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SHIA // SUNNI - A TrueTube / CTVC FilmDirected by Adam TylerBAFTA nominated, short educational film exploring the religious differences and commonalities between two sects in Islam. Written: Bob Ayres & Adam TylerFatimah: Aasiya Shah Abubakr: Mim ShaikhProduced: Bob Ayres & Adam TylerDirector of Photography: Toby LloydProduction Co-ordinator: Jonathan GreenProduction Designer: Jessica ToogoodEdited: Adam Tyler & Toby LloydProduction Assistant / Clapper Loader: Maddie DaviesExecutive Producers: Stuart Porter & Peter WeilProduction Sound: Justin SmithCamera Operator: Toby LloydCasting Supervisor: Emily May SmithMusic Licensed from Audio NetworkFor more films like this, go to TrueTube.

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Shias hit themselfs as a sign of respect for hussein. Allah forbids self hamring
Abdulweli Johnny
I'm sunni Im proud to be
Ai Sa
No Muslim is allowed to criticise other Muslim. No Muslim is allowed to judge another Muslim by telling them if they are a \
Ajob World
who abuse abu bakar umar usman ali and all sahaba radiallahu anhum, he is not muslim according to quran and hadis, there is no shia in our prophet era, after our prophet sa death i mean i ntikal some khariji \rappearanced name of the shia. A person who does not believe in the truth of the Companions, is a kaffir\r. a sunni or shia who abuse sahaba with bad language he is not muslim It is not lawful to marry them\r. ALLAH will help us if we can lead according to quran hadis, sahabah, tabiiYi and ulama of islam. it's the law of islam but many muslim people here they don't know about it. they don't love prophet sa who abuse sahaba he abused to our prophet sa {naauzubillah min zalik} ya allah protect us from evil. read quran hadis then understand what i say
Al Hazen
....Then they got married and made Sushi kids.
Amal Ali Ahmed
Sunni ❌\nShia ❌\nIslam ☪️💟
Amanuel N
Jesus is lord
Ameer Suhail
Neither Shia nor Sunni is greater. A man who obey the commandment of Allah and follow teachings of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is more wise. \n\nAllah won't look at your external get-up or the dressing . Allah looks at the heart of the believers..
Amirul Amin
Same god. Same prophet.\nWe should not divided. 😊
Angelina Hatchnar
Thumbs up if you shia
Ani x
just get married. so cute.
Arbaiel Noman
Shia sunni diyo bndin wahabibi kuch nhin hota I don't believe at them v r Muslims alhumdulilah or hum hazrat Muhammad saw k umati Hain bus
Art4 Life
I'm not Shia or Sunni I am a Muslim
Ayaz Mansoor
Me toh jaanta bhi nhi Shia koun h aur Sunni🙄🙄
Ayesha Saqib
Good video
Bayern Munich
Im shia from Iran 🇮🇷
Bicha Bibicha
Sunni and very proud .. La ilaha ila lah MUHAMMAD Rasul ALLAH
Bilah So
Sunnies say the right kalama which is * la illaha ilala ,Mohamed dor rasoolula * were as the Shia don't say Mohammed they say Ali and they believe Ali was the last prophet
Contagious Doge
everyone should be sunni if they believe Muhammad s.a.w is tge last messenger..thats it...enough of fitna(corruption)..and bidah
D. Naiken
Shia are severely misguided. They are Muslim but so off the path of the Sunnah. They practically worship Ali, curse Aisha RA, curse some of the Sahabas, etc. Where does the nonsense stop? May God guide them.
