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ABC English
Thanx Gabby..but it would've been great if you had recommended the replacement of must and mustn't??
Ace Marshall
Gabby você esta cada dia mais linda
Afsal Afzz
Miss i have a doubt. What is the common differences in amarican English and British English?
Ahnad Adnan
Actually this is my first time to watch you Gabby.however, i think the British English is taught worldwide more than the American English so that the textbooks take the use if must in British English . Do you think British use “must or mustn’t “ as the American do?
Alex Alas
Thank your videos are Amazing
Ali Morsi
Thank you
Allan Velasques
thank you
André Custódio
I don't knew what's the difference between must and should. But, I had already notice that must is not used very often.
Betinho Do Grau
*Na luta tentando aprender , the speak inglish* this video is very good!\nBR na área! hahaha!!
Native English speakers do use must a lot. American speakers don't use it as much but British speakers do.\nStudents should also avoid using, should in place of must, because should doesn't mean, must.\nEven \
Caboco Carlos
Nice to meet you
Carlos Corona
Gaby thanks for your advice the most importan issue is stop to say thanks god because is a sin saying a holy name un vane se must not say holy name in vane se could finish in the hell your loyal friend and student from Guadalajara Jalisco México Carlos corona
Cindy Clarissa
Now I know how to use must correctly!
Daniel Henrique de Araujo
Linda demais.
Di Kiddo
Your teeth are so bright I can't tear my eyes from them) And your pronunciation is adorable 😊
Ecstatic channel
Good class professor Gaby ..
Eldinei Pereira
Hi Gabby, your tips are very useful thanks for help as to learn English
Elimar Zordan
When I saw your vídeos some months ago, for me you spoke so fast, but now, I can understand everything, without problem. Thank you so much
Emiliano Graminholi
From Campinas - São Paulo - Brazil... I hail you!!!
Erfan Ahmadi
I'm trying to make a natural text. Goodnight teacher. Thanks God that you give us some advices. We must thank you.😂😂😂😂😂JK😉😉
Ermek Ermekbaev
Hello How are you, beaautiful woman))
Felipe Farias
Your speak is pretty easy and comprehensible to understand, i feel odd when i realize english language is that simple. Go Natural with Gabby 💪
What about piece of advice?
Gleyson Mendes lopes da Costa
Thank you very much for your advice sweet Gabby Wallace. I learn quit a lot with your tips. Thank God we have you to help us in order not to commit those mistakes again. But Gabby, would you have any recommendations to help me out in order to understand books in English laguage? I mean, it's because sometimes it's so difficult. Thanks in advance!
Go Natural English by Gabby Wallace
We're also language learners here at Go Natural English! We understand how frustrating it can be to make mistakes in a new language, and we want to help you understand these mistakes so that you won’t repeat them again. Check out our lesson above and on our blog to make sure you're not making these mistakes! 😘
HADI hadi
But when they used Teacher word, thats men more respctation because that mean they respect you more...
Ham P
Yeah, it is differentiated...\
Helio Sai
In the last video you spoke so fast and in this video you spoke so slowly.
Holger Kraft
I'm German and for me it sounds really really strange NOT to use teacher but professor.
Huma Aziz
Miss Wallace I have a question that how can I practice alone because I don't have any companion to speaks with me
Gaby você é linda sabia? Eu sou apaixonado por você!!! Beijos
Minuto 8:50 don't call you teacher teacher🤔🤔🤔 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣👏👏👏
Jan Novák
Hi Gabby,\nI am really glad I found your channel. I am from the Czech republic, and at the moment I am studying for the Cambridge tests in Brno. I am 14 and I hope i will do these tests I should be on A2 grade of English but this test should prove that I am on B1 grade so I am really excited, and I hope your videos will help me. I love your channel, Martin :)
African immigrants are really bossy be they tell me what I must do!
Just John
Teacher - by their Name or ask them how they would like to be called\nMust - only with logical guess / use should instead\nGood night - don't use it as a greeting.. Say Good evening instead\nThanks God - remove 's'\nAdvices - remove 's'\n\nBefore Watching: I must study english. Thanks God teacher for the advices. Good night. \nAfter Watching: I should study english. Thank God Gabby for the advice. Good evening. \n\n😅😅😅
Karen Vill
Teacher use, it actually depends on culture like in the philippines, it's rude if you call your teacher by their name alone.
Karima Essatty
Very useful.. Thanks
Kill Bill
i need a partner to practice my English, as in my surroundings English is not spoken.\nPlease if anyone could help me out.\nBTW my name is Aamir
Kirdneh Tesla
Lene MBCarvalho
Great video! Thanks, Gabi 💕
M Kh
Thanks , please write the text ,it is better fore us as a biggener
Mad Villa
I am from India. I have done my 10th....your video is very helpful really... And english language is very good.....
Mahmoud Muhammad
From jordan. I love you.🌷❤💚
Marina Carassato
Hi Gabby!!!! A new subscriber here!! What a loooovely accent!!!!! Thank you for this fantastic video!!!!
Max Kzhv
Very useful advice 😀
Mohammed Abohafe
For 'must' and 'mustn't' ..why textbooks insist on teaching us them though, and why they don't adapt ur point of view which u affirm it is not real with native speakers?
Murat Arıcan
I m hungry to improve it, and to need practice it. Who may to be my enlish practice friend worldwide... I m waiting.
