Top 10 Family Guy Jokes that Crossed the Line

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**X **
It should be called \
3000 Abonnenten ohne Video? Helft mir! :D
Thats like saying PornHub is crossing the line because of its nudity lol
666 lucifer
That's why I love to watch family Guy.💀
I haven’t watched WatchMojo in two years. Looks like I haven’t missed anything
its family guy its supposed to be stupid and arrogant
Ayana Hunter
It's supposed to be funny and offensive, but I don't see anyone else complaining
Blaise N'kufo
U crossed the line
Brian Taylor 2.0
Everyone's fed up with all the liberals who get offended by absolutely everything. It shows by how many dislikes there are on this video.
CNN Blackmail Support
Funny. The jesus episode caused no one to be exploded. Weird.
Cattie Fogelsong
#9 the entire point is to make fun of petophelia. You missed the point.
Chris Woodall
Family Guy is funny as hell. Everything on family guy is funny .
Commander Beast
The most offensive thing is 3:57, u have 2 towers one black and one white, guess which is bigger. This is racist and offensive to whites cause we can be pretty big. \nLike if you agree 💪🏻
DeadAs B
You guys are just way too sensitive🤦🏽\u200d♂️
Devin Yamashiro
Treating Ida like some sort of Monster?!
Damn so I need a Jew gets number one but killing probably hundreds of people in a marathon only gets an honorable mention?
The author of this video must be a blast at parties.
Encarna Sanchez
Apparently people is not allowed to dislike something anymore
Family Guy is one of the only shows left where you can say anything about anyone and people will support you no matter what.
Gold Pool
I thought they handled trans dad perfectly.
I love how Watch Mojo has a top 10 episodes of Family Guy video and then they follow that up with a video like this bashing on them. They’re basically criticizing Family Guy for being Family Guy lol.
Heath Boulter
Most of these are funny not offensive
Hugo Rousu
How could the jesus joke possibly be offensive?
IndigoGollum Love
This stuff is quality content!
Who else remembered every clip like it was yesterday!
Jared Ciocca
Jared De Peppo
I can tell this woman doesn't like family guy...
Jason Walker
If lines weren't meant to be crossed, why draw them?
Jon McCloud
The Boston Marathon gag was before the Boston Bombing
Just Nat
I love how all of us in the comments aren’t the offended pansies that made this video. Family Guy is my favorite!\nEdit: I literally NEVER edit my comments, but thanks so much for the likes Family Guy loving friends!
Its a cartoon grow up😂
Last One414
Lucky NoDice
This was all hilarious
Luna Ranger
And they'll continue to cross the line LMAO
The only thing that offends me is the fact that the people from watch mojo are allowed to use the internet, keep them in their safe space sealed away
Mark Settles
How can ya night like promnight dumpster babies ? Its a classic ! And the brian eating stewies poop is hilarious !!! Only prudes and safe space liberals wouldnt like these scenes !!! Hilarious !!!
Max Ryder
The Ipecac drinking Contest was hilarious.
Metchy North
What about Black women in hindsight joke?????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Michael Chamorro
Thats what i like about this show there is no line for humor. You dont like it dont watch it :)
Michael G4
family guy never crossed the line IS A MEMEMEMEMEM!
Mike Oye
Honestly only the Jew thing, the Vietnam thing (depending on who you are and where you lie), and number 8 (abandoned baby) are even remote candidates of going a bit too far.\n\nOf course this varies from person to person or if someone has personal experience which can be a factor.
Guys am concerned...I never liked Family Guy and now I've noticed that I've started to laugh more and more the more clips I watch
*YouTube video seems like crappy YouTube comment*
i once saw peter refrence the tate murders
Natalie porter
We can't say anything anymore. Comedy is about laughing at this kind of thing! That's how resilient people deal with stuff. Comedy will die without offensive stuff. Then god help us!
These are actually some of the lighter jokes. There’s much, much darker moments in the show. I love me some Family Guy 😏!
What about the Columbine Joke ? That was the funniest to me
Peter N
Seth Mcfarlane once said 'I hate when people sweep things under the carpet, my job is to lift the carpet and expose the truth'. The prom night dumpster baby skit is meant to expose the crime of infanticide. In Victorian England, if a mother was convicted of such a crime her sentence was death. The reason the punishment was so harsh was to stop the practice of baby farming. It happens in every country every single day and shouldn't be ignored.
