Bugatti Veyron vs Lamborghini Aventador vs Lexus LFA vs McLaren MP4-12C - Head 2 Head Episode 8

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On this special episode of Head 2 Head, Automobile Magazine's Jason Cammisa pits the world's most exclusive super cars against each other in a no-holds-barred drag race battle! Do the carbon fiber-bodied Aventador, LFA, and MP4-12C have what it takes to take on the king of the super car realm - the Bugatti Veyron? Now available in full HD 1080P resolution!Head 2 Head appears every other Wednesday on the new Motor Trend channel.

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*wHen mEmE wAs bOrn*
A Gamer
Aan M Anwars
Angkot from indonesia is the best 😂
Abier Alam
2018, who's here?
Alex Youngberg
*What neigborhood? Detroit?*
Andreas Petersen
Ansari Arham
(4:05)lambo: im the best\n(4:12)bugati: hey son you forgot me???
Arwind Matthew Parrilla
Where's the Koenigsegg squad at?!
Ashish Bharatdwaj
Bugatti father of Lambo😂
the Bugatti Veyron is the undisputed king of fast and the undisputed king of ugly.  Id take the Aventador that thing is beautiful and ridiculously fast.
Babanız PaLa !
Where is king koenigsegg 😎
Ben Foley
Id like to see the Bugatti against the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 spyder, Hennessey Venom GT, SSC Aero TT and the Koenigsegg Agera One. Not much of a competition with these cars, their top speeds are no where near what the Bugatti can manage.
Big Bitty
Tesla Model X would be like i can beat bugatti veyrons it's my hobby.
Carspotting ww
I'm sorry I missed your call and uhm..
Who would’ve thought that the lambo is gonna win against the ?
Cool Alvin
How about a hraccon
Cpt Force
anyone know outro song name?
Dheeraj Panwar
Real race start from 1:38
haaaahhhhh hahhhhhh *Girl crying mode*
Bugatti's may be faster but Lambo's are sexier.
Duck Rambo
Hey sorry I missed your call
Eduardo Cardenas
Eli Quinones
The Chiron is still not faster than the agera
Epitome Fighter
Oh shet bugati won
Hey, I'm sorry I missed your call. I really want you to call me back.. I miss you and I love you HUUUUUUUUUUUU
Evolved Reaper
I’ll prefer the Lamborghini Aventador rather then the Bugatti Veyron, I like to stay average
Fachmi Putra Wibowo
Gabriel Ioanes
Geeky Droid
That Bugatti entry, just made my day!!! \nLoved it!!\n\nUpdate: 138 likes on this comment made my another day! 😂😂
Harish Arora
The drivers were driving the car as they were driving normally on the road.😅😶
JM Mazon
Lol Honda Civic is the best!
John Andrade
Koenigsegg Agera R be like\n\
JuniorAtThe671 _
Would get a bugatti but it looks like a nissan
KankaGamers 06
İ love lexus
Lebrun Jemz
4:13 koenigsegg agera rs : hold my beer 🍺
Li Xiao
This is Evil. Evil says hi. This is Evil when a Bugatti Chiron goes by. (crushed up Evil) I personally do not like Lamborgini!
Luis Rivera
Bugatti is pretty ugly but damn! That thing is a monster
Luthfi Gaming
Sedih cuk gua gx tau artinya\n#Indonesia 🇮🇩
M Aqeef Alwafi
Wow amazing
Marian Kotúč
...just in case you're late to the grocery store :)
Markus Rühl
I love you, and I miss you... Huuuuuhhhhhhh
Michael Wan
Mohib Mohibullah
Bugatti is the fastest car and lamborghini is the coolest car in ever😎😎
Monty Scribner
How bout the Koenigsegg?
Mr. Gô
Mukesh Rani
*What about bolt hehe lol* \nBugatti lovers! Hit like..!!!!
Mustapha S
M•α•S•h mAkEr
there is no Bugatti
Lexus LFA 🔥
Nethmi Vihansa
පට්ට video එක bro\nඅපිව්ත් subscribe කරලා sup එකක් දෙන්න Bro😍😍😀
Nikita play
Lambo gets a better start *Bugatti: Hold my beer* literally zooms ahead 😂
Owen O'Loughlin
What neighborhood costs $2.5 million?
Pan Huragan
Speed unlock for $s, but i saw rusty pickups in Alabama smoking aventadors and Ferrari’s. Just upgrade the junk properly.
Priya Srivastava
Hit like if you love Lamborghini
Rafsan Chowdhury
Bugatti Chiron is the fastest car in the world
Random Stuff In Oregon
Buggati had the top down too, making it less aerodynamic.
Robert Pemberton
I love you. And I miss you. Hooooo
The Joke: Lamborghini and Bugatti are both owned by Volkswagen. :D
Rushil Patel
Bugati wins👊👊👊👊
I'll take the Lexus LFA all day every day. My dream car. \nNot the most powerful, fastest or most exotic. It just ticks for me. Besides I have couple Lexus cars already. 😁
Buggati is on 🔥
Sean Of The Head
The Veyron with its roof on and spoiler down wouldn't even be near the'd be miles ahead!
Shivam Gujjar
I love Lamborghini
Spy hacker
Buggati the king !!
Sukla Mandal
love Lamborghini
Tarak nath Dhibar
Lamborghini is a best
Bugatti ❤
maledetti tedeschi di merda
Troller George's Gaming channel
What if Bugatti Chiron...
Vishal Anand
And I own both of them....But they are of plastic!!
Vivek Sood
Lamborghini for the win! If looks could kill.
The veyron has its roof off, thus making it slower by a bit...
In my opinion the lexus lfa is the + Beautiful of all!
Zubeda Mohamed
If u owned both of the cars u would.........???
_ TheVre
At least I got them in gta5 online
abdirahman osman
when my dad gives me a small loan of 1 million. I will buy a lambo :)
asics tiger
cameron ward
Only 12 ;)
cool kids me and my sister and cousin Forrest
I love Lamborghini
d. zark
where is audi r8 :c
devesh sharma
Lambo fans give a like 💕
geetika chatuvedi
I have Lamborghini
The bugatti vs a cheetah 🤔🤔🤔
kavita Yadav
East or West Bugatti Veyron is the best
micro Graham
That Bugatti was playing with the Lambo - had the air brake enabled the whole time and still beat the Lambo with ease :D
mo tec
Bugatti is best
racing bike tester
That sound of Lexus...
McLaren MP4-12C GT3
ryan aji
Where veyron, I cant see
Still Lamborghini is the great monster
thetrickshots2 HD
Who came here form the girl crying like a car
xX0 Aero0Xx
He protec \nHe attacc\nBut most importantly\nHe beat cars\nOn that tracc
Śidharth V. Menon
Please do a bugatti veyron vs. hennessey venom GT
NFS Most Wanted 2012 cars)(
عالم السيارات
2018 -٢٠١٨ ????? 😎
عبدالله البشري
الي من العرب لايك😕😊
عتاب الزمن