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Hi guys,So a lot of you here looove makeup. You see makeup gurus all over the world doing their makeup and looking flawless on camera so you decide to invest in some good quality products. Then you go home, you do your makeup and you realize that it's not quite the same result. You may be using the world's best makeup , but the truth is if you don't pay attention at the technique you're using, it's not gonna look good on you. So here I am showing you two different results that you could have using the same products and I hope that you have a better image of what's wrong and what's right in terms of makeup.Hope you guys enjoy the video, let me know in the comments down below if you do. 😘🤗🤗🤗Wanna know more about me and the life in Paris? Then please follow me on:Instagram:

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A Jayne Avery
Your presentation is just adorable! Entertaining and educational!!
Alyssa Wright
this is awesome
Amy Morgan
The contour bronzer technique is amazing! I was using it wrong too and putting it in the whole hollow of my cheek. I had no idea!💜☺👍
Anastasia Filippova
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are hilarious! I just love your humour and how frustrated you are with us, make up amateurs! Haha, I've been doing contour for years, and never knew you could do it any other way. Oh man, I would love to be your friend. So funny!
Avy Khali
Oh no! What am I doing???? Thank you for this straight to the point tutorial you instantly changed my opinion on primer. Thank you!
Awfa Anis
I'm a newbie in make up. Thank you for this video. Really enlighten me on doing contour and highlight.
she looks a bit like audrey hepburn
Beata M
Haha that was so informative and funny! Best make up tutorial ever :D I love you! Thanks!
Between the steps
Some great points here, thank you😍
Burçin Çolak
The moment she did eyeliner to her left eye... it hit me... jeeeez i’ve been doing the wrong way all along 🤣 and it’s not the only one im doiiiinnnnn 🤣 this is literally the most helpful video on makeup ever !!!!!! Now it’s time for me to look real beatiful with these ‘actual right’ techniques :D thanks ali
Caitlin Cook
problem is though, not everyone has 2 million brushes
Cakes XO
I think you should address men too not just women, just saying.🤦\u200d♂️
Camelia Cristina Cobîrlie
I was always struggling with the bronzer. I've used the same brush that I just hit it a bit in order to make the product fall and use it again and also applied bronzer and blush exactly at the same point and in that way (of \
Cat W
Wow what a lovely and natural beauty look. Very impressed. You are the only beauty channel that I have ever subscribed to on YouTube. Thx
Chaimae Hakim
OMG I can't believe how many people got so easily butthurt from this video! I honestly did not expect she'd get this kind of reaction. I don't know if this oversensivity is a a product of cultural thing or people are taking this way too seriously. Also, I didn't find her tone remotely offensive even though I did all of the mistakes shown! She seems nice and chill someone I look forward to see more of her videos. Thank you for the video ♥
Dani Gurl
I've done everything from A to Z wrong. No wonder I look like a wet newspaper at the end of the day. Thx for the tips.
Daniela Bisenius
She is not stuck up she's just very good at what she does and very accurate. I personally am very grateful to this woman for showing me the right way and realized how wrong I was doing my make up. Thank you sweetheart, you are fantastic at what you do! Hugs!😊
Danni Liu
Even your bad side is better done that my usual T.T
Dea Kurti be honest, this is the first ever video I watched about makeup, just poped up...and it was an eye opener. For the first time in more than 20 years I realize that I do everything wrong!
Dirty Squirrell
Is this a tutorial or a video of one woman singing and another trying to talk over her? Can't tell.
Eli Ilkova
You are one of the 0,000004% vlogers who don’t talk nonsense during the tutorial and actually add only useful infos as remarks. 😍 I hope other influencers take this as a good practice, because so many other women are unwatchable and talk like this: « Hellloooo guys, oh I am sorry I didnt post for 2 hours, I know it is so disappointing, but my cat was vomiting, so I needed to take care of it. Besides, I really think the sky is blue and this is amazing! (11 hours later) So let’s go back to the makeup « Oooh, my gosh I really think this one would be just amazing, I love it and...actually it is not the best, but...» (985 days later) « So after that I was in Bali and the water there was an amazing blue...Just like the shade I will use now. Okay, let’s continue with the makeup. But guys! Don’t forget to subscribe and...» 🤯
Eliza-Alexandra Zaharia
I just love ur sarcasm 🤣🤣 good video thanks for the tips
Ellen Porterfield
Yes, you have it right... thank you
Evergreen Greenie
The bad side lip is actually lower and smaller already..
