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Alexus Wilson
I’m trying to figure out why people say they don’t like her on season 9?
Amyah Mays
Ilove her so much please like this comment second comment 💟💟💟💟
Andyc yt
Season 13 was about girsl from other seasons right?
Ashanti Jackson
Rima was better this season.She wasn’t fake like on season 9.Like I seriously feel really happy for her!❤️
Bleach 101
what’s her song during her casting tape ?
Blue Bear
She should apologize to Andrea
Breyah Bihh
Charley Williams
TBH she had an improvement from BGC9 to BGC13 the reason why I feel like she was still hated was bc of her actions that she previously done which I don't see why ppl didn't get over but these fans are weird
Christina Is Cool
Christopher Dapont
She said she looks like a rabid animal 💀💀💀💀
Chyna Stuckey
One of my favorite bad girls😍😍😍😍💯
DatGuy 1X
She was kinda irrelevant and boring in this season BUT waaaay more likable on this season compared to BGC9 that’s for sure.
Day'sia Life
can u do bgc6 wilmare
Diced Pineapple
shes honestly changed a lot in bgc13 (in a postivie way)
Damnnn shanon was big on bgc10 but now she's like really really big
Dog ass Zuly
Am i the only one who saw tht eyeroll @0:26 by julie
Dominique Delaine
Rima ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Donniqua Mcpherson
I like rima on this season she changed a lot compared to s9
Elena Bee
She's so pretty
Elias Asplund
whats the song at the beginning?
Elih Briton-Gray
5:28 what happened to Julie's eyebrows?
Elliot R
I wish she was a original this season as she was on her season so we could of seen more or her major glow up and more of who she is now, loved her though!💗
Enzo Cruz
Cute son though! Way to go Rima!
Eponymous Shapeshifter
Can you do BGC9 Andrea best moments
Yall know I LOVE Rima 💕
Aww, I really love julie and rima's friendship. They totally changed from season 9 which is into better. They both glow up too, Julie, Rima, Rocky and Jada 😍😍😍
Francine Gonzalez
0:40 they way she imitated Danni was too funny 😂
Gehdnss Tsbsnsns
She ain't bad
Hanna Mcallister
Lol love you
Harley Smith
2:36 has me in tears bro
Hawaii Gilbert
I fucking love my baby Rima! She's the real MVP! 😭❤\n\n#RealBadGirl
I'm Not A Weeb You Normie
She glowed up. She lost some weight etc, she looks pretty. She's a beautiful mother, yas Rima. I absolutely hated her season 9 but she seemed alright this season.
Indya Hagans LUV’s BTS
I’m glad Shannon came on the show too😊
Isamar Morales
The one who has not grow a bit is camila
I’m Poppy
Why does Rima look like Susan from BGC17
Jasmine Scott
Rima is petty
0:38 😂😂😂
The only thing that she did wrong this season was run up on Judi at the reunion when Judi wasnt even looking at her and for Mocking Danni when Danni got hit in the eyebrow by Jadas shoe
Karla Diaz
I thought Rima looked better with some meat on her;)
Kathi Becker
even though she wasnt there for a long time I really liked her this season !!! \u003c3
Kay Nova
I forgot that she Was even on this season
Kylie Kennedy
Rima was legit always my fav
La Condra Thompson
Rima cleaned her up a lot she’s so beautiful she’s funny
Laiko Brown
Rima is really beautiful
Lmaoo Lol
Isn’t she Arab
Rima might be going about losing weight in an unhealthy way, you can see how sunken in her face is.
London Royalty
Didn't like rima on her season but she did alot of improvement on season 13.
Lucas Gonçalves
rima and julia jealous of sarah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lumaria Arduex
I hated her on season 9 but I liked her this season. She became so mature and you can tell she really loves her son. Only time I disliked her was when she tried running up on Judi at the reunion, it was pointless.
Damn Shannon look's way different 🙂 lookin healthy and happy ❣️
Malcolm Louis
Rima is definitely a good mom
Maquavious Mack
She had a major glowup ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Marrietta Nanje
Is it just me or does rims look a lot like liane V
Mary Lanett
I died at 2:57 😂😂😂😂
Maya Rachelle
Rima son is so cute😍😍
MeLi GarZa
she looks ahhhhmazing
Mel4Real4Life Lol
I laughed so hard when she was using the pillow to mimic Sarah's ass lol
Mikey Rivera
She was only in the house for 2 days so I do why they let her be on the show
Moise Picard
Rima was bad and hot as hell back then and she still is.
Moon Shine
Please do Lo’s best moments 💕💕💕
Mya L
she glo'd up. however the reason she came into the house different was because she knew better lmao
Mya Spratte
Yass that's why you got pregnant cause you attractive asf yasss girl slay that ass
Natalia Maciorowska
I used to work at part city and I literally met her, well kinda I was cashing her out hahahaha probably the only person I ever met on television minus snooki
Ndudi Obichi
Um..........was that Shannon at 4:11???
Nicki & Cardi Bitch ._.
Do rimas best moments bgc9
Nicole Dilaurentis
I completely forgot about this season omg
She was the only person who redeemed herself ... Those other girls are still rotten
Can’t stand her
Queen Bee
i was intimidated by her in season 9 but she made her comeback in season 13 so i’m impressed now
Mehgan really changed Rima 😆😆 ever since Mehgan beat Rima and Falens ass Rima stopped fighting and never looked back 😂😂 bgc didn’t change Rima Mehgan did lmaoo
Ryu Lee
Really happy to see Rima in here but wish they could've chose a better replacement but most of them aren't gonna come because I know that Janelle don't want nothing to do with production and them instigating.
N\no moments XD
Sarah White
Rima you have a beautiful son
Self Confidence
She was ok... until she charged at Judi in the reunion. I really thought she changed but she didn’t. Mehgan and Erika should beat her up again lol
Shug Says
Omg Rima got body goals 😭
Skar Lewis
What’s the intro song😭?
Soann Segta
July and her became so mature between this season 9 and this one. That is nice to see
I love when Rima mimicked Dani
Stephanie Ortega Vargas
Rima thinks she's superior than everyone, i don't like her.
Taehyung Hyung
Wait how long was she there ?
The World's Greatest Sniper, Formerly
Omfg her son 😩❤️
Tristin Robinson
When rima's son ran up to her my heart literally melted
She is gorgeous!
Wtf Des
“There goes my butt oh my goooood”
Yellow Cake with octopus
0:38 I was crying😂😂😂
Your local Troll
I loved her on this season
gia rivera
Rima:tired of this lesbian action
mary pierce
i love rima she is my favorite like it made me so happy she was on this season, she also reminds me of a kardashian, she’s just so pretty
melissa salisbury
ummmmm just ewwww
queen arnulfo
what episode is the twerking part where dani called rima a rabbit animal
rashon Kirkland
Am I the only one who read “ain’t nothing class ‘bout a bad girl” in Christina’s little mimicking voice
Rima was calmer this season. I was so proud of her because she cleaned herself up and changed herself for the better good \u003c3
She was legit their last option as a replacement because no other bad girl wanted to be a replacement 😩
Сирма Војвода
she's more mature then season 9