The Arabic Language: Its Amazing History and Features

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Это видео про арабский язык, начиная с его истоков на Аравийском полуострове, до его нынешнего состояния как 5-го наиболее распространенного языка на Земле. Я также изучил ряд особенностей арабского языка и проанализировал многочисленные примеры.Особая благодарность Murjana Shabaneh и Мухаммед Абд Аль за образцы звуков и обратную связь.Поддержите Langfocus на Patreon

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مين عربي و يشوف هذا الفيديو 😂😂
Abdel Lands
Thanks for this awesome video! \nI speak Moroccan, Arabic, French, English and Chinese and I love Arabic more as Arabic words have deeper meanings, also Arabic words have meanings inside the word itself! For example the English word ''Heart'' is written in Arabic as \
Abdu elhaq
Standard Arabic is charming and very beautiful. It is one that we must learn first. For the tourist. Non-Arab for example If he knows little Arabic He will not find it difficult to communicate with the residents of any Arab country
Abdul Shukor Hadi
Learn Fusha if you are doing academia, diplomacy, keen on scholastics. It will be useful for reading books, newspapers, etc. \nBut learn the 'Ammiya of the local region where you will live in b'cos no one speaks Fusha on a daily basis, and miscommunications can be avoided (btwn Fusha and 'Ammiya can sound like a different language), but it can be useful when clarity in meaning is needed. Egyptian dialect is good because of their many TV shows, music and film that are spreaded across the Arab world so it's the most understood dialect. Another one to consider is Lebanese or Syrian. I was in Damascus and struggled communicating with the locals, so I learnt their dialect and everyone treated me like one of their own where before that, with Fusha, I was treated as a stranger.
Abdulla AlMeslemani
thank you for this great video. I think the answer of the question of the day is depending on where and how you want to use the arbic language. if you want to learn arabic for acadimic and official use then you should learn formal arabic 'alfusha' . if you want to deal with arab people around you then it will better to learn 'ammeya' for daily dailogs. but it depends on which arab people you will deal with. to me.. the egyption arabic is the most understood arabic between most of arabs and maybe all of them so I think its the best arabic accent to start with.
Afghanistan Online
There are also a lot of Arabic words in Persian - something like 40%.
Allergic to humans not animals
I've been learning Arabic for a very long time now and as an American, it was pretty hard and tbh, it never got any easier 😂 I learned the original Arabic (fusha) and then I went to Saudi Arabia and picked up their way of speaking Arabic since I figured it was the closest to fusha.
AmirHossein Etemad
great videos in this channel
Amy Q. Ilham
انا أندونيسي و ادرس العربية الفصحية
Anas Hamid
first of all alot of thanks to you for this amazing video \u003c i would say to non arab speaker .. arabic language (MSA) its quite difficult to lean it in the begining but after that it will become very easy .. the language its very clear and trust me it will expand your concepts and awareness and you will like the arabic expressions and we have alot of them and we use them reguraly
Angel Fatima
I loved your well-detailed explanation of Arabic language \nand for the hardest dialect I don't think it's the Moroccan but rather the Algerian (it's my country and I assure you still in some areas the different vocabulary and pronunciation makes it hard to understand each other but it's fun to learn them 😉 ) and also the Tunisian dialect because they speak very rapidly and they mix their Arabic dialect with French unlike the Moroccans whose dialect is somehow a clear Arabic with some counted few vocabulary that is from the Berber local dialect I suppose .\nYou are doing a great job in relation to languages and similarities and differences 😃😃\nand for the question as a native speaker of Arabic I say it's better to learn the MSA first then try by time focus on a country's dialect ; and that's because literacy is decreasing in Arab countries and everyone can understand the Arabic even if it contains mistakes or misspellings 😊😇