Thank you for the great video! what's the difference between using a concealer on the eyelids rather than a primer? 😳and does anyone have a good primer recommendation?
Freja Pescettini
I loooved this video, like i do some of the stuff on the bad side, and then you clocked us for it, and it made me laugh. You Seem so Nice, and Thank you for a useful video 🙌🏼
Hannah Tynan
Does anyone else notice how low key sarcastic this woman is? Shes funny as hell
Jasmine Bobat
my mistake is foundation rubbing not tapping with the blender brush. thanks.
Jessa Hill
Can't lie, I making most of them, but I think I look good, but when i see the difference on your face, I NEEDED this tutorial - Thank you
Jessica Ballard
Loved you for the video but then you said “Joey doesn’t share food!” And I subscribed. Lol
Joy Harmon
Lips look terrible! You can tell right away that the \
Judy Shnider
She's absolutely adorable. I can't imagine ever using so much make up on a daily basis, but I learned some great tips.
Justine Braunger
This is such a comical display of ego....
Kanchan Singh
Your first video impress me 🥂
Karmel Einberg
Where I live, the sunrise starts at 9.30 in the winter (which is like from November to April) which means that there will be dawn for an hour or two which means that the natural daylight becomes \
Kate Harris
You are stunningly beautiful without any makeup at all ❤
Katrina Nelson
Omg...\nI’m so embarrassed... here I was thinking I’m doing my makeup on point... I watch this and I’m like.. wow. I basically am doing everything wrong! 🙊 glad I took the time to watch this!
I'm just getting back into make up after about a 6 year break, and I find some of these tips extremely helpful, thank you!
Zona Slawomira?
Krystal Clark
Finally! A makeup tutorial that doesn't change your face completely. I'm in love!
Leslie Alvarado
I think this is by far the best \
Lilli Stutchbury
Lucky I can’t do the wrong things..... I only 2 two products. If I used all of her 78 products I would make 78 mistakes. This way, I can only make 2 mistakes. Less products, less mistakes
Lyena Atonyicq
if this is how the face will look after putting pounds of makeup (your skin before the \
Magz Sara
Excellent video. What is a bit hard to understand is the comment section where there are people suggesting you don't need make up. It is a make up tutorial, why are they even watching?
Maria Morales
You are sooooooo adorable!! Thank you so much. I am 52 and I cannot bare putting on foundation BUT I feel my skin needs a light tone of coverage. I really enjoyed your teaching, lighter is more classy. Muchisima Gracias
Mary Lle
техника очень крутая конечно но мне кажется ее тоналка супер оранжевая и совсем не подходит к натуральному цвету кожи :(
Maxine Dobbs
Great hints, some good things internet i do and sadly some bad things i do. Thank you for setting us straight, especially the line that makes women look like they are wearing a mask.
Mayra Arias
I hate the background music ! love the video and tips!!
Your bad side is my everyday whole face 😳
Mimi Romeo
Ooh good Lord you look 20 years old on the good side and 45 years old on the bad side ha ha this is a lesson for people out here thanks
Molly Baxter
I never do my makeup, watch makeup tutorials, or even use youtube much... (I live under a rock)... BUT! This video popped up saying I should watch it. As all the other comments are saying, this chickie made a very informative, straight and to the point video. I see so many women with the mistakes and try to understand how did they think that looked good? I am not a makeup master, but I can see their makeup dragging their face down. I am officially inspired to buy many brushes and try to tackle this makeup thing with this new found knowledge. (Oh, and she had me laughing the whole time!)
