argentero my way? :)
2:30 he's cute