D.S is in the area
I am not sunni nor shiaa. I am a muslim
Darth Goku
Bhai bhai bhai kia hoa
Doco Qabe Xasan Biid
Alhamdulillahi Iam Muslim also Sunni❤️❤️\nFrom Somalia 🇸🇴
EXO Xiumin Is My Dream Cool Girl
I'm Sunni 😇 but I don't hate Shia
FH Network
Sunni is not religious group or something sunnis mean sunnah sunnat of prophet Muhammad’s pbah) sunni mean following what prophet Muhammad’s pbah) do in his life and we follow him . What about shiaa what’s Shia mean where did Shia come from Shias made his religion by own they don’t believe in quran and hadith they don’t believe Abu bakkar sediq RA) and umer bin fatooq RA) they use bad words about sahabas 🙏
Faezah Qadus
you's all that are shias there's no point staying alive kill your self because yous are going to hell Allah swt loves sunnies not shias cause you's killed our prophets grant child
Filam Kelub
1. Ahlus sunna (not wahhabis) dont dismiss Ali. AT ALL.... Ahlul bait is above our heads, and fatima ra. is the leader of the women of jannah and her sons, hassan and hussain are leaders of the youngsters of jannah.\n2. Abu Bakr ra. was successor to the Prophet cos he was chosen BY Muhammad saw.\n3. Yazeed was a kafir, no sunni appreciates him (wahhabis love him)\n4. Hussain ra. was martyred along with most of his family, and sunnis acknowledge and THANK him for his sacrifice or else we would have ended up no different to wahhabies\n5. Shias diss sahabas and the prophets wives in a big way. Thats why we don't call them a part of us\n6. The prophet told Ali ra. that there will be a faction who will go to extreme in hatred for him, and a faction who will go in extreme in love for him, and they will both deviate. The successors of the continuing lineage will stay on the firm path.... make of it what you will\n7. Look up Abdullah ibn saba.\n8. The faction that will hate Ali ra. (the khwarijites) will join up with dajjal in the end times.\n9. The Quran divided truth from falsehood... Quran SPECIFICALLY filtered muslims, from others, then amongst others, the people of the book, then seperated further, by stating the mushriks, then further separated those that don't regard ANY kind of authority, ones that follow desire only (atheists), then separated the hypocrites (wahhabies if you will).... ALLAH separates truth from falsehood, so no point mixing. If you can say shia sunni is one, then why not say it about ALL, qadianis, khwarij etc.... heck why not hindus/kafirs\n10. The prophet Saw. Separated muslims from deviants. he stated there WILL be 72 deviated sects, and the 73rd (continuing from lineage of prophet and sahaba) will go jannah ONLY. I'de like to hear people tell the prophet that, oh no no we were all one....\n11. Ahlul bait is on HAQ, there is no dispute on that, and if anyone denies/rejects it, can deal with the prophet saw. himself for that... Sunni's do not mock/reject them.\n12. The prophet saw. said hold firm to the quran and the sunnah of my sahaba\n13. The prophet saw. said hold firm to the quran and my ahlul bait\n14. The prophet saw. said my ahlul bait is like the ark of noah for the ummah, and the sahaba are the stars. (travellers of the sea use ships to travel, and use stars as a guide)\n \n.... i can go on and on....\nBut those are some very basic reasons we dont say Shia/Sunni is one....\nIts not to say go fight them, but its ridiculous to dismiss that there is NO difference, or that there is minor difference. Accept that there are differences. firstly don't poke at others differences, but if you do, be ready to get some back.... be tolerant. Let the affairs of everyone be judged by Allah, you find your own way and leave others to choose for themselves. peace, salaam
HK Production
Hayat Hussein
No shia no sunni❌❌❌❌❌❌❌ \nOnly Islam ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻
Hello World
Seriously...Muslim's Fight just because of these little differences?
Holy Submarine
Where are you living?🤔\nThat's not important!😐\n\nWhat's your color of your skin?🤔\nThat's not even important!!!\n\nWhat's your religion?🤔\nThat's not important too!\n\nWhat's important for yourself?🤔\nDo you heared about the God?\nYesss!🤔\nThat's enough to unite and convert to a Unoin!!!
Hussain Mudasir
Still doesn't explain why Sunnis have better beards.
Awwww they are so cute MashALLAH... great video :)
I'm Sunni but Shia is my friends, we love each other we're Muslim.
Insight Curiosity.
There is no mention of shia or sunni in the Quran.