Anis Benzeggouta
I'm Arab and recomend to learn modern standard Arabic \nBecause all Arabs knows the modern standard and its much more easy to learn 😁
Atatürkiye Kız
I’m Turkish but now I live in Jordan because my mom Jordanian woman And I have learned English language and a little Arabic (because it is difficult) and everyone in Jordan can speak English I love the Arabs so much but I miss my country so much 🇹🇷🇹🇷💔
Blood Knight
Love arabic and arabs from turkey\nrespect brothers
Bryan Link Hunt
Despite the fact that most will say MSA is the Arabic to learn, there is no one “right” answer. People learn Arabic (or any language) for many different reasons. \n\nHave you fallen in love with an Arabic speaker in Zanzibar or in Cairo or in Cyprus? If so, each case would suggest a different dialect of Arabic: your goal is communication with a particular individual, not universal Arabic. If you are going to the middle east to work as a laborer for a couple of years while sending money back home, the Arabic that will be most helpful to you is probably not the same as if you were going to be selling computer systems or designing a water treatment plant there. \n\nIf your interest pre-Quaranic poetry, or Arabic graffiti in the banlieues of France, MSA would not be the Arabic to study (first). Will you be moving to Tanger for two years while you report for a foreign newspaper? Then the Arabic that will help you the most will depend on your beat, who you will need to speak to and understand. \n\nThe language to learn if you are eight years old and have moved to a place where the kids playing football down the street all speak Arabic is probably different from the language that makes sense for your parents or your sibling to learn; even if all three of you learn some form of Arabic. \n\nSo, for every interesting aspect of Arabic mentioned in the video, there is an equally interesting life-situation that might influence just what Arabic makes the most sense to learn.
California بالمصري
as an Arabic I recommend you to learn Modern Arabic or Arabic with the Egyptian accent as Egyptian accent is the most common understandable Arabic dialect because of Egyptian Media is the most common in the middle east. I know personally 2 people one from Iraq and the other from Morocco speak together with Egyptian dialect
Carlos Eduardo Aguiar
Arabic looks like a very interesting to language, I personally don't know much of Arab other than the loanword that the Portuguese has from the Iberian invasion, hugs from Brazil to the Arabs.
Cat Sven
perfectly explained Paul...! this is the most complete and well explained tutorial about Arabic language basics and history I've seen on youtube.
Deema M.Ahmed
You are amazing ..\nI'm Arab girl from Iraq ♥... and I'm Muslim♥ thank you for this video .. I can speak English♥
Der könig
فيديو عن تعلم اللغه العربيه وكل اللي داخلين ومعلقين عرب ههههههههه وما فيش ولا اجنبي تقريبا ههههههه ده احنا ما ليناش قيمه خالص في العالم !!!!!! واخجلاه
Elias Saca
As an Arabic speaker I just want to thank you Paul and appreciate your efforts, because I can imagine how difficult to summarize the history of the Arabic in one informative video. Keep the good job.\nRegarding your question, of course the modern arabic is way more important that the dialect, because if you speak modern arabic you will be able to communicate with the vast majority of arabs or arabic learners, while if you speak a dialect you limit yourself to one group or even one city as the dialects are very different from country to another or even a provence to another province. The only exception that if you live with an Arab and you want to communicate with him/her then you can learn the dialect.
