Bonnie Raitt - I Cant Make You Love Me

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A voice like an angel.
Sorry......but i prefer the George Michael's version....other voice and feeling....we miss you George.
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Who else came to listen to this song because of Brendon Urie?
Angelina Dolan
I can't be the only one who read in an article that Brendon Urie loves this song, so i came and listened to it lol.
Annie A
Who's here because of Panic! At The Disco?
Association of Free People
Bonnie does this song right. I like other versions too, but her's is a dirge and that's what this song is. It's a surrender and an acceptance of pain, loss and finality. The anger is gone, there is no resentment. There is unrequited love and it's recognition. In that recognition and acceptance is fortitude and bravery, too. Many people end up lingering in terrible relationships or become trapped in a one sided affair because they don't want to face reality.\n \n The song is not intended to show off the singers pipes though Bonnie has them, it's about the people and the place and that experience. One most of us are familiar with unfortunately.
Benjamin Woodworth
It's a good song but it's sad
Bob Young
This song haunted me a long time, 8 years ago my wife decided she was tired of me and the sight of me. So I left, gave it all to her, ranch, business, horses, stock left it all and went away. Spent two years in another state working on a ranch and hitting the bottle. four years ago something happened that made me realize the past is just the past. Can't change, fretting over it does nothing so decided to learn from it and get on my life, now four years sober I came back home and got my life together. Met another lady who I love, and have worked getting my life together. Now we are happy and content. I play this song just because I always liked her singing.
Brown Suga
How do get over ur soulmate.
Bruce Robinson
Saw Ms. Raitt in a small casino in central CA about 6 years ago. The room was only about 500 people. She was only about 50 feet away from me. Don't think she missed a note, a timing, or an emotion in about 900 minutes. Fab performer.
BxGirl Blazin'
George Michael has a beautiful version of this song but Bonnie Rait’s rendition is just gut wrenching.
Carlos Quintero
May I state the obvious? Bonnie Raitt is an immense talent. And this is one of the most beautiful songs ever.
Charlotte Shelton
Turn down the lights\nTurn down the bed\nTurn down these voices inside my head\nLay down with me\nTell me no lies\nJust hold me close, don't patronize\nDon't patronize me\n\n'Cause I can't make you love me if you don't\nYou can't make your heart feel something it won't\nHere in the dark, in these final hours\nI will lay down my heart and I'll feel the power\nBut you won't, no you won't\n'Cause I can't make you love me, if you don't\n\nI'll close my eyes, then I won't see\nThe love you don't feel when you're holding me\nMorning will come and I'll do what's right\nJust give me till then to give up this fight\nAnd I will give up this fight\n\n'Cause I can't make you love me if you don't\nYou can't make your heart feel something it won't\nHere in the dark, in these final hours\nI will lay down my heart and I'll feel the power\nBut you won't, no you won't\n'Cause I can't make you love me, if you don't
Dale Weekes
This song hurts me so much because I lived it
Deb Mccrork
nothing hurts more than losing someone who you cared so much about ❤
Bonnie Raitt , Annie Lennox and Stevie Nicks . My God the emotions these women make me feel .
Deepshikha Rathore
Break up hurts.
Diane Roy
Yes, how sad this song is. NO ONE wants to be in this position. Good job Bonnie. We all feel the pain.
Don Leonhart
to the one TRUE love of my life- Michele L. i will never, ever forget all the firsts, and yes, there were alot of First! be happy M
Emil Y
This song always takes me back to that moment where I knew I had to let her go because she did not love me anymore. The sparkle in her eyes was not there anymore, 5 years we have been together, I could never get enough of her playfulness and the look she would give. It was the hardest day of my life, but I had to do it for her, to set her free. I always listen to this song to be taken to that moment of happiness of holding her and sadness of knowing its over.
Evan Walters
This hits home a little too much
This song has always tugged at my heart strings. I was in a romantic relationship with a woman in the throes of extricating herself from a 17 year marriage. There was a fair amount of tumult, back and forth, and this kind of became \
Hope Love
This is so sad 😢 Can't make anyone love you no matter even if you lay down your heart and body. Love happens when it will. No control over a powerful thing such as love.