Murat Sobacı
Who's watching this video from Turkey, please like my comment 😀
Myrna Sosa
2:01 \n1. Teacher\n2. Must or Mustn't\n3. Goodnight\n4. Thanks God \n5. Advices
Thank god. God very good YouTube alot 😅
Ocama El Harmali
Hi Gabby, thank you for those advices, and I think you don't say thank gad, because you are not a muslim person, so you should knowing about religions ;) \nAnyway \
Omar Pastul
I have never seen must and should as the definitions you say, must : something very important, and should as less important than must. Textbooks say must is for an obligation, should for suggestions and advice. Well, you can have 100 of years of experience but even in the US you speak diferent according to where you live. You have a nice pronunciation I love that.
Periklis Gewrgiou
Thank you very much Gabby ,it was very helpful
Phenomenal Sanjeev
Nice collection Gabby, Great come back with a strong topic I'd like to request you that please make a video on some similar words like Simultaneously, Simultaneous, Similarly so on so forth how to understand or how to use them.
Ramdas Karhale
Good vdo!!! Thank you mam
Rasha Sayed
Thanks for your advice \nGood bay\nThank God \nShould not must
Renat S
YOur course is very expensive :(
Sampath Kumar S
Respected Madam\nI am from India. The way you present the usage of English words is amazing. If I was lucky to have a fantastic teacher like you I would have scaled good heights in English proficiency. Thank u. With best wishes. Looking forward for more such useful videos from you.
Sara Ali
Hello Gabby👋, l wanna thank you😳 . You help me to improve my English language. You are amazing teacher💓💓
Shankar Selvakumar
Hi gabby thanks to information nice voice I like it
Smn Shah
Gaby, learn Hindi n Urdu too. Use few words here n der in your video, it will work Gold for u. Luv u
Suh Bueno
Good morning from Brazil🇧🇷🌞💛
Sumi In Wonderland
An 80 year old man🤣🤣🤣
Swati Negi
It is disrespectful to call a teacher or any elder by his name...infact in India, the place of a teacher is above the God..we simply say 'sir' or 'madam' to our teachers...
Technical Niraj
Nice mam iam from India I want to learn English
Thë BëbO Mëëks
Only you speak inglés? You not speak Spanish?
Tuba Aamir
Hello ! Please explain the sentence structure sub will be verbing object.. what is the sense of such kind of sentences in english.
Vanclei M. Domingues
Thank you Miss Wallace. Thank God.
Vehbi. 14
Thank you Gaby .. for your educational advice .. thank God we have you in YouTube ..
Gabby your channel is going to 1million of subscriber ! !🇺🇸🔥
Younes Younes
I hope to write your conversation below i do understand you but some words i can not catch them
Хороший урок. Я все понял.
carlos santos
custom things
My mouth is burning after see your t-shirt!! Little pepper!! Pimentinha!!!
dachyyy blinks
Thank you Gabby this is very helpful😊
farzad n2
You're talking too slow even for beginners ... that's boring Gabby !
harshika harshika
Are you watching in 2018 like my comment
I’m having a poop right now 🤢\n\n*ZZPPFFRRTT* 💨💨💨\n\n💩\n\n😅
kabouch Abu Bakr
It depends on the culture of the community so, I insist on calling you as Ms or Mrs if you don't mind?
I feel sorry to someone that is gonna call me “Mr. Amornsirithada” instead of calling my first name. Bc my last name is too long. Hahaha
kinai abderrahmane
Hi Gabby what's deffirents between as you like and as you wish ? It's same?\nThanks
marco brenni
Thank you Gabby: you are teaching us modern English.
muhammad ali
so, from now on no more call teacher but call by their name.\nNo more use must, no more thanks god but thank god and no more use advices but advice. Good one. Thanks.oh, good night only use to say Good by.
nelson g
Dear Gabby, ver,very useful class ! Thanks for that. Greetings from Brazil
orlando alcantara
I like your blue eyes 🇩🇴🇩🇴😘
Here are five words that Americans need to stop using because they either have completely different meanings to what Americans think, or aren't real words at all.\n\n1. Momentarily. It does not mean soon. It means briefly.\n\n2. Surveil. We use the noun surveillance and the verb survey (not to be confused with the noun survey) as in \
shine pallippatt
Why do you introduce yourself in the beginning of the video (I am your English teacher instead of professor ).
simranjeet kaur
Describe your home ??\nMam i think its a introductiry question in ielts ....i want to ask u that can it be held as a cue card in th ielts test???
I thought that was interesting in some ways. For example, \
toui souvannalaght
Oh no! I always call my teacher that \
vaibhav bhalerao
Very nice info. And yes the T-shirt is good. :)
One thing that drives me NUTS when people start to become more fluent is the ghastly habit common to may english speakers - the dreaded 'like' as a filler crutch word. (My qualification? Non- native English speaker, fluent in English for 40 years, five languages and counting, hard lessons learned at Toastmasters). 😂
Иса Мунаев
It was helpful☺
Максим Шавырин
Hello, I heard one expression \
Светлана Демакова
Thanks for sharing such useful tips,Gabby!! I felt it while studying some textbooks,but you made it clear!
In Japan, when we speak to a teacher, we must call him or her SENSEI meaning teacher. Students are not allowed to call them Mr. XX or Ms. XX just by their name. \nBesides, we also call our doctor, dentist or lawyer SENSEI to respect their professional jobs as well.