5 Most Richest People Who Now Work Normal Jobs!

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5 Most Richest People Who Now Work Normal Jobs!Description:We’ve all dreamed of what life would be like if we were filthy rich. The gorgeous mansions, glamorous movie careers and high-society parties. But often times real life hits even the richest and most successful and they must go get a normal job, like the rest of us. Let’s take a look just a few celebrities who had to join the workforce with the 5 Richest People Who Now Work Normal Jobs! Before we begin, make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content! With this being said, let’s begin!5. Tony Danza4. Vanilla Ice3. Jeff Cohen2. ??1. ????For copyright matters please contact us: [email protected] FOR TOP 5S FINEST:Thank you so much for watching! Smash that like button for more, make sure you share the video with your friends and dont forget to subscribe!

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** khaled
1969 boga
Click bate
214ladybug Adams
Total click bait video. You posted a video of Uma Therman.
Adrian Weber
Rupert Grint, net worth of 50 million, is now an ice cream truck driver
Always Ready
Tony Danza was a boxer?
Angela M Ricks
Where is Uma Thurman? I clicked on this because you had a picture of Uma Thurman and I thought maybe she is actually in a regular job, false advertising sucks.
Anthony Ivan Aglugub Jr.
All are Males in the Content, who is the Girl Front Model?
Aqua Fyre
*You never hear of Kevin Spacey. Oh wait a minute - isn't he one of the Usual Suspects ?*
Aravind S
Tony Danza is awesome...
Ashley Davis
That’s so cool he teaches now
Bling SugarBaby
Wow, that really surprised me. But, that Jon guy is the biggest waste of space. What a disgraceful loser.\nWhy is Uma in the thumbnail as click bait?
BootyJamz !
Brad Hill
Tony Danza is a good man...
Brent Schmidt
Alyssa Milano recently made the news that she is not doing so good financially, either. Something about owing taxes. And statements against President Trump can do damage to a Hollywood career too. Shouldn't Seagal have many millions in the bank, from being lead actor, in so many action films? There was some back story to his demise in movie with Kurt Russell?\nExecutive Decision? Executive Order? I'm seal team badass, what I say goes...uh huh...!
Cody Woodward
Freddy Mercury was frontman of queen...
Craig Lister
Nice video but please DONT use click bait where's uma?????????
Danielle Osmena
That is wrong about Steven Seagal!! He still making film's, he is been making film's for the pass few months! You be surprise next time you see he's new film's, and also Vanilla Ice is a millionaire on he's DIY awesome show I love everyone is funny in he's show, that is not a just a normal job.
David Prodigy
Be prepared for a commercial after the first person
David Strickland
What was the point of the Uma Thurman picture?
Deborah Thompson
Most richest?
Fast Eddie
Vanilla Ice???? I ve never heard of him & I can see that I didn t miss much. Get off the roids. They ll mess you up worse.
Filip Sichman
most richest??? nice joke... and of course classic click bait...
clickbait thumbs down .eanted to see uma Thurman.she wasn't in the video
George M
Ginger Bread
Gone Fishing
Why do the McCann couple appear at 9:08??? The parents of the kidnaped and never found, little Madeleine MacCann??? Jerry and Kate McCann?
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
Henny Verheij
We all know, that Uma Thurman is still working as a actress. Don't know why her pic is used here, cause she's still made it...
How To Make Sushi
What Steven Segal is a cop!
hey just gonna put this out there at 8:09 thats not Jon and Kate thats some homunculus and her beta husband aka Daddy0Five
Ingrid Dubbel
Most Richest\nThat is grammatically incorrect.
James Butler
Jason C
You might want to delete the picture of John and Kate McCann. Bad error!
Jelly Beans
Is it weird that I read richest as Racist
Jim Green
Julie Nickel
Tony Dansa was doing a reality show about teaching.
picture click bating
Kaydee Reed
this gives me hope
Liberty GiveMe
Danza teaches 10th Grade 'English'?! THAT'S RICH!!!!
Lisa Perez
I loved Hayden Christianson in the star wars movies he played a terrific Darth Vader
Louis C
Tony didn't have to get a normal job like the rest of us because that's what he chose to do. You said teaching was his passion.
Luck z
Matthew McConeghy or how ever you spell it, mowed my lawn today. His company is called Alright Lawn Care. He asked me if I wanted my lawn sprayed. I said I’m not sure. He said “it be a lot cooler if you did!” I said. Ok
Why do you have Ums Thurman on the picture of your YouTube Video yet she does not feature in your video,what's the point of that,its deceiving
Mark Harris
Am I the only one old enough to know Tony Danza rose to fame in 'Taxi\
Mary McLendon
I didn't see my favorite actor pushing a mower in the clip. Stop using fake pictures too get people too watch. Really bad taste.
