ANIMALS Being JERKS - Funny Animal Videos

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I like how their are 4 ads in a 10 min vid
Adam & Daniel
0:30 they guy was a jerk not the cat 😂
2:20 - 2:30. Litterly me and my little Brother. Im the cat who hits the other cat.😂😂😂
Andy Hamstra
8:29. That string on the back? Animal cruelty?
Anna Zhuravlyova Zhuravlyova
3:52 - that is the sign! ))) You better STOP!)
Ashmita pandey
you copy and merge all video, most of videos I have seen last 7 years ago.
Bill Olsen
6:48 One question: If I'm watching a video of a cat watching cats on a video, am I spending too much time on the net?
Carol Ervasti
I hate monkeys!!
Christopher Duffy
Nothing funny about a dog putting its nasty but on a babies face.
Clash Baby
0:30 XDXDXD Hah-hah-hah!!! This is my favorite. Typical cat. Stupid. x)) Also great: 5:12 ... :D 6:34 ... A Smart Baby! :)
Colleen Fitz
LOVE the cat and the fat guy's cheeseburger! He whines, but he shore ain't going hungry. Share, you tightwad!  :-)
Danielle Strijdhaftig
There is no cow on a bmw. You're welcome.
Donald South
fatass in the recliner wasn't giving up no food was he, he is repulsing, it's sad
Donielle Werner
LMMFAO!! fantastic vid!!
Donna Keeley
This was so funny!
Edvania Vieira Soarea Da Silva
Elaine Merrill
Box this one up, ship to Africa, only one, there can only be one!
Eliana San martín
bonito video! !
Erik Iacopelli
they steal ur food cuz u didnt teach them whos the boss and NOT to beg or take food that is not givin to them
Evelyne Robinson
The cat look like it could eat a cheeseburger he was hungry..
Fuck ur feelings
The fat guy with the burger was hysterical, and for the record I had no idea that turtles that big could run.
Genie Cooper
Not all those animals are being jerks. And the two gorillas fighting is not funny, it is deadly serious.
Hurrikan Loui Trollthemall
3:50 dude... they try to safe you from an heart attack....
I M Infamous
4:00 is hilarious. All your cheese burgers are mine
3:00 Jacke Chan cat!
Jason Hodgson
At 7:02 the dog looked cute
Jason Pal
Jessica Foster
That cat eating his cheeseburger. **Lawl**
John Doe
Where's the cow? Did I get click baited?
Jordan Fearnhead
it is so funny
KB 4ever
None of these are jerks any one who thinks that they are they are jerks
Leroy Garza
Every time I eat, lol ,this is what I get
Lisney De Leon
Y la bendita vaca donde esta?😒
Lo Sundén
i can,t go safe here. omg! lol
MC Wuff
This video is not funny. Especially this dog on the head of the baby. Pfui
Mandy Woods
At 3:30 I just dont understand. Why not shut them in a room or shut yourself in a room .Instead he is basically training them to do precisely what theyre doing -misbehaving! Humans can be entirely selfish and braindead when it comes to pet /animals. If I was his pet &could speak I would say \
Mariah Subahi
When the dog was sitting on the baby i was mad\n*1 like 1 hug for the baby*
Megan Wetmore
4:00 hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂
Mike Higgins
Fucken retarded DEMS.
Mikey Tarnow
It was no surprise to see that most of the clips were of cats. Cats ARE jerks and the attempt to domesticate them was a failure...... AND left the human race to deal with \
Nancy Quinlan
The cat stealing the guy's cheeseburger was really trying to save his life!
New Moon
Cat+metronome=flinching kitty cat
03:28 - the IRL adult Eric Cartman --- no kitty, this is my pot pie! No kitty! That's a bad kitty!!!
Onja Komo
The cat is trying to get the fat guy to stop eating cheeseburgers!
Otaku Carl
At 6:43 insert the “run” meme
NOPE. ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻
Peter Jongsma
Monkeys kidnap cats and don't let them escape.\nThe cat starves.\nTrue story.\nRescue them
8:30 was not funny. Rope is tied to the monkey's neck and tail, forcing it to stand on two legs.
Pierre Barousse
3'50 just get out of your coach and go to the dining room
Pipe Tunes
Maxwell is mean
Rebecca Bennett
he steel eats the chessebuger 4:00
Rick Martyn
At the 4 minute mark the cat is trying to save that fat bastards life. Go on a diet man .
Robert Trageser
Damn people control your pets. Train them! Or put em outside to fend for themselves. Id sell all these cat pricks to a chinese resturant.
Tee See
3:15. \
TraceyLynn Falconer
Lol hhh♡:)
Voltr Baldr
3:50 maybe if you share more of that with your pets you won’t have trouble breathing...
Yashodha Maduwanthi
3.46 me when I try to eat something
abc xyz
0:38 \
The reported sounded like the birds when he laughed lol
8:15 When an idiot singing
@5:56 Better drummer than Phil Collins.
da biz
And that's y I don't like cats
dawee hasqueux
Love your vidéo 👌👌👌. it's just so funny💕💕💕. We want more funny video. ♥️♥️♥️
elige brown
I wanted to see more of that racoon
fire mar
That's not kind of being a jerk at 7:58
flower child wanna be
3:29 me with my dog
fr fr
john hanrahan
3:29: prototype for the Simpson's Comic Book Guy.
naughti HH
part two??
patrice kouta l
Animals are funny*
peyton rhys
sister gameing
at 5:56 the cats name should be thumper!
6;08 typical Eu brexit debate😆
xpress totul
1:00 Savege cat 🤔🤔😂😂
xxxgacha girlleah
Some animals are big jerks like mine just because I was having tuna my fat cat pulled my hair until I gave it to him
Алла Денисова
3.52— сначала накорми животных, а потом сам ешь!
саша гемберг
_At __6:39__, is it special, do such a scoop for cows?_ 😊😊😊\n\n_На __6:39__, это специально, делают такие чесалки для коров?_ 😎😎😎