Itz Yasin_Islam
Sunni: why do you start a day after us\nShia: why do you start a day before us\n\nI love that scene, by the way I'm Sunni
Jannat Forazi
*Im so glad that it doesn’t say “VS” in the title Cause I’ve Seen A Video Of Someone Putting VS With Religions*
Jeon Jungookie
Im South Korean But I Still Worship Allah Im A South Korean Muslim\nEdit:Im Sunni
Jessie Molly
Thumps up if you're shia and love our sunni muslims but hates the enemy of ahlulbaite
Jihad Zengana
The best video about Sunni and Shia , btw Islam is believing in Allah and his prophet (peace be upon him) no such thing as Sunni or Shia \nWe are one Umma
Just a Fan
This video made me realize I'm a Sunni. Whether your Shia or Sunni, you're still a Muslim. So let's out our differences aside and instead of having pointless arguments, let's just come together as an Umma
Kay Z Khan M Zardari
Lanat on Enemies of Mola Ali a.s
Khadijah .b
They looked so cute at the end
Kisa Zehra
I am shia😊😊😊😊😊😊☺☺☺
Maham Javed
i love there british accents
Marina khan
Sunni or Shia,we are all Muslims and we all need to respect one another...we all need to live peacefully 😒
Sunni and Shiaa both have their differences but in the end we all muslims and worship the same thing: Allah and Mohamed as his prophet.
Miss Susie
Thank you allah for making me muslim I’m so proud of being Muslim
Mohammed Hussain
Shia are wrong in every way i will never be friend with a non sunni
Mr Anonymous
Why differentiate between humans??
Mrinalini Munny
We all are the creation of ONE GOD.Did GOD ever tell shia is better than sunni or sunni is better than shia!! Now who has given us the authority to declare this.Everybody is equal for ALLAH.
Mujamil Jalgari
Shiias not wrong \nSunnis not wrong\nIslam is right
Mustafa Shah
Let me tell u a short story a Shia man wanna to debate a mulvi \nMulivi went to their mosque took his shoes with him inside in the mosque a Shia man asked him mulvi why you brought your shoes with you mulvi replied in the time of prophet Shia used to steel shoes from mosque the Shia man reply at that time Shia didn’t exist lair \nMulvi laugh and said why you exist today so no offense to anyone but read and understand everything you do is a shirk allah don’t forgive this
Myriam Khanafer
I am shiaa and I have lots of sunni friends and we usually debate about our differences in calm and we never fight. I don’t hate them and they don’t hate me. We are all muslims, creations of Allah, followers of the prophet Muhammad ( pbuh) and readers of the qu’uran, the book of Allah.
Najaf Ali
I am shia from india
Nesa’s Tea
Why was I laughing at their cute fight
Nômi KhĀÑ
I m sunni but ... I hate,Shia...😠
Omer Erdem
Im sunnie
Sunni are right not shia hecause they have different kalmas and different from islam\nPlz raise our voice
Peaceful Indian
I am a Sunni Muslim. I love this film.In all religions there bound to be divisions! My view is 'live and let live'! Very simple!All we need is a good heart!
Prince Jin
bro they look cute together i ship
Qasim Chaudhary
This is jokes
Real Boss
we are not shia or sunni, We are Christians, There is no Lord But Jesus, the son and only.
Red Sleyz
Sunni? No\nShia? No\nMuslim? Yes
Rivky B
I am waiting to get hate comments. It's 2018 so I find the younger generation is more open minded to other religions and stuff.\nI am Ultra Orthodox Jewish and I found this video interesting as we learned about religions in school. I'm still happy to be Ultra Orthodox Jewish. I respect all religions that respect others.
Rukh-e-zahra Haider
I hv loads of shia , sunni, ahmadi , christian , hindu , atheist ect. Friends and to me they are ALL THE SAME!. We all humans with different beliefs like that's it so can u all COME DOWN with who is wrong or right cuz only Allah knows n we r no one to judge. If u are debating about difference as bants then that's fine,but if u r acc arguging about it GET A LIFE. 😂 not trying 2 offend any1.
Im sunni and you
Sajid Harun
I find this so sweet😍
Salah Ali
I'm suni I'm not love Shia '😠
Sameer Kolhapur
I'm sunni shia brothers eman all sahaba. S
Sanousi Drammeh
مِلَّة أبيكم إبراهيم هُو سَمَـٰـكُم المسلمين من قبل…الخ
Sarah Mohamed
im a muslim im 8 years old i LOVE YOU
Shabiba Sharief
My mom is sunny nd my dad is Shia
Simon Kahn
what kind of video was this why do they start liking each other at the end in a sort of i wana be with you kind of way... lol lets talk about the differences while we free mix nice...
