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Aamer Biotech
U r so cute teacher .thank you .
Abdullah Batcha
It is really useful for my job
Abdullahi Adan Cusman
Hi Vanessa \n Really I miss \n Your chanel\n But just I watch
Ahmed Aboosto
Thnks teacher from somaliland saying thnk u
Alfredo Martinez
You speak very clrearly, thats why, averyone can understand you i'm mexican and my English is very short yet. I like this Chanel its perfect.
Bea Laposa
Hi Vanessa, I'm an student of English but I never know what's my real nevel of the language because every time i've done an examen i thought it wasn't my real nevel. I have understood all of that you've said on your video, so if that happens to me, what level do you think im in? thank you so much! take care
I can understand what you saying without subtext. What do you think about me did I successful in learning English?
Brian Julio Zesar
can I make a video call when you have a time to practice my english?
Bumble Bee
Nice lessons vanessa..
C/casiis Abuukar
i cann't speak eng but i undrestand what you are saying all of them i undrestand plz help me my teacher
Candido Vargas
Hi! Vanessa.\n\nIn former days, when I was back in the day and when back when I used to do play with my classmates at school.\nBest witshes to my classmates all.\n Candido.
Cristian Garcia
I understand everything what you are saying but my problem is in my work, sometimes i don' understand to People, them talk so fast, i Just wanna speak english like those People\n\nSorry i hope you understand my comment\nI'm from México 👋
Danish Habibi
Hello teacher, I do understand what you are saying, but problem is that I can’t speak well, can you tell me the way how to improve speak Please Thanks😞..
El Papi Danilo
I hope in my life . I will speak English as you're doing right now . first God
Eric Mitchell
english is my first language. not sure why im watching this lol
Erick Sampaio
I can understand all you say, but in movies and things like this, i think is why i need to improve my vocabulary
Faouzia Hilmy
Hello from France !:)
I’m a native English speaker and I can’t understand half the dialogue on Game of Thrones either 😂
Flávio Bento
Hello Vanessa !!! I love your youtube channel..
You are amazing
Haci Hacioglu
Hello from Azerbaijan.
Halil itah
Which is your accent
Hiyori Alejandra Arrieta
Well, i supose that i have been learn more English because ... I UNDERSTAND YOUUU TAT After all after all that I have suffered, thanks so much, I from Colombia!!! Instalen en su Celular la aplicación *\
I. M. Ali
I love spring sunny mornings and I found you everything like that especially your jolly mood with fascination expression. Great and thank you very much!
Thank you so much
Jonathan Gozzo
I have to say that you shouldn't have placed Friends at the same level as Breaking Bad, GOT, or any other show. Friends is THE show I recommend to anybody who wants to learn English. Really easy vocabulary, neutral accent, no mumbling and too much slang like in action movies etc. I am a native French speaker, and have learned a lot by watching easy understandable shows like Friends ( the easiest ), Family guy, American Dad, South Park, HIYM etc. Short funny shows, where there is no need to focus too much on an underlying story, that you can watch several times without being bored. Once in your language, once in English with subtitles in your language, and once with English subtiltles. ;-)
Jorge Armando Galvan Garcia
I am learning so much with Vannesa....thank you for your videos. You are the best. Keep it up!!!
Kavahl Kox
Kincse Fruzsy Stella
Nagyon hasznos video, sokat lehet belőle tanulni, ha megpróbálja az ember megérteni eleve. :D
King of Mistery
Oh, I can understand you, I'm from Colombia and I can't understand when anyone is speaking English, I only can understand with this video, Thank you for do this video
Kitti Banchongrattanangam
Your accent are nice and easy to comprehend your speaking with nature.\nFrom Thailand.. Bangkok
Lavechia Roma
Hi vanessa , first of all I would like to tanks you again for the way how your teaching English, since I've found you on internet I do impruve a bit my English language. Anyway I'm folowing and English course here in Spain in an International School Language 2b2 and I've passed all my exam in the last 5 years. But this year I've found that I got big problem every time we do listening in the class. The lessons this year become really difficult to me. I would appreciated if you can give me any advise on how to organize my study.. any link, o any lessons you've done on this items would be great to me. with all my gratitude, Giampy
Lourenco Morais
Im a brazilian boy and i'm learning so much with your channel... tks tks tks...
Lucky Roo
الي جاء من الدكتور محمد الهذلي لايك
Luh Guitta
So não entendi ( Way back when ) alguém me ajuda ?
Manu Pandey
I am from india. Thank
Marleny Racancoj
it's the first time , that i'm watching your video , i hope this can help me i really need it ❤❤❤🖤🖤
Mil Osiap
How I wish my English Teacher have this charming smile and its kinda cute💓😍💕💓 I think I am having a fever😘😇\n\nLoveliest Teacher 💕\nThank you for the admirable discussion 😊😍
MiriamPotugal ahgase
I'm English student... I just.. I love you ❤️ and... Can you please make a tutorial for \
Mohammad Moeen
Thank you for this video
Momi Inghlech
Movie Menia
You're the best..👏👏😍👌
Muna Yusuf
Iam native I can understand
I'm from Korea.......I've just.....wow. I love you!!!
Nelma Ferreira de Sousa
I from Brazil. Understand a little.