Incs Ism
gotta be one of the greatest songs ever
Jam Hopsey
Here from the dying in la mashup performance
Jennifer Watley
2018 Bonnie's version is the best. Did I mention I'm ugly crying right now too😑
Jerry Weinhausen
Bonnie's voice comes out sounding almost effortless. Simply beautiful.
Jon Sudano
Oh, Bonnie... who hurt you?
Joseph Hazelwood
This and Sometimes Love Just aint Enough are the two saddest songs to me. LIke they are being sung just for you.
Julie sawade
i love this song
And Adele has literally billions of views and listens at her videos... So, why not here and at Lisa Fischer's and Kate Bush's and Ann Wilson's (Heart) and Ella Fitzgerald's and Dinah Washington's and Etta James' and Joni Mitchell's and Eva Cassidy's and Cassandra Wilson's and Patti LaBelle's and Sandy Denny's and Stevie Nick's videos, just to name a *very few other impressive* popular Rock, Jazz, Folk, Blues, R&B, Celtic and Pop artists...? \nParents and friends, *please expose your children and others, young or adult or senior, to all genres, sub-genres, eras and reputable artists of music. :)*
Karl Pursch
the worst place i have ever been in my life, was in a room with someone I loved who didn't love me....and she still haunts the corridors of my dreams at night....this one left a scar
Kay L
You don’t even have to be broken hearted to feel the sadness and pain of this song! 💔
Keith B
I'm sorry I love this version but.... George's version brings tears to my eyes. It's a beautifully written song.
Ken Kasprzak
Bonnie is truly an American treasure!!!
Ken Parnell
Honestly, one of the most hauntingly beautiful and saddest songs. Nothing hurts worse than unrequited love, however there is compassion in speaking the truth about it. I honestly want to cry and smile.
Kiki Carson
Omg I thought Tank was the first to do this song I do love his version but something about Bonnie is just beautiful. 😍
Kristyn Colon
I'll close my eyes,\nThen I won't see\nThe love you don't feel\nWhen you're holding me.
Loren Robertson
RIP my love. I pray in Heaven love will be real and I will get to hold you one more time.
Lu King
Evokes feelings I try to keep hidden..reminds me I'm still vulnerable.
I can't stop listening to this song!! Maybe because i\
Mario Ferreira
No matter who or what it is, when there is just pain and no laughter it's time to let go.
Maura D
Unrequited love is the most painful experience. I'd seriously rather cut my stomach open and have my guts fall out than go through it ever again....
Mel Matsuhara
Matt Hashimoto brought me here!
Mel O
Saddest song ever
I know went through a situation like this just before I met my husband. I want to encourage anyone who is going through this situation to be strong and know that you are special, beautiful, and worthy of love. You don't have to convince or beg anyone to love you. Sometimes it takes us a while to realize this for ourselves, but I can testify that after I became strong enough to let the person go who was not returning the love that I was giving the healing process began. It was rough, many crying nights...I liken it to withdrawal and while I thought I'd be alone for ever (because as we know rejection does a beat down on your self-esteem) I met my husband and he showed me what it was to be loved as you are without trying to work like a slave for it. If I can have it so can anyone else. Peace & Blessing xoxo
Paul Meadowlark
This is a beautiful song but it makes me want to kill myself.
A timeless classic. An exquisite ballad performed with an equally exquisite vocal. Perfection.
Porsha Robinson
Lord Have Mercy!! No matter how much it hurts!! You can can't make someone love you!! You gotta love your self more and move on!! Bonnie you sang the realist shit I ever heard!!!! 💕💖💞💖
Putali Kira
who is here 2018 ?😊
Quanesha Glaspie
2018 I still love this song a real life feeling
This could possibly be the most perfectly beautiful love song ever written.
Quynh Anh
I burst into me tears when listening to this song with her voice. I miss my honey who I did love him so so much but he didn't...
Raymond Hothan
What a great lament from a true lonely heart reaching out for love!