Emre Yavuzoğlu
Hi! I’m Turkish from Macedonia 🇲🇰 \nI love Arabic! It’s the language of the prophet and of Islam ☺️
FT Tech
الله أكبر ، أنا مسيحي ولكن أحب العيش باللغة العربية إن شاء الله!!♥️
Fakhri Annabi
You should learn msa because every person in arabic world can understand that form of arabic \nBut if u’ll live in an arabic country you should learn the country’s dialect beside the msa \nBut they can be very different and don’t forget that most of arabic people understand msa\nThank you for explaining such a beautiful language
Fayssel Touzani
Thank you ! As a French born Moroccan, i grew up with 2 mother tongues: French and Moroccan dialect. Had to learn Standard Arabic (thanks to the Quran as it provided me with a solid base through classical Arabic) by myself and fell in love with it. The most beautiful (and complete) language both in spoken and written form.\nIn my p.o, learning both classical Arabic (from the Quran+poetry) and the MSA helps a lot to better understand different dialects and the structure within them. But in deed, in order to communicate, one has to familiarise with dialects. So far, the most difficult for me to get used to was the Egyptian one.\n\
I've been learning Arabic for 4 years -- and to be perfectly honest, I have NO IDEA what version I am learning. Mine is the Modern Standard YouTube version. I literally taught myself Arabic from hundreds of 3 minute YouTube videos. Heaps of kids ones too. I've noticed many differences between different lessons from different people. So, I've kind of haphazardly taken on board all the different variations. I generally .. kind of know .. can usually figure out what is being taught, even though a letter is written differently to a previous lesson (or even multiple previous lessons). I am still just absorbing YouTube videos (in many different types of Arabic). What ever Arabic I know is literally a complete mix of every dialect of Arabic, lol. I am just learning for fun in my spare time. I still have a lot to learn. I can read and write Arabic, and I know a heap of words, phrases and sentences -- but I still have trouble following someone who is talking any kind of Arabic, because they talk like someone is chasing them (so fast); and when I read or speak, I am like a 5 or 6 year old child taking 10 seconds to pronounce every syllable, getting it about 80% correct. Again, to me.. it's just fun. I have no Arabic speaking friends and no purpose for learning, except that I like to learn -- so I get little to no practice unless I am watching another video. So it's a hard slog to learn. But I am determined! I am subscribed to a whole heap of childlrens channels -- and I make a point to watch every video as they are released. Usually a dozen or so new videos each week show up on my feed. Short children's lessons. I am literally at like a 5 year old child level, or maybe even 4 years old.
Game Player
Koran is the holy sheet of the desert
H. D.
I'm French, but my parents are Moroccan. They taught me the dialect arabic of Morocco. I'd have prefered learning the standard Arabic. I'd suggest people to learn standard arabic. Not dialect as it's only spoken langage. And useless to me.
Arabic is soooo hard even for arab
HAMADA Informations
I am kurdish and i speake Arabik
You can’t learn a dialect before MSA ! \nAnd after you had finally finished it and that close to be possible ever for us , you won’t can learn more than two dialects !!\nIt’s the truth i’m comin to US this autumn and I’ll teach anyone wants to learn..\nOn my pleasure 😇 i’ll teach them the MSA first then the most common dialect .
Halo Jumper
5:41 when new information shocks you.
Hasan Ali
Arabic is also language of Heaven
Hussein Nour
This was a very detailed and well done video, Langfocus. When I went to Egypt to learn Arabic, I went to a center where I was studying Arabic for a couple years. It obviously didnt take me long to learn it, I think its because I was a kid then. Anyways, when I was studying Arabic at the center. All I was learning was \
The answer depends on what is the purpose of your learning Arabic. \n\nIf you're, say, someone who is going to spend a few years in a single Arabic country (for work or otherwise) and is not really that interested in reading/writing in Arabic and would just want to communicate with local people, then just learning the local dialect is enough. You can start learning MSA if you become interested later, but in your mind the local dialect you started with will always be your reference specially if you learned it extensively before jumping to MSA and this might end up giving your MSA a \
Jaehyuk Lee
طالب من كوريا! السلام عليكم!
This channel is pure gold.
