Jennifer Lopez - Booty ft. Iggy Azalea

Jennifer Lopez "Booty” (ft. Iggy Azalea)Get “Booty” feat. Iggy Azalea here:

Booty Capitol Jennifer Lopez Pop Records

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I just came here for the big booty👀
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I want to see the reaction of their kids to this video ten years later..
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*B O O T Y*
Remember when music was made for the ears and not for the eyes.
65 rogeryork
For those of you who couldn't take it, the video did give a clear warning.
Adrian Bredell
J Lo is the original
Deep song, real touching lyrics, made me cry a little.
Ali awada
I want to see her kids reaction 🤣🤣🤣😍😍
Anthony Gilbert
At least Jennifer has a real ass haha love them both
Ariel Cruz
*pulls down pants immidiently*
Arturo Ibarra
Who came because Jlo and Iggy had their asses together?
Aryan Stan
Category\r : M̶u̶s̶i̶c̶ Porn
Bambam Bigelow
It's tough when you have no talent. You have to resort to being a pornographic hoe in the name of an artist! :P
Becca Capshaw
If anyones booty deserves an anthem it would definetley be J-Lo lol
Black Panther
Iggy. + JLO = anal.
Bowe Mikkelson
Bruh this legit what started me off in beating off, I didn’t know how to use safari so I just pulled up this and it worked for like a year
Brandon Palmer
Big booty but you got a big booty💓💋
CmPunkLoquendo2009 Loquendo
This song reminds me a WWE wrestler called rikishi LOL
Shoutout to the cameraman for recording this with one hand
Daniel Allen
I showed this song to my d now it’s hard
Dayan Shan
Looks like the music industry is competing with the porn industry.\nI forgot the time when singers used to sing.
Dori Alliu
100% porn 0% music 🤣🤣 xD
what a stupid nonsensical song, after all the good music she made as well. \n\nsold out with her dumb butt on a video, how shameful LOL
El Jvic cisneros
2019 ❤🙌👑💖
Erica Gonzalez
Estefani Aguilar
Ok I'm a teenager and even I think it's horribly disgusting how JLo is acting. With all these celebrities and singers talking about \
ExOtiC KaHn
Hit Like if U are listeninG in 2019..😉😍
Ezio Auditore
%60 booty\n%20 boobs\n%15 beat\n%5 music
FaZe Rain
This was more of a porn than a music video.
Who came just to see the booty?
Gard York
Guy 2005
Wish i'd been the one who recorded that music video
Thanks for making me fail no nut november 😌
Harry Senior
A moment please for the sperms sacrificed to this video
Hugs Epiphany
This makes me wanna die inside and makes me lose faith in humanity
Like- This one\nComment- Anaconda by Nicki Minaj
It’s arie Boiii
It’s hard to type with your face \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nBecause you better be holding a cross and the Bible
Jamilly Panta
Am i the only one here thinking that nowdays song are just about asses shaking???\nSeriously??
Jesse Paul
Bootys and boobs are cool
Jhonata Silva
Jono Little
2019 ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Small Booties turn to shine' 😚
Júnior Vieira
Keisha Vahey
December 2018??
Køõkië Fetish
Oof the people who filmed this and edited this sure had fun
Lana Mia
Hm. Can't wait 'till her kids see this.
I came\nI saw\nI came
I was born in the wrong generation
Maria Sutjiati
Music: 1%\n Porn: 99%
Mateja horvat
No im not horny !\nNo im not ...\nIm fuckinggggg hornyyyyyyy 💦
Max Yeargain
Its hard to write this comment with only one hand
Medine Aykan
God I'm nutting so hard
Nirva Rene
Pornhub have this video on speed dial.
1. Girls ruling the orld\n2. Single ladies\n3. Ain't yo mama\n4. Now songs about ass and but lmfao\n\n\n\nIs it just me or anyone jealous and want to have thic booty... ;-;
Piney Pineapple
Sponsored by fishnet leggings LOL
Prem 101
🌹💋I love jlo 🎊2019
Pusheen The Cat
1:54 *Bubble Gum*
JLO son is watching this too.......
Jennifer Lopez is old as dirt and the older she gets the more like a hooker she acts
Rick Sutherland
J Lo....DAMN!!
RowFer Blaine
*waiting till her kids watch this*
Rufat Kazimov
2019 January?
Can't wait for new single 2017 \
Schoolboy Q
It's hard to type with one hand.
Szabo Ronaldo
She is so hot!!!!!!
Tariq Alich
Comments:\n\n95%-Jealous girls\n\n5%-Talented guys who can type with one hand... :3
The Only Gođ
Anyone here on Christmas?
Theo H
2018 anyone?
Totally TJ
it's hard to believe J-Lo was 45 when this came out
Trinna Adams
She was trying to hard to move her booty. She was using more back and hip sorry but your booty is'nt that big and neither is Iggys. Still gorgeous tho
dang viscous oil
Ven Em
so.... who ISNT masterbating
Nice body Jlo
Vivien’s Channel
2\n 0\n 1\n 9?❤️
Vlad Dmitriev
Wayne Rodgers
Definitely had me hard
MUSIC : 01 %\nPORN  : 99 %
I think I saw a butt......
Xl Remix
i wanna unhinge my jaw and fit jlo's whole booty in my mouth
Zionist Mangler
I'd like to watch JLo dominate Iggy and turn her out.
Zorro II
No steroids, no silicone, no fix a flat! Just grade A meat!
Zouhair Ayach
What is the message for this music video 😐😀
\\/\\/anna/-\\ CRy??
ajay kumar
Actually it's small booty \n.
big j
When her kids see this \nThey will say ‘’incest is wincest
fluffyslime unicorn
Since when did Jlo become a pornstar? Seriously I wanna know.
Jennifer's butt may not be big, but it is still very tempting and REAL. You do not need a huge butt and big breasts to be sexy. I admire many shapes and sizes of beautiful women.
justdevil ASMR
more porn then music
First Anaconda and now this ._. What's next Booty and Anaconda mashup? *omg the nightmaresss* XD
maria marquez
Kim Kardashian would be so proud of her😂😂
niyuanie robinson
I'm writing this with my mouth
Whoever dislikes this is gay
the Jiminator
Youtube is red\nFacebook is blue\nPornhub is down\nThis will do
waleed samiul
porn hub part 2
this porn has a good song
Κατερινα Κ
+1 2019