Sobia xx
When he fell in the water i died😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😂😭😂😂😂😂😂
Soyel Aksar
Sorry I'm not Sunni not Shia I'm Only Muslim.✔✔✔
Spartan H
Mim went for a swim 😂😂
Suga ForYou Kookie ForMe
They're good rappers
Tehleel Mir
What a cute fight
Wahyu Suryaningpraja
Shia, please move on!\nWhat happened happened\nWhy do you always bring political accident for thousands years and blame non shia???\n\nMove on!
Yaaska !!! top top best real
Muslim is a Muslim okey yeah\nEvery Muslim create allah
Yasir Arafat
I'm sunni😘😘👪💪💪💪👌👍😄😄😄😊😊😇😇😇😇😇😇
I am Christian
ZedInator 16
If anyone asks me if I'm Shia or Sunni I always reply by saying \
Zeeshan Md Zeeshan
I m Muslim not Shia not Sunni
Zohair Abbas
We are Muslim
beautiful beauti
My mum and my nanihal sab shia h and my dad and my dadihal sab suni we are so happy no one have any problems
If we are not brothers in religion then we are brothers in humanity ❤️ \n- Imam Ali (AS)
f enayet
i am sunni and my name is fatima
guardian angel
no shia no sunni only one ummah\n\nwe are muslims
iRebel Saharish
I’m Sunni, and honestly I barely know any Shias
ismahan Farah
Same shit different toilet !
What is important there are two main school of thoughts in Islam; Shia and Sunni but every Muslim call himself or herself based on what they are born to. As Islam is an open religion and exploring truth is encouraged I studied both branches and also considered public opinion or tradition. There are some wrongdoing in both sides such as exaggeration or humiliation of the other side. I heard some sunnis that believe shia are like that which was untrue. You have to live in Iran or majority shia country to see ... and some minority very minority shia believe sunnis are bad or did something wrong . Instead of labling or proving your own inheridetry religion go and study both group beliefs in depth and logic ( hukmu behel awl hukmu behel share)and in terms of feqh ; Islamic law :2/4 of it is identical . This is based on two major books of each sect written by two sunni and Shia authors ;Imam Ghazzali and Feiz. There is nothing in the world of Islam like these two. Then what you come to read that blow ur mind is Nahjulbalaqa. The book of Imam Ali . It makes him the most scholarly or literally best educated muslim of the time of prophet and all times. So I do not know who prophet chose but this man is beyong imagination aalem. Bring me a book like Nahjul balaqa. What Abu bakar had in terms of hekmat ?nothing.This is just a proof for me that Ali was the best fit for this job and no one else and Islam is not a democracy that ummah elect someone when prophet knows who is best fit for this job. All u need is to read this book that is full of hekmat and in fact I call myself seeker of truth than shia or sunni but some like to put me in Shia category. I am not going to heaven for converting u to anything. I will go based on my deeds as Quran says but I found Nahjul balaqa so fascinating book To read that I recommend it all muslim.If any one need help with the major books of Islam from both sects either past or contemporary scholars and authors I am happy to introduce. There is nothing like authors of the past 6th and 8th century becuase people are now concerned to prove themselves righteous than to read study and put a hard work into it. Dont waste your time feeding your ego. Your ego or nafs is brother of Satan. Read the sources. It takes years to understand Nahjul balaqa. I was on one page for days . Especially where Ali saying who God is which is like physist talking. Indeed his book is beyond his time and place.I recommend it to very educated muslim to read.
zackk hussainii
واعتصموا بحب للله جميعاً ولا تفرقوا.... unite muslim for the sake of Allah.. don't takfeer each other
zainab Ismael
I am not a Shia or Sunni I am a Muslim
Константин Георгиев
Ooooooooh, did they just fall in love through a religious-based fight???? Love is sooooo adorable !!!
ислам истина
Islam true
فاطمة الحماد
I'm shia
گروه اخلاق دانشگاه مجازی المصطفی
I am shia and love my sunni brethren, we live in Iran and our sunni brethren live with us in peace and they have their mosques and religious schools and their representatives in the parliament and alhamdu lillah we are united against those who don't want to see this unity