After two years of studying Fus7a I was finally brave enough to talk with a cool Syrian refugee I met. After two sentences she cut me off;\n\
Kent McLeod
Myself being a linguist, I watch many videos to learn more about the history of Arabic and what dialect of Arabic is easiest and most difficult to learn.\n\nI can read and speak some Arabic, I am not fluent but I am still learning, the first thing I ever learned/was taught, was Assalamu Alaykom, which is obviously an Islamic/Muslim greeting. \n\nI love Arabic because it helps me to connect with Arabs and indulge within the culture to better understand everything. Since it is rated at I believe the 2nd hardest language to learn, I gave it a shot and I'm actually in love with it.\n\nAnd no, I am not copying and pasting 😂\n\nالسلام عليكم / مرحبا , أنا اسمي كينت , أنا من امريكا
La viro
I am Chechen, there are some consonants in Arabic that exist in our language and don't exist in majority of languages. For example, Хь is ح, ГI is غ, I is ع, Къ is ق, TI is ط. And some other Caucasian languages as Ingush, Avar, Dargwa and others also have these letters, although they are not related to the Semitic languages
Hi everyone. Please don't post topic requests. Requests aren't feasible for a channel like this with videos that take so much time and effort to make.\n\nI try to filter out requests, so you don't see most of them. If I left them unfiltered, they would flood the entire comment section. I get thousands of them every month, with a big spike whenever I upload a new video. So, it may seem like yours is the only one, but there are LOTS. I'm afraid I just can't be responsive to requests.\n\nBut I hope you enjoy this video and all my others. Thanks!
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افضل تدريس الفصحى، آن شاء الله ستكون اللغة الأكثر إنتشارا و تحدثا في العالم
fantastic video!!! well done!
Linda Meni
Your videos are amazing! 👏🏽👏🏽
Lolo_ Saudia Arabia
I advise those who want to learn Arabic to learn standard Arabic all Arabs will understand it , dialects are very difficult and different between the regions of one country
Mans 1991
إذا تعلمت العربية الفصحى تستطيع التحدث مع جميع العرب ويسهل عليك تعلم لهجاتهم .
Marcos Eduardo
I have stayed for more than 13 years until I mastered the Arabic language but I do'nt regret it, after you learn it you'll know it's a magic language like it's from another planet so that you can describe deep feelings you can't describe in any other language
Mawar Aysha
I can read all arabic words but im not understand the meaning. I think arabic language is so complicated like when we want to call a person. It has 3 section which is feel madhi...feel mudhari'....nd feel amr. That was so different to compare with my country words (MALAYSIA). But actually i can understand just a certain words of arabic.
Medji Abdulhakeem
في رأيي أن تعلم الفصحى أفضل؛ حيث أن كل العرب يعرفونها ويفهموها و حيث أن التعامل باللغة العامية أصعب ومختلف من بلد لاخر وستحتاج لتعلم لهجة كل بلد
Milad Kawas Cale
In Syria, we do learn Modern Standard Arabic in School, also we hear and see it in media. There is no education for dialects in Syria, this is something you learn from your family and your community.
Mohamed Abdukadir
This man is really a great teacher
As an Arabic person I would say learn Modern Standard Arabic, because everyone in the Arab world can understand it.
Momoz Amllel
Any imazighen Berbers here ☝💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Moonchild V
Lol can’t believe an English man taught me more Arabic than my actual arabic teacher...
Mr.MinishCap Ezelo
I am from Germany,and I think I'll try to learn Arabic,becaue there are some Immigrants in Germany,from Syria,and I would like to Learn it to communicate with them.\n\nYou Arabs are nice!
Mu Neer
Arabic is 💜\nLove from *#Kashmir*
Musa Fallata
after this video i think japanese is piece of cake
Mysmallreprieves MSR
Arabic has the cutest letters to write
Nao chan
Modern stander Arabic is a Must Learn , cause dialect may seem to divide us but standard Arabic unite us all , every Arabic speaker understand the official stander one , its Definitely without a doubt the one to choose
Nawaf Rwailli
Popzain 30
*Arabic Saudi Pure Arabic in Quraishi Style also Arab Yemen*
Robert Smith
Arabic is a very beautiful language and sounds like a music.