Matt LeBlanc
Money doesn't last forever, Money doesn't buy happiness, Money corrupts. I'm glad that some of these celebrities have to work jobs that are REAL REALITY that the rest of us live in. Just goes to show that Hollywood doesn't care about anyone, once you don't have what they want it's \
Matthew AZ boy
Post script it's pronounced R-pie-O dummy!
Miss W
I never liked nor watched John and Kate.
Mohammed Haz
They are still rich!
Misleading pic about Matthew M.
Mr_XDgamingNoob Fe2 Gaming
Pamwe Chete
at 9:30 there is a picture of a couple who ate the parents of Madleine McCann who was snatched in Portugal in 2007. she has never been found and the case is still ongoing, so what are they doing in this video??
Patricia Bilinkas
Good for him!
Petera Latimer
Pisces Rain
Tony doesn't have to work he just wants to educate kids , he a damn good man.
Pitman 4Life
Lmao wow The Goonies...bring's back memories😃#Chunk#1
Sammy Lane
Alyssa Milano was cute even as young kid,she was stunning.
Shelly B.
5 most richest? Might carry more weight if correct grammar was used.
Songman L
Tony Danza did that because he wanted to not because he had to! You left out the point that his net worth is 40 million dollars!! And that is to date! I'm not even going to bother watching the rest of the video
Squirrel Attackspidy
Tony Danza always seemed like a good guy. Now I know why.
Street Deacon
Tony Danza became a success in Taxi....
T. Ed Hunter
Why would you have a picture of Uma Thurman if she's not on the list? I'll never watch a vid from this channel again.
That first story was beautiful not the sad depressing stories i was expecting. Very happy to have watched this video.
Amazing, not obe female on the list.
Thomas edwin
alisa milono use to be so cute,
Tina Tyler
Click bait useing uma thermen
Tracy Herwig
Dear Commentator, I wanted very much to like your channel...I still think it could be really good one, it's just things like, \
Twilight Gardens presentations
Danza is a monster in the ring!!!
Unknown Gaming
nice video like always
Untainted SKS
8:08 why was there a random picture of the douchebags daddyofive and Mummyofive
Vampires Crypt
Jon joined the dark side xD
Vegan133 Earth
And dislike
William Thisbal
#1 is my favorite, I think because I have been a fan since the beginning of his career. I wish him the very best.
Yash Goyal
I literally saw just the five names you mentioned and I can't imagine why Matthew Mcconnoghey and Uma Thurman were shown in the thumbnail.Most of the YouTube videos today simply wanna attract attention by getting more views. But don't do that by misleading us. You're simply wasting our time , I won't bother watching the rest of ur video
.......TAXI......taxi was first. they're called facts. use them if you want to make a point , please
beth98362 R
The Goonies was fantastic!
d silverleaf
steven stegal is a fat has been.
kirk orr
Tony Danza rose to fame in the show TAXI not who's the boss.
marco love
Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand.......
morelli tech
Tony Danza:\nNetworth: $40 million\n\nWhy he doesn't work a normal job:\nHe became a teacher as an A&E TV series deal, and wrote a best selling book.\n\nVanilla Ice: \nNet worth: $18 million\n\nWhy he doesnt work a normal job:\nHe started a home building and design company and had a television series about it, and Is currently Signed to Psychopathic Records.\n\nJeff Cohen\nNet worth: $4 million\n\nWhy he doesn't work a normal job: He founded well known law firm representing top entertainers (actors/actresses)\n\nA normal job in my opinion worth having a video about would be A famous person who now works at Pizza hut, UBER, Bus driver, Engineer, Manager of a company, or if they live in California collect welfare benefits.
rahkin rah
I'm glad I am just a poor man. I don't have much to lose.
rvpstudios studios
Willie Aames from Eight is Enough is a Cruise Director on a popular Cruise Lime.
saeedur rahman
They are not rich people they are the chosen ones
sue she
Thumbs down
thomas mabbott
vanilla icecream still frying chicken nuggets?
travis Giacomo
travis elliott
The mighty, they fall hard don't they.
Waaaay too long. Make em shorter, we get the point ;-) I just skip through them to see the people.
walter smith
These stupud ads....
william winslowhansen
zain sayed
Who wants to be rich