Man Saved Pennies For 45 Years. Then He Cashed Them, Their Total Is Astounding

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Abraham Williams
*INCORRECT INFORMATION* : guys, he got about $5k not $500k. $500k would be insane; it would take 50 million pennies which means he would have to save 3k pennies per day for 45 years.
Aditya Thakur
Man shaved penises for 45 years
Andrew Heffernen
Ima do that
I’ve never seen anybody with the same name as me. Anders.
Annisly Fox
Imma start doin this
Anshu Shukla
For those who don't wann waste time It's $513,615 at 4:36
4:35 it's $513,614\n\nSaved you 4 and a half minutes of your life
My parents always taught me to save my coins and they were right. In college, there came a point where I couldn't afford rent one month, and I was like what the hell am I going to I unearthed my entire change collection in buckets and bags from the previous 2 years, cashed it in at the bank thinking maybe I could just cover some of it. Shock to me, I paid off the rent that month in full and had some change left over. Save your change. If anything, you might get a dinner and a movie out of it every once in a while, or if you are an avid saver, your rent, house, car, whatever could be paid off.
Bhavya S.
go to 4:35 for the total :))
Blake Reid
wow 500 $ ,its not that much , and saving 500 worth of pennies is not actually making a profit, if I save money, instead of buying food, am going to be very happy with that money, ? is it going to feed my tummy?? nope
Bob Ross Obama ,yup
Me when everyone is sleeping “mom we’re the penny’s?!!?!?!?”
Boyce Watkins
I am a Finance PhD and the math this guy did was totally wrong. 31 cents per day x 16,425 days is $5,091.75. But if he were to have invested that money into an S&P 500 portfolio, he would have over $161,000. So, he basically gave away about $155k by not investing, to be honest.
Bryan Bradley
INCORRECT INFORMATION:\nIf he saved 31 pennies a day everyday for 45 years he would have 509,174 PENNIES. Which is only $5091.74. He would need save $31 a day to get a half of million.
*The total was $513,614.*\n\n\nI'll collect pennies now.
Goddamn, I might have to start doing the same 😂😂😂
Christina Gomez
I collect any money and save it in a big can i have. Everytime i find money i think god put it there because i earned it. For ex. I take out the clothes from the dryer and i find a 1$ or sometimes 5$, i earned it for doing my chores or being a good person :)
This is 100 percent fake. If you saved $31 a day. It would come to about $510,000 the amount they claimed his pennies were worth. If you save 0.31 cents everyday, the amount they claimed he saved it would come to around $5,100. So this is completely fake.
Crying Chitoge
I saved for a year now guess how much money I have now\n\n\n\n\n\n\nTadaa 2 dollars
DIana MOrgan
I wish i have that much mony and I had done that to.
DK Broman
1:25 wait so you're telling me this man BUYS MONEY
Dest Royer
he has to save 30 dollars a day or $900 a month for 45 years to save half a million dollars.\nThey are excadugrating or purposely mistaken to get more comments. that's what i thought
Diana Pranks
Good thing I’m young to start that now.
Donna Hendrix
7:12 ugh...idk know what to do now
Dr Scott
You make a video about it, you make thousands.
Clearly flawed if he had saved an average of 31 pennies a day for 16,425 days that would be equal to around 509,000 pennies when divided by a 100 to convert into dollars it would equal around 5090 dollars your off by 494,010 dollars
Eryn Deveaux
Seems impossible
Felix von Friesen
Grüße gehen raus an Google-Übersetzer für die grandiose Übersetzung des Titels ^^
Gage Jernigan
this vid is too long we only came to know total
Hey It's Me!
4:37 I know you just came here to know how much it's worth.
Hybrid Athletix
Video says over $500,000 but the math is wrong and it's actually only $5,000
India Randolph
I'm stating my Penny collection right now😃
IndigoHeart :P
Who else just looked in the comments to\n find someone who wrote down what time they say the answer\nOk just me....
JB Elah Slot Channel
Just a recommendation, don’t watch the vid, it’s a waste of time. Facts verse is incorrect too lmao, they’re terrible at math. The real amount he got was just over 5 grand.
Jayney y
5k not 500k .....
Jerry Sarcia
Wanna save my pennies
Jesus Christ
4:35 is what you came for
Joe Star
Pennis from heaven
Just a random human person
4:36 thank me later
I accidentally read it as \
Kaitlyn Maready
That horrible math tho 🤦\u200d♀️🤦\u200d♀️
Kiara A
I wish people couldn't hate does anyone agree like seriously it's true I would send a video but u cant do that
Well boys and girls I’m finna go save up some pennies
Tryna Rip my mans off y’all talking bout some 25$ for everybody $100 in penny gtfo
6:08 xd
I cant even save pennies for a day.
