How to Make Perfect Pizza Dough With DRY YEAST - For the House

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Abir Ahmed Rayhan
I want to use this method in my pizza shop. Is it possibl?????? Please talk me..
All nice and great but! you misleading a bit people! making pizza for the house oven but yet you use your own professional oven! If is for the house! then show us how its gonna be in the house! my friend! peace!
Like your videos very much. And sense of humor too ;)
Very well made tutorial video. The only problem was the big air bubbles he left on the edges. Before he even put it in the oven i knew it's gonna get burned to coal
Sei un grande, complimenti!
Andrew Laverghetta
I’ve had problems with my pizza being too watery in my home oven. I’ve found that I need to use mozzarella that has been wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and feels very dry compared to that in liquid. \n\nI bake my pizza on a steel under the broiler/grill in my home oven until it starts to look darker on the crust on top.
Bernard Tapie
why speaking with a fake indian accent ??
Betsy Morales
It's amazing how you focus about the importance of the different types of yeast, their flavors. Thank you for sharing.
Bill OKonski
Did you mean to say 1.5kg of flour? Your written recipe shows 1500kg which would be over 3,000 pounds
They say theres an app for everything but I cant find one to eat this pizza through my screen :/ . My pizzas suck. I follow recipes but they always come out different.
Chris Cabel
Very glad you posted this recipe for dough with dry yeast because that's the only yeast available in my area in South Carolina thanks absolve your videos
Actually this is very nice dough, especially for the house. But I find that with the dry yeast 6-8 hours is a lot of time to ferment.....It really over ferments. I did it for 4-4,5 hrs and it really turns out perfect !!!!
Dan Castle
Where did you get that box. I am looking for one
Danilo Sodano
Complimenti per il tuo video, dove hai la pizzeria io vivo a Scottsdale Arizona ed ho un ristorante e pizzeria, il mio impasto è molto simile al tuo solo che io ho un forno Blodget a gas, il risultato comunque è soddisfacente...ciao Danilo
Dhruba's Piano channel
Description: 1500kg flour lol
E.F do
Oh why you didn't cut that pizza to show us the pizza???? Make sourdough next time please, that's a GOOD pizza!
Ed Carbone
Another great video Vito
Elihu l.
tan rico como tu .... saludos desde la ciudad de mexico
Emil Savchev
ExOduS 666
Garry Sekelli
guy claims to be pro then burns the crust lol.
Giuseppe Rinaldetti
Ciao Vito, video interessante come sempre, ma vedo che hai messo su un bel po' di muscoli...sarà la pizza con protein powder? 😁😁 ciao e grazie.
Thanks bro\nGood jop ❤❤❤
Hm Rajon
Hunter Star
Thanks for the recipe, did you use instant dry yeast or active dry yeast?
Jaimie Steward
for a large pizza x1 it will be 1 cup of tepid water, 1 tbsp dry yeast, 1 tsp honey... 3 cups flour, 1 tsp salt, 2 tbsp olive oil.
Juan Manuel Miguez
Justa Viewer
American cooks take note: this guy keeps it clean and METRIC! None of the rest of the world has any clue what you mean by cups.
Kaled Abed
If i need to cut by half the quantities, what about the yeast?
Kevin Richards
that was ace man
I enjoyed your video and you accent. \nTip1- put more yeast so you skip 6-8 hours 😅\nTip2- there is NO WAY this oven is compared to our at home NOT EVEN CLOSE \nTip3- if you have an oven at your home, do this same recipe and use the home oven. \nTip4- I don't have this amazing mozzarella cheese so my pizza looks more modern than traditional 👎
King Manta
EZ home recipe, , really 10 hour rise on a simple dough.. pfff what a jip.
LIL Assa
always the best
Leo Ruocco
This takes way to long to make. If I was hungry when I started I would be dead before this pizza is ready .There are much quicker quality recipes out might be interested in doing a side-by-side test show the quick recipe as opposed to your recipe and a blindfold test. To see if it's worth while waiting all those hours.
Lightman 3D
Even with a lower temperature in your wood oven, the result will never be the same in a regular oven
I believed americans always buy prepackaged dinners ready to eat, so forget 'cups' and stay metric ... good cooks are in EU 👍👍👍👍👍
Lou Cifer
Bravo maestro!
1 kg of flour is 8 cups. So I am guessing 1500 kg of flour is wrong...
Maarten Valentin
Hi Vito, thank you for the video. Just a little bit of advice: if you refer to a different video (how to bake pizza at home), you should link it in this video! That is how you make it easy for the viewer, and it will make them happy - and subscribe ;)
Marcel Schulz
now all i need is a pizza oven at home
Marco Salari
Number 1 pizza in LA
Marlon Massanaro
You are the best!! I love your videos 👏👏👏
Martin Gallacher
That's a lot of flour! 1500g I hope... Can I ask what the oven temperature is for this recipe? and why the oil & sugar is used for home doughs?
Matthew Fultz
Every time I watch these videos I get closer and closer to building a wood fire pizza oven in the back yard. Although, I don't think I have the patience for day long dough. Haha
Mel Sharp
Can you freeze the dough
Mike Ivy
I too make my own dough...I will gladly try using my hands...nothing like dough...
Mordechay Benyair
Nancy W
Thank you for showing the recipe with dry yeast. It is hard to find fresh yeast. Now I can make your pizza!!!
damn this guy is the god of the pizza
Noah Gullan
How long does it rest for???