SALMUHEIRI -سالمهيري
Big respect for you brother for knowing the arabic languge
In Algeria, Arabic is also co official language a long with the Berber (amazigh) language
Arabic is a very beatiful and a very rich language.We have a ton of arabic loanwords in turkish.
Sousou Bou
اذا تعلمت العربية الفصحى فهذا يعني قدرتك على التواصل مع كامل العالم العربي والإطلاع على الكتب .اما اللهجات فهي تساعدك على التواصل مع منطقة معينة دون أخرى. كما انها تحرمك من القراءة. لانه لا احد يكتب بالعامية وان كتب فهي كتابات تافهة
Vinicius Buscacio
I'm from Brazil. What a amazing video. Arabic is a incredible language!
William Macbeth
Well I'm half-arabian and this is a good question, for those who really want to learn Arabic.... I guess learning the Modern Standard Arabic is way better than the colloquial accents... because it's the main language after all, when you do so... you're gonna automatically understand the other dialects with no remarkable effort 😐
Yazan Al Kabbani
As an arab my advice would be learn modren standard arabic cause we arabs don't always understand other arabic dialects very well 😂\nit'll be very dificult for a forign speaker to communicate with arabs from differnt regions if he don't learn modren standard arabic \nArabic is verry complicated language at the beginning but once you become a good reader it becomes very easy
Yehia Abdelrahman
God help all of you who's trying to learn this language.. I'm an Arab and I see how hard it is xD
abd mohra
اعذرني عن الكتابة باللغة الفصحى .\nولكن اقول لك مع كامل نطقي باللغة العربية وانا عربي اصيل يتعذر علي تفهم القواعد في اللغة الفصحى .. وفي الدراسة مادة اللغة العربية من اصعب المواد عند الطلاب كلهم وخاصة مادة النحو .. اما اذا ابدعت في الدراسة وايقنت الحقيقة في تعلم العربية الفصحة باذعان منك لقبول والتبحر بها فكن على يقين كامل انك لن تحفظ كلماتها كاملة لكي تستطيع الدخول الى هذا البحر .. مع كامل احترامي لك وتشجيعي \nبامان الله
abraham Rubio
I've been to a few Arab countries or Arabic countries I should say although a lots of Arabs considered the Arab world as one nation under the Arab League! great people awesome people I have a lot of Arab friends and love the culture i love the hospitality they just makes you feel like you're one of them when you get to know them or visit with them very very generous unbelievable.. don't believe the media all the crab you see on TV or whatever\
You are a great teacher i agree with the facts u stated in this Video, also your Arabic pronunciation is so Good.
im israeli and im interested of learning arabic
black cat
هههههههههه جاب لي اليأس وهي لغتي الله يعينهم
cristiano aniss S
هي معروفة انو دولة شكوبيستان العظيمة من المستحيلات السبع تخفى عليهم حاجا \nلاشكوبيستان بينو رواحم نسحقكم لهن تحت بعضاكم 😂😂👇
f f
يا ليت نتكلم اللغة العربية الفصحى في حياتنا اليومية كان نفهم على بعض\n\n\nالمغرب والجزائر لهجتهم فرنسيه صعبه جدا
hank hamadi
I strongly recommend to learn and study the modern standard arabic,because all the Arab world can understand it.
