How To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself In An Argument - Jordan Peterson

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Oh, I miss the good old days when we had competent and knowledgeable interviewers! Our media today sucks. They speak millenial, with all the social media jargon and shallowness. Nothing good comes out of it.
Basically what Cathy is saying, while not specifically saying it is: \
Jordan Peterson for Prime Minister!!
Abyssinia Empire
Peterson: \
Adam Joyner
Hah, she continuously tries ta keep grinning like she's victorious all the time!!!!!
Cathy is a bully then plays the Victim when she lost
Ajayi samuel
who is watching this in 2019?
Arnie Whip
This interview was like watching the Brazil vs Germany all over again.
- Presidents sometimes speak without writing down their speech.\n\n- So you’re saying “we SHOULD impeach Trump” \n\n🤯👈\n ( )\\\n / \\
Bingo Boy
That’s how mafia works
Brett Maverick
Another killer video boys. Keep it up!
Peterson: *I-*\nInterviewer: *So you’re saying that women should allow men to finish their sentences?*
Chris Travers
Can’t believe we don’t learn this in school
She didn't represent women very well in this conversation, what with constantly jumping to conclusions and acting borderline hysterical at times. And I'm a woman saying this.
Damian Montes Vargas
Jordan: Can I get a glass of juice\nKaty: so your are saying we should gas the jews??
Kick her in the face and move on
Dentally Challenged
I like Jordan Peterson but whenever I watch a video on him my recommends gets filled with those \
Diego Villarroel
Mom: You kids should share\nMy brother: So you’re saying we should bring back *COMMUNISM?*
El Gato
Ha, gotcha
FireFly Epic
So basically what you're saying in this video is that you should be as aggressive as possible in your arguments, and if all else fails, it's time to get physical.
First Name
All women I have dated have been child like with a need to be looked after with a huge list of demands and expectations, it's tiring
Forrest Stevens
I watched that video after your last jordan peterson video. I was fully impressed at the way that he combated her debate. Most videos I watch the information just goes in and out, but that 30 minute interview I have been thinking about for a week now. You did a great job dissecting it!
Free Man
Charisma on Command,.\nSpeak the intent and the direction of what they are doing.\nDo not address any points.\nYou just said, so you said et cetra, when you clearly are a qualified journalist yet you do not have an accurate transcript of what i said.\nAre you intentionally trying to mislead the the public?\nhow are we supposed to engage in a truthful debate on topics that you are clearly trying to create enmity between western men and women
Friedrich Nietzsche
Peterson says, \
Giovanni Giorgio
Don't you think that a lighthearted 'gotcha' might've brought the conversation towards familiarity and humanization and away from tribalistic rants?
Gothic TDK
🤯I WISH I KNEW THIS METHOD YEEEEEAAAARRRRSSS AGO🤯I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. Better late than never.
Great Vibes - Documenting My Journey
This man is a true legend
Gregory Graham
critique: i think you vastly overestimate the intellectual integrity of someone with an agenda, as this young woman clearly had.\nwhen someone is so blatantly out to ‘get’ someone that they employ an ‘end justifies the means’ stratagem ( in this case, abrogating her role as interviewer for a self-appointed role as judge, jury, and executioner), they have gone beyond the pale of rationality, and are going full hindbrain- fight, or flight.\nthe most effective response to this kind of farrago is to stop the interview, call them on what they are doing, and walk.\nthat makes the situation entirely their problem, as they now have no one to attack, and no interview to provide- which was, after all, what their job actually was supposed to be.
Hal Jenks
This was very educational. Well done!
Ian Graham
*Reads title of video\
Jay Sea
This Jordan guy is a legend. The God of staying cool. Honor this man
Jeff Finn
When you frame discussions as fights to be won, instead of how we find meaning and come to understanding, you are doing a disservice to society.
Jordan did great. You missed the fact that Peterson is not a psychologist whom she's paid to hold her hand. Rather she presumptively, viciously and in a biased fashion attacked his views and caricatured his followers. He doesn't need to have her agree with him. Enough is that he shows her that her arguments and attitudes are silly. That humbling effect should teach her a lesson to think deeper next time before she sells her cheap feminist propaganda as some form of \
John 180
Jordan Peterson is a Boss!
Jon Cassar
She should get the bags under her eyes unloaded.
2018-12-14, so EXACTLY HOW is \
Lars Frisk
This is how Ben Shapiro wins so much. It has nothing to do with \
Peterson Rocks! Poor lady is clueless.
Leroy Clark
Wow! Its scary that if you dont know what you are doing cathy, the interviewer, can make you look like something your not. Jordan handled himself well. Its good to study social skills and how to present yourself well. I appreciate this channel so much. \n\nA lot of people think that bullying is only physical but clearly as you can see it has nothing to do with it. From my experience mental bullying happens a lot on jobs and I am now finding better ways to deal with this.
Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating! Thank you :)
Why does she kept on interrupting him.? Pretty one sided conversation. Id just walk away.
Mahesa Rangga
Peterson : pleasure to be here..\n\nInterviewer : So you're saying tha--\n\nPeterson : *Slapped her in the face then spit on her dogs graveyard*
Michael Lentini
Step 1, dont talk to women with hair like that
Min Dis
jordan hit like mike
Peterson: _\
Moist Munter
So you're saying I should be a lobster?