Really really nice BUT maybe you can do a little correction in the video description? „1,5 kg“ would be better than „1500 kg“?!\nEasier to handle😂😂
Ornella Chaouche
Grazie Vito per tutto !!! \nSei il megliore. .. adoro le tue video \nBaci del norte della Francia
Os Grace
If you have a regular oven at home i found it best to preheat to 250C• with the pan you cook it on heating up aswell, only then put the pizza on it and it will bake enough from the bottom..
my friend I live with my wife. how may pizzas you think I need to make in one night? I usually use 1 cup of water, 2.5 cups of flour, salt honey yeast and that makes 2 large pizzas for us. more than we can eat. your recipe is for feeding a soccer team. and in a convectional oven I can never achieve those bubbles and burnt crispy parts that give the pizza so much flavour. unachievable at home
Passing By
Thank u ..u are very nice person...😉😊
Pizarro Propiedades
great idea to write the Ricetta in diferent languages!!!! Ed G,sorry for my ingles!!!!
Proffesor David
Che Bellisimo Maestro Iacopelli!!! Grazie Mille!!! I want to make a pizza with you one day Sinore !!!
Great video!!! Gracias
Wooow رائع جداً 😍
Rafał M
We made the dough, easy and fast - after 12 hours of waiting...
Random, family Man
Just a follow up on the first pizzas, there were AMAZING!! Thank you for your videos. I’m going to upload a video a little later showing what I did!
Sambabodi Fatty
Great job I really learn alot from this but I find it very difficult to make pizza with chips can u please make a video of that 😘😘😘
Sebastian Jaramillo
Thanks Vito, awesome video!! Do you have a PROVA at Chicago?
Shane Witter
Does the mouse turd at 1:35 make it authentic?
Shannon McCullough
I have a pizza dough recipe that I really love; 3 cups self-rising flour and 2 cups Greek yogurt(room temp). Mix flour and yogurt then let dough rest for at least 30 min. This is for a 16 inch pizza. For 12 inch crust 1 1/2 cups flour and 1 cup yogurt.
Shlomo Venezia
Vito you are confusing the hopeless Americans once again with yet another broken English \
Tam Tam
Thanks for the recipe, looks delicious and I can't wait to try it out 💓
Italians I know would slap you in your mouth for that absurd played up accent.
Ufo Freedom
Thanks for arabic translation
Vincenzos Plate
Dry yeast always works perfectly
Yousif Youkhana
That oven is at least at 400C-450C. How is that low? You can never reach that at home unless you have some expensive equipment. \nEverything else was quite clear though, very nice dough. Thank you for sharing in metric units. Americans can eat frozen pizza.
Great job maestro! One question: could you please make a video about freezing Neapolitan pizza dough? I personally do a single dough every time I want to have pizza because I live alone, but I would like to start making 6-7 dough balls like you do and freeze them after, but I don't know when or how. (before or after proving?)
You are the best
barry arabia
Can this recipe be cut in half? I'd prefer not to use that much flour and make that much pizza
borny hitch
professional super mario player :D
it's almost midnight and i am hungry.. why am i watching this video? just so i get even hungrier?
vito you are the best
don aba
really confused about how much flour I should use I will be using use OO but have no idea the conversion to cups ,ounces etc can you help me thanks video was great btw !!!!!!
But the flower keeps secret, regular all purpose never will work, you must have strong flower that produces a lot of gluten.
ellyas jeffrynn
Can i freeze it this dough?
What am I doing wrong? I've tried to make this twice now following your exact ingredient measurements and at the first stage and slowly adding the flour into the water and yest a bit at a time I find the dough too watery. What am I doing wrong? 1000ml of water and 1000g of flour.
In your video you mention 10 grams of pure honey but in your description it reads 5 grams of honey, which is it? Also you may want to correct the amount of flour, 1500Kg is over 3000 lbs of flour and\nhow can you say this is home recipe when almost nobody has a wood fire oven, they use a stove. It would be nice to see the recipe where the pizza is cooked in the oven and at what temperature.
kathleen chisholm
love it
lopez mauro
Hola vito super video
This 10 hours protocol is perfect : preparing dough at breakfast eating pizzas at dinner 👍👍👍👍👍
nida akiz
@vito iacopelli thank you for help us. I m from another aide of the earth; from turkey. And learn with you. You are the best!!!
Thanks for sharing. I'm going to Prova when I'm in LA for sure.
Vito you’re awesome! I would ask some friends to help you with your English titles. It should read “pizza dough to make at home” we don’t say for the house. Anyway sei simpatico ahaha ciao bello
This pizza master nailed it! One of the best cooking videos for a long time. Only thing I regret is that I was hungry when watching the video.
Dry yeasts is designed for fast dough but you suggest to wait for a day. In my opinion the minimum increase in size is two times when the dough is ready but dough balls didin't increase much but like around thirty percents. I would like to suggest to add kefir (fermented milk) to make the dough more soft and tasty but I am not sure kefir exists on the shelves in US. Imo clear water is just a base but you may add a filling to make the taste slightly like milk, this would have fit with cheese. Btw honey is just a sugar here to accelerate yeasts' growth, you may just use sugar with the same purpose, there wouldn't be any difference at all. Honey doesn't have any perceptible flavour in pizza being suppressed by tomato and cheese flavours withal sugar is better for yeasts than honey.
Great video and thank you for sharing!!!
vito iacopelli
I finally made the dough in a very easy way \nAll the ingredients you can find it in your local store and the nice thing!? I use the DRY YEAST for this recipe I hope you like it \nIt come out perfect! Comment here what you think about this dry yeast ?
vm brister
Love your content, Vito! Thanks
Леонид Киласония
For some reason, I got too sticky dough, I had to add 200 grams of flour. What could be the problem?
Сергей Шевченко
Спасибо за видео
ֆJim Bookyֆ
Μπράβο μαέστρο εισαι φοβερός\nYou are big maestro