Nelson Tovar
When i was in the US for the first time, i was so used to english class teacher's voice that i literally had to ask people 2 or 3 times to repeat for me to get the main idea of what they were saying. I didn't have vocabulary issues, is just understanding and trying to get what of those words i already know are they saying, many words are pronuenced way different than they write
Nicola Lin
I'm Taiwanese. English is my third language. Vanessa's teaching and speaking I understand fully and listen clearly. Listened and/or watched, or also read English information from YouTube video clips daily for a few years. I like varieties of stuffs, including politics, military, nature, botany (especially orchids), science, certain types of archeology (giants, elongated skull), opera songs (learnt from comment areas) and even Sasquatch. It's kind of random way of learning English comprehension particularly on listening. I found listening comprehension may relate to frequency. Once I caught up with speeds of persons I listened. I can listen clearly no matter what I understood all speaking content or not. Then I can focus on parts of content I didn't heard before and figued it out later. I also used the same idea (catching up the frequency one spoke) to learned Thai language. I can communicate with Thai people on daily life topics. But vocal only.\nYou're an excellent English teacher for sure.
Nina Weinstein
To learn how to understand native English speakers (natural English) -- \
Oinam Romesh
Hi can u tell me how can I remind all the word which I have known before .....I know those word for some daya but after some days I forgot it.....please suggest me thanks
I am from Russia so anyone wants to practice english with me? In my side I can teach you Russian as well
Ratan Gandhi
I Just can't Stop laughing, Any one can tell me the reason? What a beautiful AND Lovely Teacher!!!
Riccardo Scamporlino
I clearly understand the fast version, I'm Italian. So, what did I win?
i love you. i can understand every single word you said, i wish everybody speaks like you \u003e)
Rolfe Dewolfe
As an American, I dont know why i'm watching this...its oddly entertaining, kinda funny.....im sorry... By the way, when yall visit different regions in the US or UK, please, dont try changing the way you talk to fit the region, unless its an actual change in word meaning, and this applies to everyday native speakers as well.\n\nSuch as if you visit Dixie, dont start saying \
Roma Kabiev
oh you are so cute ))
Saoussan lyly
Im a muslim girle i want to learn english 👌
Serg Ali
Как ты Заебала со своей рекламой
Shao Kan
Your english is very good. You speak english like a native speaker.
Sinen Gaming
like for you
Sniper 199
Your sweetie\nmy favorite girl
Son Nguyen
I love you, teacher 💑
Speak English With Vanessa
Understand all native English speakers! Join me in the \
Sudha Nagotra
I am from India dear your video really nice
I'm from chupopito, ily
TC Nurdan Yıldız
You are beautiful. Thanks.
This is Thiptaya Style
I understand when you speaking but can't pronounce like you. But words I can not pronounce I trying speak every but feel not better ☹️
I’m from Turkey and have been studying english 15 years ! cuttiest teacher ever
Wagner Torres
Are you Brazilian, right?
Yazyyew Wepa
Thank you ) you helped me
ahmed shouman
i would like to practice speak english. who want to practice with me?
arshad aljobara
you are amazing speaker thank you for this training ..
ashtray 1994
You are one of the most patient english teachers I have ever seen, this video really inspires me. I am a student in University, I can understand what you speak, but it's hard for me to understand some local people who speak really fast with some native expressions in it. Sometime I totally have no idea when some middle-aged people mumble.That's really frustrating, but now I know what I need to work on.
james song
u r greatest english teacher for me korean. actually i am never been speaking English country. only in korea learns english by ur video. appreciate.\nfrom southkorea i am already pasted 40's ages.
jose gaete
you speak clearly it's like you have subtitles
laagan sa net love surfing
Read, read, reAd books or magazines anything thats interesting for you then dictionary so if you familiarize the words its means your learning
ma-ram star
Hi am 🙅 not speak English vari
marcelo neri
nikos ortzanis
Hello Vanessa again! First of all, I want to say one more time, that i like the way you teach! If you allow me i wanted to say that if you write subtitles in English while talking, it would be even easier! Friendly :)
raja alam
You are so cute :) your smile kills me like anything. God bless you
real 1
Why c and g prononciation are two sound? I am koreanㅜㅜ help me.
sabrina hamid
Ok dear I goes to does
shafeeque k
I am from India , i would like to join your one month listening workshop . When will start the next course
shivam savita
hello from India
t1w re3
good video
web deep
you really butterflies!
I always wonder if ordinary Americans have problems with American medical show such as Chicago Med, the resident, the good doctor....to understand so many special medical words.
yuhuy 1h1h1
How about if I do understand the conversation , but in the real life it's pretty hard to answer or reply it . Sometimes it is confusing what grammar should i use
Đông Pham
I couldn’t hear anything even though it was slow version 😂😂😂😂🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
Марат исн
You are speaking so fast(( I understand nothing.
مهدي محمد
Hi thanks for everything I like you
ขันทอง กุดวงศ์แก้ว
I'am speak english alitel. but i'am try.
I’m from China 🇨🇳
You smile look comfortable.
Hello from China! Gonna take IELTS exam next month, but I have some problems with different accents. Sometimes I just missed the right answer until I realized it. 😂