Reya's Corner
Rich Mello
Turn down the lights;\nTurn down the bed.\nTurn down these voices\nInside my head.\n\nLay down with me;\nTell me no lies.\nJust hold me close;\nDon't patronize.\n\nDon't patronize me.\n\n[Chorus:]\n'Cuz I can't make you love me\nIf you don't.\nYou can't make your heart feel\nSomething it won't.\nHere in the dark\nIn these final hours,\nI will lay down my heart\nAnd I'll feel the power;\nBut you won't.\nNo, you won't.\n'Cuz I can't make you love me\nIf you don't.\n\nI'll close my eyes,\nThen I won't see\nThe love you don't feel\nWhen you're holding me.\n\nMorning will come,\nAnd I'll do what's right;\nJust give me till then\nTo give up this fight.\n\nAnd I will give up this fight.\n\n[Chorus]
Roni! At The Disco
Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco sang this and I fell in love with the song ❤
Sandy C
Nothing hurts worse than knowing the love you feel will never be returned... 2018 started with a broken heart for me. 💔💔
Thank you Brendon Urie for bringing me here, this is beautiful. 💔
Shala Taebi
Is this Bruce Hornsby I see on the piano?
Shelda Jonez
You really can't make someone love you if they don't anymore. I'm just finding that out. Love isn't final, it can fade when you're not looking.
Skinny Lowkey
Broke my heart years ago.... bittersweet memories to hate listening to this song if that makes any sense...?
Stephanie Boss
The hardest thing to do is accepting that you love someone that doesn't love you in return the same. Letting go of a person who became a part of you is like killing off a part of yourself I hope one day to let that person go and be able to feel loved by someone who loves me as much as I do them. Time just isn't on my side lately I really connect with this song on that level
Stephanie Panos
Bonnie sang this just as it needed to be sang. No fancy runs- just straight forward because this was a song where the lyrics needed to be front and center.
Steve Cappiello
I'll never forget this song. I was leaving Amy's house late on a Sunday night. I knew it was over. I did my best to make it work. As I drove off onto Pellissippi Parkway this song came. I cried those sad tears.
Sui G
What hurts the most is that I can’t even love myself, so how can someone love me? I don’t deserve it. The person I see in the mirror isn’t the person I love, nor is it the person I want to see everyday.\n\nThis song makes me realize how much I hate myself. It’s not even about relationships for me. Well it kind of is. But I’ve never even found anyone... \n\n“I will give up this fight”
Sunshine Fogleman
She perfectly captures the excruciating pain of a broken heart
Syi Dae Dae Syi
Found this song when I was depressed. Well u can't make people love u. That's true. I just hope that I won't give my love to anyone unworthy of it.
Tamara Natasha Melvin Hunter
I don't care who they are- No One cant touch Bonnie's version of this song. Its THE BEST
Tarahji Reid
I’m 25 and I’m soo glad my mom raised me on this kind of music. My generation can never compare
Terry Peche
I miss being in love
Played this yrz ago when I realized that my marriage was over. Still healing. And I'm getting stronger every day. Ladies & Gents... EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. PLEASE KEEP YOUR HEART OPEN FOR \
Beautiful! Beautiful!
I've been in a situation, where only a song like this could explain how i felt. When you give all your love, but in return you only get a distorted image of something that doesn't resemble the same amount of care you felt for that person. So if there's anyone in my situation right now, let me tell you that there will come a time, where this song won't make you feel sad anymore. instead it will just be a damn good song :)
Walter Roberts
In My Heart of Hearts, I believe that God would give Bonnie these Words to let us know How He feels. And when He says, \
Wanda McClain
I will never love any other version of this song more than this one
Warren Batiste
My God !!! One of the most elegant love songs ever.
Wasatch Range Railway
Melanie and I were married for 21 years, we raised a family, two wonderful kids, both of whom are successful. Then those dreaded words from the doctor. Melanie, you have cancer, and it is terminal, you have between six months and a year---make the best of it!. When I heard that, the floor went out from under me---I knew that she was going to die, and that I would spend my future days alone. We chose to forego the chemo so that we could be together without her feeling like hell for her last days. She made it for sixteen months. That was seven years ago. I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS two months ago, and autism two years, ago, and yet all is well. When I have needed her, she has been there! She helped me with a terrible decision that no one should ever have to make. I called it right. If it had been wrong, life would have been horrible. I can safely tell you that life does not just simply go on, life after this brief stay is far more than you could ever imagine!!! Don't let the idiots that are out there confuse you. If you have learned how to love people in spite of all the crap that gets thrown at you,---the future is more than you ever imagined possible---Love them at all cost!!!