ibrahim dündar
İm from Turkey and i love Arabs. Because Hz.Muhammed (sav) from arab and They are sahabi soons
k-pop world bts
انا عربية وافتخر بلغتي 😍واعجبني اهتمامك بالعربية 😋
mohamed shady
I’m from Egypt. Arabic native speaker and i say this video is amazing and i welcome any Arabic learner who want to practice language with me
premium shitposting
طالب من أمريكا، السلام عليكم ! تمنو لي الحظ
scorpion _9099
المهم ان تتعلم العربية الفصحى أولا.لان اللهجات تتغير بحسب القبيله او المكان لذلك اللهجات متغيره بأستمرار وستجد صعوبه في تعلمها لاكن الفصحى ستسهل عليك فهم بعض اللهجات
shaden al
لغتي الام هي العربيه ، اشكرك لانك كرست وقتك لصنع هذا الفيديو ، اعتقد انه يجب عليك على الاقل معرفه القليل من الفصحى قبل دراسه اللغه العربيه لان اللهجه العاميه تاخذ الكثير من الفصحى مثال : عندما كنا صغار كنا نشاهد افلام الكرتون بالفصحى ، ندرس في المدرسه بالفصحى وهذا يساعد ويمهد كثيرا ، \nMy native language is Arabic , thank you for taking the time and making this video, in my opinion I think you should know at least a little bit of Modern Standard Arabic because dialect takes so much words and phrases from( fusha ) Modern Standard Arabic, just as kids we watched a lot of cartoons in standard arabic also in school books are written in standard Arabic so that helps a lot ❤️
the joker
هذا الشيء يقول ان العربية هي وليدة لغة اقدم .. وانا اقول له انك جاهل بماهية اللغة العربية .. فهي ام اللغات فيها 16 الف جذر لغوي بالتالي ما يقارب 23 مليون كلمة عربية وهذا الرقم الاكبر بين لغات العالم اجمع .. ومنها استمدت اللغات اللفظ .. حتى لليوم مثل : سكر او كهف بالنسبة للانجليزي وبالنسبة للعبري فالكلمات لا تعد من تشابه اللفظ .. العربية لغة اهل السماء وهي التي تكلم بها النبي ادم .
tornado 1
The French scholar, Ernest Renan (1823-1894), who carried out extensive research on Semitic languages, said about Arabic:\n\
x iLeon
How long is a piece of string? Which form of Arabic is the best to learn depends on why you want to learn Arabic. If it's for business purposes and you'll be visiting many countries, then Standard Modern should be your first port of call. If you simply want to communicate with your Moroccan son-in-law then it would be Moroccan etc...
«وكم عز اقوام بعز لغات »\nترجموها لا هنتم
أ. عيد القحطاني
اللغة العربية جميلة انصحك ان تتعلمها 👍
أحمد قاضي
Big big respect for your work. As an arabic native speaker I would say stick with the Modern standard arabic, and if you want to learn dialects you can learn it by communicating with arabic natives or listening to clips on youtube with english subtitles or what ever your language but I am afraid there is not many arabic clips using dialogue being translated properly to other languages, so might have the only chance with communication i guess (to learn arabic dialects). And of course the study materials will all be in Modern Standard arabic, so there is that. Thank you again for your efforts, and I Hope I helped 🙏
استايل راقي style
لازم العرب يظهروا يتفاخروا في اي فيديو.
الوردة الجورية
كانت ومازالت وستبقى اللغة العربية من اعظم واصعب واجمل اللغات على الاطلاق وكيف لا وهي لغة كتاب الله \
روان فايز
أعتقد أنه لا يجب على متعلمي اللغة العربيه تعلم النحو والقواعد فقط اللغه الفصحى للتواصل كأساس، ثم تعلم اي لهجة من اي بلد عربي يستمتعون بالتعرف على ثقافته \nI think arabic students should learn only the daily speak arabic modern standard as basic and and dialect of beloved country you enjoy their culture . Egypt for example, or maybe KSA btw this will be a bit tricky in there because its the most diverse dialect arabic in one country !\nGood luck
عامر العامري
اللغة العربيه هي همزة الوصل الوحيده بين لله والعباده من الانس والجن لمعرفته حكام لله وشريعته.......
غريب الأطوار
المهم هو تعلم اللغة العربية الفصحى و هي بالتالي ستساعد متحدثها على فهم و تواصل اللهجات
محمد شریفات
im arab from iran\n❤
معا نعيد العربية الفصحى إلى الحياة
اليوم اليوم العالمي للغة العربية 💙 Today is the World Arabic Language Day 2018 🥳