I had difficulty understanding what exactly was done differently for the eyeliner, which is too bad cuz it’s the one I am most interested in fixing. Can any of you explain what exactly she did differently technique wise?
Nawal_ N_Heaven
The right side already represent me from the first few seconds 🤪
Nina Nowicka
all great and fun, but one point that you seem to be missing is that the makeup you showed us as 'right' is meant for camera lenses and artificial light where natural features are flattened and blurred. in real life, anyone with EIGHT layers of makeup will look unnatural and inhuman. because, last time I checked, human skin had an uneven, matte tone and pores. if you remove a fundamental and very practical feature of skin made by nature (pores), make it look uniform and shimmery, you make the face look artificial. so, unless you are going for a flawless cybernetic look, please don't fill in the pores with face primers or put on shiny highlighters/bronzers or create fake prominent cheekbones (we all have cheekbones and we don't need pointers to tell us where they are on others). that was your friendly neighbourhood SFX MUA, thank you and goodnight.
Nomi Jecker
This was actually shocking, such little things to make such a difference! Thank you. I didn't realize how much older I was making myself look....
Nora Vahine
i feel very judged.
Nosh with Tash
OMG i like never watch makeup tutorials and I just watched this whole thing and am like LEGIT excited to go attempt to put my makeup on. Thanks!!
P Her
I so agree with the square eyebrows. I don’t get how it started. It looks horrible, and I’ve never seen pros make them so really, where did it come from and do the girls who make them know they’re terrible? But anyways, I really enjoyed this video and learned some really good tips. Thanks!
Paola Ruiz
well excuse my broke ass but imma have to continue using the same brush for everything
This is a helpful tutorial, but overall it just makes me glad I no longer wear much make-up. It's bad for your skin. She comments that her skin on one side is broken out, and guess why? Because of all the crap she's putting on it. Putting all that crap on your skin makes you break out and over time enlarges your pores. Mascara makes your eyelashes fall out, and lipstick usually contains toxins. All that stuff you put on your face is getting absorbed into your body, so try not to put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat. Because basically, you are eating it.
Phantom's bride
excellent !!! BUT, I CRINGE at the foundation color you used !!! can't you see it's YELLOW-BROWN on you ?? it totally ruins your BEAUTIFUL ivory, porcelain-y skin and \
Prayer Bv
Very nice.thank you dear very helpful
Professor S
Great personality--fun to watch!
Raven Playz
I'm still young so I don't put on make up but my mom does so sometimes I look at my mom do make up and she does the eyelashes ,eyeliner and lipstick right she does the same as those sometimes when she puts on lipstick on me on performances I would think she put it too high but it is actually the edge of my lip line so yeah... ✌✌👌
Real Mature Makeup
Just found you and I realized I put my concealer all the way to my lash line and then wonder why my wrinkles show!!! Thank you for showing me that!!!! I appreciate your personality
Rehana Khatumbra
Did you use the same product for contour and bronzer ?
Rosalie Galindon
When I apply foundation hahaha Im in the bad side lol🤣🤣
Roxanne Pelletier
I was doing everything wrong.... this has changed everything haha
S. W.
Every girl that uses makeup should see this! It saves lifes!
Sara Pinilla
You do it great, but you are seriously insufferable.
Sarah Love
Thank you! Excellent!
Selena Hill
This video just changed my life! Thanks for the helpful tips!
Shannon Remanda
Bahaha beauty blender and 10 different brushes. I use my hands to apply my foundation and fingers for my eyeshadow😆😆
I love the way you speak 😁
Shilpa Bain
Gosh...I really like her humour !!! And make up of course !