Poco the Pupper
Man people are way too sensitive these aren't offensive they're just generic family guy jokes
PoleLeague HQ
OHHH I see what you're doing, trying to rant on a show that was meant to be offensive title should be \
Prashanth B
If you feel any joke crossed the line on Family Guy then, you sir, are a fruitcake
what the hell this is FAMILY GUY. It's supposed to be offensive. This video is ridiculous.
Q Speed Racer
Did not go far enough.
WatchMojo just called Sex Change a joke crossing the line.\nLet that sink in.
I've never seen \
Reece Wouters
Top 10 Anime Betrayals
Riccardo Abdine
Bruh, it's just a cartoon.
SC Garrett
I'm Jewish and I found I need a Jew hilarious
Salva is Cool
Why was my ad messed up 😂
Smile Dog
Mojo I think you made a mistake! Here's the real video title: Top 10 funniest jokes from family guy
Smol Bean uwu
Obviously the jokes would be offensive it is FAMILY GUY grow thick skin ffs-
Stacker Noob UK
Christ when did WatchMojo go full blown SJW? They are jokes! Humour is one of the best ways that humans handle dark content. It means we can demystify subjects and openly discuss them. When we are laughing at jokes we are laughing at the stereotype and the discomfort people feel, because we all feel that discomfort. Laughter allows us to release the tension.\n\nDo us a favour, for the love of god do not continue down this path, it will be the death of your channel.
Stephanie Hernandez
Dark humor. How much I love dark humor.
Stephanie Raebel
If quagmire is 60, how old is his dad/ida? Can anyone answer this. Can you do a video on ageing or the not ageing of the characters from family guy, Simpson's, American dad and maybe bobs burgers. I love your vlogs as always. PS. Bag of weed is the best song stewie and Brian ever sang. Haha
Sterek Hallinski
The AIDS joke was funny.
Steve Evets
The prom night dumpster baby gag was so stupid and way too long
Stupid Stuff
I think you mean the best moments
Tammy Flores
Family Guy never crossed the line it was always on the wrong side of the line
Watchmojo's studio should meet a plane
Teodor Recabarren
Wtf these are all awsome and hilarious.
Family guy is supposed to be offensive
Tommy Vercetti
Fun fact the writers of family guy still have a board of things they can’t joke about, I wonder how much farther they could go.
Tommy van der walt
Drop dead WatchMojo. If you can't take a joke crawl back into your ball and suffocate. Why does this channel still even exist? And why does that like/dislike ratio look like that? Are there that many snowflakes or do people genuinely think this meme of a channel makes decent content? \n\nThis channel is dead, just unsub, un-notify yourself, and never click on this video again. Every view they get is concrete proof that they don't have to even try with these videos to make a fortune on them.
Top 10 Family Guy Jokes That Crossed The Line\n\nTop 10 Tom And Jerry Episodes That Feature A Cat And A Mouse\n\nTop 10 Spongebob Moments When Patrick Was Pink
I hope Stewie getting pregnant is on this list.
Twillza Builds
Cant people take dark humor anymore???
Vanessa Yakubu
You must be pretty sensitive to find this offensive
Vinny Dee
If you don't want to be offended, why in the world do you watch family guy 😂
VonGutenburgen Steinenhoffer
matchmojo be triggered
Werewolf Junior
well now imma go watch family guy bye
Wes The Gaming Guy
iiiii neeeeed aaaaa JEEEEEEEEEW....
Youl get your rent when you fix this damned door !
I died at #1 😂
Zach Chiasson
_ TheASMRChill
Number 7 was great
Thats nothing. Youre freaking out over nothing.
I just love family guy
The Boston Marathon cutaway was aired before the marathon
The vomiting scene is the best
you must be new to family guy
gwencantdi 666
Horizontal for attention vertical for results wow...
jazz dinleyen adam
It's the reason why we watch family guy.
Aha! So this channel is produced by jews. Seriusly all of them are funny af. I can relate to a couple of them and I still find them hilarious.
3 words,\nYou, have, aids!
Joke ---------------------\u003e\n This video
well, its family guy, of course it always crosses the line. 😂
the bombay sphynx
dark humor is like a cure not everyone gets it
if you dont like family guy and ia affended you should not watch the show you speacial snowflake