Battle rounds at GGV =) Mackie vs. Kiefer vs. Francis REACTION !

Battle rounds at GGV =) Mackie vs. Kiefer vs. Francis REACTIONI DO NOT OWWWN


Achara Hannarongrit
l love Kiefer's voice. He is the first boy.
Airish Cajeda Zuñiga
I cried too, sweetie! 😭
Aldren Gilana
she sounds like miranda singths... wahaha...
Alon Wave
i live in the Philippines and i watch this today. they are really awsome.!!!! so proud!!!! and i am also fan of them :)
Angeletic Tube
Ann Sheryl Santos
Mackie \n😀😀😀😀😀😀😊😊😊😋😋🤓🤓😛😛😸😺👼
Arminda Ellorando
The boys were doing some role playing here😊 role play while singing. It's like they're playing.
Bertha Kitt
Why can't they all be great collectively, always trying to make one stand out than the other...thats why groups never work in our society smh.
BhOzZ fRaNz
Filipinos are best
Bitchesa mae Biglangtambling
This kids are the finalist of some kiddie contest show so they r really good.thanks for a the video sweetie
Christian Olivar
Try to react their silent night version . Hope you react their video
Cid Balasbas
So Amazing Singers
Danel Ramos
React the tnt champion jhon clyd dalili
Demented Yandere
Well, I think the reason why filipino people can sing so well because they are taking some singing pills.... lol! just kidding...
Dids Bulfa
Proud Filipino
Dipen Psyche
I nearly cried!!!!! I love it!
Eliene Matos
Ella Durango
that is vice ganda comedian hosts
Ellen Bulay
Be proud because all the singers most people admire is black,seriously most of the iconic singers are black they have such great talent.. because of them we have good songs to enjoy,,
Ethan Criss
Hii!! I love how you react hihi. Btw I'm your new subscriber. Can you react for \
Evelyn Dela Cruz
Proud to be FILIPINO !!!👍👍👏👏❤❤
Firia Erdegard
So this is where this trio got their choreography in their international performances. It all started with this play pretend. They did not rehearse their performance here.
Freak Show
please react to TNT mackie empuerto stand up for love. thank you
Gil Donayre
Do u understand what they r saying??????
Giù Yellow
amazing kids,fans from italy
Grace Cereno
pls react to keifer sanchez on tnt kids grand finals singing shine. . .
Gummy Min
Philippines 🇵🇭💖
HappyKat 9
Thanks Zestii. Awww you cried, you're so cute. Yes I agree all 3 of them are blessed! Please react to one of the boys, Mackie Empuerto, singing STAND UP FOR LOVE (Destiny's Child) on Tawag Ng Tanghalan Kids. Thank you
He Says
Drama is always good for the vlog...
Henrick Paul Victor
galing ni Francis..
Hey it's Sammie
I love it when she cries 💕
Inass Palestine
Irene Espanola
2 thumbs up because you cry 😃😃😃
J Valentine
You got to react to logic 1-800 music video grab your tissues you will crying for days
Jacobo Vidaña
Awwww love how they xpress, was beautiful
Jacoraj Fletcher
She was frozen for a minute
Jay-are Faustino
Heres where TNT Boys started :-)
Jayr Jtorch
Your reaction so natural and touching..
Jedy Chuen
I love Francis
Jennalyn Capistrano
You're so gorgeous😍 new subscriber here😊
Jerome Isidro
Joe De La Garza
This is how they got started. Francis won the competition but the reaction to the sing-off was so good that the producer decided to pair them together and now they are quickly becoming an international sensation.
Jose Manalo
Newbie here. Love your reaction. Wow. \nFrom the6🖖🏻🇨🇦🇵🇭
Karen Kaye Colimbo
I love the three of you. Especially Kiefer! I love you Kiefer!!!!....proud to be a Filipino.
Kawan Yates
2 of them are 12 years old and one is 11 years old
Girl,your emotions is really what exactly mine while watching this very cute very powerful song of this 3 awesome more little big shots U.k.they're so powerful...
Lucila Caramelo
thank you so much for your loving heart with our tnt boys. love u muahh.