Luck z
Fake news by real idiot.
MaRc _CaCaL77
Wow us ran out of penny lol
Max Rafter
I'm on the toilet so i don't want to turn the volume up, can a friend help me out? XD
Maya Nobles
I save pennies for 11 years and I got 17 bucks 😧
Memes Are the best
I would had got a lamp with that money....
Mike 369
That's awesome. I wish I had done that
Mo Garcia
On purpose I never pay with change just bills, that way my change adds up even quicker. It's a good way to save up for a new TV, whatever...
My shorkie Named niko
Why does it take 6 minutes to tell how much he had?
Bruh \n\n\n*Read more*
Naomi Craig
I’m legit gonna do this now😂
Guys The total of pennys he saved was 513,614 Almost a million :O
Neo Craft
Math is wrong it’s only $5000 not $500,000.
Oli · Waifu
Amount: $513,614. 4:36 (Although, not really the amount. Facts Verse's math is bleh, or they're lying to ya)\n you're welcome.
Oliver Dehning
Wanna know my life secret?\n\n\nRead more
Paul Delicate
As a coin collector I would've so liked to see what rare pennies he had in the video it said he started saving pennies for 45 years that meaning he started saving pennies in the early 70s so he probably had so many valueble pennies like wheat pennies maybe Evan Indian head pennies or even a flying eagle cent which is very rare but possible
Pooh Bear
4:39 now go live your life \n\n\nJesus lives you and he’s coming back soon!!!
The math was wrong it didn’t make any cents... ill just escort myself out
Rat Life
Is it just me or all we all going to save pennies
Reprogram Your Life
This dude spent his entire life collecting pennies and only got $5,000 for it. Should have been the guy collecting the nickels 🤦\u200d♂️
RoVidz Animations
The US offered $25 for $100 in pennies.....wut
Russ G
4:26 thank me later
my tips if u guys became rich control ur self and buy items wisely if u do dis u will became very rich
54 dollars
Star ks
*starts saving pennies*
Sumaita Binte Shorif
I accidently read \
Tanya Iyer
My friend met anders
At best, the amount will not exceed 50k\nIf we assume he saves $5 a day which is 500 cents.\nAnnually collecting $ 1,900\nIn 45 years he will have 90k\nPS: 1 dollar has 100 cents.
The GoldenChild
Your channel has the word \
The Indian Conservative
I was expecting a couple thousands tbh I didn’t know it would be that high that’s crazy
Thirsty Mikey
Check your math bruh cause you added a lot of zeros
Tide Pods
Treyyy 3
A half a mill
User Name
4:45 that is wrong 31p over 16,425 days is like 5,000 not 500,000
lmao i did the math with the numbers that were given in this video, and it turns out he only got 5k and not 500k. the dude had 2800 pounds of pennies. Each penny weighs 0.088 ounces, and there are 16 ounces in a pound. 2800 x 16 is 44800. divide that by 0.088 and you get 509,000 which is the number of pennies he has. then finally multiply that by 0.01 (which is how much a penny costs) and you get around 5k\n\n\n\ndam
Yummcake30 :D
bacsi109 YouTube
I’ve been saving all my change. I wonder how much I have. I have a lot of pennies.
The staff at that bank must have *H A T E D* him.
collin carroll
If he would’ve cashed out his pennies every couple of years and bout silver he would’ve made a a lot more
The answer is at 4:35 This guy is a wind bag. You're welcome.
druwinka brickston
haha what most people dont realize is 45years is a long assigned time
I thought he would say 500 dollars not 500000!
jo williams
Wow vid is so long had to skip to the end cos I needed to...spend a penny...
damn homeboy good for u
natalie williams
I’m guessing $5
That's good and dandy but, the sad part about this is that they didn't mention anything about him checking the date or mentioned anything about any wheat pennies. 45 yrs worth of saving pennies I can almost guarantee you that he gave away far more money than he received. Remember the one penny that sold for over 1 million dollars at an auction dec 17, 2017. The penny was a\n1943-s lincoln wheat cent bronze smh. I've been saving quarters for over 7 yrs and sometimes throughout the month I'll just go to the bank and get atleast $50 to $80 dollars worth of quarters three or four times a month.\nDO THE MATH
4:35 your welcome
If there was a house fire all his pennies would have survived right?
shane d
shoto caki
4:40 is when they figure out how much all the pennies came up to