Skysurfer 777
I only really wear light foundation, under eye concealer, nose contour and highlight, and eyeliner. For some reason even if I do things right, I look better without it all. I have deep set eyes so any eyeshadow except light colours make me look TIRED AF and just bad. I have prominent cheek bones and blush tends to make me look skeletal (a little is fine but then what’s the point). Bronzer always looks less natural than I do without. I feel like anything fancy on my skin brings out all my deep acne scars. My skin is extremely oily + dry somehow, so makeup separates and looks flaky (with primer it is no help), and my filled brows also separate. Any significant amount of powder instantly makes me look worse. Even mascara makes me look old for some reason. Lol. Sigh. Maybe it’s fine and I just like the natural look in person. Looks great on camera anyway
Sophie Broadbent
You should go and tell the BBC News make-up artists about the lip thing...\n\nSo often, even women with really nice, full lips have had them covered in foundation and then lip colour applied on only the inside half (or two thirds) of the lip, for some unknown reason.\n\nIt looks so unflattering and unnatural.\n\nI'm not normally a fan of going outside the natural lip line, either; unless, perhaps, it's only a tiny amount and/or someone has very thin lips and a very flat, unnoticable lip line (so, you can't really tell)\n\nHowever, to go way inside the lip line - especially when you can clearly see where the natural lip line is, anyway - is really not good.\n\nTo me, it normally looks better to stick with (or near) the natural lip line, even if someone's top lip is slightly fuller/narrower than the bottom one, as well.\n\nAs for the men, they normally cover their entire lips with foundation and nothing else, making some of them look like they have no lips at all...
Sophie Bromberger
Great video! Would have loved some close-ups though, especially when working around the eyes. There's an obvious difference between the eyes but I can't see in detail how you did it
Stephanie C
This is one of the only \
Tania Valencia
Watching this now in 2019 #lifechanging Ugh! I can't believe I was doing so many things wrong! Whaaaaa!
Tia Hosler
I do all except eyebrows and lips smh
Tina C.
hahahah.. \
TitiGlamL B
This is the best tutorial of all the time. Thank you so much, I love it! 😍
Virginia Nowak
Ce scumpā esti drâguto, mai ales in ultima seccventa👍😉
Wanderer Ashar
Her makeup is always simple and classy and not too bold, more like it enhancing her beautiful features, and not to mention her voice is mesmerizing \u003c3
Yvonne Boltz
I loved it! I am really glad that I found your channel because you answered all my questions and I have been found out!--I really have done a horrible job applying my makeup thinking that it/I was beautiful, maybe because I couldn't see myself and you have honestly showed me what I really look like! So that truth has set me free... first thing off the bat I am going to get better lighting and a mirror and watch this video again plus view all your other videos. Thank you so much little one. I am looking forward to the new me--and I bet everybody else is too!
Zareen Ch
Thank u so much your video is so helpful ♥️
why do i feel like shes scolding me cos ive been doing makeup all wrong
Hey :) I would prefer if you would give more tips on what exactly you are doing and please zoom :)
ash lyn
This was one of few videos I’ve watched that was straight to the point and easy to follow and watch
consuelo velazquez
I don't wear make up everyday, so I'm not an expert. But when I do, I try not to look like a fool. Lots to learn I realize! Appreciate the good tips, totally subscribing just because I like you and this will actually help me LOL
hazel eyes
Very realistic. I agree with Eli. You went straight to the point unlike most makeup tutorials where girls just love to listen to themselves talk. Thanx for the info.
I feel so thoroughly called out but I'm not mad about it. This video was more informative than 90% of the beauty vlogs online. You don't need endless overpriced products, you really need some quality brushes and better technique.
liv whitton
So much better looking without makeup
Why are people so f-ing butthurt???????? She is giving us advice instead of criticizing her way which I don't find wrong why don't you thank her for teaching you the right stuff to do? I am sure it has taken her a lot of time and effort to edit this video! Stop being butthurt in every situation! Pfffff
Thank GOD someone finally called out the square eyebrows oh my god it's my biggest pet peeve in beauty EVER
nn oo
I'm so glad, I'm a guy....\nWhy do women do this shit?? It really seems like horror to have to go through this every day, especially since we (guys) like you so much better the way you naturally look.
nova glore
That sad moment when you realize you are making all the mistakes LOL
thomas Techera
i do the wrong jajajja