Lyn Cabodoysalas
Awww! Thats sweet u feelin the music u deserved a hug from us.we love you from the Philippines Zestii😘😘
Maria cristina dapitanon
You are very pretty🎈
Marinela Dispo
Hey Zest. You have the same hair as my lil sis. What's your hair routine? Hehe thanks!
Mark Rojo
tnt boys wag kayo mag patalo
Mary Jhane Palacios
You're pretty
Mary June
Nice all tnt.boys..pagpalain kayo n god...
Mimi Gacha
Hey it's ok don't 😭 and they sing to good
Miracle Suailua
You should react to their recent covers!!! Like flashlight, or somebody to love.... They're truly amazinggg!!!!
NJ Salvacion
love your lips miss perfect
NeeNee Licius
I Am brazilian, nao entendi porra nenhuma do que vc falou mais é isso mesmo que você disse os muleque é pica a Beyoncé tem que levar eles para o show pra cantar essa ...
Nexus Cabañelez
Why did you cry
Pound 4 pound
Kiefer is the best one
Precious Janah
Wowwwwww grabe galinggggg na addict na aq sa tnt boys na e2 hahahaha😂😂😂😂grave amazinggggggg👈👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Pretty Fool
New subscriber here! \u003c3 I love your reaction so genuine. Of all the reactions in this, YOURS is my favorite
Provincial Headquarters
ganyan kami!!!!!
i fell that you have a good heart☺ thank you for reacting this video gurl
Raphael Aguba Aguallo
I'm from philippines😊
Rhea Flores
you really have a good heart 💓
Rizza fortes Liwanag
thank you for appreciating filipino talent,they are really so amazing!!!!!
Roger Paul Piscos
sure ba....
Rom De Leon
Why wonder ? They are filipinos .
Rowena dapicortal
kiefer sanchez shine please
Ruel Antonio
This is the time started the fame they have now.... It's all because of this.....
Sakeena Elin Alvarez
You are so beautiful as well..first time watching your video..thanks so much
Sharian Lapi
because they were a filipinos.. they trained or they love to sing in karoke.. my classmate is a filipino oh my gad... she is incredible.. she have a great voice.
Stink Bird
New subscriber because of your personality and your use of adverbs!
Susan Livesay
This is the first time I have seen this. How long ago was this? They must have all started singing right after birth! I love these boys! They are amazing then and now!
Susan Morillo
Tnt boys realy amazing sweet and adorable\nGod bless them....
Tee O Sp
Val Villareal have a big dream to come for you
Vannkiezer Lampuyas
Amazing kids God Bless them
Xan Kenshin
i like Kiefer, his voice those high notes ❤💙
Ya_OrangeallDay Channel
mackie and francis is great not keifer by the way im from philippines
alvin ponterez
Destiny tlga n mging trio cla
arsenio guinat
that is the start of the TNT BOYS group
emelda Mansan
one of the best reactions girl😊
gines paclibar
handsome guy
iloveu zestii.i like ur cry..very emotional..tnx zestii because  u proud fillipino people..
jeli 4195
I love francis
john perry alfonso
you should not hide your face .we are unable to see your face reaction..
kayezie villacruz
meriejone bajao
That's Filipino
nympha leigh27
Dang girl. This is the best reaction ever. You made me cry a little too. Whew! Indeed these boys are amazing.
it's like there are professional grown up singers living in those tiny bodies. really amazing!!!
Wowwww I've been in Philippines and all of the Filipinos love music over there! They always laughing and singing happy people! Hope to see my Filipino friends again sooner...and I love amazing white sand beaches! In Boracay and Coron....
salome pangilinan
Yes young lady tnt boys are amazing they are very talented 💖👍
sandara Bernardino
Please do the reaction videos of Pentatonix I would love if you do the reaction of hallelujah of pentatonix and rise by superfruit❤
shane juridico
OmG Francis 😋😊 gaLing mo
tanke de gyera
Haha, this is the most interesting reaction vid ever. This girl actually cried to a comedy set up..
zzalux kay g.g.
Sabi sa inyo ehh walang makakatalo sa [email protected]