Mosieur Pepe
Man, thousands of years ago was just\n\n1: *Ooga booga give berries*\n2: *No me keep berries*\n1: *me have bigger club though*\n2: *ok you have berries*\n\nIt was so much simpler :(
This felt like a verbal game of chess
Nick Kyparissas
The worst thing is that, to this day, she still thinks she was right. So sad.
Pinnacle Of Man TM
I literally just watched this interview yesterday haha. Well Done Charlie. Jordan is one smoooth MoFo
Pragmatic Entertainment
This is a great example of a good person who is also strong.
Raios Ephi
So you're saying?
Richard Hall
She is a vile cretin.
Robin Redbreast
C4 News is so up itself in their PC mentality. They used to be good, but have you ever seen them do anything philanthropic lately, such as what the Palestinians are going through as Israel's boundary grows and grows. They push their own political views on the public, shrouded as facts. Stop watching C4 News
I just tell them \
Ryan King
Shurley Locks
Women are a lot smarter than we think they are. But they're not nearly as smart as they think they are.
Smallstudio Design
Excellently presented and analyzed ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️‼️☝️
Spooky Mulder
Peterson: I'm not really a fan of potstickers.\n\nInterviewer: So you're saying we should nuke China?
Stephen S.
So she accuses Jordan of being divisive because most of his audience is male but yet I dont hear anyone blaming Oprah or The View of doing the same. You've just witnessed the hypocrisy of insane liberals !!
I agree with our young CoC friend here, especially his advice towards the end, 10:30 forward, and thus I have to not agree with the gist of the comments below which veer towards quasi-right-wing/quasi-anti-feminist tendencies, rather than the central point of understanding your interlocutor, avoiding polemic traps, and showing your common ground. Remember that with Peterson, as admirable as his poise might be, we have a Harvard-educated and -employed \
Successful Steps
Can we all agree jordan peterson is the world's dad
Susan Sugg-Nuccio
So interesting! But also important to tweak for each situation. This is so important for interpersonal communication during which you want to defuse the attacker. And much of it would work for a media interview. But it might be dangerous to keep repeating the bully's words in front of an audience. The repetition helps it sink in to listeners. It might be possible to use all these great techniques without making the damaging word your own.
Sveta Smart
When I say that I like dogs, most cat owners think that I hate cats.
She may have PMS, is a Mysandrist (female version of -or actually a female Misogynist and thrives on homo-social bias. Very unhealthy indeed for society, our youth and social relations indeed. Just look around us at how things have gone down hill. Respect is a two -way matter.
Why are there less woman as CEO's of major corporations? There are a lot less woman working in access holes at the Water and sewer department. Lets fix that first
You are confusing asking questions and referencing prior statements with bullying.
Thaief Ahmed
i think there should be a bachelor program on this video 😂
The Passionly Passionate Nightman
I still believe women are as smart as men despite Cathy's best attempts to try and prove otherwise
The Stormchaser
So this hopefully ended Kathy Neuman's career?
The Taoist Conservative
Great video bro! The smallest criticism-- Regarding Peterson's \
Tim Hare
Sargon has a great breakdown of why Newman was verbally destroyed by Dr Peterson. What's great is that he manages to turn aside her attacks in such a charming manner, it's like verbal akido
Tintin is not dead
terrible representative of women. don't try to be like men used to be.... snap out of it woman!
Tony Montana
How about you say hello to my little friend instead... 👋
Tribal Trap
Finally saw jordan peterson live a few days ago, such an interesting guy
Victor Luria
Cathy Newman is a bully and a liar.
WM 11
She made herself look silly
I'm confused as to how/why they keep mentioning his audience being men. Literally every interviewer gets to that within the first few minutes. \n\nThey all act as if having a primarily male audience is a bad thing. Further proof feminists are just trying to invade and destroy any and everything men have..
William Keenan
tell me something i don't know
So you're saying.................... \
Yosef Jamil
Peterson: \
Yves M.
Peterson: \
Yvette F.
Love the video & break down Analysis. But I think you’re wrong in your summary of Jordan’s behavioral responses regarding his lack of addressing her deep emotional concern. That is not his responsibility and I don’t believe that he was there to promote his book primarily. I think Jordan is a very thoughtful person who is engaged in public discourse in a manner that is quite necessary. To say that he’s only there for the interview to win an argument and Garner audience support and sell his book is simplistic. And, I think that for him to address her deep emotional concerns as a better strategy, in that way you don’t really understand the hard left ideologues, which she represents.
I'm from the UK and unfortunately it's noticeable when Channel 4 news presenters go in with an agenda. In my mind it pollutes what could be an insightful and illuminating interview without the need for hectoring. One could argue it's to provoke dialogue, but I don't buy that, the context and content of what the interviewee is going to discuss needs time to be aired, otherwise we get this simplistic bashing of someone's position without any real attempt to understand it.
in time
Husband about waitress: “She seems nice”\n\nWife: “So you’re saying you want a divorce?”
Peterson is a master, he did perfect, she needed a little humility imo
I like the way he talks and that he is very calm!
john smith
Interesting video, however I disagreed with the criticism regarding the \
kunfu pig
most of women's best weapon, twist men's words
kurt pino
This Interview becomes a good study for agumentation and making debate.
ll Kasper ll
Jordan: **inhales in preparation to speak**\nCathy: \
Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it.
rob rick
Jordan Peterson : \
Bad idea to play mind games with a psychology professor.
Peterson: \
video rate
What a Witch! (Feminists are Mean)!
I'm guessing that woman has told a lot of retail employees and wait staff that she wants to see their manager.