Water Falls
Oh! This is so beautiful and heartbreaking...sing it Bonnie.
Here I am again, pining over some dude I had no choice with. Just gonna listen to this on loop for an hour and then pretend he died.
amanda brown coffman
Today made one month I have been with out my husband.. he chose to be where he is today .. me and my boys are going to be ok with whatever I have to give them.. I can't make you love us..
Thank you to Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin for putting words & music to something that people have been feeling for thousands and thousands of years. And thank you to Bonnie Rait for singing it with such emotion and heartache.
below average
Brendon Urie did a great version of this
You shouldn't have to make anyone love you.
gloria rollins
Damn , This is The Truth!!!!!! Sing Bonnie💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
I'm here cause of Brendon urie
Fascinating backstory to this song, and an inspiring tale of talent on how it came to be.\n\nMike Reid, former All-pro NFL defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals, wrote this song after retiring from sports. He was a music major at Penn State University while playing college ball, and after getting drafted high in the first round by the Bengals, he put up crazy stats, sacking quarterbacks in the early 70's until forced to retire from injuries. \n\nHe then set out to pursue a songwriting career, and ultimately had major success, being inducted into the Nashville songwriters Hall of Fame, penning hits for several artists across multiple genres, and even having a number 1 hit for himself, writing/singing the country song, \
Panic! At The Disco?
john Barry
The piano in this song is like a warm fire after a cold day outside.
john dunne
In spite ALL the feelings that you have for someone, your heart is only meant for the heart that is meant to love you. Be it divine intervention or some pull from the universe, that heart that is meant to love you is out there....within reach. But you can't expect to be able to grab onto what is meant to be yours, if you are holding onto something that isn't. I assure you, once you find that person, there is NO feeling that you had for someone else, that will compare to the one that is meant for you. It's like feeling totally complete, connected....home.\n\nSo reach for the only have one life.
I’m so very thankful that. My late mother put me onto great music from every and all genres of music at a young age. Bonnie has such a great soulful voice. Her voice demands attention. So soulful and powerful in range she chooses.
I'm not a lyrics person. Usually I don't even know what a song is about. I get lost in the vocal, the groove, the rhythm, etc. This is one of the few songs that the lyrics captivated me and pulled me in. I still remember exactly where I was when these lyrics impacted me. They are incredibly and dramatically sad. It's just sad from top to bottom, but the lyrics that jumped out at me were:\n\nI will lay down my heart\nAnd I'll feel the power;\nBut you won't.\nNo, you won't.\n'Cuz I can't make you love me\nIf you don't.\n\nI'll close my eyes,\nThen I won't see\nThe love you don't feel\nWhen you're holding me.\n\nAnother song that impacted me with the lyrics was EITHER WAY, by Chris Stapleton. I saw it performed on The Voice recently, performed by Adam Cunningham. The lyrics hit me right between the eyes, and I thought, did he just really say what I think he said. So cold.
This song is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.
Adele, Tank and a dozen other artists have tried their hand at this and all have succeeded. But Bonnie's rendition beats my soul with an emotional baseball bat. God, I love this.
prya bimantara
There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn't even jump puddles for you.
I was 17 years old in 1991 and my parents divorce finalized in early November of that year. We were living in Georgia at the time and my father rented a van to carry my mom and her belongings to her cousins house in Maryland. I remember it was night and I could see the nations capital from I-95. This song came on as I was looking out the window. I glanced down at my mom who was sleeping on the floor in the van in the fetal position. I looked back up and out the window again, trying to hold back my tears. Years later, I still wish this was a memory I could erase. This song is how I remember my parents ending their marriage after 18 years.
Nobody but Hornsby would have done this's terrific. Terrifically sad.
tiffanie maskaluk
42 years old....fell in love for the 1st time in my life....and I couldn't make him love me! So I gave up on the fight...
Awesome version. Bruce Hornsby's signature playing is fantastic as always. Repeating myself: Too bad the 1990s still was a still largely \